Cheating is such a sensitive issue in our relationships and in dating life that it never really stops being talked about.

There’s so much of it happening around us and when you wonder why that is so, many reasons come to mind.

Of all the reasons why people cheat, would you expect that having too much sex will be an issue? Neither do we!

But apparently, there may be a link between having enough good sex and actually cheating on one’s partner.

Sounds weird, right?

Well, according to Assistant Professor Andrea Meltzer of Florida State University who co-authored the report, “sexual satisfaction was positively associated with infidelity suggesting that people who were more satisfied with their sex were more likely to engage in infidelity,”

However, she was quick to add that the result may be a little more nuanced than the conclusion that enough good sex makes people want to cheat.

Speaking to the website, Fatherly, she says “this effect was surprising and so I would hesitate to draw any meaningful conclusions from it until it can be replicated in other samples.

“It is also worth noting that this positive association emerged in a very complex model that controlled for a number of related outcomes.”

People cheat when they have the ability to conceal it.

People cheat when they are confident they won’t get caught


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