Ambria – Chapter 1 – Ray of Light

“How dare you do this to Cherie?”


I met Ambria on Tinder. We mutually swiped right on each other and it was a match. I reached out first with a simple hello. She responded 15 minutes later saying how she liked the last few lines of my profile. (You know, the part where I say: “If we meet and you don’t look like your profile pics then you’re going to buy me drinks until you do.”) She said it gave her a good chuckle and that her photos are recent with the lot of filters.

I like this chick already. I tell her I think she’s funny and that I think she looks great. Then I ask my usual question: ” What prompted you to swipe right on my profile?”

“That’s an easy answer. You have a very nice smile (warm) and your eyes tell me that you are sincere. Now I could be totally wrong but that is what I saw in your pics. Not to mention I really enjoyed the last few lines, it really made me laugh.”

“It is all true. Thank you for getting my little poke at online dating on my profile. We should meet up!”

(Me going in for the early kill)

“Yes so we can see what else we see eye to eye on…”

“This week for lunch? Let me know when you’re available.”

“Lunch sounds great but I am working these next few days.”

“What type of work do you do? How about next week?”

“I’m a Nurse Practitioner. I’ll be leaving work early today and tomorrow around 1ish. Off Monday and Tuesday.”

“Nice. Any plans for this holiday weekend?”

“No. Just to relax and clean and maybe head to Main Street for dinner somewhere. Not necessarily in any order.”

So the weekend went by, and there was some light texts back and forth. I then tried to set up a lunch date for next week.

“Sounds like a plan to me. I can do lunch on Tuesday or Thursday next week. Any of those days for you?”

They both worked for me but I chose Tuesday, because for some reason I didn’t want to wait until Thursday.

“How about Misconduct Tavern Tuesday at noon 18th and JFK?”

“Perfect! Count me in!!”


“My cell is: xxxxxxxxx . Text when you get there.”

“Cool.” (I provide my number.)

So out of nowhere, it’s on. I like this girl. Something feels right about this. I’ve been on so many dates, and they all seem to disappoint. I never feel the connection. I’m always trying to make it work. We’ll see. She seems nice. Normal. I’m going to take another chance.

The Animator was a quick fail because she wasn’t ready. That’s just my opinion, but she still seemed to be sitting at that bitter table by herself. It feels like this lady likes me and is seeing something in me that she likes and hasn’t even met me yet.

(Spider sense is tingling.) And I like it.

Let’s see how tomorrow’s lunch goes. I’ve been hopeful before and it’s been grinding failure. But I’ll keep trying and see what happens with this one.

I’m sure you’re all wondering why this is happening in the midst of my relationship with Cherie.

Things are great between Cherie and me. But distance and time has been a factor for us. Cherie and I always feels like a ‘greatest hits album’ by an incredible band. But the day-to-day relationship stuff isn’t satisfying to the lead guitarist in this band. I love our music, but we need to practice and perform together on a regular basis. That hasn’t been happening, so I’ve decided to gig with another musician just to maybe fill in the gaps.

Judge if you’d like, and I welcome your words and even your scorn. I have nothing to prove to anyone ever again. I have to live my life the way I see fit and will do what I have to do to preserve my happiness.

Remember… the blog is called, phicklephilly.

I’m fickle. I love women. I’m a gentleman. But I’ve clearly established my character over the last two years.

Feel free to hop off, or enjoy the ride with me. It’s gonna get wild.


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Aretha Franklin Had Power. Did We Truly Respect It?


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Cherie – Chapter 32 – Loving You Sunday Morning – Part 3

It’s getting to be afternoon and she has to go after our amazing roll in the hay.

I call an UBER because I don’t want to fuck up her train ride. We miss that train and her parents will be pissed dealing with the grandkids for another hour. We’re out on the curb on Pine and the UBER arrives.

The St. Patrick’s day parade is happening, and many of the streets are closed off. It’s detour city. Our UBER driver is aware but I can’t take a chance. I know he’s struggling, so I guide him. I tell him to just go out to Broad Street and head North. Cherie can feel my stress. I don’t want her to miss her train. This has happened before and I want my girl to be on point with her family. I know what that kind of accountability means. I know Cherie has that.

The traffic is fucked. We’re slugging along. We probably should have just walked.

Goddamn it! Cherie knows I get intense when it comes to the clock. She always works to calm me. She’s seen this before when went to the movies and blew the time.

