Sildenafil Citrate

Viagra Makes History

Viagra (sildenafil) is one of the most widely-known prescription drug names on the U.S. market. Often dubbed “the little blue pill”, Viagra (sildenafil) was the first phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitor approved to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is a common sexual problem for men and its frequency increases with age.

It is estimated roughly 30 million men in the U.S. and over 100 million men worldwide suffer from ED. A large U.S. survey determined about 50 percent of men 40 to 70 years of age experience some degree of ED.


The Unexpected Discovery of Viagra

The discovery that sildenafil could lead to an erection was an unplanned event. The sildenafil compound was originally developed by Pfizer for the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure) and angina pectoris (chest pain due to heart disease). During the heart clinical trials, researchers discovered that the drug was more effective at inducing erections than treating angina. Pfizer realized ED was an unmet medical need and a major opportunity for financial gain.

In 1998, the FDA approved Viagra, the first oral treatment for erectile dysfunction, under a priority review.


Quick Success: The FDA-Approval of Viagra

At the time of its approval, Viagra had the fastest initial sales growth following its launch of any prescription product, reaching 2008 sales of close to $2 billion. Pfizer promoted Viagra and ED awareness via direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising, which prompted men to seek medical advice and a prescription from their doctors.

For many men, the stigma and embarrassment of talking to their doctor about ED has declined since the introduction of Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors.


The Impact of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

ED, or the inability to achieve and maintain an erect penis for sexual function, can lead to performance anxiety, a negative impact on self-esteem and personal relationships, and even clinical depression.

In a survey published in BMJ, 62 percent of men reported a decline in self esteem, 29 percent reported a negative effect on a relationship, and 21 percent reported that their relationship had ceased due to ED. For many men, the inability to perform adequately during sex directly affects their feelings of masculinity.


What Causes ED?

Age alone is not a risk factor for ED, but underlying health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, chronic alcohol or drug abuse, certain medications, and injuries can lead to impotence. Any condition that may restrict blood flow to veins over time, like smoking, can lead to ED.

Medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease or Peyronie’s disease (scar tissue build-up in the penis) may cause ED. Mental health issues can take their toll, too–depression or stress can result in loss of libido. Erection failures may occur repeatedly in men who experience performance anxiety due to ED.


Which Medications Cause ED?

Many medications have impotence or sexual dysfunction listed as a side effect. A medication review should be performed by a health care provider to determine if any prescription drug treatment may be contributing to symptoms. Medications such as antidepressants, blood pressure drugs, certain antihistamines, antipsychotics, drugs used for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), and anti-HIV drugs may lead to ED.

If you regularly experience sexual function or ED problems, contact your doctor for evaluation and treatment.


Just the Basic Facts: How Viagra Works

Viagra works in response to sexual stimulation to increase the blood flow to the penis leading to an erection. Viagra does not result in an erection without sexual stimulation. When a man is aroused, muscles in the penis relax to allow this greater blood flow. Viagra helps to elevate the levels of a substance that causes the tissues to relax.

Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors like Cialis, Levitra, Stendra and Staxyn treat ED, but do not directly increase a man’s sexual desire. However, knowing that one can perform better in bed may indirectly boost libido.


What’s the Safest Way to Take Viagra?

Viagra (sildenafil) is taken by mouth usually as a 25 or 50 milligram (mg) tablet one hour before sexual activity. However, Viagra may be taken within a range of one-half hour to four hours before sex. The dose may be adjusted based on doctor recommendations, but it should not exceed 100 mg per dose or be taken more than once per day. A physician will prescribe your specific dose.

Have your pharmacist check for drug interactions, too. Men who use nitrates (such as nitroglycerin or isosorbide) should never use Viagra or other PDE5 inhibitors (Cialis, Levitra, Stenda, or Staxyn) due to severe, possibly fatal hypotension (low blood pressure).


Does Viagra Have Side Effects?

In general, the most common side effects with PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra are mild and short-lived. Headache, flushing, heartburn, vision problems, nausea, and dizziness may occur. Report a sudden hearing or vision loss to your healthcare provider immediately. An erection lasting more then 4 hours (priapism) is a rare event, but if it occurs get emergency treatment.

Be sure to review Viagra drug interactions and precautions with your healthcare provider prior to use. Your dose of Viagra may need to be adjusted based on other drugs you may be taking.


Other Options for Erectile Dysfunction

The simplicity of taking an oral tablet for ED has revolutionized ED treatment. However, PDE5 inhibitors may not work in about 30 percent of men. It is important for men to know that there are other options are available for ED. Penile self-injection (Caverject), transurethral suppositories (MUSE), vacuum-assisted erection devices, and surgical penile prostheses are solutions that were used prior to Viagra, and are still available today.

