25 Things That Matter To Her (Even If You Don’t Think They Do)

“It’s the little things in life that count most!”

There are a few things that women care about that men sometimes don’t understand, or miss altogether. These may be things that men do that they don’t realize mean the world, or things that men don’t do and don’t realize that they should have. So, even if you don’t think these things matter, it’s more likely than not that a woman is paying attention to what you do (or don’t do!).



This could be a compliment on a new haircut, her nail color, or her clothing. “Compliments work best when they are forthright and not incidental… they must be genuine. The more specific they are, the better,” explains Psychology Today. Women keep track of all those little compliments, and often think about them when they’re having a bad day.


This could be a book or a song. Women will remember when something you’ve seen or heard reminds you of them.


No matter what kind of food it is, women are always pleased that men remember their favorite meals and then go out of their way to bring some home.


A good morning text first thing in the morning means the world to her, because she knows that she’s the first thing on your mind when you wake up. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’ll have her smiling all day.


Pop-culture and sitcom television often shows men not doing their share of the household chores. When that’s all she’s been surrounded by, it’s a nice change of pace to know that men actually do take responsibility and help out around the house. Psychotherapist and life coach, Neeta V Shetty adds, “Doing household chores is a way of showing that you care for your partner. It is also an activity, which can help you spend time with each other in this fast-paced life.”


Marriage coach Lesli Doares explains, “Taking at least twenty minutes per day to deeply focus on your partner (and their day) makes them feel so important and like you really do still care.” It’s important to a woman that her partner be interested in who she is as a person. When a woman finds a man who is willing to listen to her talk and take an interest in her life, it means a lot.


It’s such a silly, simple thing, but women will always remember when men let them take control of the radio, especially if your music tastes differ.


Women take note of all the things that men hide about themselves, whether those things be large or small. So, when a man opens up and let’s a woman into his life, she’s going to remember every little thing he shares and cherishes his honesty and trust.


Relationship expert April Masini explains, “Lots of happy couples have differences in relationships — the trick is to learn which ones are more important to you than the relationship.” Women always remember when men make compromises and don’t stay headstrong in a discussion or an argument. Even when you don’t want to compromise, women always appreciate it when you do so.


Maybe you save all your ticket stubs from movies, or maybe you keep all of her lost hair from bobby pins. Women always notice when a man keeps something that reminds him of her, and it makes her feel so good.


Whether this decision be quitting your job or starting a new career, women always notice and appreciate when men consult them first.


Even if you aren’t really into using Facebook or Instagram, it really means a lot to women when you post pictures of the two of you together. It shows her that she’s worth showing off.


Sex expert Coleen Singer says, “First and foremost, it means that you are giving her the kind of sexual pleasure she desires. It also indicates that she appreciates you taking the time and focus to do the things that you know drive her wild in bed.” Some men don’t know how to make a woman feel good in bed, so it’s important to her when you make sure that she feels good, too.


A lot of men don’t like public displays of affection, so it matters to a woman when you hold her hand in public, or just while you’re walking down the street.


Women always note when a man stays engaged in a topic that they don’t know much about. When you show interest in the things she likes, it matters to her a whole lot.


You may not know the right things to say to make it all better, but it matters to her that you’re there for her anyway.


Women love to know that you’re proud of them. Bragging to all your friends that you’ve got the best girl around will be sure to make her pleased.


A lot of men refuse to apologize even when they mess up. Women will always take note when you apologize and appreciate your humility.


When you open up about your day and your feelings, it can make a woman feel like you’re really connecting with her. She’ll appreciate that you trust her enough to be vulnerable.


Even if you’re not very good at it, it means a lot that you’ll give it a shot and cook breakfast for her so she doesn’t have to.


You know that you’re not ever going to get that T-Shirt back. You know it, she knows it, and you let her borrow it anyway.


Even if you have the worst singing voice imaginable, women love when men act silly with them and will appreciate even the worst-sung love song.


