3 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Your First Fight



At the beginning of a relationship, everything is a rose garden. Your partner is perfect in your eyes, and you are perfect in theirs. When you have your first fight in a relationship, that glossy image that you have constructed falls and shatters. In its place, you see the person whom you are actually dating. In the shock of this reality, they might not even seem that appealing anymore. You might feel the urge to gain space from the relationship, or they might be the one to ask for distance. But eventually, no matter how much space you try to place between yourself and the other, eventually, you’re going to have to face facts: The person you are dating is a flawed human. Are you going to stick around?

It’s actually this first fight that will make or break the relationship, as the two of you will learn whether or not you actually want to be together. Once the dust settles, and healing words have been exchanged, you are faced with a choice: Are you in or are you out? Whatever you decide is best for you will be the right option. Some relationships simply weren’t supposed to last.

If you’re in, you’ll find that’s when things really start to get interesting. After your first fight in a relationship, here’s what changes:

1. You Lose All Sense Of Fear

I don’t know about you, but the beginning of a new relationship is always super fraught with anxiety for me. Abandonment issues crop up. I’m worried that anything I do that is unattractive will be a deal breaker for the relationship. I stress about the future and obsess over what is or isn’t happening in the present.

And then, after a rupture inevitably happens, there’s a sense of relief. This relief exists whether or not the relationship actually withstands the first fight or not. It’s the sense of being seen clearly, flaws and all. It’s the sense of not having an option to pretend anymore.

The first fight in a relationship is humbling, because you are finally able to see who each of you is when you have nothing left to lose anymore. It’s as terrifying as it is beautiful, and as long as your relationship can withstand the conflict, then you’re in a better place than where you started, as far as I’m concerned.

2. You Learn Important Boundaries

At the beginning of a relationship, pretty much anything goes. The two of you are figuring out how you work together, which means that sometimes boundaries you didn’t even know existed get crossed. This crossing is usually what results in a fight in the first place; somebody gets hurt or offended, and suddenly, the differences between you seem vast.

When you choose to cross that distance, it’s because you recognize the other person’s limitations and can respect their boundaries. You understand that these boundaries are what they need to feel happy, healthy, and safe in a relationship. You have a greater understanding of the person who you are planning on journeying through life with, and can develop greater trust in yourself to do right by them. In that way, after experiencing the first fight, you can almost have a confidence boost.

3. You Begin To Grow Together

A rupture happens when you experience the first fight in a relationship. The neat little structure that you built to keep your affection safe opens up, and suddenly your relationship feels more vulnerable and exposed. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. The change that happens after your initial conflict gives you potential for growth.

The truth of the matter is that life is hard, and things can’t stay nice and pleasant all of the time. It’s no good to avoid difficult conversations just to keep the party going. At some point in every relationship, you and your partner are going to be tested. And it’s more than likely that you will be tested more than once.

There’s really no way to pass or fail this test. There aren’t any wrong answers, and there isn’t any reward except for love. And this love will keep coming back to you, whether in this relationship or any other. After your first fight, it makes it that much easier to see the truth of your feelings for one another. And that can never be a bad thing.


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Farrah Fawcett – 1947 to 2009 – Life Uncovered – Part 1

Farrah Fawcett was the first female actress/model/celebrity I ever fell in love with. Later in life as Farrah aged, I was horribly unfaithful to my idol with super model Alessandra Ambrosio.

But Farrah with always be, First, Last and Always.

I loved Farrah so much I decided to write a little series in her honor. I hope you enjoy it.

Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts came up with the idea for a series about three beautiful female private investigators as a breakthrough but also escapist television series. Producers Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg first considered actress Kate Jackson during the early pre-production stages of the series. She had proven popular with viewers in another police television drama, The Rookies. Jackson was initially cast as Kelly Garrett, but was more attracted to the role of Sabrina Duncan, and her request to switch roles was granted. Farrah Fawcett was next cast as Jill Munroe, but much like Jackson, did not audition for a role. She was offered a part by Spelling after he had viewed her performance in the science-fiction film Logan’s Run (1976). Jaclyn Smith was among the hundreds of actresses who auditioned for the role of Kelly Garrett. Despite liking Smith, Spelling and Goldberg were wary about hiring her because their initial concept concerned a brunette, blonde, and red-headed woman. Smith was the only brunette that auditioned for the role and was cast only after producers liked the on-screen chemistry she shared with Jackson and Fawcett.