These options may be useful for some; however, for many men they can be complicated, painful, and more expensive. Be sure to talk to your doctor about all options.


What is Low T?

Media advertising has dramatically, and sometimes sensationally, increased the awareness of “Low-T” or low blood testosterone (also called androgen deficiency). Typically, a man’s testosterone level is considered low if it’s below 300 nanograms/deciliter. Men with low blood testosterone levels may suffer from a lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction (ED), brittle bones (osteoporosis), low muscle mass and higher fat accumulation. However, a recent study noted that testosterone therapy is not an appropriate therapy to treat ED without other symptoms of low T.

Testosterone therapy, whether it be by injection, gel, skin patch, spray or lozenge is the usual treatment to raise testosterone levels, but this is not always done in men over 60 years. Experts have stated that testosterone replacement could increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes in some men. Plus, older men who take testosterone replacements will need to have regular prostate cancer screening tests.


Viagra: But at What Cost?

Many insurance companies will not pay for Viagra anymore. This may be one reason why consumers turn to Internet purchase. But much of the advertised Viagra on the Internet is counterfeit, and may even contain dangerous and toxic drugs. To help combat the counterfeit market, Pfizer now offers online Viagra prescription orders and home delivery through licensed pharmacies. Just check put their website at or call Call 1-888-4-VIAGRA (1-888-484-2472).

Another option is to talk to your doctor about using the generic form of Revatio (sildenafil), approved for pulmonary hypertension. It’s the same drug that’s in Viagra, just at a slight lower dose. Just like Viagra, you’ll need a prescription, but the cost savings are significant. Generic Viagra isn’t expected to hit the US market until December 2017.


Counterfeit Viagra: A Dangerous Practice

Viagra has become the victim of Internet fraud due to its rapid success and famous name. According to Pfizer, 80 percent of the top 22 Internet sites that came up in search results for the phrase “buy Viagra” were selling counterfeit pills.

Products sold as “natural” or “herbal” Viagra claim to enhance performance; however, these illegal products have not undergone FDA review or approval. Fraudulent Viagra products contain unknown chemical ingredients that may pose a serious health risk.


Will Viagra Be Approved For Women?

More than 50 million women experience some type of sexual dysfunction. Studies looking at Viagra in women have theorized that sildenafil could increase genital blood flow and boost arousal. However, most studies have found a limited beneficial effect of Viagra for women. Lack of sex drive in a woman is a complicated process, often magnified by stress, hormonal changes, or lack of intimacy.

However, medications to help boost libido in women are becoming available. Addyi (flibanserin) was approved in August 2015 to treat low sex drive — generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in pre-menopausal women. Osphena (ospemifene), as well as Intrarosa (prasterone) are available for vaginal dryness and dyspareunia (painful intercourse) that can interfere with sex in menopausal women.


When Where There Be a Generic Viagra?

At least one generic PDE5 inhibitor will be available in December 2017, when sildenafil (generic Viagra) becomes available from Teva Pharmaceuticals. However, Teva will be the only manufacturer distributing generic Viagra until 2020, and it’s generic price is not yet known. Other generic PDE5 inhibitors should be on the market around this same time, in 2017 or 2018, when Levitra and Cialis are projected to lose patent.

In 2015, many insurance companies stopped covering payments for several PDE5 inhibitors, but there still may be at least one on their formulary, so check with your insurance directly to determine price.



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The Beach House – Chapter 16

I awoke to the smell of coffee wafting from the kitchen. Mia was already up and going. I grabbed my robe and headed to the kitchen. Mia was wearing a new white robe that was just sheer enough that you knew she was naked but not fully see-through. I couldn’t believe that I would be waking up to that vision from now on. Life was good.

“Good morning ,sleepy head!” She was extra cheerful. I thought she might be a morning person, God help me. She poured me a cup of joe and set it on the counter. “I hope I didn’t wake you. You looked pretty comfy in bed.”

“Nope. That robe looks really good on you.” I grabbed my cup and smiled. Mia twirled around.

“Why thank you Mr. Tomlinson.” She smiled back and grabbed her own cup of coffee.

I looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was after eight. I sat down and yanked my phone free of its charger. “No time like the present.” I said. Mia sat down next to me. I dialed up Bob Farring.

“Good morning Bob, it’s Dale Tomlinson. I got you on speaker with Mia Perez.” Mia smiled at me. She liked that I wasn’t excluding her.

“Is Monica not well, Mr. Tomlinson?” He was once again confused as to why I was talking with him directly. Mia covered her mouth, trying to hold back a chuckle.

