Feminists Freak Out After Discovering Men Don’t Want To Date ‘Woke’ Women

It turns out, there is an entire segment of men — even, perhaps, a rather large one — that has sworn off dating “woke women,” and feminists, predictably, are quite angry about it.

One writer at the women’s lifestyle site, Refinery 29, gave voice to the collective feminist angst on Wednesday, when she penned an emotional, several-thousand-word essay, bemoaning the men who “deny racism and sexism,” perpetuate the Patriarchy, decry white privilege, and, ultimately, declaring those who refuse to pair up with the women who could give them comprehensive lectures on the subject over vegan meals, “insidious.”

The problem all started with British drama star, Laurence Fox, who declared, on the BBC, that he does not believe criticism of Duchess Meghan stems from racism, and then followed up his transgression against social justice by insisting in the pages of one of the United Kingdom’s top newspapers that he does not date woke women.

That is all just too much for feminists, it seems, who, despite swearing off men so often it’s practically their pledge of allegiance, want desperately to have the pick of men to partner with — and to deny them such a variety is, apparently, oppressive, sexist, and, for good measure, very “Donald Trump.”

“He thinks that it’s ‘institutionally racist’ to tell the story of the First World War in a racially diverse way, irrespective of the fact that Sikh soldiers absolutely fought for Britain,” the gobsmacked writer wails. “And he also doesn’t believe in white privilege, irrespective of the fact that he works in a painfully undiverse industry, was privately educated and comes from a wealthy acting family which is nothing short of a dynasty.”

The nerve.

But it gets worse. Fox’s lack of woke bona fides is actually causing an entire generation of woke women mental harm.

“Fox is denying racism and sexism,” she writes, “irrespective of whether or not they exist. It’s nothing short of gaslighting… It’s all very Donald Trump.”

Of course it is.

The author says she could go to great lengths to prove just how wrong Fox is — that “white privilege” exists, and that “institutionalized racism” is effectively eliminated by, say, including a single Sikh soldier in a movie about World War I, but she won’t, because Fox is clearly mentally ill (he does, after all, like arguing with feminists on Twitter, so she may not be wrong). And she could joke about Fox’s lack of wokeness, but in perhaps the most feminist line in the entire article, she insists that there’s nothing about his behavior that’s funny.

She simply says he should be deplatformed before his ideas creep into the psyches of other males, who then start refusing to date feminists, too. But unfortunately for her, it’s already happening.

To illustrate her point, she writes, in what can only be “hushed tones,” about the men she and her friends have matched with on dating apps who say “openly sexist and misogynistic things” in their Tindr bios (like “I hate big eyebrows” or “no psychos,” two terms the author unintentionally reveals to be effective at weeding her out of the dating pool), and who hold “right-wing views” even if they consider themselves liberal.

There’s even a rash of men, she writes in horror, who have read Jordan Peterson, who has suggested that “white privilege” is a lie and that pursuing “social justice” is a pointless and toxic endeavor.

These men, she says, then have a tendency to group together which, she posits, is how humanity got “incels” and online white supremacist chat rooms, though without any evidentiary support. Men who don’t like feminists should not be allowed to associate with anyone else, she seems to suggest, lest they share wrong ideas.

And make no mistake, their ideas are wrong. “When you’re used to privilege, equality feels like oppression,” she says.

The good news is, these men who refuse to date woke women are responsible for everything from the murder of a Labour MP several years ago before Brexit, to the rise of Donald Trump, to the continued oppression of the entire female gender (to the extent that gender still exists), to “Megxit” — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave the UK to find a new life in Canada — to the rise of right-wing media.

But if this all sounds as though the author is demonizing these men who simply wouldn’t consider her for a date, rest assured, she is. After all, despite devoting thousands of words to the subject of being these men’s sworn enemy, she is not, in fact, an enemy at all, except in their imaginations.


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Tinder Moments: 13 Trashy Tinder Moments From People With No Shame

The place where self-respect goes to DIE.

