Ambria – Chapter 18 – Not So Easy Come, But Easy Go

“Aww shucks, I made other plans.”


After the crazy sex over the 4th of July weekend, I was sort of relieved we finally got that part over with in our relationship. I know she was really after it for a while leading up to it. When I think back on it, we were talking about sex on our second date! I was the one who wanted to wait and get to know her before I let the bullets fly. But she had been after me sexually for a while. I could just tell that when she was with me she was always wanting sex.

Now I know most of you are out there thinking… Oh, nice problem to have, pal. But think about it. I’ve already got a girlfriend. I love Cherie. But I felt and instant mental and emotional connection with Ambria. (On the very first date no less.) I mean, I guess I had that with Cherie too, but this was just a whole different vibe. But a good vibe!

But, wouldn’t a hopeless romantic write a dating blog? That’s what I do. I love writing about life, romance and love. I’m not out there trying to bang a bunch of women. I love women. I’m just not that kind of guy.

Never been.

Could I have had intimate relations with Ambria long ago? Absolutely. There was a couple of times when she asked me to just come home with her. I always refused. It’s not until she lured me to the shore that she knew it was do or die for sex, because there was only one bed and we both really dug each other, so all the sex happened.

I’d been nervous about it before it happened. New girl. New place. The moral issues? Not so much. I wasn’t so much as… should I do it? It was more, could I withstand it. Could I maintain the two relationships, and hold it all together?

I did love the thrill of it, but I also liked that Ambria filled in the necessary gaps that Cherie did not. Did I have to have sex with Ambria? Well yea, of course I had to consummate the bond. She was clear that she wanted to get it on with me.

My girlfriend Cherie is a sexual animal. Our sex is mind-bending and some of the best I’ve ever experienced, but I don’t get to see Cherie that much because of our schedules. We’re both really busy and I get it. But lately when I do see her it’s just for an overnight, or a few hours. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m fine with it. A young chick that swings down and bangs the hell out of you and then leaves? Awesome. But I wanted to go hang out and play with Cherie. Go on dates. See movies together, go out to dinner. But like I said, lately she just hasn’t been around and Ambria was there to do all the fun lunches, movies, food and drinks for a while there.


But here’s the weird part.

Last week I asked Ambria out to the movies for Monday. We’ve been to the matinée twice and Monday is our day to play hookie and do that. She tells me she can’t because she has a medical conference to attend. No problem. Saw all of her over the holiday weekend and still good with the all the hot sex. Shit happens. Even in her text she was like, “Darn medical conference!”

No worries. I can always find something else to do.

But let’s look at the texts after our little holiday together.

7/4 – Abria: “I made it home in one piece. Thank you for being my travel companion. I had a great time!!”

7/4 – Me: “Me too! Enjoy the rest of the holiday!”


7/5 – Me: Happy Monday. Hope it went well. You’re on my mind.

7/5 – Ambria: Hey there, my message didn’t send. Happy Monday. Yes I had some thoughts as well.”

7/5 – Me: “I loved my time with you dear.”


7/7 – Me: Happy Friday!

7/7 – Ambria: Happy Friday, kind Sir to you…!

7/7 – Me: “Thanks!”

7/7 – Me: “Want to do movie, and then wine and noodles at Dan Dan on Monday?”

7/7 – Ambria: I can’t I have a medical conference I have to go to (sad face).

7/7 – Me: “I’ll miss seeing you.”

7/7 – Ambria: I know. Damn medical conference!


7/8 – Me: “Happy Friday!”

7/8 – Ambria: “Good afternoon, Happy damn Friday to you!!!”

7/8 – Me: “Yay!”


7/9 – Me: “Have a Nice Day!”

This is where I think something changed…

7/9 – Ambria:  “You too, thank you.”


7/10 – Me: “”Happy Hump Day!”


9 hours later I text her a sad-faced emoji…

7/11 – Ambria: Hey there. (Emoji that just has eyes, no mouth.)


7/12 – Me: “Where ya been dear?”

7/12 – Ambria: “Been a busy week both working and being out. How about you?”

7/12 – Me: “Me too but mostly work stuff. (Bold faced lie)


7/14 – Me: Want to do movie, wine, and noodles at Dan Dan on Monday? (She LOVES the noodles at Dan Dan)

7/14 – Ambria: “Aww shucks, I can’t I have plans already.”


I didn’t respond. The writing’s on the wall.


I think it’s over.


I can understand the medical conference. But after you’ve had sex with someone it sort of cements the relationship. If on your next day off you have you make other plans and they’re not with that person, something’s wrong. We’re adults. She should have said something to me. If it’s something I did I’ll own up to it. We seemed really compatible, but who knows what’s going on in her head.

It could be one or a few things:

  1. She’s met someone else and is moving forward with them.
  2. Maybe she was just horny and needed sex, and once she got it she moved on to other prey. (Highly doubt this one)
  3. Because the train (her orgasm) never arrived at the station over the 4th of July with me, that’s a deal breaker. (That’s a stretch, because she said it was in her head and had nothing to do with me. Also, there are some women who just can’t get off with a man, they can only orgasm on their own.)
  4. I don’t pay enough attention to her. (ie: texting more often, making an effort to visit her in her neck of the woods, chatting on the phone, etc.

