Dating Tips – How to Date a Chinese Woman

Being in a relationship with a Chinese woman is completely different from dating one from another culture. Now, you might be wondering, why is that? Well, in the Chinese culture, expectations are extremely higher and it is taken seriously from the beginning. For example, being honest and respectful are some of the things that are highly appreciated

If you have just started dating a Chinese girl or if you might be in a relationship with one soon, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed – mostly because her culture and values might be completely different from yours. And if you are in this situation, this article has you covered. The text below will feature some tips that you should follow when dating a Chinese woman. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Be Daring, But Learn to Listen When Needed


As previously mentioned, the Chinese culture has different expectations from a man. For example, they expect a man to be the one that will call the woman out on a date. And, if you choose to do that, ensure that you show respect towards her and that you are polite. Of course, once she accepts the invitation, she will also expect you to pay for anything that you will be doing.

You should not talk too much during the date, and you should ensure that you ask her enough questions about herself, and naturally, you will want to listen to what she has to say. Like every other woman, she will expect you to be respectful of her thoughts, as well as feelings, and you should know that they do not like men who talk too much or ones that are constantly bragging.

2. They Express Feelings Differently

You might think that it is weird at the beginning, however, Chinese women will not express their feelings often. They will probably show their affections through their actions and not through their words. For example, they might help you choose clothes for an important meeting or they will take care of you when you are ill. This is how they will express their emotions, especially since they might be a bit shy. However, when she gains trust in you, she will let you know how she really feels.


3. They Are Extremely Family-Oriented

If you have been with her for some time, you will be required to meet her family – especially her mother and father. The family approval is something that is extremely important and you should try to leave a good first impression. First of all, you should buy a gift, however, you will also need to be careful, because gifts are quite symbolic in China. If you get the wrong one, you will probably not be “approved” by the family.

Opt for something that is special and unique. For example, if you know that they enjoy sports activities, then you can opt for some special food that they enjoy. When finally meeting the parents, remember to stay polite, respectful, and hones – after all, every parent only wants the best things for their kid, no matter how old they are.

4. Your Intentions Should Be Clear

Absolutely all Chinese women look for a partner that will provide stability, and they will also take dating you seriously – especially if they enjoy spending a lot of time with you. You should talk with your partner early on about what you hope will come out of the relationship. For example, they never look for a relationship that will last several days. They want someone who is seriously interested in spending their future with them. There are websites such as Best Brides that can help you connect with Chinese women easily.

5. Although They Look For Stability, You Should Not Rush Things Up

As mentioned in the previous tip, stability is something most Chinese women look for, as well as for your intentions to be clear from the start. However, like everything else in life, you should not rush everything. By taking things slowly, you will be able to gain her trust, so, instead of taking her out to a nightclub, opt for something a bit more casual such as going for a walk or going to a coffee shop for a cup of tea or coffee. This will make her a bit more comfortable.

6. Being Humble is a Virtue

Chinese people consider a person to be quite intelligent if they are silent and calm. Hence, instead of always being talkative and outgoing, you should try to stay modest – at least when you are meeting her parents. That is why Chinese women will prefer if you take them out at a place that is not overcrowded and noisy.

7. They Are Quite Loyal


Dating a Chinese woman means that you will not have to worry about her cheating on you, especially since it goes against their culture – which is a line that they do not want to cross. Reputation is everything in Asian countries, hence, try not to damage her reputation by cheating on her.

8. You Should Be Honest And Direct About Things

As you already know, if you want a relationship to work, you will need to be open to each other, as well as honest. However, Chinese women will take that to a completely different level. If she sees that something is wrong with you, she will immediately ask you what is going on. Also, they will have no problem with telling you that you have something between your teeth or that your t-shirt is stained from ketchup. This can be quite good and you will never have to worry that she is hiding something from you.


The one thing you should remember is that each and every person is different, no matter what country they come from. And, although Chinese women have the same value and virtues, the tips mentioned above do not have to apply to every Chinese woman you meet. Hence, before fully implementing any of the tips above, make sure that you get to know her a bit.

By following the tips from this article, you will be able to make your relationship with a Chinese girl flourish! Not only will you be able to improve the connection between the two of you, but you will also be able to make her happier by knowing what you should and should not do.

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17 Clever Insults to Keep Cretins Out of Your Life

Try them out on your friends!


  • 2
    People - I'll bet you're the kind of guy who sets fireworks off in the middle of the day so they're .easier to see.

  • 3
    Dish - You're like the end pieces of a loaf of bread. Everyone touches you, but nobody wants you.

  • 4
    Clothing - You're not pretty enough to be that stupid.

  • 5
    Text - Look at you, standing there with your elbow half way up your arm/and your teeth in wigh ide your mouth.

  • 6
    Text - If I wanted to kill myself, l'd climb up your ego.and jump to your lO 60 80 100 120 140 IQ

  • 7
    Text - Tenvy everyone you have never met.

  • 8
    Talent show - brought to you by FOR THE TATHERNE would love to insult you but rt Come I'm afraid I won't do it as well as nature did.