I’m acutely aware of this. When she sees me get anxiety she always goes into “calm mode” I’ve never seen anything like it. She truly is the perfect girl for me. She completely forgets about what she needs and soothes my fire. I don’t even get that worked up but I can see what she’s doing. She’s a pro at making people around her feel better when they’re hurting. I’m not even hurting. I’m just stressed to get her to her train on time, but she’s all about keeping me calm.

She takes her glove off to hold my hand.

It’s nothing. We’ll get Suburban on time, but I love holding her hand. I know it’s nothing, but holding her hand is more important than getting anywhere right now. Just to feel the soft clutch of the woman I love so much wanting to comfort me over some nonsense tells me this is a lady I could ride the river of life with.

It’s already gone beyond the mind bending sex we have. I’m not in love with the drug of love and conquest I’ve had in the past. That part of me is gone.

I’ve evolved.

I’ve grown.

I really love this woman. I’m really in a healthy relationship for the first time because of me.

I love Cherie.

It’s crazy. I swiped right and so did Cherie. Her friend got her on Tinder. She tried it and hated it. She had only been on it a week or so and we connected. She came down to Philly on a rainy Saturday and the rest is history (Read the blog!)

Next year Cherie will get her BS is neuroscience and her BA in physiology. That’s an incredible feat for a woman who has funded her entire education by herself. All the while raising her son by herself. I’m incredibly proud of her. I didn’t go to college. I took some classes but that’s a whole other story. (Maybe for Phicklephilly Phlashbacks!)

I tell the UBER driver to dump us out at Broad and Chestnut. The cops have everything blocked off for the parade. We walk to Suburban with 15 minutes to spare.

We walk to the station and we’re good with the time. The train is 6 minutes late anyway so we have time to sit on the cold platform. There is some stuff on the bench and Cherie pats the seat to her right so I sit there. She’s always looking out for me. I do the same thing. She’s the only girl I’ve ever met that does that. “Watch the glass, the pothole, the dog poop.” That’s always me. Cherie ALWAYS does that when she’s with me. She’s like me. She is me. I look out for her and she for me. It’s rare and now that I have it in another person.


I think she’s moving back with her parents. Medical school is so expensive and she’s fed up with her roommate and her boyfriend. They’ve known each other since their years at McDonald’s and I know Cherie has grown out of McDonalds girl. Totally get it. I’ve done that several times. Plus she’ll save a bunch of money living back at the parents. It seems like a great family, and they all love each other, so yes…

Great support system for her son and her education.

We find the platform and baby needs to get to and go down there. We sit on an isolated bench on this stark Sunday. Everybody is topside. In the parade, and drinking and offending St. Patrick for three weeks straight here in my fine city of Philadelphia. It’s fine. Let them have it and throw up in their green plastic hats.

I’m sitting on this cold, red metal bench waiting for the 1:05pm train with my lady. She’s bundled. I know I just made love to her baby body for the last two hours like a lion and shess happy. I know she came down to get it from me and I gave it. But come on, I took too.

Actually… we didn’t take anything. We shared.

I watch her board the train. She turns to me and mouths, ” I love you” to me. It’s expected but not necessary. I love her and I know she adores me. But goddamn it, we just had some furious love.

I see her get her seat and send her a kiss through the window. I leave the platform and head to the surface for a cigarette.

We shared our time, our hearts and our bodies and it was absolutely beautiful. I just hope we can figure out some time soon so I can take my love to a movie or meal. I know she expects nothing, but we should probably go see the Ring movie or go blow away some zombies at Dave & Busters as soon as possible!

How do I feel about Cherie?

3,339 words don’t lie.



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Cherie – Chapter 31 – Loving You Sunday Morning – Part 2

We navigate through the sea of St. Patrick’s Day revelers and homeless population that has taken residence in the station. We make the chilly walk back to my house in Rittenhouse. I love chatting with her and hearing about what’s going on in her life. Her family is close and they all look after each other.

We get to my apartment and I take her coat. She says she’s cold. I love my address, but it’s a 125 year old building, and although it’s got so much character it’s a little drafty in the winter. Cherie wants to get under the covers in my bedroom. I see this as a signal, so I do the same. Garments were removed and we snuggled down. It was really brilliant to do this. (I mean that in the ‘English’ way not in the “smart” way.)