If you just can’t stand not being connected with her, you can show this through giving her a much-needed surprise hug. She’ll notice and appreciate the affection.


Even if she owns a snobby cat or a yappy dog, women appreciate that you treat her pets with the same love and care that you would treat your own.


This one goes without explanation.


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Alicia – Bar Owner

After the 3 part Cherie series last week, I wanted to give everyone a little break from me and my girlfriend. So here’s a story from my past to entertain you until my next encounter with Cherie.

I had recently gotten divorced back in 2001 and one of my friends decided to hook me up with Alicia who was about 10 years younger than me and “Owned a bar”. (Love her already!) She drove a super nice car and wore clothes much nicer than mine, so I figured she was a little high maintenance or just a successful bar owner.

We meet at a party and she’s awesome, super pretty, fun, and says she LOVES TO PLAY POKER in Atlantic City. This is great because I said we should go play some time. We hit it off great and make plans to go the next weekend.

The next weekend rolls around and I meet her at her house (Borderline mansion), and I drive us down to AC. It’s about 45 minutes/miles to AC. We chat and have a great time the entire way. We also make the agreement that whatever we both win we split. If I win $500 and she wins $700 it’s $600 for the both of us.

We get there and I pull out $600 from the ATM to sit and play cash, strangely she doesn’t pull out anything so I assume she brought cash. Before we even make it to the poker pit she says “Let’s play some slots”…. Now I HATE slots and think they’re for suckers but I’m not above dropping a bill for fun so we sit down and I open my wallet. She snatches a bill…. $500 left… which after a couple of max bets is GONE… I say, “Lets go” and she says “Let me try one more time” and I go to check my wallet for anything less than a $100 bill…. she snatches another…. Now I’m down to $400.

Now I know damn well looking back I should have called bullshit right then and there but I was young and she was hot. I’ve always had a weakness for beauty.

She drains the hundred and we proceed to the poker pit. Right at the entrance I pull out my wallet to get my $400 to sit and like a fucking ninja she snatches $200 and says, “I’m gonna play slots while you play poker” and is gone before I can say anything!!!

I am seething mad but also a pretty good poker player.  I sit with the table minimum of $200 and quickly make back the $400 she took plus $200. She comes back like an hour later and says, “look what I won with that $200 and has a slip for $700!! I snatch it as soon as she shows me. I cash out my $800 and head to the cashier with $800 in chips and the $700 ticket from her. $1500 isn’t looking bad.

I cash everything and hand her $450… half of the $900 after I recoup my $600 that I withdrew. I’m met with “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Where’s my $750?!?!”

There was no explaining that we were splitting everything we WON and that I recouped my $600 and split the $900 that remained. Alicia’s screaming mad and keeps telling me that it’s not fair and I’m screwing her etc.

I have no clue what to do…. we’re in Atla,ntic City 45 minutes from home and she’s coming undone at the seams in front of god and everybody. This is the point I decide to nut up and just start walking to my car with her SCREAMING in tow.

We get to the car and it’s the longest most awkward drive home. 45 minutes of dead silence (which wasn’t that bad considering her yelling before!) and we reach her place. I stop and she looks at me and says “I hope you weren’t planning on coming in and getting fucked.”

Deadpanned, I reply “You’ve been fucking me all night, I think I’ve had enough.”

Come to find out, mommy and daddy owned the house, car and bar. Alicia was a part-time bar-back while going to school.

I hate my friends.


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Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

If there’s one thing that has intrigued men all over the world about women, it has to be this. What do they really want ? Or more specifically, what qualities do women find attractive in men ?

Even though, every woman is different, but science has concluded several qualities that most women find irresistible in men.

What’s more is that, any man can become a more attractive mate, by developing/improving these 10 qualities.

1. Confidence

Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

Perhaps the biggest turn on for a woman is confidence. Women like to be with those men who know exactly what they want in life, and how to get it. A good posture and a genuine smile makes you look brimming with confidence, even if you aren’t.