I’d also like to hear from my readers what their thoughts are on this subject.

So like I said, I didn’t respond. I’d be interested to find out which one of the above it is that caused her to fade out, but maybe I never will.

Here’s the thing. I guess I’ve been at this dating thing for so long I’ve become a little jaded. I enjoyed my time with Ambria, but if this is the end, so be it. I was just filling the holes that Cherie was leaving in my relationship with her. (No pun intended)

“Why chase her when I’m clearly the catch?”

Maybe based on her inability to climax during our little romp in Atlantic City last week, I should have entitled this piece: Uneasy Cum, Easy Go.



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Ambria – Chapter 17 – Atlantic City – Part 5

“I’m in a place in my life where there’s only some key things I need in my life. “

After last night’s mad sex and boozing, Ambria passed out. It was obvious she drank too much, but we’re adults and in a safe location so who cares. The sex was intense. But unlike me, Ambria isn’t as sexually powerful as myself. She fell asleep. I was still wide awake from all of the fun activity.

I was sipping my drink, and realized I hadn’t eaten in over eight hours. So I grabbed the keys and quietly left the room. I hopped in the elevator and went downstairs.

The Ritz Carlton is right on the boardwalk. It’s Fourth of July weekend. The town is in full swing. This is sin city!

I don’t want to gamble, but I really want to do something I shouldn’t after all that booze at 11pm at night. I don’t live like this. But I did what I knew I shouldn’t do. I walked into Tony Luke’s and ordered a big old cheese steak and fries.

I’m sure you all assumed I did something much worse, but I never eat like that anymore. I love a good breakfast, I dig a modest late lunch, and then a very light supper at dusk.

I know what could happen, but I’ve been drinking, I’m hungry after getting my freak on for the last few hours, and I want a fucking cheese steak!

I go back up to the room and obviously, my girl is deeply asleep. The cheese steak and fries is sooo good. It’s just what I need. Oh, that and the large Diet Coke to wash it all down.

After I stuff my head I’m so satisfied. It’s been an electric day and night. I crawl into bed and pass out within a few minutes.

Here’s why I shouldn’t have done that.

  1. My body knows its own schedule in regard to diet. It’s pretty consistent.
  2. I’ve been drinking oceans of booze with Ambria tonight. We didn’t quit drinking early. We boozed for hours. Despite the alcohol the sex wasn’t affected at all. (That I know of. Everything was fully functional and it was hot.)
  3. I just ate a pile of greasy proteins and carbohydrates.
  4. And now I’m passing out.
  5. When you’re boozed up you pass out, but don’t really get a solid nights sleep. Part of that time you’re unconscious, your body is busy still processing the alcohol in your system.
  6. Now you’ve added a whole food digestion event into this nocturnal slumber. You’re probably going to feel much worse tomorrow morning.


The next morning I felt like shit. It’s rare I ever feel hungover anymore because I always drink a lot of water when I’m out drinking. But that drinking is usually a happy hour that consiste of two cocktails in two hours and then home. Or, a few glasses of wine and then home.

It’s not oceans of hard liquor and then greasy food tossed in on top of it all. That just turns into rocket fuel.

The best thing to do is moderation, hydration and then solid sleep. The next morning a good breakfast with fruit and protiens and vegtables will bring you forward through your day.

Ambria is already up and getting dressed. She seems fine. I feel like I’ve been thrown into a dumpster. I know I’ll feel better later but probably not until well after 3pm.

I jump into the shower and that helps. When I’m finished, I pack up and we head out of the room. Ambria says something about some breakfast place she likes to hit when she’s in town and asks if I want to do that.

Normally I’d be down for a new breakfast spot but right now I just feel too sick. The Irish flu is upon me.

I tell her I’d just like to get on the road and hit up a Wawa and get some crackers, a banana, some water and ginger ale.

Ambria seems annoyed, but I’m really not feeling well and I’m kinda done with being here today. Had I felt better, I would have done whatever she wanted, but i just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I just wanted to feel better.

I’m set in my ways at my age, and even though I am very flexible and affable, I’ve been with the same girl for the last 48 hours and I’m done. I want to be back in Philly. It’s the fourth of July today, and I don’t have to be in work until tomorrow, so I just need my solitude and recovery.

I’ll be fine by late afternoon.

Ambria and I have been dating for a few months. We just had cataclysmic sex. It was her idea. I did what I was supposed to do. I performed accordingly. The vodka/urethra incident was painful, but I get a story out of it. I am in a place in my life where there’s only some key things I need in my life.

The good thing was, it was a nice day. A clear day helps clear ones head. We stop at Wawa and I get the things to help cure my self inflicted illness. Ambria picks up a couple of items and we’re back on the road.

As time passes the conversations are fine, and there’s no traffic which is great.

We get back to Philly in about 2 hours and I’m happy to home and off for the rest of the day.

