Move Along: 4 Red Flags On A First-Date That You Should Not Overlook

The dating game can often be frustrating. Ideally, we’d immediately know if our date will be a good match for us. But unfortunately, that’s not the way dating works (if only!) To help weed out the incompatible matches, here are some red flags that’ll warn you that your date isn’t so perfect for you:


Pay attention to how your potential match treats you on the first date. If they behave inappropriately, take heed of their actions.

If someone doesn’t respect your boundaries on a first date, they’re likely showing that they’ll go for whatever they want without considering your needs They may also disregard your feelings if you feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, you should be wary of dates whose moods change rapidly or who easily become confrontational. If this they behave this way on a first date, imagine how they could act down the line.

Too Much Too Soon

Extremes are often a huge negative in the dating world. If you find that your companion is acting in an excessive way, you should think carefully about whether or not you are willing to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Usually, if someone shares too much personal information on a first date, they could have issues processing emotions or be extremely emotionally needy. So if your date starts rehashing childhood traumas, steer clear.

Also, proceed with caution if your date starts doling out criticism. Whether your date shares unflattering stories about their ex-partner or grumbles about the waitress, excessive criticism could be a sign that your date has an extremely controlling personality.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, watch out if your date appears too eager to please. Extremely agreeable people often suffer from low self-esteem.

Nobody’s perfect, but you can choose which flaws you’re willing to accept before you agree on a second date.

Decisions, Decisions

If your date struggles to plan out what you’ll do together, consider if you’re willing to take the reins in a relationship. Clear indecisiveness is one of the red flags that your date battles low confidence. Although it may seem like someone who doesn’t voice their opinions is simply laid-back, they could actually lack self-assurance. This, in turn, could prove problematic later in the relationship.

One-Sided Conversations

A first date is the best opportunity for two people to get to know each other. However, if your date spends the whole evening sharing their life story, they may be self-absorbed. In contrast, if your date only asks you questions, watch out! Although your date might just feel nervous, try your best to maintain a balanced conversation so that you can both learn about each other. If your date dodges all of your questions, it’s possible that they’re hiding some significant details from you. Their reluctance to open up could leave you wondering if they’re married or in serious financial trouble.

Obviously, you should also keep a lookout for strange body language, excuse-making, addictive behavior, or extreme rudeness. If you identify these red flags on the first date, you can avoid relationship drama or abuse in the future.


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He’s sucked for years. It’s time for Dave to retire. Awful!

The American rock band Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth has opened his 2020 Las Vegas residency on Wednesday (January 8) and that show caused discussion among fans. The fans said that this is painful and terrible.

On this special night, David and his friends, lead guitarist Al Estrada, rhythm guitarist Frankie Lindri, bassist Ryan Wheeler, keyboardist Danny Wagner, and drummer Mike Mussleman, played a total of 15 songs, the 10 of 15 were among the classics of Van Halen.

Here’s the setlist for that night:

01. You Really Got Me (KINKS cover)
02. Big Train
03. Unchained
04. Just Like Paradise
05. Atomic Punk
06. Dance The Night Away
07. Mean Street
08. California Girls (BEACH BOYS cover)
09. Tobacco Road (JOHN D. LOUDERMILK cover)
10. Jamie’s Cryin’
11. Beautiful Girls
12. Panama
13. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
15. Jump

Here’s fans’ comments:


You can watch the performances below.



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5 ways to make your girlfriend miss you like crazy

It is human nature to be wanted, needed and of course, missed.

So in a relationship, you’d want your presence to mean so much to your partner and that they’d long to see you again on the occasions when you cant be with them.

But not every boyfriend, husband or partner as special as this special to their babes. If you want your girlfriend to always look forward to your return with fond expectation, these are five things you have to regularly do.

1. A unique experience

Give her an experience that she can remember only you by. But be unique with the experience and you can even make it something she has never done before or something she has always wanted to try but just never got around to it.

2. Do other things

You do not always have to be with her. Hang out with your friends, pursue other interests and encourage her to do same. Being her boyfriend does not mean she has to be tied to her apron or her to yours. Give her an opportunity to actually miss you.

3. Send her a song that is special to you

This is one of the most romantic ways of making her miss you. Just send her song that she knows is special to you and the lyrics should hold some meaning. In time, the song will become ‘your’ song, i.e, a song that means so much to you both. And before you know it, hearing that song anywhere will remind her of you all the time.