I’ve missed her very much lately. It’s been 2 weeks, but it always feels longer to me. Cherie says it’s probably with our crazy schedules, I missed her more because I didn’t know how long it would be until I saw her again. I have to agree. I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve been watching videos of Ana Foxxx and Jezabel Vessir to deal with her absence. (Google it. You’ll understand.) Of course Cherie is fine with it because she’s a near perfect sexual being.

I devour my love. Her thighs are like the walls of a temple and I need to enter the gates of glory. I know how to please her. Someone once told me I would always be good at the things I love and they were right. I am good at it. I have always loved women and I know how to please them. Cherie is so appreciative of my prowess, and I’m up to the task.

Great talent is always squandered on those who don’t know what they have. I’ve been with women that’ve appreciated the power briefly but they don’t have a good alignment with their minds and their lady parts. The brain is the biggest sexual organ in the body, and Cherie’s is correctly aligned. I’ve never experienced anything like her.


I’m actually surprised during our lovemaking how many times her train rolls into the station. I have the power and control to sustain the act. Honed from years of courting the fairer sex.

Listen to her. Don’t go faster when she’s going. Stay with her… and bring her home. She’s delicious.

Cherie is built for sex… and I’m Mario Andretti.

Her beautiful skin is brown and soft as a baby’s skin. Every inch of her is a machine made of adoration and sex. I’m the instrument to deliver to her what she wants. I’m playing my 1979 Ibanez Iceman electric guitar, and I dive into the audience after a solo. I take her backstage and she’s the one I have chosen to spend the night with, but after this concert I get to keep her.

It’s beautiful. We didn’t plan this except for the meeting, but we are absolute fire together. She’s a perfect sexual partner and I’m the fury she needs to bring her to the destination she wants to reach again and again.

I love Cherie.

For once I’m not in love with the idea of love, or that I’m banging a former Reinhardt model or the hottest girl that everybody wants at the venue or the blonde with the long shapely legs. I’m making love to my girlfriend that I genuinely love.

I never had the euphoria with Cherie I had with Michele or Annabelle. Of course I will alway love Michelle. We have history and a deep friendship that goes beyond sex. But Annabelle was a mistake and a distraction that cost me two years of frustration, aggravation and disappointment. But Cherie…. I feel real love for her.

She’s a good woman who’s a good match for me, and we fuck each others brains out. (I know this is a dating blog, but that shit is absolute FIRE)

At my age to have a woman who will destroy you in bed at least three times a night, and love you and be grateful is an amazing gift. So I will say to any of the men out there who are middle-aged… hang in there. Keep living and put your heart out there. Who gives a shit if it’s been broken several times. Don’t be bitter. That’s just you drinking the poison hoping somebody else dies. Total bullshit. Keep your heart open. Get the fuck up and try again. She’s out there. Somewhere. That special lady is out there and waiting to love the shit out of you. It happened to me and it can happen to you. Don’t be chained to your past. Let go of the bars of the cell you’ve been keeping yourself in and walk the fuck out.

She’s waiting.

Forget your separation, and your divorce and your loneliness. Get out there and find her. She’s waiting for you!

It’s noon and I have to watch the clock to get baby on the 1:05 train. I want to go again, and she asks if that’s possible because our sex is always epic. I tell her I know it’s possible. I can but she’s tired, and she tells me she’s feeling lazy. So I quote Lemy Kilmister (God rest his soul) from Motorhead, and tell her to “Roll over and make my day.”

Fifteen minutes later we both cross the finish line with another notch in the bedpost. Not for me but for us. Okay, she crossed twice during that encounter!

We get dressed and she said her legs hurt. She feels her orgasms down to her knees and being pinned cramps her up a bit.

That’s what it feels like to be alive and to have mad sex, baby.

She gets up to run to the bathroom. I love seeing Cherie’s body naked upright. Because normally the clothes come off in the bed, but when you see the woman you love walk naked past your bed, it’s an event. That’s different. You see her face, her breasts, and her whole body. It’s rare to see a woman moving naked past you. It’s a bit of an anomaly. But to see her beautiful body in locomotion, is lovely. Her legs and posterior.


Those delicious, perfect chocolate thighs.

I love her thighs.

I wish I could clone Cherie and send a copy out to all of the lonely heartbroken men in the world. Because you would have the perfect girl that you always wanted your wife to be. A loving sexual baby that’s loyal and adores you… for YOU! (And fucks your brains out!)