  • 9
    Text - Somewhere out there, there's a tree whose single purpose on edrth is to replace the oxygen you waste... Go find it and apologize.

  • 10
    Incandescent light bulb - You're not the brightest bulb in the box, butyou are the sharpest.

  • 11
    Text - EUSO Not saying I hate you, but I would unplug your life support to charge my phone.

  • 12
    Text - I can only explain it to you. I can't understand it for you.

  • 13
    Performance - Life is full of disappointments, just ask your parentş.

  • 14
    Submarine - You're about as useful as a screen door in a submarine.

  • 15
    Helmet - Go get your helmet and wait in the car. 10 Ue

  • 16
    Text - Like Ron Swanson oncesaid, just call them the wrong name. It lets them know that you do not care enough about them to remember what their name is.

  • 17
    Wicker - Cupcake. Nobody likes being called cupcake when they're pissed off.

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Sun Stories: Jazmin – Guess Girl – Chapter 8

I went back up to the counter and thought about what just happened.

That was fantastic. I loved doing my favorite thing to a girl I really like.

I can only pray that it doesn’t get weird. I don’t think she’s going to say anything.

After a few minutes, The door to room 9 opens and Jazmin begins to walk up the hallway towards me. I see her in my peripheral but don’t look up from the computer on the counter. I just felt that it would be wrong to look at her as she approached. I don’t know what’s going on in her head at this point.

“Thank you, Charles. You have brought me a new joy in my life. A joy I have never experienced before. I now know how that girl Kita feels.  I have shared in that joy and a special gift.”

“I’m happy I could help you Jaz. I’m glad it went as well as it did.”

“Is Kita your girlfriend?”

“No. She’s a student at Drexel I became close with her from coming here.”

“Do you always do that with her?”

“No. That was a one-time thing. We dated a little bit, but she’s a sweet, confused girl. I hadn’t seen or heard from her for a month while she was on winter break. She came back and it was a moment of passion and we slipped.”

“She’s cute and fit but I don’t understand why a Chinese girl would want to be so tan all of the time and dye her hair blonde. It all seems unnatural.”

“I agree, Jaz, and between you and me, it’s pretty obvious she tans too much. But I shouldn’t talk about other clients based on what just happened between us.”

“You can never speak of it.”

“I’m a vault of secrets, Jazmin.”

“That’s good, Charles. Because you must be silent in regard to what we did.”

“Not a word. Ever. To anyone. I promise.”

“Thank you. Although it was beyond anything I could have imagined, I need to ensure your discretion.”

“Never happened.”

I’m good at this. I’ve kept secrets for decades. My father taught me well.

“So you’re not in love with this girl, Kita?”

“No. I just focused on her because she was so enthusiastic about tanning and that’s what we did here. She’s the perfect client. Tan and cute.”

“Did things ever go further than what I saw?”

“No. That was a celebratory slip. (Bald-faced lie) I took her to lunch and dinner and there were kisses, but I always felt like I was trying to show her what dating should look like. She was always hanging out with these shitty boys. She spent hours here hanging out. I would counsel her on why these relationships didn’t work.”

“She sounds like a foolish girl.”

“She is, but she’s just young and lacking in experience. We’ve all been there Jaz.”

“True.” (She smiles and I feel the warm knowing of her reaction)

“Do you love her?”

“I had strong feelings for her because she’s so adorable, cute, and Asian and she actually spent time with me. I liked taking her on dates and giving her presents. But, no… I don’t love her.”

“So she was like your sugar baby.” (smiles)

“Yea. But she didn’t even realize it while it was happening.”

“That seems so selfish.”

“Yea, but she’s so young she didn’t realize. She was basically being treated awfully by these losers and she keeps coming back for more. I counsel her but she keeps making the same mistakes over and over like every young person. But the sad part is, she never realizes that everything I did for her is exactly what a boy should do to court her. Completely blew it. She never got it. Just young foolish behavior.”

“Just young girls. Are you bitter?”

“Not in the slightest, because to be honest with you Jazmin, I don’t really care anymore. I just enjoy the attention and the company all of these girls.”

“But doesn’t that leave you with an emptiness that these girls never fulfill your heart?”

“At my age, I just love the attention. I get my energy from people and have cut all of the crazy people from my life, so it’s simple and I just enjoy their company.”

(Jaz doesn’t know that I have an amazing girlfriend and that I am just doing all of this for the blog)

“Well, I hope I don’t end up as one of the crazies in your life, Charles.”

“That’ll never happen, Jazmin. You’re a lovely woman and hopefully, I won’t be arrested.”

She laughs. “How could I ever imprison a man that has shown me the way to myself?”




What Your Favorite Color Reveals About Your Sexual Style (According To Science!)

Did you know the color someone wears may reflect something significant about the psychology underlying his or her personality traits and sexual preferences?

That’s right, according to color psychology, the color of your favorite clothes gives people clues not only about your basic personality, but about your sexual personality as well!

What does your favorite color say about you sexually?

Well, It depends …

Look for your favorite color below to find out what color psychology reveals about your sexual personality.