“No, I am sure Monica is just fine. This doesn’t concern her.” I paused a moment to let that sink in. “I am considering an investment in a small chemical company called Gem Works. I was hoping I could get you to run point to see if they have any interest in new capital.” I knew they would beg, borrow or steal if they could.

“Of course. What kind of timeline are you looking at.” I wish I was there to see his face.

“Today.” I think I heard a cup hit the floor.

“That is not a lot of time for our due diligence Mr. Tomlinson.” I could hear the panic in his voice. He didn’t want to be a party to some failed venture of mine.

“Bob, I’ll be honest with you. I’m really not interested in the viability of the company although, on the surface, it does have strong possibilities. I want to purchase leverage over an employee of the firm.” I let that sink in. “He treated someone I love very badly, and I want to make sure he never does it again.”

“I don’t know if I can be involved in some blackmail scheme.” I have honest lawyers. Who knew?

“It’s my fiancé, Bob. It’s pretty personal.” I heard other things fall to the floor. Mia choked back another laugh.

“Mr. Tomlinson, this is kind of a surprise. A person of your stature should have contracts drawn up before considering a commitment like marriage.” I would never insult Mia with a pre-nup. I would rather she just kill me off if that was her will.

“Sorry Bob, I’m winging it on love alone.” Mia blew me a kiss. “Bob, meet my fiancé Mia Perez.” I heard more stuff falling to the floor.

“I’m sorry Ms. Perez. I didn’t want to insinuate you had any bad intentions.” He fumbled his way through the whole sentence. It was becoming a bad morning for him.

“I wouldn’t expect you to advise him any other way Bob.” Mia chimed in perfectly. “I for one appreciate your loyalty.” She paused for a moment. “This employee Dale was speaking about has a habit of tricking women on to his boat and forcing them to engage in sexual activity with numerous partners. I barely got away myself.”

“Ms. Perez, this sounds like a police matter. Possibly a lawsuit if he has any assets.” He was a good man and wasn’t interested in a roundabout route. I looked at Mia and shrugged my shoulders, informing her I didn’t care how much she told him. She sighed.

“Can I tell you something in confidence Bob?” She was looking intently at the phone.

“Yes. As your lawyer, you are entitled to my confidence.” I really wished I was in his office.

“A week ago, I was a prostitute addicted to heroin.” She didn’t even flinch. Our love was solid as a rock. There was silence on the other end. Not even breathing. “Bob?” Mia asked.

“Um… ah… I can see why involving the courts could be a bit problematic.” He started to recover. “May I ask what your intention is with respect to this employee?” He was trying to gage how deep he would have to go.

“I intend to hold his job over his head. He either stops these parties, or his family finds out why I fired him.” I took a breath. “He tricked me into purchasing the boat that Mia escaped in under the threat of grand theft. I will expect him donate an equivalent sum to a charity of our choice.”

“Legally, you can fire him for his illegal acts on or off the job. The forced donation is pushing into a darker realm of the law.” He paused, obviously thinking. “You say he has done this before?”

“He calls them ‘water bang parties.’ Frank Talbot researched it for us.” I thought adding Frank might ease his mind a bit.

“Well I never knew Frank to be incorrect. Is it possible for you to refer to the donation as a suggested repentance or some other similar phrasing?” Wow!, He’s good. Trying to stay just this side of the law.

“Now I know why Monica trusts you so much Bob. We will take your advice and make it a suggestion.” Mia was smiling. I think she liked Bob also. “Will you be able to run point?”

“I would be happy to.” He was satisfied we weren’t going to break the law.

“I don’t want any control, just a straight percentage interest in the company. I will speak to the CEO personally about the other issue. There is no need for you to get involved directly in the aspect. Just get me a phone call with him.” I was afraid Gem Works wouldn’t take me seriously if I cold-called them.

“I will call you back in an hour or two, Mr. Tomlinson.” He hung up and went to work. I took another sip of my coffee and looked at Mia.

“Having a lot of money is kind of exciting.” She smiled and sipped her own cup.

An hour and a half later Bob called back. “Brian Fitzgerald is waiting for you call, Mr. Tomlinson. He is looking for a five million dollar investment and he has agreed to a 30% ownership, which after a cursory look at the books seems to be proper.” He paused. “You will be the second largest holder. Mr. Fitzgerald will hold 42% after the sale.”

“Bob, you are the miracle worker we were looking for. I am going to close the deal, then you can finalize the paperwork.” I was very pleased with the results.

“Monica called this morning. She has gotten wind of you dealing directly with us. I suspect she is friends with the receptionist.” Bob seemed a bit strained by the change in protocol. “I haven’t called her back yet. Is she aware of what is happening?” Mia started giggling. I had to look away so I didn’t catch it.