I used to collect these all the time and run them here on the blog. I don’t do these anymore, but I’ve recently dug out a few of these nuggets for your enjoyment!
    • 1
      Clothing - Mir, 23 18 miles away Baby daddy decided he needed tinder so mama decided she should to0

  • 2
    Text - Maggie, 21 UC San Diego 16 miles away The only thing more open than 24/7 convenience stores are my legs If you buy me dinner, 'll make you breakfast I'll give you more happy endings than a children's storybook

  • 3
    Hair - Kristen, 25 10 miles away Who wants to practice their Australian kiss. It's like the French except you go down under

  • 4
    Hair - Abby, 21 Penn State 27 miles away 100% guarantee I will call you Daddy and cry after sex

  • 5
    Text - Catherine, 22 New England Institute of Technology 35 miles away at least my dad is dead so you don't have to worry about getting his approval

  • 6
    Eyewear - Jasmine, 20 27 miles away Fresh university drop out! Hobbies are: singing, drawing, reading, crying myself to sleep after thinking too hard about my future, and long walks up and down the luxurious Mall Looking for: someone kind, smart, funny, that can financially support another person and potentially help that person get out of debt, and is easy to talk to.

  • 7
    Product - Isabell, 22 3 miles away Our relationship should be like Nintendo 64- classic, fun to spend hours with, and every issue easily fixed by blowing on it then shoving it back in.

  • 8
    Hair - Kiya, 19 Victoria's Secret PINK University of Leth bridge 18 kilometers away I will kill spiders for you gag reflex as absent as my dad and the only thing lower than my standards is my self esteem

  • 9
    Text - Zane, 24 Funeral home Earlham College less than a mile away Winter is coming and heated blankets are getting pricey. Save money and cut down on your heating bill by taking home this big guy. He's polite, funny, house broken and a good listener that can binge watch Netflix for hours on end. So stop stressing over thread counts or dry clean only quilts and hunker down with a large pizza and this hunk. Get you a big guy today!!

  • 10
    Product - BEER DOWN Denée, 26 e The University of Arizona 5 miles away Boys call me Dumbledore because I'm the headmaster

  • 11
    Hair - Jordan, 19 89 miles away Tinder needs a filter: -no ugly guys -not too short sexy voice - tan - strong and muscles and abs not too much of a douche And if you're uglier then your tinder profile, I'm gonna stop talking to you

  • 12
    Face - Katelyn, 28 10 miles away Let's see what trash tinder brings to my doorstep... Don't have over 100k in your savings yet? Don't make over 300k/year? Then go away. Made enough to never work again? You're on the top of the list Long term ONLY I am a gold digger AND a men's rights activist Nerds preferred but not mandatory

  • 13
    Product - Hannah, 21 4 miles away Got a bf but looking for some side action

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Rebecca – Chapter 7 – Cypress and the Oak – Part 4

I met Rebecca 3 years ago on a date. Rebecca has recently made an appearance in my life so I thought I’d re-run this series so everyone won’t have to go back and search for her series to catch up. Enjoy!

Fall of 2016

Rebecca was ripping into her slices. Baby was happy. She seemed liberated from tonight’s heartbreaking tale. I love to see a lady eat. I hope I can cook for her one day.

“Okay, so what ultimately happened to the Hiroshima twins?”

“Well my buddy went back to Belfast to study law to become a barrister and I kept in touch a little bit with the sisters.”

“That was the end of it?”

“Well one night big sister calls me and says that there is some great band playing at Madam Wong’s East in Chinatown. So I go, and she and baby sister are there and the three of us are hanging out. I’m burning pretty clean that night because I’m driving. Now my buddy has been gone for months. Baby sister isn’t into me at all. I’m fine with that, she’s still with older guy. What if that dude was married the whole time and she’s just his side piece? That would be crazy, but I wouldn’t rule it out. So baby sister ends up leaving and I hang with older sister. She’s a great girl, and ex-girlfriend from one of my best friends in the world. We’re living it up and dancing, and having a great time at the show. I wish I remember who was playing. (T-Bone Burnett) But if I can’t remember they couldn’t have been that great. I’m happy to be with her and then she tells me something. She says that when we initially met, she was really liking me. She wanted me but settled on my buddy when she saw I was into her younger sister. I ended up making out with her that night. There was some grabbing under the table but not much else. I wasn’t that into her but she was a sweet girl. I liked the fact that she was always into me though. We both had a great time and then she went home. I never saw either of them again.”