Red is energizing and exciting, a call to action for lovers who like to initiate and engage fully. It connotes confidence and passion and can produce feelings of craving, whether for food or sex. Red lovers are easily aroused and once the sexual spark is ignited, it may take hours to extinguish.

Natural explorers, red lovers can also be impulsive and not too concerned with detail, so make sure your sex is safe and consensual!


Dressed all in black? You might prefer kinky sex. Black connotes mystery and hidden charms, but also hidden agendas. Many lovers of black clothes are masochistic or sadistic in nature and love the dynamic of serious power play in the bedroom.

When you put on a pair of black leather pants or boots, don’t you automatically feel wilder? Black can be perceived as powerful and unfriendly, but it also exudes sophistication and elegance, often the choice for high society events. It creates a barrier between ourselves and the world around us which allows us to protect our secrets.


Gray connotes a lack of emotion. Unable to commit to the mystery of black or the illumination of white, people who prefer gray aren’t quite sure what they get excited about. It’s a solid and stable color that promotes logic and reason instead of passion.

Men who wear gray might look at sex as a way of relieving tension and women might be focused on having sex to procreate or accommodate their partner.

While gray can be formal and elegant, it’s not glamorous or attention-seeking in any way. Conservative and self-sufficient, a gray wearer may find themselves lonely from shutting down their emotions when it comes to new relationships.


Affectionate and exuding inner peace, people who love blue make wonderful sex partners, sensitive to their partner’s needs, and invested in making love into a fine art. With honesty, trust and loyalty as defining qualities, blue lovers are ‘givers’ who like to build strong relationships and bask in the glory of a successful union.

Not quick to judge or change, they may need to get some expert advice and think things over at first (like a new sexual request or fantasy), but when they commit, they go all the way with a passion that goes much deeper than lust.


Combining the passion of red with the purity of white, pink is all about unconditional love, romance and intimate caring. Pink can alleviate anger, aggression and resentment, but beware that it also connotes naivete and inexperience, which is why paired with a stronger color like black, it becomes subversive and twice as sexy.

Pink lovers embrace sensuality and are likely to spend time indulging their bodies with massage or baths, inviting you to join them on their journey of self-love and nurturing. Sex can be wild, but it’s always fulfilling, as pink lovers won’t rest until each partner is satisfied.


Orange is cheerful and enthusiastic, emphasizing the intuition and ‘gut feelings’ we all possess. Highly adventurous and extroverted, wearers of orange not only lean toward sexual fantasies but making those fantasies come true!

While impulsive and risk-taking, orange also connotes great communication and positive spirit. You can count on someone who loves the color orange to engage with you in conversation and steer it into spirited new directions, right up until you’re undressing each other.

Expect an assertive, intuitive lover who values foreplay as much as sex, and could venture into ‘naughty’ behavior if the instinct is there.


Yellow is creative and independent, the choice for people who communicate well and love to indulge new and exciting ideas, like new sexual positions, sexual fantasies or sex outdoors.

Complications often come along with yellow, whether it’s the need for an additional sexual partner, or another ‘appetite’ demanding attention. Satisfying the yellow personality involves a lot of spontaneity (think quickies!) and coming up with new relationship patterns so things never get dull.


Lovers of purple or violet have the energetic qualities of red combined with the trusting stamina of blue, making them giving lovers with a strong charismatic pull. Highly sensitive and compassionate, they indulge bodily desires frequently and with great variation of intensity, so expect a lover who can enjoy a quickie just as much as a big production.

Spiritual people often lost in the world of imagination, purple lovers are also great candidates for sexual fantasy and role play, getting caught up in everything from the sexy story to the details of the costumes. Remember their need to stand out in a crowd, and be rewarded for their individuality.


Green wearers balance the mental clarity of yellow and the emotional depth of blue. They know the type of partner they’re looking for and are willing to commit fully when they find it. They love to observe, finding voyeuristic fantasies extremely erotic, sometimes even in groups, as green-lovers are also known to be excellent hosts who value prosperity and abundance.

Greens are not action-oriented and do not like to take risks, but their sexual generosity is unparalleled when they feel safe and loved, and their relationship loyalty is rock solid.


Brown lovers tend to be warm and deep, sensitive to the needs and desires of their partners. Down-to-earth and extremely loyal, browns may be fearful of losing ‘control’ during sex which can be overcome with intensely intimate foreplay that ensures there is all the time and privacy in the world for emotions to blossom.

You can’t say, “I love you” often enough to a lover of brown. Security and loyalty are paramount, with a strong desire to build relationships toward a larger goal of family or permanent partnership.


White is pure and cleansing, connoting youth and innocence, and in turn, an innocent or sometimes dismissive view of sexuality. White lovers crave simplicity, which can either manifest as an uncomplicated casual relationship or the reliable routine of marriage.

With a tendency for fanatical perfection, whites can sometimes be prudish, not wanting any of their physical ‘flaws’ to be seen in the light. They would rather hide any imperfections and present a ‘perfect’ exterior. It may be a challenge for them to openly communicate sexual needs and desires.


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