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Sabrina – Surprise Visit – Part 2

I take her back to the Versa Spa spray tan machine. I show her where to put the barrier lotion. (Between the fingers, beds of the nails, palms, between the toes and soles of the feet.) That’s where you don’t want the solution to go. I show her how to wear the hair net. (Above the hairline so you don’t get a weird crescent on your forehead below your hairline.) Then I show her the four poses you have to do while getting sprayed. It looks like we’re “Vogueing” in the hallway together.

I tell her there’s a woman’s voice that will guide her through the whole process.

“How long is the process?”

“The whole session is only four minutes. If you can follow directions, you can get a great spray tan. Any questions?”

“I think I got it.”

“Then go to it Sabrina.”

In she goes, and I head back up to the front of the salon. I’m thinking how great Sabrina looks. She’s come a long way at thirty-four years of age. I remember she told me she was addicted for ten years! How did she survive and look as good as she does? That’s fucking heroin! I’m so proud of her!

Fifteen minutes later, lovely Sabrina emerges from Room 8 and approaches the counter. I tell her she has to stay dry for the next 6 hours. She thanks me profusely and gives me a hug.

She’s so sweet to me and tells me that she wants to go to Gran Caffe L’Aquila for dinner for her 1 year anniversary of sobriety.

I’m honored to be the man that will sit across the table from this beautiful woman on that day. (God, my blog has gotten so much better and so have I!)

Sabrina heads out and I wish her a Happy New Year and I remind her she must stay dry for the next six hours for the tan to develop.


Later Update: Sabrina wrote a glorious 5 Star Yelp review about me and our salon. (Better than money!)

I text her and thanked her and wished her a Happy New Year. She texted me back that she had done something bad.

I was terrified. Had she re-offended with drugs?

“What happened?”

“I slept with my ex.”

Oh… But technically you’re not divorced yet so you just slept with your husband.”

Oh yea.. Thank you for that. But now he’s not texting me or anything.”

“I know you said the sex was fire between you guys and I get that, but if you guys hooked up, I think that’s all it was.”


“You’re relationship was toxic and dangerous for over 10 years. If you slept with him I think that’s all it was. I’m sorry. But steer clear so you don’t re-offend. He’s not going to get back to you because you can never go back to that toxic relationship that destroyed you. ”


“No. Resist and stay sober. I hate the holidays.”

“But I…”

“I know Sabrina. Go forward. I know it’s hard, but let go of the bars of your addiction and walk out of your cell. You’re doing great.”

“Thank you! I love you and value our friendship! Hope you know I plan on being in your life for a long time.

What a lovely person.

“Promise? Because that’s what I want Sabrina!

“Thank you… Hey, I know what I did was wrong but because of my awesome spray tan I looked awesome naked thanks to you! (And thank you for that delicious visual, Sabrina!)

I love Sabrina and I would love to see more of her because she’s a beautiful person. Not just on the outside.

I can’t wait to see her again.


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Sabrina – Surprise Visit – Part 1

Sabrina texts me out of nowhere and wants to cash in her free spray tan.  She lives out-of-town but works down at Penn’s Landing at a marketing company. She loves her job and is doing great. I’m happy she’s doing well and has been sober for over 9 months.

She sees her kids every Saturday and is trying to get on better terms with her sort of ex husband. (They’re still legally married but have been split for over a year. But she refers to him as her Ex) According to her their marriage was toxic and she can’t be with him anymore. She lives in the house they own together but he pays the mortgage and I’m assuming some sort of support.

This is a woman I met at the salon with Jill. (See Jill – 2016 to Present – Client) Jill is an ex stripper/escort that can’t stop drinking. Sabrina met her in a halfway house and they have remained friends. Jill is a full-blown alcoholic and Sabrina is a drug addict. Jill told me Sabrina’s drug of choice was heroin but she’s done an amazing job rising from the ashes of her own destruction to live anew as a sober person.

Sabrina once told me that if she even took a sip of beer she’d be right back into it again. That’s addiction. But I know a few addicts that come in the salon that have been sober for decades and they are incredibly great people who have risen above and sustained their lives. Many are professional people like doctors and lawyers. Addiction doesn’t care who you are. It just tries to steal who you are and sledgehammer your life.

Jill is the one that told me that Sabrina wasn’t an alcoholic. She was heroin addict. But like I said, addiction is an insidious force that doesn’t choose between nationality, race, or social status. It just takes some of them.

I can drink wine every day and not lose my shit. It loosens my mind to write, kills my anxiety and depression, helps me sleep and is a social lubricant. But some people’s wiring just can’t take any foreign substances.

I could drink with someone who is an alcoholic and drink the same thing pound for pound all night long. I will maintain my buzz and go home and go to bed after a fun night.

