Kita – Chapter 19 – The Sun Queen

I worked all weekend. Of course Summer who I love is off in Syracuse with family and I’m stuck running the salon. I have no life so I take her shift. I love using words like “I have no life”, because my life is so rich with friends and attractive women.

The salon is so dead so my partner has basically paid me to write my blog all weekend.

The last time I tanned my baby was Tuesday.  She had an amazing dinner with me  at Gran caffè l’Aquila after that memorable night.

I haven’t seen her since then.

Saturday is a financial bust. Sunday is even worse. There’s nothing going on and it’s been raining all day. I go to Macdonald’s for breakfast which is always amazing despite the homeless factor out front. The black girls working there are always pretty and I want them all just like my girlfriend who used to work there.

Despite the controversy Macdonald’s continues to generate a solid product despite what my vegan daughter, Lorelei says about it.

Lovely Kita appears and charges at me with a hug.

Apparently after our date thing are different. You don’t hug awkwardly around the face and shoulders. Kita gives me fuck body and leans her firm slender thigh between my legs and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

“Today’s the day!”

“Yep! Twenty minutes in the sunbed. You’re the only one we’ll let do it.”

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate it, Charles. I feel so pale.”

“Are you ready?”


“Okay. You go into #2 and have your regular session, and when it’s finished, I’ll send you again under the house account so it doesn’t look like you went two times in a row. It’s all been approved with Achilles.”

“Yay! Can’t wait.”

Off she goes to tan. She closes the doors to the room. I think about how there’s been no talk about JR the ex and Steve the new potential beau. I like that. I also think about what she said about feeling pale. She has a better and darker tan than almost any other client that comes in here. I can only think of three other people who are as dark as she is. I really believe people can become addicted to anything. I think Kita is addicted to tanning. I wonder where that comes from? Is it like an eating disorder? Is it a beauty thing? I can never be tan enough. I can never be pretty enough. I don’t know but I definitely think this chick is addicted in some way to this activity. She eats well. She can’t drink. Doesn’t smoke. She’s very fit. That’s a clean vessel. I’m going to look into this subject.

Her session ends and I send the second one in after it.

“Hit the start button, Kita!”

I hear the bed awaken and the lights come on again. Off she goes for another ten minute session.

I finish cleaning up and folding the last of the towels. The place has been dead today, so everything is done. Dusted, swept, and mopped.

When Kita emerges I’m sitting in one of the chairs in the waiting area. She immediately goes to look in the mirror down the hall. I’ll have to say something complimentary about what she just did when she comes back up here.

She pops from around the corner of room one. “Do I look darker?”

“Come closer. I can’t really tell from here.”

Kita takes two steps toward me. “Now?”

“I don’t know if I can tell if you got anything.”

That’s when Kita approached me and sat down in my lap and put her hands on the back of my neck. She put her pretty little face up to mine. Her nose a few inches from mine.

“How about now?” she purrs…

I instinctively kissed her ripe lips. Our tongues swirl together for the very first time. Her mouth is sweet and her body yields to mine. I run my hand through her soft locks. It’s a deep passionate kiss that is needed more to break the tension than anything. I knew if she got close enough to the lion again I’d surely bite this little lamb.

She draws back from me, smiling and licking her slick lips.

“I needed that.”

“Me too!” I hiss.

She stands. My hands slide along her slender tan thighs.

“You working Tuesday?”


“Cool. I’ll see you then!”


She simply turns and puts her index finger to her lips.

Then she’s gone.

I’m left sitting here alone in the silence of the salon with a stunned look on my face.

That, and my pants are feeling a little bit tighter.

That little Minx!!


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Kita – Chapter 18 – The Hours Between

Kita hasn’t been tanning at the salon since Tuesday. That was the day before our first date. That lovely watershed moment.

Now it’s Friday and it’s been three days since her last session. She loves tanning. She must be jonesing for some sunshine.

I decide to shoot her a little text.