I love Cherie. You can all see it in my words. I wish I could be more graphic in how amazing it is to be with my love. I’d say things like. “I split her like a ripe melon.” Or things like “A freight train coming off the tracks.” Or… “Moist folds and stiffened giblets.” (well maybe not that last one! lol!)

Cherie has strength and flexibility. Her strength is inherent and her flexibility is her schedule, but she displays both of those in bed. But she does want to be restrained and controlled in the bedroom. A powerful woman who is tired of making decisions every day… all day for herself and everyone else, wants to be taken in bed.

I get it. I’m proud of how together she is as a woman.  \

A rock solid lady.

We’re getting ready to roll out of the batcave. I go to my bureau and pull out a black bag and hand it to her.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.”

She looks confused and puzzled because she never expects or wants anything.

She opens it and inside is a purple pashmeena. (Guys… when its cold out give your girl a pashmeena in her favorite color. They aren’t  expensive and they love them because girls are always cold.)

She loves it.

“Aww! I love it and it’s purple! My favorite color! It’s beautiful! Thank you! (kisses of real gratitude ensue)

“It’s been cold and I saw it and thought of you.” (this move isn’t better than taking her again and again and bringing her to orgasmic heaven the last two hours but it’s a romantic gesture that shows you thought of her when she wasn’t with you and you wanted to do something for her. This means a lot to her because it shows you love her for real and not just love fucking her like the lion you are guys.) I didn’t do this for that reason. I really did see it and thought, baby loves me and gives me everything and I want to give the girl who wants nothing to have a sweet soft scarf.



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Cherie – Chapter 30 – Loving You Sunday Morning – Part 1

“At my age to have a woman who will destroy you in bed at least three times a night, and love you and be grateful is an amazing gift. So I will say to any of the men out there who are middle-aged… hang in there. Keep living and put your heart out there. Who gives a shit if it’s been broken several times. Don’t be bitter. That’s just you drinking the poison hoping somebody else dies. Total bullshit. Keep your heart open. Get the fuck up and try again. She’s out there. Somewhere. That special lady is out there and waiting to love the shit out of you. It happened to me and it can happen to you. Don’t be chained to your past. Let go of the bars of the cell you’ve been keeping yourself in and walk the fuck out.

She’s waiting.”

Church gave me the motherload of booze last year and that’s when this happened and when I wrote it. I was out of my usual 1.75 of Sazerac’s Platinum 7 and reached for the bottle of Karlson’s Swedish vodka that he gave me. Apparently Swedish vodka is a great motivator and I cracked off this tome.

Can you imagine if you could conjure up the perfect girlfriend? She’s doesn’t live with you and isn’t around all of the time. But she’s a nymphomaniac and when you’re with her it’s always amazing.  A girl who is loving, giving, sexy, and an absolute she-cat in the bedroom. She always says she loves you more when you tell her you love her.

A wonderful girl.

I got a text from Achilles Saturday that he was going to be at the new salon doing some stone work with the mason. If I wanted to take Sunday off I could because he’d be there and could handle it himself. I love working Sunday’s because it’s slow and gives me something to do. I usually crack off a thousand words for the blog between 11am to 4pm when we close.

I told him that it would be fine and immediately texted Cherie. I ask her what she’s doing Sunday. She says she’s babysitting that day. I’ve worked every Sunday at the salon for a year. I explain to her why I’m off. She tells me it’s unfortunate and that she’ll try to figure something out but can’t promise me anything.

I’m fine with that. When I was in a relationship with Annabelle, (See: Annabelle – 2013 -2014 Nice to Meet You) Everything we did was fit in and around her schedule because she was so selfish.

That’s not ever been the case with lovely Cherie. She’s made every effort to see me whenever she can. She actually has a truly busy and complex schedule unlike Annabelle who just couldn’t manage her thoughts or her calendar. Cherie has REAL responsibilities and makes a real effort to spend time with me. She’s always loving, calm and consistent when it comes to our relationship.

I love her for it.

She texts me back Saturday night. She tells me she can come to Philly in the morning, for a few hours while her son and his cousins go to church with her parents.


Cherie says if she can make the 8:30 train, she can be at Suburban Station at 9:40am. She will have to be back on the 1:05pm train back home. That gives us roughly a little over 3 hours together.