They will in turn change in mood and personality. Lose their sense of time, sense, verbal ability, motor skills, and eventually black out and do bad things and never remember them. They will not destroy themselves. They’ll destroy everything and everyone around them. That’s addiction.

We’re all different. We all have the same chemical make up that makes us human, but all of our chemicals react differently to introduced to outside forces. Sometimes stimulation… sometimes absolute destruction. Booze is probably the worst because it’s legal and beloved by so many. Nobody high on marijuana ever aggressively hit a cop. A drunk guy who’s losing his shit with his wife would. The worst thing that happens when I’m around people who smoke pot is a boring endless story and I want a drink to get through listening to them.

Here’s the difference between weed and booze. I was friends with a great sensitive drummer named Rich back in the 80’s. He loved weed. I like booze. Here is the conversation when we’re banged up on our substances of choice walking down the street:

Rich: (Stoned) “Hey man… what if the color blue to me isn’t the same color blue to you?”

Me: (Whiskey) “I don’t fucking know. Check the crayon box, asshole.”

See the difference?


Anyway, my girl Sabrina wants to come in and get a spray tan. She’s middle eastern and is as brown as a penny and hot as hell, but her legs need color. I tell her we can help her. We can help anybody!

I’ll make all of you girls beautiful and tan. Leave it to me!

She says her legs are always covered and she wants to even out her look. I tell her the best way to do that is to go in a UV sunbed. Cover up the parts you don’t want tan and bake up your legs to match the rest of your delicious self.

Long term that would work for her. Her legs could catch up with the rest of her pretty brown skin.

But Sabrina wants to do a spray tan to just to even herself out and look good. I tell her it’s a temporary fix, but she’ll look great.

She comes in and we have a lovely chat. I tell her about my recent date with Bailey on Christmas Eve and how I’m seeing her again tonight  for some wine and Gelato when I close the salon. Sabrina is surprised and delighted that I’m going on a second date with Bailey. (See: Bailey – From Texting to Connection) 

She doesn’t know about Cherie so I tell her I adore her. “I can’t wait forever for you, Sabrina.” (Only half joking because I would totally love to date Sabrina and haven’t completely ruled out accomplishing that goal in the near future.)

“You’ll have to text me how it went! Have you kissed Bailey yet?”

“No. I hope to this evening.”

“You’ll have to text me if you do!”

She looks amazing and gorgeous. I wish she lived closer to the city so I could spend more time with her. I tell her how great she looks and how amazing her luxurious hair looks. She thanks me and attributes it to being sober.

I love that.

She tells me that Jill is about to be kicked out of her current residence because she’s drinking oceans of vodka and sleeping around. Jill is out of control. Sabrina tells me that Jill wants to come live with her.

I tell Sabrina the following: “You’ve been sober for 9 months. You see your kids. You have a great job now. You’re doing well. You can not bring Jill, the broken drunk into your house. EVER. You have to cut her off.”

Sabrina tells me that she can’t bring that shit into her house after finally getting clean and moving forward with her life. She’s going to have to have the “Talk” with Jill.

It’s sad because in Sabrina’s phone, Jill is still listed as “Roomie” from when they were in a halfway house. Sabrina has been an elegant Phoenix that has risen from the ashes of her own destruction, whereas Jill started drinking and whoring once she got out of rehab and the halfway house.

Jill is being kicked out of her present living situation because she can’t stop drinking and whoring.  Jill plows vodka and jumps from guy to guy. Screwing them and staying at their cribs until they kick her out. I’m sure she cares for her son but her behavior screams she doesn’t give a shit about him because she’s always loaded and riding cock somewhere, blackout drunk.

“The best place for her is to go back to the halfway house.”

Sweet Sabrina’s words ring like lovely bells on New Years day. The words from a mother that is struggling everyday to make her way in this life.


I’ll continue this story tomorrow…


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The Beach House – Chapter 15



Oh, could we?” Mia was getting excited. Almost a bit bouncy which was more attractive than she knew.

We hit the internet and spent some time on Gem Works. There wasn’t a lot of information on the small company, but we found enough. A local business journal article talked about them trying to expand into a specialized phosphorus product. They were having trouble getting the necessary funding due to their lack of historical profits. Chemicals were just not on the love list for venture capital firms these days. Their President and CEO was Brian Fitzgerald. I knew exactly what to do first thing in the morning.

Mia wasn’t that crazy about the plan. She was concerned about the money I was spending. Wives are always trying reign in their husbands’ spending. I kissed her and chuckled at her concern. I got a couple of hands on the hips and a cross look. “What’s so funny about saving money?” I could have told her, but I wanted to cherish the look on her face. I fired up my laptop and logged into the brokerage account. I went to the aggregate page and spun it around so she could look.