“You’re looking a little pale…”

A minute later I get a text back from her.

“Coming tomorrow!! Or Sunday.”

“Lol! Hope your mid-terms are going well.”

“Thank you! I’m feeling so pale. (Sad emoji)

“I’m working all weekend so we’ll put you in for a nice long session in the bed of your choice!”

“You’re the best!!! Can’t wait to double dip!”

I respond with GIF of some lady from TV saying ‘Yes!’ in a sunbed.

She responds with a GIF of a white guy closing the hood on a sunbed and when he opens it he’s a black dude!

“Love it!!! That’s going to be you!!

(I have something on my phone called Bitmoji. It makes a little cartoon character that looks like me and I can send it to people with different emotions and expressions and sayings. It’s really cute. The one I send her is my guy laughing and leaning against a big round emoji doing the LOL face with the tears.)

How cute are we sending little GIF texts to each other? (Sickening right?)

Three hours later I’m home sipping wine and watching one of my shows.

“Can’t wait! Your bitmoji looks exactly like you!!

“Should be fun! It’s going to be sunny tomorrow and Sunday is going to be very rainy. You should make a bitmoji!”

I don’t care which day she comes in. I’m working both days. I just want her to come in Saturday so I can see her sooner!

The next morning I get a cute little bitmoji that looks just like sweet Kita! It’s so cute. She’s got almond shaped eyes, a nice tan and blonde hair. Her character is saying: “Good Day!”

I love that she did what I told her to do.


“I’m seeing my sister today! Wish I could make it in. 😦 But it probably won’t be in until tomorrow.”

“Super cute bitmoji!!! Best of luck to your sis rowing today! Perfect day for it. See you tomorrow.”

I then send her a photo of her favorite sun bed with the words: “Your chariot awaits…”

“Tempting me!! Can’t wait to get back in the (Sun emoji).


God… I’m falling again.



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Kita – Chapter 17 – Asian Glow

Last week when I was out with Kita, she declined a glass of wine because she said she had Asian Glow. I had never heard of it before so I decided to do some investigating on my own.

Some Asians have a natural condition that discourages them from drinking alcohol. About 50 percent of the Japanese, Korean, and Northeastern Chinese population experience a phenomenon called the Alcohol Flush Reaction (AFR), or what is commonly known as “Asian glow.” AFR is usually associated with flushing of the neck and face, but the condition also results in symptoms such as heightened heart rate, headache, and nausea, even after consuming as little as one alcoholic drink.

Typically, alcohol is metabolized in the liver, where it is oxidized first to acetaldehyde and then to acetate. Most people who experience AFR, however, flush after drinking because they lack the mitochondrial aldehyde dehydro¬genase (ALDH2) enzyme that converts acetaldehyde, resulting in an accumulation of acetaldehyde up to 10 times the normal concentration. The exact genetic nature of the deficient enzyme appears to be the presence of an allele (ALDH2*2) that inacti¬vates ALDH2 enzymes. The allele is, in fact, dominant, although heterozygous individuals show much milder reactions to alcohol than homozygous individuals.

There have been several drugs that stop the flushing, such as histamine and the over-the-counter drug, Pepcid AC. However, these drugs only mitigate the “glow,” i.e. they do not prevent the acetal¬dehyde accumulation, which is suspected to cause long-term liver problems. Thus, individuals who drink often and use drugs to suppress the flushing are at greater risk for liver diseases.

Even though the vernacular term for AFR is “Asian glow,” Asians are not the only ones who suffer from the often embarrassing “glow.” It turns out that Ashkenazi Jews often lack the aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme as well.

Maybe it’s time, then, to think of a new name for “Asian glow.” Seems a little insensitive.


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Kita – Chapter 16 – First Date – Part 4

The food comes and it’s amazing. I share some of my chicken with her because she says she loves chicken. I like sharing my food with her. There’s something intimate about that.