Cherie is great. I get a day off and she works it out so she can travel 50 minutes each way to spend 3 hours with me. I couldn’t have invented a better woman than this wonderful lady.

I set my alarm to get up early. I just want some time to prep the room, tidy up and get a bite to eat. Because I know what’s going to happen between 10am and 12:30pm in this room. There’s no illusion to either of us what is needed here today. Probably more needed by me than Cherie. (But that’s debatable based on her usual hunger)

The next morning I get a text: “Good morning love. I’ll be at Suburban at 9:40.”

Goddess. My baby is on point.

My place is ready and so am I. Alright… I head up to Manhattan Bagels at 18th and Sansom in Rittenhouse and get a breakfast sandwich. It’s been chilly. I feel the wind bite my cheeks as I make the trek to 18th and JFK. It’s the closest point for me to enter Suburban and be underground for the longest time to escape the cold.

She always comes down on the same train but for some reason we have yet to meet in the same spot. For some reason I’m never at the stairs of the platform when she comes up. I know it’s partly my fault, and I should be better at this but it’s just a little thing that’s ours. The last part of her trip is underground so there’s no service. So there’s a gap in communication until she pops up from the platform to the station. She makes a move and says she’s up on the street in front of Walgreens at 17th and JFK and it’s cold. I tell her to come back down and get to her location and intercept my queen.


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Cherie – Chapter 29 – Darker the Berry Part 2

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, Cherie.”

Previously on Phicklephilly:

At this point I’m glad I have drawn my massive blue curtains so my neighbors aren’t losing their shit from what they are about to witness. This aging gentleman throttling this beautiful young black girl in his bed for the next twelve hours.

So after the massage, she’s primed and ready to roll. But there is something else…

I tell her that I know that she didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day and she knows I don’t want anything. Cherie never wants anything from me. Just wants to be with me. We haven’t celebrated anything except our love in so many ways, and we’re doing it right. Life isn’t about stuff. Stuff and gifts is something you do to as an obligation for some empty holiday. Most of that crap was invented by advertising agencies to generate income for corporations. (Do your homework people) That’s not what real love is. Real love doesn’t want anything. You are satisfied with who you’re with because they’re a good match for you.

When I started this journey, I never thought I’d be here. I didn’t know that would happen. I just wanted to document what happened to me in my past relationships that failed in this fair city. I never thought I’d fall in love again, and I never thought it would be this glorious.

I go over to one of my dressers and pull out an elegant white box. I reiterate that Valentine’s Day has passed and I saw her before that but not on the day. I again tell her I want nothing from her because she gives me so much good love and that’s enough. I lay the box on the bed and tell her I felt compelled to get her a little something. It’s been two years since I’ve had a girlfriend and she’s so amazing I HAD to get her something.

She seems really surprised and delighted. She opens it and it is a very expensive set of lingerie. I know her sizes and it will look amazing on her.

Cherie LOVES it. She’s so grateful. She says that she’s so happy she could cry. I tell her there’s no reason for tears and please just accept it and maybe wear it for me or whenever.

I had to get her something. I couldn’t be without love for two years and not get my new love a little sexy something for my baby on Valentine’s Day.

I had to do it. I’m a giver and Cherie has been so incredible in my resurrection back into the world of romance where I belong it almost doesn’t do her love justice, but I had to do something!

I feel her pleasure at this small sweet token and her reaction justifies why I love this woman so much. The girl who wants nothing and only gives of herself so perfectly. (tearing up as I write this)

I’m amazed at my good fortune. This lovely girl absolutely loves me unconditionally and I feel the same. She’s so easy to be around an I’m happy when we’re together. All of the stuff we do is always sweet and happy. She is a nymphomaniac and the only thing that’s keeping her from being a sex addict or a whore is loyalty and self-esteem. I’m on the receiving end of that all day long. She lives an hour away. I still get to have time alone and with my friends and everybody, but she’s still my girlfriend and my number one.

Michelle and I worked together. (See: Michelle – A Brand New Day) Annabelle had a crazy schedule because she was crazy and disorganized and didn’t know who she was. (See: Annabelle – 2013 to 2014 – Nice to Meet You) On the other hand Cherie has her whole week and life mapped out on a weekly basis. She has stability and I like that. She has her whole next semester and medical school planned as well. She’s either going to be a neuroscience doctor for pediatric medicine or she’ll teach it at a university.