2. A sense of humor

Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

Scientists have found out that humor make men look more intelligent. Humor projects confidence and also serves as a stress buster in social situations. Every woman likes a man who can make her laugh even when she’s feeling low.

3. Sense of style

Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look fashionable. Paying attention to a few details is enough to increase one’s style quotient. Just make sure your clothes are well fitting, clean, match your age and profession.

4. Good looks

Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

When it comes to dating, first impressions matter a lot. A good personality is only going to get someone so far. Being good looking is an important requirement, for both $exes. And when it comes to love, looks and first impressions can make or break chances of a long term relationship.

5. Passion

Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

By passion, we’re not only referring to passion in the bedroom. But it also includes a guy’s goals and aspirations in life. Women find those guys more attractive, who have are ambitious in life and have a clear cut idea of what they want to be in life. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t achieved your goals as of yet, as long as you’re making concrete efforts towards it.

6. Eye color

Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

When it comes to attractiveness, the first thing people notice about the other people is their eyes. According to a study conducted by All about vision.com, majority of people find green eyes to be the most attractive, followed by light blue and hazel colored eyes.

7. Intelligence

Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

You must have heard the saying, Beauty is nothing without brains. Women value intelligence as much as looks. And you don’t need to be a genius to appear attractive either. Having good problem solving skills and the ability to hold intelligent conversations are enough to woo any girl.

8. Facial hair

Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

The belief that facial hair makes you look more masculine and attractive to women is now even backed by science. According to the University Of South Wales, majority of women prefer men who have a bit stubble over those who don’t.

9. Status

Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

Status does not only mean wealth or popularity, it is how the outside world perceives you. How women view you is based on your social interaction and the way people treat you. Having a low social status is going to have negative consequences on not only your relationships, but your career and overall quality of life

10. Height

Top Ten Scientifically Proven Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

Surveys conducted by the BBC, Daily Mail and some dating websites have shown that women prefer men who are taller than them. This is considered to be a evolutionary trait, since in prehistoric times, men who were taller were seen as stronger and more dominant than their peers.

So guys and girls, take care of your body, smile and most importantly, be yourself. Are there any other things what women look for in a guy ? Let us know in the comments below.



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Tales of Rock – Led Zeppelin are Thieving Bastards

Led Zeppelin are remembered for two things: banging a groupie with a mudshark and recording songs that rocked harder than any band had ever rocked before. Too bad a bunch of that shit was stolen.

Don’t believe us? Well, here’s a whole laundry list of songs they stole; but if the words of a dawn-of-the-Internet era website aren’t enough to convince you, consider their classic song “Dazed and Confused.”

A young Jake Holmes played a song of the same name (and chords, and lyrics kind of) at a show in 1967 where he was opening for The Yardbirds, who featured–say it with us!– Jimmy Page on guitar. “Dazed and Confused” became a mainstay of The Yardbirds live sets and eventually found its way onto Zep’s 1969 debut album, where it was credited to… nobody. Holmes never took legal action but he did eventually send Page a letter asking for acknowledgement and maybe a little gas money if he could spare it (he could). The letter went unanswered.

But who cares, right? We’re talking about Led Zeppelin here. The band who wrote “Stairway to Heaven” man! It’s the most popular song in the history of sound! It’s the song that was playing on the van stereo when your father shot the load that would become you into your mother’s moist and eager lady parts! That one song is enough to secure the legacy of 10 bands!

Too bad they jacked that shit too. The opening notes (and easily the most recognizable part) of “Stairway” were taken almost note-for-note from a song called “Taurus” by Spirit. Spirit was a band they opened for in the late sixties.

How did nobody notice that? Because nobody knows who the hell Spirit is. But for the record, Led Zeppelin opened for Spirit on their first U.S. tour, so it’s safe to assume they were familiar with the band. Repaying an opening spot on a tour of the States by stealing a guitar riff is sad, but what’s even sadder is that Spirit’s guitarist, the awesomely named Randy California, knew exactly where “Stairway to Heaven” came from but was too nice of a guy to say anything – he just wanted them to say “Thank you.”