We discuss her ex a bit more. I make it clear to her why shouldn’t text him or reach out in any way. He doesn’t deserve it after the way he treated this little flower. We also discuss the new guy that’s she’s been dating, Steve. I can tell she knows he’s nice but the indelible stain of JR is still on her heart. She again says that they are in no way an item. I like that. This poor girl’s in a vulnerable state of mind. But I must keep my black wings tucked for now.

She’s excited to see her younger sister Jina on Saturday. She’s on the rowing team at her school and Kita is going to see her race on the Schuylkill River. She and her sister are both very close.

After dinner I tell her that we must get the flight of gelato. She agrees, and we check the menu and decide on what flavors we want to sample. The flight is a line of six long spoons and each one has a dollop of deliciousness on it.

We settle on the following: Pistachio, (of course!) Caffe, Cannolo, Fondente, Bacio, and Tiramisu. All amazing. I thought they were just going to bring out just the one plate and we’d share but our server rolls up with TWO plates of six spoons.

“Oh my gosh… I have to take a picture of this!” squeals Kita.

We take our forks and start to pick at each one. I love food like this. Just small portions, and each one has it’s own creamy unique flavor. Each mouthful makes you feel different than the one before. Like a Beatles album. This is clearly the encore to a wonderful meal with a beautiful young lady.

After dessert the bill comes and she wants to help. I love that she even asked. If you’ve been reading this blog you’ll know that I’ve been on dozens of dates and many of these women don’t even offer. I have no intention of letting Kita pay. I insist because I’m the one who asked her out to dinner and she’s the poor, Raman noodle eating college sophomore. That, and the fact that she’s a young, smoking hot baby.

Since I get the hookup there, the bill was only $60! Kita doesn’t drink, so that right there is a huge savings. Drinks can easily add $40 to your bill. Kita doesn’t know it but she’ll never have to pay when she’s out with me. I’m just honored to be in the presence of this girl. She could hang out with whoever she wants at her age, but tonight she chose me and I’m going to do whatever necessary to please her.

The best part up to this moment is when we were talking about next time. Next time. I’ve been in sales my whole life. Any good salesman knows that when you get the first meeting you always set up the second meeting before you leave. A, B, C… Always Be Closing! I don’t set a specific date for our next foray into food, but I do discuss how great the noodles and pot stickers are at Dan Dan over on 16th street. Plus, my buddy Norm will give us the hookup.

We gather our coats and thank everyone for everything and tell them how wonderful the entire experience has been. The general manager even came by to make sure we were happy. This could be my new go-to spot to romance ladies.

We get outside and we can feel the snap in the air of the October evening.

“Ooohh… I miss Florida!”

She calls for an Uber and we walk down to 16th street to catch it.

“Thank you so much for a lovely evening, Charles.”

We hug and I can smell the jasmine in her hair.

“Wait…” She takes my face in her tender hands. “Come closer.”

That’s the moment she kissed me on the lips. They are full and warm against mine. This takes me by surprise and my heart skips a beat or two. It’s not a sexual kiss. Just a firm thankful, pressing kiss and then slow release.

“Thank you, Charles.” Her lovely almond eyes glisten in the evening light. Her mouth curves into a mischievous grin. She seems to be enjoying the look of mute awe on my startled face.”

“See ya!”

She hops in the car and she’s off.

I’m stunned beyond words. Dopamine has dropped and the euphoria takes my spirit. I turn and do the slow motion Reservoir Dogs walk down 16th street as I light a cig and pull deeply upon it.

Wow. Just…Wow.

I text her. “Had a great time tonight! Text me when you get home safe.”

Fifteen minutes later I’m home in my chair.

“Thanks so much for dinner, Charles!!!! It was awesome and super good!! (Emoji with little hearts for eyes) I just made it back!”

I smile and take a sip of wine. Maiden voyage has been a success. The universe is unfolding as it should.



