I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, New York, and New Jersey. Former musician, singer, songwriter, artist, banker, and ad man. I’ve been all over and have seen much. This blog is some of my adventures and encounters with some of the men and women I’ve met since I moved back to Philly from Manhattan. We’ll add older Philadelphia stories, New Jersey and California later!

Stories are told from a gentleman’s perspective. All tales will be told to the best of my recollection. All names have been changed to protect the subjects. All photos are stock photos collected from the internet.

This blog is dedicated to the lovely and charming Marisol Gonzalez. She is my muse and the inspiration for this blog. If I hadn’t fallen in love with my favorite server, I may have never written again. It had been ten years. Here we are now, thousands of followers, a book deal and a second one on the way, all because of this lovely lady’s precence in my life. I publish every day, twice a day and phicklephilly is growing.

After a long time, I met with Marisol for coffee. I don’t really ever drink coffee so I don’t know if I was jittery from the dark roast or from spending time with my muse. I was told by a close friend it was probably a little bit of both. It only takes a spark, and you never know where your next inspiration will come from.

Thank you, Marisol. 

Enjoy the journey everybody.

Life is fleeting and fragile.


Thank you for reading my blog. Please read, like, comment, and most of all follow Phicklephilly. I publish every day at 8am &12pm EST.

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46 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See! What a great idea for a blog, especially for someone interested in learning more about a place I don’t get to see often. Keep it coming. Wanna know more from your perspective about Philly!


  2. You have been removed from following my sites. I’m not interested in you, your voice, or your exploitation of women. I am not into rating system or your “slut-shaming” nor am I into tinder reviews or what you deem to be whores worthy of your degradation and or praise.
    Don’t ask for trouble from me and trouble won’t find you, bucko.
    I am married to a better man than you’ll ever hope to be. So piss OFF.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your words an attention. Art makes you feel something and I’ve touched a nerve in you. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and writing to me. I’m so happy you found someone to love so much you married them! Well done! xoxoxo


  3. Thanks for dropping by my station. I’ll get back to have a look at some of your takes. CB usually sticks with music/film. I peaked at a couple of the clips you posted. There’s a guy I back and forth with on this blog thing, ‘Heavy Metal Overload’ you might dig his stuff. Later.

    Liked by 1 person

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