Ambria pulls up about a block from my house, I kiss her and tell her what a wonderful time I’ve had and thank her for making my 4th of July extraordinary.  I grab my bag and get out of the Jeep. I wave bye and tell her we’ll text and probably meet up again next Monday. (Our usual date day because we’re both off)

Ambria drives off and I walk up to my house. Once in I unpack and sit down at my desk and open my laptop. I do some writing, and just feel relieved it’s over.

The whole weekend has been a challenge. (You may be thinking… a chalenge? You just got taken to the shore and ate, drank and fucked away at the Ritz Carlton!)

But I run my life a certain way now. I like to work. I have a set schedule, and if I hang out with someone I know exactly how that’s going to be. Where, when, and for how long. There was a lot of unknows here, travel, strage place, pressuer to perform, and retched excess.

I don’t do that anymore, but I’m glad it’s behind me and Ambria and I can move on from here. I kind of want to get back to the dating part of our relationship.

We’ll see what happens now.

Either way, I have Cherie so I’m in a position  of power here.



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Ambria – Chapter 14 – Atlantic City – Part 2

I know what’s going to happen over the next two days. I’m ready, and I hope it goes well and our chemistry continues in a brief domestic space. I am going to her place. I’ve never been there before. I don’t know what to suspect. But I can handle it. It’s a couple of days in Atlantic City with a beautiful young woman. How bad is my life?

I’m munching my sandwich in the Jeep and the trip is rolling along. It’s late, but I don’t care.

“I need a drink after this day.”

“Sounds like a plan, Ambria.”

We finally pull into the parking lot of the Ritz Carlton Residences in AC. This place is glorious. Such history. The summer heat has been upon us in the city for the last week, but as I roll down the window, I catch the vivid fragrance of the sweet sea air. The seashore has been part of my being since childhood, and even though I have just rolled into the dying sin city of the east coast, I smile and breathe deeply. I had forgotten as hot as the city gets it’s always cooler at the shore. That’s part of the reason people come to the seashore. The cool breeze is wonderful.

It’s glorious.

I’m alive.

We park and unload her Jeep. We’re like every other tourist at this moment. Tired, and hauling our gear up to our room. I’m happy to be here. She’s relieved we’re finally here after a long day for both of us. Ambria, says hello to the staff as we make our way to the elevator.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company announced its intention to build a hotel in Atlantic City in 1911. The Ritz-Carlton was designed by New York architect Charles D. Wetmore and constructed by the Thompson-Starrett CompanyOpened on June 21, 1921, it was erected at a cost of $6,250,000 (almost $70 million in 2010 dollars), less than the original $8 million projected. Located at the end of Iowa Avenue, the building has 131 feet of Boardwalk frontageis 222 ft (68 m) tall, and has 18 stories.

At the building’s dedication, hotel president Richard Harris stated “We are out to do business with the average American citizen without regard to race, religion or politics”. But the Ritz-Carlton soon became a haunt for the well-off, the hotel exuding wealth and status. Many features were state-of-the-art or unique among hotels at the time. They included fresh and salt-water faucets for both hot and cold water in each room, an on-site artesian well for spring water, pantries on each landing to speed room service, and elevators with walls of rubber and floors of cork so that bathers’ could bypass the lobby.

The hotel’s restaurants were the Ritz, the Trellis Room, and the Ritz Grill, an outdoor dining terrace overlooking the ocean, and a merry-go-round shaped bar. The Maude Earl Room, a writing room adjoining the parlor, housed rare and antique art.

During the Depression in 1937 the owners defaulted on the mortgage and the Ritz Carlton was reorganized under bankruptcy. The hotel was one of many in the city to be used as military barracks for soldiers in training and recuperation during World War II. After the war it was sold to Schine Hotels in the 1940s and then to Sheraton Hotels in 1959, becoming The Sheraton Ritz-CarltonThe Ritz was converted to an apartment hotel in June 1969. In 1978, an investor group purchased the building intending to convert it to a hotel and casino. However, unfavorable publicity linking it to the Abscam investigation ended that plan. Senator Harrison A. Williams (D-N.J.) told an undercover FBI agent that he could help save the investors $30 million by allowing them to renovate the existing property, rather than building a new one. Williams’ wife was a paid consultant and shareholder in Hardwicke Companies, the majority investor in the project, and Williams expected to receive a $1 million finder’s fee for helping arrange financing for the project. Williams was later convicted on unrelated charges. In 1982, approximately $25 million was spent converting it to 322 residences and six commercial suites, of which some are full-time residences and others are vacation homes. At the same time, the newly re-established Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company paid the building’s owners to abandon use of the Ritz-Carlton name, to avoid confusion with their hotels. The building has operated since then as The Ritz Condominiums.

We get to the room and it’s perfect. A classic seashore efficiency. I think if Lorelei didn’t live with me in Rittenhouse, if I could find a place like this, I’d do it. I walk through the door, and the air conditioning is already on. To my left is a big row of closets. Plenty of storage. To my right is a sweet little kitchenette. Refrigerator, microwave mounted to the cabinetry, a stove, sink, cutlery drawers and lower cabinets for whatever else. There’s a cream-colored convertible sofa. The queen-sized bed is off to my right against the wall beyond the kitchenette.