We tore each other apart tonight. Cherie truly is my match. I have never in my life (and I’ve been in 3 bands) had a woman who is more sexually focused and driven in my life. Her target is me. Our sex is more amazing than can I describe in this little blog. She’ll arrive at 9pm and will collapse at midnight. If she needs to be on an 8am train back to Children’s Hospital I will be raped at 4:30am by her.

Last night I had the most joyous sex I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve been a hypersexual since childhood, so maybe I’ve finally met my Queen.

Cherie needs to be on an 8:05 train back to the hospital. So we get up at 6am and get ourselves together and head out to breakfast. We hit the Midtown Diner like always. Breakfast is fast, cheap and open 24 hours.

I’m looking at her across the table and we know what happened. We are now more in love and deeply connected that we’ve ever been. We know it.

“Can I tell you something Cher?”

“Yea sure baby anything…”

“Everybody wants this.”

“What, delicious breakfast?”

“What we have. Everybody in the whole world wants what we have right now. But its ours. There are people with enough riches to make Solomon blush, but they can’t buy this feeling.”

“I know…”

“They all want the feeling of being in love that we have right now. “They can take all the trips and have all the fun they want but they would trade it all if they could have what we have right now with each other. It’s powerful and rare, and we have it and I want to hold onto it for as long as I can. No matter what heartache or problems you have, this is the greatest feeling that everyone wants.

“I know it; to fall in love…” she says softly.

That’s it. That’s everything. The most powerful thing in the universe. To have that easy feeling and that’s tender love and fiery sex with the one you truly love is breathtakingly elegant.

Yet some, like my last girlfriend squandered it because they don’t even know what it is.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, Cherie.” (I’m getting misty writing this about her)

The rest is just mortgage or rent, bills, work, kids and all that other shit you have to do to survive.

“I love you so much, Cherie.”

“I love you more…”

She can always one up me…. my love.

After breakfast, ($20! yay!) I get her to her train. Parting is always such sweet sorrow. But I got to at least sit and have breakfast with my sweet lovely girl. I got to discuss with her how important our relationship is to me and what this kind of love means to me and to humanity.

Me writing again. Finally. A blog about dating a bunch of crazy women and fun experiences has become a document to my love and admiration of a wonderful woman who has taken a chance with her heart on a guy like me.

The train pulls from the station and through the window she blows me a kiss. I watch as the train barrels down the tracks back to her home. My queen kidnapped again. She’ll work the next ten hours following doctors around and taking care of patients. I’ll go home and nap for two hours and then run the salon from open to close.

I am sobbing as I write these words….

Life is beautiful.

We are one inside these walls. Undercover.



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Cherie – Chapter 28 – Darker the Berry Part 1

“Every time I come here it’s always something different and I love it. I always feel so anazing. You’re so good to me”

It’s been a crazy week, but all things considered, a good one. I got to see Cherie three times this week. That is an all time record! First on Monday afternoon after her appointment with the doctor. Then Wednesday for lunch, and the Friday into Saturday for the final grand slam.

Monday I met her down on Spruce street. The weather has been lovely so we were walking along trying to figure out where to have lunch. We finally ended up at Barra Rossa down around 11th and Walnut street. It’s a nice Italian spot that does good brick oven pizza and has delicious pasta and meatballs. Cherie went with the Salmon salad, which looked amazing, and I had spaghetti and meatballs. Just standard fare.

Our time is so limited, but I think it makes it more exciting. Normally when you’re in a relationship you can see that person most of the time, and I think that’s where couples screw it up. My father used to say, if you drink Monday, and have another one on Tuesday, you’ll be looking for a drink on Wednesday. We’re creatures of habit and we like to have the things we like as much as we can.

But with Cherie its physically impossible. This easy-going lovely woman has a lot on her plate most days and so do I. But when its on…its on. The time we have together is precious and few, so we have to make the most of it when that window opens. If it’s just a few hours, it’s lunch. If it’s a full Saturday, it’s food, movies, games, sex, and everything else.