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Kita – Chapter 15 – First Date – Part 3

I’m resolute. I’ve been writing about Kita for awhile but I’m in a relationship with Cherie. If you read the last post about Cherie you’ll know that we are all guns blazing. But the distance between Cherie and all of her problems have been causing my girlfriend a lot of pain. I can’t fix any of that. I know that’s impossible. If Cherie wants to keep me in her life she needs to keep doing what she does. I like it this way. I see her and then she goes away. So I can send out my best representative for years on end. Instead of this drunken womanizer down here in Philly.

I know life is a nightmare for her right now. She’s a survivor and I am confident that she can get through school and do what she was born to do. Help little kids get better through her help. I love her for that and I love that she’s a good mother, but most of all I love that she is a sexual animal. (That, and she’s a really sweet woman)

I would marry her. I swear to God I would. That’s how good she is. I can already sense that she would be the best wife imaginable if I could just set her up in the best scenario imaginable.

I would do that because I believe she’s that good. She and her family just need a break.

Anyway… back to my fickle infidelity.

I get to Gran Caffe L’ Aquila. I tell the hostess my name and ask for Luciano, my favorite bartender. He’s at the back bar. I greet him and the owner with the word, Ciao!

I get a glass of Chardonnay and sit at the bar. I text Kita and tell her I’m at the restaurant at the back bar and the hostess is expecting her.

“Okay! I’m almost there. See you soon!”

Gran Caffe L’Aquila was a landmark cafe located on Piazza Duomo in the capital city of the Abruzzo region. In 2007 Gran Caffe L’Aquila won cafe of the year for all of Italy, but was then tragically damaged in the devastating earthquake of 2009 which destroyed the city. In 2012 the original owners Stefano Biasini (Gelato Champion of Italy) and Michele Morelli (Award winning Italian Coffee Roaster) met Local restaurateur Riccardo Longo (Award winning regional Italian food and wine director) which led to the rebirth of one of Italy’s most beloved cafes in Philadelphia.

The entire restaurant was designed and built in Italy and shipped over for installation. After 3 years of design and build out the most authentic Italian cafe in America was opened on December 24th 2014. The 1st floor is an authentic Italian bar and the second floor features the restaurant, wine bar, cultural and language school, as well as the coffee and gelato labs.

I’m sipping my wine and in rolls baby. She comes up to me and I leap off the bar stool and give her a hug. She looks just as beautiful as ever. She’s wearing a black top and little white shorts that showcase her caramel legs. I haven’t seen her since she did her last double dip. (Spray tan and a UV session) She’s looking especially dark. I’m sure she’s loving that because that’s her thing. I cash out with Luciano and head upstairs with Kita. I’m behind her as we follow the hostess. She takes us through the bar and out to a private balcony with only one table for two on it. I’m in Heaven and feel so grateful already. One: That this is the first time I’ve ever asked a client out on a date, and she accepted and showed up on time. Two: My date is a pretty twenty-one year old coed. And finally, Three: I’ve got the best table in the house!

We sit down and they bring us a couple of waters and menus. On the first page of the menu each week they take the cuisine from a different town or region in Italy and prepare and serve it. The waiter goes over that whole section with us. It’s sort of the specials on any other menu but fancier and more creative.

I order another glass of chardonnay and of course ask her is she wants anything. She declines and says the following:

“I have Asian Glow.”

“Asian Glow?”

“Yea, my body doesn’t produce the enzyme to break down alcohol, so I get really drunk on just a little bit and I can get sick.”

“No worries. I just thought you had a glow because you’re so cute.”

I’ll have to research what Asian Glow is because I’ve never heard of it.

Anyway, the waiter leaves us to peruse our menus. It’s a huge menu with an array of choices. I can see Kita wasn’t kidding when she says she doesn’t get out much. This poor little college kid is overwhelmed with all of the choices. I cruise the whole menu and most of it is wine in the back few pages. They have a huge collection of wines.