There is an easy chair to my left which looks really comfy, and is parked in front of a 36″ flat screen TV. By the window is a little table with two chairs. I open the blinds and from her window I have a lovely northern view of the boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean.

This place is absolutely perfect.

“What made you choose a place in AC?”

“Well we both know that Atlantic City is struggling right now so I got this place for a song and this is a town that enjoys adult fun and I don’t like kids.”

“Good call.”

I start mixing the cocktails. This place is great. I make myself a vodka club, and she says make her a screwdriver.

“Do you want a single or a double and do you want straight up or rocks?”

“Use my crazy flavored vodka and just put the OJ in for color”

Ok. Baby wants to get her drunk on.

That happens and we have a wonderful time. I think about how the first time I kissed Ambria. When We really kissed passionately outside the Ranstead Room.

That girlfriend kiss.

Ambria told me that night that she was a giver and a pleaser. She’s a nurse, I get it. I told her I wanted to give to her first and I did that after a few drinks that first night. I’m assuming her squeals of delight were a positive review.



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Ambria – Chapter 12 – Dan Dan

I’ve been seeing Ambria a lot lately.

We head to Dan Dan and Chet is working the bar and all is right in the world. The place is spars on a Monday night so we’re good. It’s early and we grab a pair of seats at the bar. Chet sets me up with my signature Chardonnay with a side of ice and we take it from there. Ambria orders a glass of Rose’ and we’re good.

We talk about life, and the film we saw, and how we felt about it. (See: Ambria – Movie Rendezvous) With my twenty-five years in the banking industry I can speak to everything that happened and why, buy we also discuss the greater implications as to why it happened. I love that I can talk to Ambria about such things and even though she doesn’t understand it all, she’s so attentive to learn what I know.

She gives me a new perspective on things and I hope I do the same for her. I love to learn new things and my heart and mind are always open to learn new perspectives. Things she saw and felt during the film in conjunction with mine.

There is a mutual closeness between us and an electric sexual connection that smolders below the surface of every word we speak. She’s smart, sarcastic and sexy all in the same sentence. It’s really delightful to me.

Chet asks if we’d like to order food as it’s last call for food on happy hour. I know happy hour never ends for me here no matter what I order from Chet whenever I come here, but unlike Roman at Square it doesn’t extend to my guests. Just me.

Ambria and I go back to the film we saw today.

“When I was watching Abucus today when I saw the Sund family ripping into all of that chinese food it made me crave Asian cuisine.”

“Well let’s take a look at this happy hour menu.”

“Yes, Please.”

I check the menu and Chet ribs me that all I ever order are fried chicken pot stickers. But there is something called “Dan Dan baby noodles.”

“Give us that.”

Chet: “There’s pork in that.”

Ambria: ” Do it.”

Within minutes out come a white bowl full of slender noodles with seasoings and meat. Chet serves it to us and tosses it with a fork and spoon. If I were starving, I could crush that, but after a couple of beers, tacos and a basket of fries at the other dive, I’m ready to share.

We drop our orange cloth napkins in our laps and reach for our chopsticks. From coming here I’ve gotten better with their utensils. Ambria is thrilled.

“I saw the Sung family tearing into all of that delicious Chinese and I want these noodles so bad.”

Ambria takes the lead, and dives in with the fork and spoon and delivers me my portion onto my plate. I am a neat eater and prefer a knife and fork, but I’m ready to roll here today. I tell her it could end up being a “Lady and the Tramp” moment but It’ll still be fun. I’ve never had the baby noodles.

Can I just tell you all right now that if you are ever in Philly between the hours of 4:30 and 6:30, go to Dan Dan, say hello to Chet, and order the happy hour baby noodles.  They are absolutely fabulous. Warm, a little spicy, but not too much and so deliciously savory. Tip him well because he’s my friend, but the noodle bowl will only cost you $5 bucks!

They were so good Ambria attacked them twice and thrice!

I loved them too and decided that if I were ever hungry around dinnertime on a Monday or a Wednedsay, I’m SO going to Dan Dan, slug Chardonnay with Chet and crush an entire bowl of these glorious noodles.

They were that good!

I’ve had another glorious day with Ambria. There is so much more to come.


I pay the bill, and she takes the remainder of the noodles in a doggie bag. I’m envious that she will bask in that treat tomorrow and I will not. (It’s that good!)

I pay the bill, and it’s reasonable because my wines are $4. I love the fiscal balance of this relationship. It can only get better.

Chet tells us he’ll be on vacation next week so I tell him to rest up and I’ll see him in another week.

Ambria and I step out onto 16th Street and I se my buddy Brad from Marathon sitting on the stoop two doors down from his job. He’s taking a smoke break. I ran into him last week with Ambria and he was with his hot young girlfriend. But today’s different. He’s alone. I introduce her and we chat. I tell him everybody tells me I should be a bartender for the last ten years. He told me I’d be perfect. I tell him I would do a free internship at a beer and shot tavern to learn the ropes. He says I should lie, use his name and weasel into a bartending gig. I love that idea, but I don’t think I can do that. I want to do it my way. But I’ll give it some thought. Even Ambria loves the idea of me as a bartender two nights a week and lying my way into it.