In 1976 I was 13 years old. Yea…puberty explosion! Charlie’s Angels comes on and of course I start watching it. I think it was the 2nd episode, it was called, Angels in Chains. That title stuck with me. The premise of that episode was that the Angels would have to go undercover and pose as inmates at a prison. I remember two scenes in particular. The first one was where all three girls are standing wrapped only in skimpy towels. The other being them trying to escape chained together. What I found most remarkable about Farrah was that it appeared she had nipples the size of pretzel bites and never wore a bra. So you had these three hot girls running around and wearing hot outfits and braless breasts were pouting and jiggling.

Who cares what the show is about. I’m 13 years old. All I want to do is watch the show by myself in a locked room, with a large box of tissues.

The show became known as “Jiggle TV” and “T&A TV” (or “Tits & Ass Television”) by critics who believed that the show had no intelligence or substance. These characterizations stemmed from the fact that the lead actresses frequently dressed scantily or provocatively as part of their undercover characters (including roller derby girl, beauty pageant contestant, maid, female prisoner, or just bikini-clad), and the belief that their clothing was a means of attracting viewers. Farrah Fawcett once attributed the show’s success to this fact: “When the show was number three, I figured it was our acting. When it got to be number one, I decided it could only be because none of us wears a bra.”

Reflecting on the 1970’s female-driven drama, Cheryl Ladd believes the series was “inspirational” to women despite the critics calling it a “jiggle show.” She notes, “there hadn’t been a show like this on the air [with] three powerful women who had the latest hairdos, wore the coolest clothes and could walk around in a bikini. We were very inspirational to a lot of young women. Young women would write us and say, ‘I want to be like you. I want to be a cop when I grow up and taking chances to be something else other than the acceptable school teacher or secretary’. Charlie’s Angels was called “Jiggle TV”, she adds, “which made me laugh, I never went braless, and I was married and the mother of a 2-year-old. The ‘Angels’ were grown-up Girl Scouts. We never slept with anyone; my most “Aaron Spelling” moment was wrestling an alligator. With the feminist movement, we were kind of half-heroes, half-goats”.

Time magazine called Charlie’s Angels an “aesthetically ridiculous, commercially brilliant brainstorm surfing blithely atop the Zeitgeist’s seventh wave”.

Camille Paglia, an American academic and social critic, said that Charlie’s Angels was an “effervescent action-adventure showing smart, bold women working side by side in fruitful collaboration.”

So there’s two sides of what Charlie’s Angels was. I loved it. If I had the opportunity I would have watched it with the volume at zero and my stereo cranking Aerosmith. I’d ejaculate twice as fast!

I joined Farrah’s Official Fan Club. And over the years I collected posters and pictures of her. I dug out this old photo of me from back in 1982 in my apartment in L.A. That whole wall is Farrah. I even had buttons pinned to my guitar strap that were pictures of Farrah! Fanboy or a shrine to my queen? You be the judge!

(Now that I look at this pic, it may be the very first “Selfie” I have ever taken!)

With an old Kodak instamatic flash camera!

I think my parents were just happy I didn’t turn out gay. (Which they thought I was for years!)



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Cherie – Chapter 21 – Shark Week – Part II – Blood in the Water

“It’s okay, I can always tell how you feel by your eyes.”

I’m standing in Suburban Station, and my lady steps from the train. We embrace. I’m happy to see her. It’s cold out, so we stay underground as long as possible. I ask her if she’s hungry. She had mentioned in a text that she liked salmon, and if baby wants salmon, then salmon it is.

But she says she’s fine. She says she’d just like to lie down and rest after her busy week.

We make the painfully cold walk back to my house. I feel like I should have held her longer. Kissed her when I saw her. But I did nothing. Just a hug like and old friend. I’ll think about this.

“I’ve thought about this and I’ve also spoken to Cherie about it. I apologized to her for not being a little more intimate when I greeted her at Suburban Station.

She said, “It’s okay, I can always tell how you feel by your eyes.”

Ok. Let’s hold it right there. That’s a landmark statement. She’s already learned to read me. That’s really perceptive. I like that she sees me on that level.