They never did.

Check this out:



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3 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Your First Fight



At the beginning of a relationship, everything is a rose garden. Your partner is perfect in your eyes, and you are perfect in theirs. When you have your first fight in a relationship, that glossy image that you have constructed falls and shatters. In its place, you see the person whom you are actually dating. In the shock of this reality, they might not even seem that appealing anymore. You might feel the urge to gain space from the relationship, or they might be the one to ask for distance. But eventually, no matter how much space you try to place between yourself and the other, eventually, you’re going to have to face facts: The person you are dating is a flawed human. Are you going to stick around?

It’s actually this first fight that will make or break the relationship, as the two of you will learn whether or not you actually want to be together. Once the dust settles, and healing words have been exchanged, you are faced with a choice: Are you in or are you out? Whatever you decide is best for you will be the right option. Some relationships simply weren’t supposed to last.

If you’re in, you’ll find that’s when things really start to get interesting. After your first fight in a relationship, here’s what changes:

1. You Lose All Sense Of Fear

I don’t know about you, but the beginning of a new relationship is always super fraught with anxiety for me. Abandonment issues crop up. I’m worried that anything I do that is unattractive will be a deal breaker for the relationship. I stress about the future and obsess over what is or isn’t happening in the present.

And then, after a rupture inevitably happens, there’s a sense of relief. This relief exists whether or not the relationship actually withstands the first fight or not. It’s the sense of being seen clearly, flaws and all. It’s the sense of not having an option to pretend anymore.

The first fight in a relationship is humbling, because you are finally able to see who each of you is when you have nothing left to lose anymore. It’s as terrifying as it is beautiful, and as long as your relationship can withstand the conflict, then you’re in a better place than where you started, as far as I’m concerned.

2. You Learn Important Boundaries

At the beginning of a relationship, pretty much anything goes. The two of you are figuring out how you work together, which means that sometimes boundaries you didn’t even know existed get crossed. This crossing is usually what results in a fight in the first place; somebody gets hurt or offended, and suddenly, the differences between you seem vast.

When you choose to cross that distance, it’s because you recognize the other person’s limitations and can respect their boundaries. You understand that these boundaries are what they need to feel happy, healthy, and safe in a relationship. You have a greater understanding of the person who you are planning on journeying through life with, and can develop greater trust in yourself to do right by them. In that way, after experiencing the first fight, you can almost have a confidence boost.

3. You Begin To Grow Together

A rupture happens when you experience the first fight in a relationship. The neat little structure that you built to keep your affection safe opens up, and suddenly your relationship feels more vulnerable and exposed. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. The change that happens after your initial conflict gives you potential for growth.

The truth of the matter is that life is hard, and things can’t stay nice and pleasant all of the time. It’s no good to avoid difficult conversations just to keep the party going. At some point in every relationship, you and your partner are going to be tested. And it’s more than likely that you will be tested more than once.

There’s really no way to pass or fail this test. There aren’t any wrong answers, and there isn’t any reward except for love. And this love will keep coming back to you, whether in this relationship or any other. After your first fight, it makes it that much easier to see the truth of your feelings for one another. And that can never be a bad thing.


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7 Interracial Dating Tips for Black Women Looking for White Men


There are many ordinary people, celebrities and other famous people who are getting into interracial dating. In today’s world, one may think that interracial relationships won’t work well which is untrue simply because there are many black and white singles looking for partners out there. You will find even black women looking for white men in the interracial dating sites. One denying the fact that there is no problem with these kinds of relationships will not help if some interracial dating tips are not known. It is quite often that most people are unable to relate due to racial differences that exist among them. Below are some interracial dating tips for black women looking for white men which can make a last long relationship:

1. Do a research

In some cases, simply opening your heart and mind to love is not enough. Black women looking for white men should think much about the cultural differences such as communicating and flirting. This is because there are cultures that may be aggressive than others and thus the need to go deeper into the background of the partner becomes a necessity especially if you need a long-term relationship. It is also a good idea to avoid getting information during a date. Take your time and research to know exactly about this white man.