It’s time.

I have so much going on, but I feel that if I don’t become Bryan Brown in the film Cocktail, I’ll always regret it.

I know once I learned the mechanics of it I’d be one of the most deadly bartenders in the city.

I never worked in a tanning salon before and I became the king of that place, and now we’re going into business together and opening a gym in Rittenhouse, why shouldn’t I pursue this? I’m a natural.

The game is changing and so am I as I evolve. It’s all going to work out as long as I keep moving forward. If you’ve been reading this blog since Fall 2016 you know, shit is working.

I walk lovely Ambria up to 16th and Market. She says she is getting a train in 20 minutes. I offer to send baby home in an UBER, but she says he’s fine. She asks me what I’m going to do with the rest of my night now that it’s nearly 10pm.

“Go home, and get out of these clothes. Pour a vodka club. Light a cig, and watch Netflix.

We’re standing in the exact spot that we did on our first date. Under the scaffolding on the northeast corner of 16th street. I hold her close and we kiss. The kiss that has been waiting for us both all day. The lovely swirling kiss. The passion you have in that moment of the new and the beloved. Your hand as it gently slides behind her neck as you light the fire between you. She can’t escape and doesn’t want to. She attacks with more vigor than you.

That’s your girl.

Think about the other one.

The girlfriend kiss.

(You know how that feels. It’s different)

One is never enough.

Two is really…. nice.

Three is magic.

It’s inevitable at this point. You know what’s going to happen in the coming days.

You met her on Tinder. This is the new world. She thought it was a hookup site. Her friends told her about it. She had reservations about it. It is a hookup site for some, but more and more people are meeting on Tinder and getting married. That’s a real thing. Welcome to the new world. This is how people connect now.  Congratulations if you met your spouse through any other conduit. It’s over. This is how it’s done now for the masses. There are a lot of dogs out there but you don’t have to crawl back to your loser middle school crush and hope you can live the American Dream and pray to God you can have a normal life that all of your Facebook friends will find acceptable. They all suck anyway. You know it. I know it. The best people are a just a text away. Delete Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

But online dating? I got on this to write a dating blog.

I’ve been wildly successful on these platforms, because I have game. But I’ve met a pile of losers.  But there have been some lovely diamonds in here.

Find your diamond.

If you find one, God bless if you can handle it.

If you find TWO. Call me. You probably can’t handle it but we should probably hang out and have a drink, because even I could use your support. I’ll help you manage those lovely ladies.


Feels like Michelle in 2008.

But different.

Not so manic. More in control of it all now. I like this. I think I’ve finally found what’s right for me.

Two girlfriends at the same time. Cherie and Ambria.



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Ambria – Chapter 11 – Movie Rendezvous

It was Monday, which is Ambria’s Saturday, because she works at the hospital Wednesday to Sunday. Make sense? So on Mondays I can shift a few things around and spend the afternoon with her. I have tickets for the Big Red Bus. It’s a bus that tours around the city and you can get on and off as much as you want for 12 hours. It sounds pretty cool, and I already have the tickets, but we’ve decided to go to the cinema again. I love film as you know, and so does she. We also both love a quiet matinee on a hot summer afternoon.

I send her some titles I like, and she decides on “Abacus: Small Enough to Jail.” It’s an excellent and heartfelt documentary. It tells the incredible saga of the Chinese immigrant Sung family, owners of Abacus Federal Savings of Chinatown, New York. Accused of mortgage fraud by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., Abacus becomes the only U.S. bank to face criminal charges in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. The indictment and subsequent trial forces the Sung family to defend themselves – and their bank’s legacy in the Chinatown community – over the course of a five-year legal battle.

Last week we saw “My Cousin Rachel,” and now this week we’re seeing another terrific film! Two in a row. We’re on a roll. I get there first and buy the tickets and take the escalator downstairs next to the Bourse Building to the actual theater. I like this cinema. That cool underground theater tucked away from street level in the heart of the historic district at 4th and Market.

I text her that I have arrived and she’s on point. She tells me she’s also arrived. I tell her to come downstairs and that the tickets have been acquired.

Within a minute she appears and we lean in for a smooch. She orders me a small popcorn with butter and a medium diet coke. That’s my go to movie food. She pays $11 for the treats (Movie prices!) and I ask her if she wants anything. She said she fine. We head into the theater and sit in the back. There are only 3 other people in the place. I love when a matinée is empty! We sit all the way in the back in the very center.

We watch what seems like 15 minutes of coming attractions. I like trailers though. It’s fun to get the first glimpse of the new exciting picture that’s coming soon!

Ambria snuck her own snacks into the movie. That’s her movie food. Then she pulls out a box of M&M’s Peanuts and hands it to me. Last week I mentioned that was my favorite movie candy. She remembered and bought me a box and brought it with her today.