We make it back to the bat cave. We go through the triple lock doors, the vestibule and into the hallway. There is a curving stairway up to the apartment. I penetrate the lock and we’re in. Lorelei’s stuff is usually everywhere a little bit. But every time I have brought Cherie, she never notices anything about the apartment. She never says anything about the place at all. Nothing. No decor, or how old it is or anything. I bring her in. The apartment is always dark. I hit the flashlight on my phone. and I tell her to follow me.

Watch your step. You’re in Rittenhouse. The building is one hundred and thirty years old. She never says anything. I take her hand and tell her to follow me. I flick on the bathroom light as I approach my bedroom.

I hit the switch and my bedroom and it is bathed in warm yellow light. I walk to the windows. I draw the blue drapes. I have these new drapes in my bedroom. It’s weird. It’s like Sinatra is coming to play at Caesars, so we need to redecorate the place because the chairman of the board is coming home.

Once I started dating sweet Cherie, I went to town. New sheets. (Dude. You have to) Curtains. (I know they are useless but they look cool) cleaned the whole cave, top to bottom, candy, candles, blankets so baby is happy and doesn’t get cold.

Cherie smiles, and gives me that little glance that tells me so much.

I take her coat and she drops her bag. She sits on the bed. “It’s so nice to be here.” She lays back. I begin removing her boots. Then her jeans. Her beautiful brown legs are slowly revealed to me.

We get under the covers and slowly during kisses and “I love yous” the rest of our garments are removed.

Cherie had made it clear to me days ago that there would be no swimming in the water during shark week. I told her I’m okay with all of those things, but she was adamant. I don’t have a problem with that. I respect her wishes and her body. I’m just happy to be holding her and kissing her full ripe lips at this moment.

But I know how Cherie feels about me, and how much she loves sex. Being the most sexually charged woman I’ve ever met, I think it’s going to be harder for her to hold up her end of the deal than me. But I will do whatever she wants. I actually was looking forward to taking it easy with her this weekend.

Instead of the usual, “It feels like I’m training for the sex olympics every other weekend” But I did make a bet with my buddy Church the other day. He said intercourse would happen during shark week. I told him I wasn’t going to push the issue, but I would offer an option.

So Cherie and I are in bed, and wonderful things are happening. I can tell that once we begin any physical contact with each other, sparks begin to fly. I tell her I have a dark brown towel. I can put it under her on the bed. We can turn the lights down, or off if she likes. I will not look down at any time. When the act is complete, I will cover up, and go to the bathroom to clean up. She in turn can pick up the towel and hold it against herself and go to the bathroom right after me.

She agrees. The sex as always, is glorious. We both keep to the agreement. It works out really well. My lady’s dignity has been retained. Nobody has to think a murder was committed in the bathroom.

During our time that evening, she does follow through with what she said she would do. There were times she was very active with me and I just laid back and enjoyed it. You never want your woman to give you the best oral you’ve ever had, because that would mean she has had a LOT of practice. But Cherie does it not like it’s a job that has to be done to please her man. She performs it like she truly loves doing it.

It is exquisite.

We’re all normally pretty good at things we like to do, and Cherie must really like doing that to me.

Instead of the crazy marathon sex every two or three hours this time, we actually have some fun and then get some sleep. I’m very pleased by this evening.

It’s just nice to sleep next to my beloved.

The next morning, Cherie gets the towel from the bathroom, and folds it a different way so we can go again. We do and it’s fire. I love morning sex. Just good raw energy. Snow is falling outside as the temperature rises in my bedroom.

After a bit we decide to get up because there are things to do. First order of business is to take this girl out to breakfast. I’m always ravenous for breakfast after a night with my Nubian queen.

While Cherie is in the shower, I get dressed and make the bed. For two years, my bed has been nothing but a place of sleep for me. Now, it’s once again a gateway to the love and magic we make.


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7 Enhancing Love Making Conversations For Couples

Lovemaking in a monogamous relationship is said to be heart-pounding, breath-taking, and anxiety-freeing. If that’s true, then how come a committed relationship is when many of us settle for the same sexual positions?

Far too often, spouses become “too important” for experimenting in the bedroom. This takes the mysterious element of sex between two people and puts our wild erotic nature into a jar that will never be opened again.

Sometimes partners stop putting in the effort to seduce their partner. They assume the ring on the finger means they don’t have to try; that a wedding band means you’ll be turned on by me, no matter what I do or how I look. You’ll love me till death do us part.