2. Focus on similarities

It is a fact that racism still exists among people and especially between the black people and the white people because of the cultural diversities. As a black woman, you need to understand the differences and majorly focus on the similarities. This is majorly what will make your relationship alive for a long period of time. In the process, if you truly love each other, chances are that you will be able to find ways of adapting each other’s culture.

3. Ask questions

If you need to know something, simply ask a question. You should not be afraid of asking any question, and even you should not keep it to yourself. Just ask don’t assume. This is because it is very important when it comes to interracial dating just because it prevents misunderstanding as well as miscommunications.

4. Respect the culture and ethnicity of your partner

During the early stages of interracial dating, one may start understanding some differences. Having respect is one great way to help you understand the behavior of your partner on various aspects. It can be challenging to understand this at first, but if you respect and learn slowly by slowly, then you will end up having a good relationship that will last longer.

5. Understand your ultimate desire

Do you think about your ultimate desire as a black woman? What special aspect do you need from this romantic relationship with a partner from a totally different race? These are some questions that one may ask and will help in making realistic decisions. One of the major reasons why most interracial relationships fail is simply the difference in goals in life. One needs to share her thoughts with her partner. For those black women who are looking for white men just because of sexual fantasies, chances are that their relationship won’t prosper.

6. Assess yourself properly

All black women looking for white men should first of all assess themselves before they think of having interracial relationships. As a woman, are you courageous, strong and also patient to deal with issues that arise from interracial relationships? Also, are you willing and able to change in various ways for the love of your partner who has a different racial background? Self-assessment is very important when it comes to interracial dating.

7. Only do what pleases your partner

Clearly understanding the vast difference of your ethnicity, religion, food preferences and also culture has no sense if you don’t find ways of embracing it. For those black women who are looking for white men for long lasting interracial relationships should make sure that they do what their partners term good.

In conclusion, race, customs, traditions, and culture do play a significant role in interracial relationships. Before one gets someone who belongs to a different race, she should consider the pros as well as the cons of interracial dating. Also, make sure that you understand his culture and be prepared to overcome either emotional or mental challenge that may arise.


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6 Female Habits That Men Simply Adore, Will Surprise You!

Every man should respect and love his lady and be aware that she is the most valuable thing in his life. Although they love their women with all their hearts, there are still some small things that annoy them just a little bit and we all know that sometimes they can be a bit difficult. Writing messages or calling all the time, acting like a child, going shopping every day are some of the things men consider annoying. However, enough with the female habits that men consider annoying and let’s concentrate on the things that they adore in women.

Below we offer 6 main habits men simply adore in women:

Laying your head on his chest

All men simply love it when a woman places her head on his chest. This makes them feel protective, strong and gives them self-confidence. Women also feel secure when they do this, which is every man’s objective – to make their woman feel safe and secure.

Touching his hair while he is driving

When you touch and play with his hair he doesn’t just a physical pleasure, but he also considers it as a sign of love, affection and connection. They simply adore their women when they do this.

She admires him on social networks

This is very obvious and you probably know it. Your man loves when you say how much you appreciate him in public!

Listens to him carefully

When the woman listens to her man while he is speaking and paying close attention to what he is saying, it means that she loves and appreciates him a lot.

Texting or calling him when you are out with your friends

He may not admit this, but believe us, every men adores this no matter what he is saying. In this way you show that you think about him all the time even when you are out with your friends.

Showing your affection in public

Even the simplest things like a gentle hug, holding his hand or fixing his hair in public can make his heart beat faster and the love towards you will grow stronger.



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