Good memory. Listens to me. Love is in the air!

Another great thing that happened, was she let me own the armrest. Right guys? I had the one on my left and she let me have the one on the right. I’m like a king on a throne and I own this experience. Sure there was some hand holding and touching but these armrests are mine! You gotta love that in a girl at the movies. I’m just sayin’.

The film was great and heartwarming. I loved the Sung family by the end of this film. I recommend you go see it. Phicklephilly gives it two thumbs up!

When the film was over we headed west on Walnut street. I like Walnut. It’s just a little nicer than Chestnut and Market streets. I probably should have stayed in the theater for a little bit so I could make out with hot Ambria but I didn’t think of it. I regret that now.

It’s a beautiful day, so we walk all the way back to center city. We settle on Locust Rendezvous which I love. She tells me she loves bars like that and that makes me happy. “The ‘Vous” as some people call it, is a small bar down around 15th and Locust.

Locust Rendezvous was established in September of 1989. Surviving in an ever-changing neighborhood, they have withstood the test of time. Many establishments have come and gone, not sure what they wanted to be when they grew up. Fortunately, they learned early on that they were just a great bar with good food — nothing more, nothing less.

Their goal, as always, has been to make all of their customers feel welcome. You’ll find when you come in regularly that there are many familiar faces. Their customers come from far and wide, remembering the great service, comfortable atmosphere and reasonable prices from their first venture through our front door. Repeat business is their mainstay, and all new are welcome.

I love a good tavern. The food is cheap, it’s tasty, and the beer is cold. I order a Yards Pale Ale, and Ambria gets a cocktail. We order a pair of tacos and Ambria asks for a basket of fries. Perfect.

We’re sitting at a table away from the bar and the moment belongs to us.

I love being with Ambria. She’s beautiful, fun and easy. Not easy sexually. I know that’s coming. I’m trying to stave that off. I know romance is paramount in any relationship. We could have jumped into bed after our second date. But I know better. Get to know her. Be sure. Grow together. Feel the force. Build the desire for the celebration. It’ll be so much better. Too many people just leap out of desire. I’ve seen this a hundred times. It’s a slippery slope that can easily end in disaster.

My experience guides me. If she’s the one, I’ll be present, myself and careful. Not so much for me, I’ll be fine, but for her heart. I need the glue to stick, the cohesion to happen and then when we finally come together it’ll be magic.

Most men rush in for the hasty close. I’ve been in sales all of my life. I love and know women. It simply doesn’t work that way. Set the trap. Go slow. Build the myth. Create the romance. Take it to a level that is so high there is nowhere else to go once you reach the top. There’s so much joy between the two of you, there is nothing left to do but make love.

She wants that. You want that. It should have happened eight chapters ago, but give it value. Make your memories now. Make them valuable. Make them truly memorable so when you get down to the ‘you and me’ it’s amazing.

Anybody can do the old “In and out” like John Lennon used to call it, but build something elegant and celebrate together with the only possession you came into the world with.

Share. Celebrate. Together.

The food comes, and it’s magic. We’re happy. Ambria says she loves this place again. We’re going to get along just fine. It’s obvious at this point. Her hand moves the basket and comes across the table top like a soft welcomed spider. She takes my hand and we entwine like old lovers.

The staff is great, and we learn our server is the GM and we dig that she’s on point.

After the little meal we decide to hit the next place. It’ 5pm and I remind her that Dan Dan’s happy hour starts at 4:30pm. She’s ready to roll too. We’ve done this place and it’s time to go. I think the real reason we go is, that we’re both thinking about the film we saw today.

She pays the bill, (Hooray!) and we head out with many thanks for the sweet repose. This has been the perfect stop and I’m glad I chose it.



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Ambria – Chapter 10 – Take Me to the Garden – Part 2

I turn and it’s Ambria. She looks lovely of course. She’s wearing a flouncy white top and jeans ripped at the knees. She’s all over me. She starts kissing me and rubbing me. I’m all hot and sweaty and I kind of don’t want her doing all that. It’s just so humid. But I’m happy to see her. She’s really frisky. I ask her what’s she’s drinking.

“Long Island Ice Tea. This is number two.”

She’s half in the bag. It’s cute. She’s so happy to see me and glad I came that she’s all over me. Kissing me deeply and caressing my neck and hair. I feel like a celebrity. I tell her I’m really hot and sweaty and she disagrees and keeps going. It feels like she loves me. She’s a little drunk but it has certainly loosened her up. She’s clearly horny for me. I’m honored.

“Do you want to get out of here?”

“I do. It’s hot and I really would like to go to the Red Owl Bar. It’s about a block away.”

“I told my friends that you were coming and I needed to return your umbrella. It’s cool if we split.”

“Are you sure?”

“Totally. They know I’m going to leave with you.”

We head for the exit and she’s not finished her potent cocktail. She says it may take her awhile to drink it and she knows she’s can’t just down it. She suggests tossing it.

“Do you want it?”