“It’s still a good story.”

“I guess. One of many. One of the more tame ones.”

“Oh really?”

“Well I was in a band.”

“Ok, rockstar, but I still liked the idea that the younger sister was in love with the older gentleman. She knew what she liked.”

“I suppose.”

“Do you go on Tinder a lot?”

“Hardly ever now. I can’t really be bothered with it. It seems so superficial.” (Bold-Faced Lie. I’m writing a dating blog!)

“Me either. I’m kinda done with it. You’ve been amazing tonight. Thank you so much for seeing me and listening to all of my woes. I feel so much better. I’m glad I let it out. I hope you’re not freaked out by it. I know you didn’t ‘Super Like’ me on Tinder but I’m glad we met just the same.”

“Well for the record, you didn’t ‘Super Like’ me either.” I laughed to make light of this nonsense.

“I know it’s all so silly.”

“Well if it’s any consolation, Rebecca, I’m not afraid to say that I super like you now and hope I can see you again soon. You’re smart and beautiful and I’ve really enjoyed our time together. The museum was amazing because of you, and tonight has been wonderful. I’m just happy to be with you. There. Complete transparency, okay?”

“I know we didn’t do the Fringe Festival but I was just trying to think of stuff to do with you and then I went through my crap. Can we plan something soon?”

My heart is soaring. “Of course. Let’s text and or call. Whatever you want Rebecca. To be honest with you I dated an actress for a while and she liked all that Fringe stuff and I kind of hate it all. It’s fringe for a reason.”

“I agree. Maybe we could go to the movies. I don’t care what we see. I trust you’ll pick and it’ll be good. I’m thinking buttery popcorn and candy.”

“I’ll find something good. Maybe I can email you a few previews and we can agree on something.”

“No. You pick. We’re both busy. We’ll make it work. Let’s do a Saturday matinée and then grab drinks afterward so we can chat about the film!”

How great is this? Did I rub a lamp and did this girl come out of it?  We crushed most of the pie. She says how she’s going to be fat from eating so much pizza, but I assure her she won’t gain any weight if none of her girlfriends see her do it, so it doesn’t count. Like eating Snickers bars or drinking alone. Oh, wait, that second one is something else.

The bill comes and there is some pie left and we ask for a box. I say to her how it’s funny that the first part of our second date was her story, and then part two was somehow a tale from my past. She says how she would like to hear more of my stories and is fascinated by life and different experiences. She says she’d love to travel, but it’s expensive. I tell her I just got my passport for the first time. She says she likes to go to the seashore and I hold back that there is a shore house in my family a block and a half from the beach in North Wildwood. Too early. I like to play some great songs, but don’t play the hits too early. Let’s see where this is going. If it somehow progresses, I’d love to take her to the shore. Just to take a break from the city, and commune with nature by the sea. Oh, who am I kidding? It’ll look like a hooker hotel room in Jersey City in the heat of the night.

I insist on paying. Rebecca giggles and tells me I have to pay because her credit card may be maxed our from her last transaction. “Totally worth it.” She says.

It’s late. She has to work tomorrow and save lives. I have to write about this. We walk outside and Philadelphia is surprisingly quiet for once. I’ve had a lovely time with this treasure. The night is clear and the buildings are familiar. I’ve been on this odyssey for the last ten years and all I can think of is ‘Here we go again’. But I love the euphoria of this moment. The exhilaration of new love. I know that’s what it is. No one has said it. She may not even know what it is. She’s had a measure of the pain and searing anguish of love with Derrick, but here it is again. She seems interested in me and may not know what kind of animal she has caught in her snare. But I’m willing to be caught and ready to go.

“I’ve had a wonderful night with you.” She says, taking my hands in hers. She looks up at me. Her eyes are dark and full of light. I don’t question what’s happening. “Thank you so much for your time tonight. I can’t thank you enough. I feel like you fixed me. I have been wearing armor my whole life and when I take it off I always get hurt. I feel like I’m safe when I’m with you.” She lifts her hands slowly and gently touches my cheeks and kisses me gently. Her kisses are soft and sincere.

That’s the difference.

There’s no faking that.



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