The server comes back and Kita has a few questions and then sends him off again. I know what I want. I’m going to have the Pollo Al Mattone, which is a half chicken roasted under a terracotta brick, with asparagus and rosemary potatoes. I don’t mind how long it takes Kita to make up her mind. I just get the pleasure of sitting here admiring her beauty.

She finally settles on the Salmone In Placc, which is fire grilled Scottish salmon, herb crust served on a cedar plank. She also gets a side of broccoli rabe. Now we’re all set.

We obviously chat about tanning, and I tell her what’s been going on with the salon and the fitness center. She’s talking about school and how her mid-terms are at the end of the week.

“Are you ready?”

“Yea, but I’m going to be studying all of tomorrow.”

“Well, I want to thank you for having dinner with me tonight. I know I used to refer to you as Top 5, and then later #1. Because you really are a great girl, Kita. Incidentally, you’re the first client I’ve ever asked out to dinner.”

Her eyes twinkle. “Well I’m flattered you asked me, Charles.” She smiles. “This place is so nice. I would never go to a place like this. Thank you so much for taking me here.”

“It’s truly my pleasure, Kita.”


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Kita – Chapter 14 – First Date – Part 2

The day arrives.

I was in meetings during the day and pleased that I didn’t get a bail text from baby. I stop at the salon and chat with Summer. We share some stories and she has no idea that I’m about to break rule number 3 two hours from now.

I leave and head to City Tap House to see my buddy Zack. His brother and his band are there from Wildwood, NJ. We trade rock and roll stories and mine are far worse that these boys. They love the name of the band I had in L.A., Haightwayten.

They ask me why my band had such and odd name. I tell them it’s because I hate waiting for people that are always late and I’m always early. I bust their balls that their band is called “Fools Send” and even worse that they are a bunch of surfer Ska playing knuckleheads. They love it.

It’s 4:15 and I have to meet baby at 5. Zack places and elegant Bulliet Manahattan in front of me as always. I need to sip this baby to take the edge off of what I’m about to do.

Have dinner with a beautiful 21 year old student from Drexel, which to me isn’t cheating on my girlfriend Cherie, because I’m technically dining with a really good client from the salon. But if I’ve written 11 chapters about a girl, I guess that warrants some sort of charge against me.

I’d rather be having dinner here with my queen, but she’s never around and just comes down for greatest hits. I want to take her to the movies and do stuff, but she has no time.

There is a thrill in my dark self of running down this lithe gazelle for dinner tonight. Based on how excited she was last night I pretty much know she’s not going to bail. Sure, she has mid-terms but a dinner like this she just can’t afford.

I’m not really after her but the old lion is bored. I just enjoy running down delicious game and getting them to say yes just to know I still can. I don’t know if that’s and ego thing or a continued low self esteem thing.

It’s obvious Kita is vulnerable and ripe for the picking but I’m not that guy. I will mentor and support her. I have three sisters. I would never prey upon a Navy brat that should have a solid father figure as an Admiral in the navy that has sat with the President of the United States.

At this point as I sit at the bar at City Tap House with Zack and his brother, I am just happy that a young girl this pretty would willing come out and dine with the Dark Lord.

I love Cherie, but I’m driven by the blog at this point for content. I’m sorry. I know you were all hoping for me to be the lustful old perv that still has the power to pluck the ripe little cherries from the trees. But I’m just not that guy.

I miss Cherie. I want to have dinner with her and give her all of these things. But all I get is sex and breakfast anymore. I love Cherie. I have described her as WIFE which is terrifying to me. but Chrie has those qualifications and I would consider. But there’s that part of me that is still the hunter.

I can’t help it.

I see that baby seal hop off the rocks because she’s hot and leaps into the sea to cool off. I am a grey fin rushing towards her in a sea of foam and the result is inevitable.

I may seem like the wolf of the sea. But I’m not.

If you’ve read this blog I have been a gentleman that just wants to fall in love for the last time.

