How to Hug a Guy to Turn Him On: 12 Secrets to Make Him Want More

With a few enhancements to your typical hug, learning how to hug a guy to turn him on will bring just the reaction from that special man that you desire.

If there’s one thing that ladies need to know, it’s how to hug a guy to turn him on. Men love to be touched as much as they love to touch. And hugging tops the list. Not only for its comforting nature, but also for the maximum surface area of physical contact.

How to hug a guy to turn him on and want more

To turn your hugs into weapons of mass seduction, and learn the art of hugging, I’m here to coach you on the various types of hugs – the initial approach, the key physical areas to exploit, and other physical gestures that would make your hug effective in turning a man on.

#1 Show lots of initiative. Showing initiative means that you let him know how badly you want to hug him. This includes initiating the hug, hugging him often, and “taking the lead” during the hug itself. These will make him feel wanted and encourage him to appreciate physical contact from you in a different kind of way.

#2 Invite more surface contact. Hugs with the most body surface contact will be the most appreciated. Ditch the friend-safe upper body hug that women usually give their male friends and throw your whole person over him. The more of your body he gets to feel, the easier for him to get turned on.

#3 Use the boob press. If it’s straightforward you’re looking for and want to know how to hug a guy to turn him on instantly, the boob press is the most reliable trick in the book. It never fails to catch a man’s attention. Apply this to any type of hug you know. Even the shortest one will be the most memorable hug for your man.

#4 Wrap both your hands around his neck. There’s this unexplainable kink that men get when girls place both their hands around their neck during a hug. Maybe it’s the sheer intimacy of it, the gesture being a reminder of the moments preceding a kiss, or the subtle act of ownership that it implies.

Whatever it is, trust me, men love it when you wrap your hands around their neck during a hug. It’s a complete turn on!

#5 Nuzzle your face close to his face and neck. A man’s neck is pretty sensitive, so it’s a good spot to exploit during a hug if you want to turn him on. Wrap your arms around his neck and place the side of your face on the area between his jaw and neck where you can easily access his ear. This alone will give him a bout of goose bumps along with lots of naughty thoughts in mind.

#6 Show him that you’re comfortable within his hug. Understand that even if a girl initiates the hug, men are still somewhat careful and stiff during a hug to avoid doing anything that might give the girl the wrong idea. Be the first one to show him that you’re comfortable with physical contact to help him ease up.

Initiate further touching by squeezing him towards your body, rubbing his back or his hair, or talking to him while hugging. After, he’ll reciprocate to the hug in a manner that you want him to.

#7 Explore the hug. Try shifting positions and initiating touch. Exploring the hug maximizes the effect of physical contact in a way that will surely turn the man on. By shifting your positions and introducing other forms of touching while still in the hug, you show your assertiveness and ease on being touched.

Wiggle around, run your hands on his back, press your face on his chest or cheek, and even guide his hands to certain areas of your body. If this doesn’t get him in the right mood, we don’t know what will.

#8 Let him know that you enjoy being inside his hug. If touching and gestures don’t get through, verbally inform him that you enjoy being locked in a hug with him. A little whisper of appreciation will surely get his imagination and pulses running towards naughty.

#9 Wait for him to ease out of the hug. Letting him be the one to ease out of the hug will send him the message that you’re so into him. Show initiative! Linger all over him and wait until he relaxes to break the hug off.

#10 Maintain eye contact and smile after breaking out of the hug. Once all the hugging is complete, top off the whole affair with sweet eye contact partnered with a smile. This gesture will seal the deal. Who knows? He might just jump right in for another round and take the lead.

#11 Try to give hugs from different angles. While the normal face-to-face hug captures the intimacy and romantic quality that would make for the best hug, other types also provide their own unique benefits. Not all situations call for a hug would make the both of you appear to slow dance. That is where these other hugs would be useful:

**Hug from the back. A spooning hug may not be as intimate as the front hug. But it gives you complete control to caress the front part of his body.

**The midsection hug. The midsection hug is usually done when you’re seated and your man is standing. The angle from where you place your hug can be quite suggestive. Plus, your hands have the opportunity to explore his rear end.

**The jump hug. Jump hugs are playful as well as provocative. Catch him unaware, jump onto him, cling on his frame, and get those assets of yours near his face to effectively turn him on.

**Straddle hug. Feeling extra flirty? Come up to him while he’s seated and straddle his lap before wrapping your arms around his neck. Then, pull him close. He’ll automatically reciprocate by wrapping his arms around your waist.

#12 Other useful tips to make your hug more sensual. Wear clothes that will encourage skin-to-skin contact. Backless, sleeveless, and off-shoulder tops that show a lot of skin will allow him to feel you in a more intimate way. The more skin-to-skin contact involved in the hug, the wilder his imagination will be.

Be your best-smelling self. You might possess the smoothest skin or the sexiest figure, but your smell may make or break a hug. Remember that you’ll be in close proximity. Smelling good will help you get any man in the right mood.

Everybody loves a good hug, especially if it’s a man getting one from a woman. If you’re looking to make a hug more than just a gesture of friendship, try these moves and see the difference it makes!


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One thought on “How to Hug a Guy to Turn Him On: 12 Secrets to Make Him Want More”

  1. I love a good hug. I like them better than kisses, to be honest. FYI. The neck nuzzle can work for both parties. Some people just aren’t huggable though. I know I may belly ache about hubby for some of his shortcomings at times, but I will say his hugs aren’t one of them. He is the best hugger. His hugs make me feel safe and loved. Ex hubby’s hugs were cold, frigid feeling and just plain horrible. It wasn’t that he didn’t try, they just seemed impersonal and dutiful. I could have been the lady next door he had no allegiance to or a possession. So, a lot can be said for how that hug feels not just deep down but emotionally. And… it can determine whether you go back for more.


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