I tell her yes, and down it in one gulp. Practice makes perfect. She’s amazed but shouldn’t be. That little plastic cup that was half full didn’t stand a chance against me. We head over to Red Owl holding hands. It’s a warm night, but there is something spectacular about walking through Independence Mall with a beautiful woman on your arm on a Summer night in this city.

Independence Hall on my right, standing strong and elegant here in the cradle of liberty, and the Liberty Bell to my left, shining brightly. I love Philadelphia, and I love this sweet girl beside me.

We enter the Owl and I feel the rush of icy cold air conditioning. I am pleased. I know I’ll get a good drink here, and be able to dry out. Like every other girl on Earth, Amb is instantly frozen. I offer my blazer over her lovely caramel shoulders and she readily accepts it.

We take a seat at the corner of the bar and I order a glass of chardonnay with a side of ice, she asks me to just order her a light cocktail from the drink menu. I get us two waters because baby is a little buzzed and should hydrate up. I always plow gallons of water into myself on a daily basis. Especially in warm weather. It’s so easy to get dehydrated in hot weather and if you’re drinking alcohol, double trouble.

We’re sitting at the bar, and Ambria can’t keep her hands off me. She’s being really affectionate. Holding my hands, constantly touching me, moving close to my face, nibbling my ear and kissing me. She’s so cute. Very frisky tonight. She’s said on several occasions that she’s happy that we’re taking it slow. But I realize tonight when she says it, she’s been sarcastic about it the whole time. She really wants me to make love to her.

“Where have you been all my life?” she coos.

She’s said this before on other dates.


We’re chatting at the bar and she’s settled down, and I’m drying out, feeling cool and feeling better, and a bit more relaxed.

She tells me she has a condo in Atlantic City and she wants me to come down with her next Sunday. So we’d stay over through Monday and come back Tuesday morning. I suppose this is it. It’s time. I know she has a house and a rental property, I didn’t know she had a shore house as well. The Nurse Practitioner is money. I’m not after her for her money, but I like a girl who has her own thing going. She a great success and a beautiful, funny, charming lady.

I agree to go to her shore condo with her. She’s delighted because she knows its on.

“Pack a bag, Tiger.”

We are ready to leave and our bartender kind of sucks. I can drink all I want at home, and like I said before, I go out for the hospitality. The staff is just tepid at the Red Owl. The reason I don’t drink here is because it’s too far from my house and it’s expensive.  But shitty service can’t be forgiven. But Ambria comes to the rescue. I go to the restroom and she asks for the check. I come back and we still haven’t gotten it. WTF? The bar is pretty empty but the bartender is too busy running his mouth to one of the other patrons. Failure. When you’re in the service business you have to take good care of everybody all of the time. I do it at the salon, but this clown can’t multi task. The bill comes after she asks a second time. I can see she’s puturbed. She had one drink and didn’t even finish it. Good girl. She sobered up. We both have to work tomorrow. Me at the salon at 11am, Ambria at the hospital at 6am. Superstar.

The bill finally comes and it’s $52. She grabs it, shoves thre twenties in it and hands me my blazer.

Holy shit. Free drinks on baby tonight. I’m very pleased. Ambria is the only girl I’ve dated on this phicklephilly dating odyssey that actually has paid on a regular basis. It’s 2018 and this lady gets it.

I’m super happy I didn’t get killed on drinks tonight. I know it sounds selfish but I have value, and this lady sees it. I like that the tables have turned in my favor.

We walk up to Market street. The evening has cooled off a bit, and I’m feeling great.

We stop on the way and kiss some more like teenagers in love.

She has her work cell and says she doesn’t have the UBER app on it and I tell her I’d be happy to send her home in mine. ($12 bucks. She’s already dropped $60 on drinks for me!) Even then she says she can take the train. Where has this girl been all of my life?

The UBER comes and we kiss goodbye. It’s luscious and passionate. She hops in the car and I kibitz with the driver. I get in with her and tell the driver to take me to 18th and JFK and then take her home. “Junior” is fine with it.

We’re in the car (SUV) headed back to Rittenhouse. She looks gorgeous. She leans against the door and stretches out across the back seat. She has taken her shoes off and puts her soft feet in my lap. I’m not into feet but Ambria’s are especially nice.

She’s smiling and loving me. I can feel it.

“I just want you to come home with me.”

“You have to be at work at 6am.”

“But you can home with me and I’ll leave and you can stay at my house.”

“I have to get to the salon early and take care of some things. I can wait for Atlantic City. It’s locked down and I’ll close this. I just want to go home and sleep in my own bed and get up and grab breakfast and run the salon. If I went to her house tonight too much could stall me tomorrow morning. I know what you’re all thinking. She wants you! Go to her house and make love to her tonight. Or… Some of you may be thinking, Phickle you’re a piece of shit and cheating on Cherie. I haven’t done anything. I’m just in a place for the first time in my life where I am in love with two women at the same time and that has never happened.

It is what it is and I’m just going to roll with it. Everybody’s happy and satisfied and I’m going forward with all of this. I decided to write a dating blog two years ago and I would have never dreamed I would be where I am now. I think with all my experiences I’m well equipped to manage this life.  I’m having a great time and maybe I can change the way people think about dating, relationships and marriage forever.