Your partner may love you no matter what, but your lack of effort to stay sexy prevents your partner from wanting to get sexy.

Passionate sex requires attention. Both partners must walk deep into the forest of connection and erotic desire to uncover the best sex of their lives. As much as our culture gets off to the story that love-making should be easy, it’s not.

The sort of life-changing sex that wakes the neighbors requires a level of anxiety, because amazing lovemaking lies at the intersection of personal growth for both partners. It requires couples to overcome self-worth issues. To fail at new ways of lovemaking and fucking. To tackle sexual shame that inhibits our erotic nature. It requires them to challenge each other and themselves to reach their full sexual potential.

If you want lovemaking that transcends your body as you thrust your way into a new realm of existence, then your sex life needs to be able to tolerate intense intimacy. I’m not talking about a post-sex cuddle session. I’m talking about the kind of intimacy that make your insides feel so warm that your heart feels like the sun is bursting in your chest.

Intimacy is the gateway into the sort of sex many of us spend our lives wondering if we’ll ever experience. When I started exploring intimacy with my partner, I was challenged in ways I’ve never thought possible. When I allowed my partner to truly see me I felt extreme vulnerability. I wanted it to stop. But as I grew through the discomfort, our sex became passionate.

I began to feel connected to my partners in ways I’ve never felt before. The intimacy between us was intense. Our sex life had a life of its own; it roamed free. We started to truly feel each other as our emotional walls to deep intimacy fell away.

I want you to experience what it’s like to use sex and intimacy as gateway to personal growth and your ever-evolving erotic nature. This is not an easy task, but the seven conversations below help guide you in the beginning of your sexual quest with your partner.

Instructions: Some of these questions may make you or your partner uncomfortable. If so, you can ease into the conversation with some easier questions that cause the least anxiety.

When you do feel ashamed, get curious as to why. Bring it up with your partner and tell them that it makes you uncomfortable. You can even wait until you are by yourself and then explore it by using the Four Why Exercise.

Remember that your partner is opening up their deep dark book of eroticism. This is extremely difficult and requires immense vulnerability. Avoid judging your partner at all costs. Express understanding and allow them to trust you enough to open up their desires and needs.

Passionate Lovemaking for Couples: Intimacy & Emotions

Some couples say that quality sex is dependent on a feeling of connectedness. Is that true for you? What do you need from me to feel that way?

Some people need sex to feel close, while others only desire sex when they already feel close. Which one are you? Do you think we differ? Does that cause a problem? If so, how can we change?

Sometimes partners don’t remember what the other finds arousing and erotic. Are there ways of touching you or activities that I’ve forgotten? Can you give me a refresher course?

What makes sex more romantic and passionate for you?

Would you like our sex to feel more like making love or more like fucking? How could we do that?

What are some of the best, most romantic times we’ve had? What can we do to make more times like that?

Do you feel I still seduce you? If not, when did that stop between us? Is that something we should work on?


Was this helpful? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject!


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Cherie – Chapter 19 – Back In Black

“I told her I don’t want to bother Trish, but maybe she needs to hear what being truly alive sounds like.”

White girls they’re pretty funny. Sometimes they drive me mad.
Black girls just wanna get fucked all night.
I just don’t have that much jam.

Some Girls – Mick Jagger & Keith Richards – 1978


I saw Cherie for a quick early morning breakfast last week. But we haven’t been together intimately for two weeks. Her schedule’s been crazy between her two jobs, studying for finals, and working on her thesis. She was working on it that day and still had a few pages to finish writing. When completed it had to be in by midnight that day. Then she had to wait for her sister to come over and babysit her son.


She arrived in Rittenhouse around 8pm. The city was incredibly busy that Saturday night. It was difficult for her to find parking, but she finally did. It was a bitter cold night in December, but I had the bat cave nice and warm with all of the necessary amenities when she got there.