That said, I always enjoy my time with her, whether it be short or long. I’m just happy to be with her. I like my time with her, and I also enjoy my life when I’m alone. This is really the first time where I have been in a healthy relationship with balance. I work, I spend time with my friends, and I have a girlfriend. I don’t have to “put in my time” at some insufferable, immature girl’s shitty apartment to know I give a shit, like when I was with that selfish loser, Annabelle. (See: Annabelle – Nice To Meet You)

Cherie is respectful of my time. She’ll always ask me when I may have free time to see her. She may very well be the perfect girl for me. I’ve never met anyone like her before. It just really always feels like a match. Although we’re from different worlds, it works on so many levels.

On Wednesday, we decided to meet up again, simply because there was once again a window of opportunity. Some time ago, I had told her about the wings at Moriarty’s. She said she likes buffalo wings so I decided to take her today. Moriarty’s leaves the whole wing together. It’s an uncommon thing when it comes to wings in this city, but when they bring that plate out, if you’re hungry, you’ve got a pretty good-sized meal!

We split and order, and are just happy to see each other twice in one week. We chat about our lives and what’s going on with her work and my work, and the salon, and her son, etc. It’s great. Just another happy, normal couple. She had said that she’s been suffering from some neck and back pain. I tell her I’ll figure something out and give her a nice massage when she comes to me on Saturday. I can tell she’s excited about that but I tell her I have little experience but will do my best to make her feel better. This will all lead to incredible magic, but if I can help her feel better I’ll do anything.

I walk her to the train and off she goes again.


But the tension is building. The desire is beginning to smolder. Saturday night is coming in two days and so will we.

Saturday arrives and for the first time in a month I haven’t been working both jobs. It actually my first day off in a long time. The weather is warm and the world is out in the city. But apparently it’s supposed to rain, and the temps will cool off again. I don’t care. I just want her to come.

She says the weather is so rainy where she lives that she may have to take a later train and get in at 6:05 instead of 5:30pm. I stopped at the salon and Trish and I are chatting. Trish tells me that she never got a pass card to the electronic lock to downstairs. I tell her I’ll get Cherie at Suburban Station and then come to the salon and lock up after 6pm. Trish says she’s going to tan so no worries. Whatever.

I’m standing in Suburban and I can’t believe the level of homeless people down there. It’s like the fucking Walking Dead or Z Nation. I vow in that moment if my new business takes off and I make great revenue I will work hard to help solve the homeless problem in this city and also help children. I don’t know what came over me but I know that’s what I have to do for Philadelphia for taking me back after so many years of being away and being so gracious to me with its employment, wine, women, and song.

I’m standing there fending off the homeless like 10K in Z Nation when baby appears. Like always she has her huge backpack full of books and whatever else. I like a girl that’s prepared for anything.

I look at it and she looks at me.

“How long are you staying for?”

She laughs. “Stop it. School stuff.”

I lead her out of that humid hell and get her topside on the street. It’s raining.

“Shit. I left my umbrella in my car.”

I have an umbrella but produce a second for my lady. (Gotta be prepared boys!)

“You’re awesome. Thank you.”

We walk over to the new salon on Walnut and Trish is coming down the steps. I just need to swipe my card and the place will be all locked up.

Upside: Our new salon is secured.

Downside: I have to hold an umbrella over Trish’s head to keep her dry because she lives in the apartment below me. Now I have to listen to her shit while keeping her dry all of the way back to our house and I just want to be with my girlfriend. Cherie as always is super cool and just strolls behind us safe under the umbrella I provided for her but I have to listen to Trish talk all the way home and not talk to my queen that just traveled an hour in the rain into Philly to see my sorry ass after two weeks. So it was agood deed but it was in the fucking way of my love. (See: Trish – The She Wolf)

We finally get to the house and Cherie and I head upstairs. She loves me and has an uncanny sense of reading me. She knows it was a grind but the right thing to do. I’m in love and I’m selfish when it comes to the girl I’m with. I love you neighbor, but I need to focus on my love.

We go in and back to my bedroom. I’m so happy to have Cherie here. There’s something that’s happening here that is extraordinary that hasn’t occurred with Michelle of Annabelle. I take her coat like I always do. Just being a gentleman and she drops her bag.

We’ve planted the wet umbrellas near the door and we’re in and a bit soaked. She’s standing in my bedroom checking her phone for son, babysitter, family, sister stuff. I approach her and just hug her from behind.

She drops her head and I kiss her slender neck. My hands clutch her. I miss her. I have seen and spent time with her this week, but it’s never the same. This is the woman I love that I never get to see. She yields to my kisses as I hold her close. She can feel me against her. I want her already. But I know the night is young and it will be a slow burn that will build into an inferno that’ll consume us both.