That would be my ultimate goal.

Or… it could all blow up in my face and I’ll end up alone.


I’ll take that chance.

My heart is open and if this all goes down in flames I’m secure in the notion I can love again and again for the rest of my days. If not, I’m fine with work, Netflix, booze and cigarettes. I really am. I don’t want anything.

The car pulls up in front of Misconduct Tavern at 18th and JFK.

“Wanna come home with me?”

“Gotta go, babydoll. Text me when you get home. Movies on Monday?”

Kisses and heart hands and I hop out of the car. I walk south on 18th Street. It’s late on a Friday night.

Vango is a black club in Rittenhouse. I walk through the throngs of gorgeous black girls as I make my way home. The cigarette I’m smoking is delicious. I see hot girls in bodices and short skirts and I love them all. Black women are the sexiest women on the planet. They’re also the most passionate and the most loyal.

I just want to get home and sleep. I’ll get to the salon early.

Achilles is getting a new air conditioning unit installed in his house and I’m taking his shift. Great thing is, I’ll do all of my laundry in our industrial washer and dryer. I’ll go to Wawa and get all of the food I need for the long Saturday. Breakfast sandwiches, Roastbeef hoagie, banana, apples, with peanut butter dip, Tastykake Bells, Herrs chips, Diet Coke. I graze all day if I have to work a Saturday at the salon.

I make it back to my apartment and have a text from Ambria. She’s home safe and loved her night with me. I pour myself into bed and set my alarm for 9am for Saturday.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ambria on Monday (My first day off in seven days non stop) We’ll go to the movies again to escape the heat of the summer. (We both love a stolen matinée!)

We agree we don’t care what we do, we just want to be together.



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Ambria – Chapter 9 – Take Me To The Garden Part 1

I was working at the office when I got a text from Ambria that she would be at the Independence Beer Garden with some of her co-workers on Friday night. I would be working at the salon until 8:00pm so I told her I could swing by around 8:30.

So I close up shop and head out. It’s really humid and just gross outside. I walk east on Walnut street and figure if I can just get to the other side of Broad street, I’ll head up to Chestnut and see if I can hop on a bus before I melt. I’m walking on 13th street and just as I get to the corner of Drury Street, some crusty homeless guy asks me if I can spare some change and I tell him I don’t have any just like I always do. But as I round the corner onto Chestnut, I see a hot, slender junkie chick, and she asks me the same question.

“I can’t resist a damsel in distress.” And I open my wallet and give her a dollar.

I am a shallow, fickle asshole. She was so grateful and God blessed me and I gently stroked her arm and told her to take care. I can’t resist beauty, even if it is hooked on opiates.

I keep walking east on Chestnut having done my good deed for the day. I look west and see that a bus is coming. I get to the corner and hang at the stop. I dig a token out of my pocket and hop on. The bus is air-conditioned and it’s just what I need to dry out a bit on my way down to the garden.

I get off at 6th street and walk up to Market Street. I enter the beer garden and they card me. Of course at age 55, I’m delighted to be carded. The only place I get carded now is at Rite Aid when buying cigarettes because by law they have to log in your birthday.

The place is pretty busy and there are loads of people around the main bar. It’s a big place. Well, it is Friday night, and normally I never go out on Fridays because it’s amateur night and mostly young people. They’re just noisy, drunk and annoying. It’s almost too hot to be outside at a beer garden. I prefer a nice quiet air-conditioned cocktail bar.

I don’t see her so I walk to the back of the garden because I know in the Southwest corner of the property there is a small bar. It’s like a little shack. I quickly get a Yards Pale Ale and it’s just what I need. I love a cold crisp beer on a hot day. I crush it pretty quickly and text Ambria where I am. I tell her I’m at the bar at the southwest corner of the garden, and she texts me back.

“That means nothing to me.”

It seems like I never date a woman with any sense of direction. But I don’t care, I’m going to order another beer and just chill for the moment. Suddenly this beautiful woman shows up. It’s not Ambria. It’s a woman who looks like she’s in her late twenties or early thirties. What’s unique about her is her hair is blue. But it looks amazing. It matches her dark blue denim skirt. She’s wearing a tight yellow shirt and little ankle sandals. Her legs are spectacular. She seems to be waiting for someone. I’m going to drink my second beer and stay right here. Maybe Ambria will come and look for me.

I get my next ice-cold Yards and it goes down easy, while I drink in the beauty of the woman standing there across the path from me. I swear, If I weren’t here to meet Ambria, I’d go over and talk to her. I swear to God I would connect with that lovely baby. She’s amazingly hot. But I can’t take a chance with Ambria on the property somewhere.

Here’s a pic of the blue haired fox.

I know it’s not a great pic but you can see that she is one fit girl. Her thighs are talking to me. Stacked and packed! Delish!

I decide to go look for Ambria because I’ve been here for twenty minutes and haven’t seen her. I walk back around to the main bar area and walk along the side searching the crowd. I don’t see her. I turn the corner and start walking along the front, when I get this little poke on my back.


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