“Our main account, Mrs. Tomlinson.” I was smiling as her eyes found the total. Her mouth fell open, and I watched her eyes go back and forth over the total. I noticed she had stopped breathing. “You have to breathe sweetie.” I chuckled as she reread the number for the tenth time.

“You are rich-rich!” She looked up at me with wide eyes. She was still processing how much was there.

“We are rich.” I corrected.

“I can’t even fathom what to do with that kind of money.” She was still in shock.

“Putting an end to water bang parties might be a good start.” She smiled and scooted next me on the couch.

“Did I ever tell you how sexy I find rich men.” She was stroking my inner thigh. I felt my blood begin to move. I pushed an errant hair back behind her ear.

“I have always kind of had a thing for rich women.” She smiled into my eyes and leaned in for a kiss. I felt her hand move higher as my arousal increased. I reached out and stilled her hand.

“I want you to teach me how to love you.” It came out kind of wrong. I knew what I meant, but I was sure Mia was confused.

“I think you did pretty damn well in the pool a few hours ago.” She smiled at me, thinking I might need an ego boost. I gave her a quick kiss.

“I want you to teach me about you. I want you to show me where I should kiss, where I should touch, and where I should lick.” I was turning a bit red at the last part. “I want to know how to please you.”

“Was that your first time?” I knew she meant in the pool.

“Sort of. I paid for it a couple of times, but it never felt like it did in the pool.” I looked up into her eyes. I felt kind of exposed, but I really wanted to know how her body worked.

“Well, as your first and last girlfriend, I feel it is my duty to let you pleasure me.” She caressed my cheek with a smile. She got up and hurried me along to the bedroom. “God, this is going to be fun!” Her enthusiasm was making me horny.

Mia stripped as soon as we arrived at the bed. “Different things turn on different women. Lucky for you, you only have to learn about one woman.” She began undressing me. “I love being touched everywhere. Don’t waste your time staying in one place. My nerve endings kind of get bored if you stay anywhere too long.” She undid my belt buckle why I was making mental notes. “If you want to get me going, start with my joints.” She smiled up at me as she lowering my shorts. “My neck, the inside of my elbow, behind the knees and, for some reason, my ankles.” My dick bounced up as my shorts dropped. “Just light kisses, butterfly kisses and little licks. Nothing too sloppy though.” She hopped on the bed and spread herself out. She was grinning ear to ear. I gave her a curious look.

“What about your breasts?” I really liked the idea of playing with those. Mia chuckled.

“Those are all for you and feeding babies. Don’t get me wrong; it feels nice when you play with them. Mine just aren’t super sensitive.” I was slightly disappointed. “Don’t worry, I’ll show you other things titties are good for later.” Her smile held promise that eased my concern. I climb into the bed next to her. She giggled and rolled me on top of her. “When it’s your turn, I own you. Right now it’s my turn so you own me. I am your prized possession, and I have no choice but to submit to your control.” God, I liked the sound of that. Her body was my plaything and I was getting really excited.

I covered her body with mine and allowed an elbow and my knees to take the weight. My lips found the base of her neck, and I began lightly kissing and teasing it with my tongue. I felt involuntary shivers run through her body as my free hand lightly caressed her side. I kissed up to her ear and remembered the pool. “I love that you’re mine.” I whispered softly to her as my lips began to descend again.

“Yes, and words like that.” She said as my hand lightly caressed her side and my lips followed the contours of her shoulder. She was cooing as I kissed down her arm and tickled the crook of her elbow with my tongue. I slowly moved back up to the other side of her neck.

“You taste delicious,” I whispered, and another shiver ran through her body. I ran down her other arm and lightly tortured the inside of her elbow to a few quiet moans. I could feel the muscles in her body contracting in response to the tickling sensation.

I shifted my weight to my knees and moved my lips to her breasts. She told me they weren’t a big turn-on, but they were too wonderful to ignore. I gave the left nipple a little lick and gently blew on it. A forest of goose bumps appeared. I smiled and repeated the process on the right nipple. I got a giggle out of Mia and a whispered “Men!” said with humorous contempt.

I kissed a wet trail down her chest across her tummy. With both hands now free, my fingers were exploring her sides and running down her thighs. As my kisses reached her thighs, a wonderful musky aroma inflamed my nose. I carefully lifted her leg as I slowly moved to her knee, my eyes never leaving the adorable womanhood between her legs. The lips were shaded both lighter and darker than the surrounding skin. When I lifted her leg higher to access behind her knee the slit glistened. It looked as wonderful as it had felt in the pool. I caressed her thigh with both hands and kissed the crook of her knee. I pushed Mia’s knee back toward her as I massaged her calf. Her pussy opened slightly to reveal its wetness. It looked so warm, it had me entranced.