Shark week is over and the real shark is ready to feed upon her. I can’t keep my hands from her. She’s wearing a light shirt and no bra today. She has shredded jeans that show off snippets of her brown thighs. I love her.

I want her.

She’s doing her thing on her phone but I know the inevitable is coming. But it’s going to come many times later. She feels my urgency against her and knows it’s just a matter of pageantry.

It feels so good to hold my woman in this private place. There’s no one here tonight but us. There’s no one else in the world tonight but us. Lorelei (daughter) is long gone for the weekend with her boyfriend. No one is coming here tonight but us. This moment is ours.

I’ve laid out a special blanket for Cherie’s massage over the bed tonight.

“No one ever gave me a massage before.”


“No. I never asked so I guess I never got.”

“Well you’ve been experiencing pain, so as your boyfriend, I am authorized to make my girlfriend feel better.

“Thank you so much…”

I got this really awesome coconut based oil that is good for massages apparently. I ordered it on Amazon and this shit was God. Think of a massage oil that works beautifully to work out all of the kinks in your girl’s neck and arms and back and after a while it just vanishes and isn’t oily or greasy and you can just have at her?

Cherie slowly stripped in front of me for her massage. She had on some sort of black sheer top on under her shirt and some fun cotton panties. She laid face down on the blanket and I applied the oil. It was a little chilly at first, but I soon realized I needed to put it in my hands and then rub it on her body

It was exquisite.

Guys you’re missing out if you don’t give your lady a massage. Just get some good lotion or oil and watch some YouTube videos. Hell, Trish gave me pointers.


She LOVED it. I worked the oil into her neck with my fingers and then down through her back and fixed all of her problems. It was amazing. I realized in that moment that giving your woman a massage wasn’t about the quality of the massage. I don’t know what I’m doing but I have good gentle, firm hands. It’s about that you took the time to buy some sweet oil, put on some music, lit some candles and actually took care of your baby.

Guys… you could suck at giving a massage to your lady, but the fact that you took the time to take care of her and pamper her will make it work. I promise you. Do it! This is a call to action, because what will follow will be amazing.

What happens during the massage is this. You heat your lady up in a way that no one has ever done before. Men love uncharted territory. Guy, this is the way in. I didn’t need to do this tonight, but she LOVED it. Could I have done better? Yes! but it didn’t matter.Cherie loved that I did it and as she would say:

“Every time I come here it’s always something different and I love it. I always feel so good. You’re so good to me”

That’s better than sex because that makes you different and powerful and she knows you’re the one she wants to be with because you aren’t like every other asshole she’s ever met. Set yourself apart and go forward with sensuous romance, gentleman!

It’s amazing for you. I’m running my hands all over her beautiful body. She’s all oiled up. Feel how soft her thighs are. How firm her calves are from running track in high school. How soft and full her supple breasts are and how she responds to your touch.

Avoid her lady parts. It will make her seethe for you to go further.

Go in close to all over her erogenous zones but stay away. She’ll be begging you to fuck her.

I know you will all find this hard to belive but I only suggested the massage because Cherie had said on several occasions that she had been suffering from neck and back pain and I really wanted to help. because I’m a giver and so is she.

This massage set the stage for the most fiery sex I’ve ever experienced in my life. Cherie and I are so sweet and gentle in our love everyday but when the lights go out, (Or stay on as I prefer it) that shit is absolute fire.

The coconut oil is perfect because it goes on juicy and works beautifully and then it actually dries and disappears on the skin. It’s perfect so there is no oily grossness or staining of sheets. this organic delish actually made her skin softer and she loved it.

I asked her if I was doing a good job and she said it was perfect.  I asked her if she has any specific pain areas I coud work on, and she said just go lower. Me being phicklephilly, just thought she had lower back pain , but she wanted me to attack her areas.

I loved rubbing this oil all over her. It was amazing. She loved it. If you’re reading this, please do it for a loved one and it will always turn out right. It’s almost like pre-foreplay.

At this point I’m glad I have drawn my massive blue curtains so my neighbors aren’t losing their shit from what they are about to witness. This aging gentleman throttling this beautiful young black girl in his bed for the next twelve hours.

So after the massage, she’s primed and ready to roll. But there is something else…


Tune in again in tomorrow and see what happens next!


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