4. Make her laugh

You need to realize the importance of giving up your hard guy stance once you get into a relationship. Being unemotional, or deciding to bury that side of you underneath is not ideal. If you want your girlfriend or babe or wife to miss you and constantly want you by her side, make her laugh as many times as you can. All the time.

5. Treat her well

If you treat her well, give her unrivaled and undivided attention, she will always feel special with you, and will associate that feeling of being wanted with you. As a result, she will always want to spend time with you and when she can’t, she will pine so much for it.


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Alicia – Chapter 3 – French Toast

I went to my credit union today to make a deposit. I see Alicia, and she’s looking hot as usual, but her hair is done and she looks even more glamorous. I love her in my phicklephilly way as I have loved Maria before her, (See: Maria – Amor En Vanos) the inspiration for this blog.

I see that she’s with a member so I probably can’t see her. I just want to fill out my deposit and get out of there to continue my day.

I have my cash and complete my deposit slip. I walk around the branch and the first teller I see behind the three inch bullet proof glass is a happy little white guy. I figure Alicia’s busy so I just go to him as he welcomes me, but figure I’ll wave to my queen.

I push my deposit slip and cash under the tray.

Alicia immediately gets to her feet and speaks.

“Oh, you’re not here to see me?”

I’m blown away. This has never happened. I’ve laid the groundwork to let her know in a very subtle and funny way that I would like to meet her outside of the credit union, but I wasn’t expecting this outburst.

I loved it. It shook me to my core, because my project had come to life.

Her hair looked lovely and so did the rest of her. I couldn’t believe her interest. I literally toss the cash to the little white guy and walk down to her window. I don’t care at this point and feel a bit of power as a member.

“I love all this.” I say about her pretty hair. I love that for the very first time she’s showing some attention toward me. This is huge.

Any reaction from a woman in courtship is a form of arousal. I’m very good at this and I’ve been a lion resting in the grass near this lovely gazelle for two years.

My father taught me how to be patient with a woman. He was a master. Most men are clumsy and awkward and are driven by their desire. You need to lay in wait for a prize you want. No matter what it is.

That’s super hard for most men to do, but for the few. you’ll close better deals if you’re patient.

“Have you been to the Comcast food court?”

“No. I’m always in first and I have to take the first lunch.”

“Every day?”

“Yea. 11am. I don’t feel like eating sushi at that time of the morning.”

“I get that. What do you like to eat?”

“French toast.”

“Done. I’ll find a place. Let’s have lunch next week.”

“Okay. Let me know.”

People, I think it’s on with this lady. I must have lunch with a girl I’ve been grooming for two years through bulletproof glass.

I know nothing about her but her cool demeanor and fuzzy forearms. (It’s sexy to me!)

Even if Alicia is only placating me for a free lunch as a member I don’t care. I just want to learn about her. I’ve found that whenever there is a challenge on the table for me my low self-esteem drives me to close that business.

Alicia doesn’t know anything about me other than I have the money to pay for a free lunch but I HAVE to do it just to get know her and get a story for phicklephilly.

I’m at a point in my life where I will just be happy to have lunch with this delicious girl. And the fact that I could get her to come out from behind bullet proof glass to have a meal with an older stranger.

The idea titillated me to know end. I couldn’t even grab lunch at my usual greasy spoon in Suburban Station to think it over. I went to Marathon and got a table at the window to process.

This is huge. So when I get my next paycheck at the salon, I’m going to go into the credit union and properly ask her out for lunch.

I’ve scoured Yelp and everywhere else for french toast beyond 11am. That is hard to nearly impossible.

I’m getting another check from the salon so I have a new excuse to go see Alicia.

I need to ask her if it’s okay if we run over to Midtown Diner. Good french toast, (Shitty first date but great fast service) but a solid spot. When I make my deposit I need to ask Alicia if there’s another 11am food group she may be interested in.

I need to make this deposit. I need to see Alicia and clarify our lunch and get her number.

I can do this, and now it seems she’s interested. Today changed everything and had me trembling with excitement because of Alicia’s behavior and how I feel about her. I think we’re good here. It’s just lunch.

As I had joked to her before, she has access to my accounts. At least baby knows I can afford the lunch and dessert if she wants it!

I need to go in there and close this.

I know nothing about her, but I have a theory. But I’ll hold my cards close to the vest to resist judgement.

But Alicia is beautiful, and I want to get to know her and I’ll leave it at that.

Stay tuned…


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