I reached her ankle and made love to it with my tongue as I massaged the bottom of her foot. I started hearing a constant low moan from Mia. I knew I was doing well. I raised the other foot to my lips and reversed the process I had used on her left leg. I was slowly descending back toward her intoxicating scent. As I approached, more of her muscles were responding involuntarily.

I pushed both of her thighs back toward her. I was desperate to see her. My face was only inches away from that precious opening as I ran my fingers along it. I opened her flower slightly and examined the multiple folds and the wetness that was flooding the sides. Mia moaned louder as I lightly touched her clit which had emerged from its hiding place. I was mesmerized by the beauty of it all. I loved her for letting me explore. Mia misinterpreted my exploration as hesitation. She spoke softly to me.

“Not every guy likes to…” I never let her finish. I dragged my tongue from the bottom of her slit deep inside tasting a woman for the first time. “Oh God!” she groaned. Both her hands wrapped around my head, and I felt her hips begin to move. She tasted like a soft honey, sweet but more delicate. My hands were holding her thighs wide as I went deeper and dragged out along her little nub. Mia tilted her hips into my face and was holding my head like I might want to leave. I began tickling her clit with the tip of my tongue, and I saw her back arch and her neck tense. Her whole body was shaking as she forced my mouth to drag along her clit. I lost my grip on her thighs as she straightened her legs to force her hips off the bed. She stayed that way for half a minute before her hips fell back, and a loud sexy groan escaped her lips.

I smiled at what I had done and lightly caressed her gorgeous pussy with two of my fingers. It was practically pulsing behind my hand. I was able to generate little involuntary jerks as I lightly moved them across her little nub. I have no idea why I was having so much fun watching her squirm under my fingers.

Mia sat up and then coaxed me back on top of her. “That was simply incredible.” She sighed as she pulled me into her bosom. “I didn’t think you were going to go that far.” I gave her a loving smile.

“I’d never seen one up close in real life. I just had to know everything about it.” I caressed her breast as I explained my actions. “It was really quite amazing. Everything about you is amazing.” I looked up to kiss her and I saw a tear in her eye. “Mia?”

“I love you so much.” She squeezed me tight and more tears appeared. “I get kind of emotional after I cum like that.” Her voice was a bit halting, and her expression was all screwed up with tears and a smile. I scooted up a bit more, gave her a kiss, and wiped the tears from her eyes. I was relieved that they were happy tears. She ran her hand down my side and felt my arousal.

“It feels like you are ready to explode.” Watching her throes of ecstasy made me hard. Knowing that I caused it had made me really hard. Mia sat up and pushed me flat on the bed. She moved between my legs and gave me an evil smile. “You like these don’t you.” She was holding her breasts and added a little wiggle for emphasis.

“I kind of love them.” I was smiling, not really knowing where this was going.

“They’re kind of soft and firm at the same time.” She was examining them, tilting them back and forth. “They feel so warm right now.” She looked back into my eyes. “I wonder what it would feel like if I wrapped them around your cock.” My hips jerked a bit as I realized where this was going. I had no idea what it was going to feel like, but God, I wanted to know! “First we have to make sure it will slide really well.” Without warning Mia dropped her lips over my manhood and took me half way into her mouth. Both of my hands squeezed a fist full of sheet as I strained not to cum under the surprise attack. I felt her tongue coat the underside of my shaft. I locked my legs, trying my best to hold off and wait for the breasts. She slowly raised off my tool, swirling her tongue around the crown. She drooled down the shaft, and her lips left the tip.

“Oh, I think it will slide real well now.” She looked me in the eye and lowered her breasts over my groin. I could have cum right there. I felt a tinge of release, and I knew if I let it go, it was all over. Just the thought of what was about to happen was becoming too much. She smiled at me. “I think you’re going to like this.” Mia squeezed her breast together and enveloped my rod in feminine warmth. I was in heaven. The sensation was so visually stimulating I wasn’t sure I could take any movement at all.

Mia began to massage my cock with her breasts. On every down-stroke, the head would poke up under her chin, and I would grunt. I gripped the sheets harder, and my neck was straining. I was trying desperately not to move my hips. I wanted it to last longer. Mia ended it. In a soft sultry voice I could barely hear, she said, “Cum for me.” My hips started jerking, and I watch my cock explode cum under her chin. The head disappeared between her tits, and I felt myself fill her cleavage. My whole body felt like it was part of the climax. Every cell was happy at that exact moment. When the crown reappeared, it was a glistening mess, and I pulsed another, smaller shot under her neck.