As we all know, that isn’t as easy as we’d all like to think it is.

I look at my watch. 4:40. I have to be at the restaurant to meet baby in twenty minutes. I’m laughing and trading rock and roll stories with Zack’s brother and his band. But I gotta go. I have to meet Kita for dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city.

The boys are loving my tales of L.A. and want to get my name tattooed on their bodies. I beg them to refrain and show them a pic of who I am to meet. They all rejoice in the power of the senior rock and roll failure. I am grateful but I have to go.

I turn to Zack and tell I have to close because I have 20 minutes to get to Grand Caffe L’Aquilla across town.

I expect a bill, but Zack waves his hand and says it’s already done.


I drop a ten on the bar and we’re done.

I love him and will bring more people here in the future,

I’m out the door. The brother band waves to the old rocker and pays homage. I like that, but only for a second. None of that matters from my past. I would just love for these little fuckers to make it in the industry before the are eaten alive or fail.

It’s quarter to 5 and I’m pretty sure baby will be late.

UBER dolls.

Tune in tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion!


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Kita – Chapter 13 – First Date – Part I

“You stop being a Sun Story once I meet you outside the salon.”

I’ve been praying this day would come for over a week. The day is finally here. The day I break rule number 3 at the salon. (See: Sun Stories: Haley – 2016 to Present – Rules and Lists) I’m anticipating my date with lovely Kita. It doesn’t even make sense to me but for some reason it’s happening. Just like all of my other dates that have happened in the last decade. Michelle, Annabelle, Cherie. Should I have gotten any of them? The world is furious, but somehow I prevail. Procuring beautiful women to be mine is my forte.

I’m not a wolf hunting down young women half my age. They simply come to me. I have developed a fatal charm in the last 20 years. I’ve honed it in the darkness alone.

There’s no reason for a beautiful, fit 21 year old Asian transplant from Florida should meet and old lion for dinner. The guy from the tanning salon who’s nice to her and gives her special care. She’s still in love with her loser ex and already has leaped to a new guy that is already enamored by her. He has no idea what he’s doing and is pushing too hard to acquire her heart. Both are fools and any behaviors they are displaying are wrong. I know this because I’ve swum these waters for the last 30 years and I’ve seen all of the litte fishies and remoras.

I’ve become incredibly efficient in executing the sale and closing the deal for the last 20 years. If these clowns just knew how to play it cool and use their strengths in business in other parts of their lives they’d do so much better with women.

Sadly, all of these young guys are ruled by their testosterone, lack of knowledge of women, and silly passions and emotions.

All a waste of time, boys.

The best lion lies in the grass on the savannah and lets the gazelle walk by and enjoy the fruit and grain. He does nothing. He is simply present and patient. My father was very patient. He said you always need to play the long game. Maybe have several long games playing at the same time.

It’s all a game.

When you finally strike she will wonder why you finally did. But it will be too late. It’ll be a sudden strike. Hooves in the air, a spray of blood and the gazelle is your prize.

“Why did you?

“I’m a lion. What did you think I was going to do, Kita?”

Lie quietly and just be there. Busy. Powerful, and not clawing at the door of all of the women in your life. Be the man at the party that seems disinterested in them. She’ll ask herself, ‘Why do they all flock to me and he doesn’t?’ That will create interest in her. I guarantee it. It worked for my dad and it works for me.

You simply lie in the grass chatting with your other mates and act like you don’t even notice her. She’s your target but she can’t know that she’s in your crosshairs. She’ll come to you because you’re different. You must have something about you or something going on that makes you inaccessible to her. They all want her and you don’t care.

You do care. You care more for her than all of the herd. You’re just a better hunter.

Am I cheating on my girlfriend Cherie by meeting Kita for dinner? It’s just me having dinner with a good client. So technically, no. But if romance ignites and I kiss her, then yes. But I’ve been writing passionately about Kita for weeks now as if I’m falling in love with her.

That’s worse.

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