My spasms slowly wound down, and Mia unwrapped my manhood. Her neck and cleavage were covered in jism. My cock was a happy drippy mess. Mia started laughing as she looked down at her chest. God, I loved that laugh. “Someone really likes my titties.” she said as she wiggled them at me. I pulled her down to me. I didn’t care how messy she was, I needed to give my future wife a kiss.

“You are by far the best thing to ever happen to me.” I slid her lips up to mine for a short peck. “How about a shower? We have a lot of work tomorrow.” I was playing with her hair as I talked. She raised herself up on her elbows and looked at the walls.

“Can I redecorate? Monica’s color pallet is a bit boring.” She smiled at me. I liked the idea of her taking ownership of the place.

“Mrs. Tomlinson, it’s your house, and you can have it any way you want.” I reached down and squeezed her butt for emphasis. “We can call painters tomorrow.”

“I just thought we could go to the hardware store and paint it ourselves.” She was looking thoughtful. “Kind of makes it more ours when we do it ourselves.” A wonderful vision suddenly appeared in my head.

“If we were naked, we wouldn’t ruin have to ruin any clothes.” I was imagining her climbing ladders as I tried to hold back a smile.

“Well aren’t you the kinky one.” She poked me in the ribs. “But no sex until the room is done.” She didn’t hold back her smile. She seemed to like the idea. I was hoping it didn’t take too long to paint a room. “Let’s take that shower stud. You’re as sloppy as I am now.”


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Tales of Rock: Elton John: I insisted ‘Rocketman’ film be honest about sex, drugs, rock and roll

Music icon Elton John says he insisted that the musical-fantasy biography “Rocketman,” opening Friday, be honest about his life’s sex, drugs and rock and roll.

During the movie’s long gestation, wrote John in an article Sunday for The Observer Magazine of the U.K. newspaper The Guardian, “Some studios wanted to tone down the sex and drugs so the film would get a PG-13 rating. But I just haven’t led a PG-13 rated life. I didn’t want a film packed with drugs and sex, but equally, everyone knows I had quite a lot of both during the ’70s and ’80s, so there didn’t seem to be much point in making a movie that implied that after every gig, I’d quietly gone back to my hotel room with only a glass of warm milk and the Gideon’s Bible for company.”

The film, eventually rated R, stars Taron Egerton as John and Jamie Bell as his longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin, whose numerous hits together include “Rocket Man,” “Daniel,” “Bennie and the Jets,” “Candle in the Wind” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”

“[S]ome studios wanted us to lose the fantasy element and make a more straightforward biopic,” Rock & Roll Hall of Famer John continued, “but that was missing the point. Like I said, I lived in my own head a lot as a kid. And when my career took off, it took off in such a way that it almost didn’t seem real to me. I wasn’t an overnight success by any means … But when it happened, it went off like a missile: there’s a moment in ‘Rocketman’ when I’m playing onstage in the Troubadour club in LA and everything in the room starts levitating, me included, and honestly, that’s what it felt like.”

During that tumultuous period, he wrote, “I’d also lost my virginity, to a man — John Reid [played in the film by Richard Madden], who later became my manager — and come out as gay, at least to my friends and family. This all happened in the space of three weeks. To say it was a lot to take in is a terrible understatement.”


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The musical biopic stars Taron Egerton as the iconic gay singer

Elton John said he would have been ‘cheating people’ if the sex scene in Rocketman was left out.

The iconic singer’s life has turned into a movie musical Rocketman starring Taron Egerton and has been released in UK cinemas today (May 22).

And early reviews following screenings at Cannes Film Festival said the film is the first major studio film to depict a gay love scene between Egerton and Richard Madden – who plays Elton’s manager John Reid.

And now, Elton said he didn’t want to ‘airbrush’ the sex scene ‘under the carpet and said he was ‘so joyous’.

He said: “If I am telling my story, it has to be honest.

”I was a virgin until then. I was desperate to be loved and desperate to have a tactile relationship.

”When they tear their clothes off in the movie, that was how it happened. It was in San Francisco.

”I’m so glad it’s in there because I am a gay man and I didn’t want to airbrush it under the carpet.

”This is who I am, and I was so joyous. When he is lying in my arms and I’m sitting back with a smile I’m thinking, ‘Ah, I’m normal, I’ve had sex’…

”I’m proud Rocketman is the first major studio film with a gay love sex scene in it. If I’d left it out, I’d have felt I was cheating people.

”If they don’t like it, I understand, but it’s part of who I am. That night was a very, very important part.”

In Attitude’s June issue, Egerton opened up about the sex scene with Madden and said he felt Madden’s penis on his leg.

“I felt Richard’s penis… On my leg,” he tells Attitude. “We shot a scene where we are both naked on a bed and we are rolling around. I don’t really know how much further we could have gone.”

Rocketman is out in cinemas now!

Watch the trailer below:


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