It was so great to see her. She’d been on my mind all week. I was happy that our day had finally arrived. It didn’t take long for us to get down to the business at hand. This had only been the third time we’d been intimate in our new relationship. We have survived two months so far. Being with Cherie was glorious as usual. As I have said before she’s a chill, smart girl with an enormous sexual appetite. It’s as if I’ve finally found the perfect match. Her stamina is matched only by her orgasmic prowess. I’ve never been with a woman who can have over twenty in one night. We do have mad sex for hours, and during those encounters she just keeps on coming again and again. I’ve never seen anything like it. She asked me if I thought my neighbor Trish could hear the bed rocking and squeaking as well as her moaning. I told her I don’t want to bother Trish, but maybe she needs to hear what being truly alive sounds like.

Some of the most wonderful moments of the evening were not so much the intense sex, but the gentle quiet moments when we would simply hold each other, and she would tell me that she loves me. I of course reciprocated with words and deeds.

She fell asleep the first time just after midnight, I heard her talk in her sleep. She did that the last time she was here in my bed. She said, “I love when you do that.” She then sighed. Is it possible when Cherie is not having real sex with me she is dreaming about having sex with me? Why can’t I have dreams like that?

After one of our exhausting sessions that happened around 3am, we had an interesting conversation. She had told me on our first date that she was bisexual, but leaned more towards men than women. She said when she was with her son’s father, they had a bit of an open relationship. She asked me how many sexual partners I’ve had…at the same time. Normally women ask a bunch of questions when you first sleep together. I’ve been on the Earth for over a half a century, and have closed a lot of business in that time, in three different time zones. But no one has ever asked me how many at once. I really had to think way back to my days in Wildwood, NJ and Los Angeles, CA. I told her I knew for sure that I had at least once did a full on threesome with two women. I asked her what her number was, and she said, she had done one as well. But it was with a good-looking guy, a white girl, and a hispanic girl. I did the math and with Cherie there, that’s a foursome. I don’t play much poker but I know four of a kind beats a three of a kind. Hell, four of a kind even beats a full house, and four people getting it on is a full house unto itself!

I asked if the guy had sex with every one of them, and she said that he did. I told her I wanted to shake his hand. Cherie gave me the dynamics of how that little orgy worked and I could tell by the description it was largely due to her participation. I found it interesting that I had been beaten by a girl half my age. She said she likes doing to girls what I like to do as much as I like to do it. I’m a giver and so is she. We give a lot to each other in the bedroom.

Cherie made it clear that she was solely interested in me. I asked her if she would ever have the urge to hook up with a woman again. She simply said, “No. That would be cheating.” But now I was intrigued by this she-cat that’s an animal in the bedroom, but not reckless with her sexuality out in the world. It is all planned and calculated by Cherie.

I asked her if she would ever do a multiple partner scenario again if all parties were willing and rules were in place. She said she would consider it.

This isn’t something I need to do. I’m happy just wearing and tearing with my lady. But I figured I’d ask a few more questions. I could tell Cherie wanted to discuss the subject further.

I told her just for argument sake I would throw out a fantasy scenario. I asked if she knew anybody that would be interested in participating in a three-way with she and I. Strictly fantasy question. (A bold-faced lie) Cherie said she knew a girl that she has been friends with for several years who is a little freaky. I asked her to describe this girl. She said that they have recently discussed how they would be okay fooling around with each other sexually. This girl is a little younger than Cherie, 25 or 26. She’s a mix of black and white. Her skin is caramel color. She has long brown hair and hazel eyes. Cherie says she’s never had sex with a black girl. But this would be close enough. Very pretty, and a little thicker than Cherie. My girl has an athletic body, from years of running track and basketball. Her friend is a bit curvy, with a round bottom and big breasts. I asked her if she was attracted to her, and she said that she would do her.

I like that they’ve already discussed being together. I ask her how, (in this fantasy!) how it would work? Would we just bring her here and let it roll? Cherie says, “Sure. I could bring her here, and we can have our way with her. I would do stuff to her to get her warmed up for you and then I would watch you fuck her.”

Apparently it’s not cheating if it’s your girlfriend’s idea that you should bang another chick right in front of her in the same bed.

I then came up with some of my own creative scenarios, and Cherie loved them all. This sort of talk two months into a relationship is extraordinary. I’ll have to see how this all plays out, but it’ll definitely play out right here on Phicklephilly.

I feel like I must have done something really good to be rewarded with this angel delivered to me by the gods.


She had to go feed the meter before 8am the next morning, so we had to get up early and do that. We’re both exhausted. She has to go home and study and keep writing and I have to open the salon at 11am. We pack up and head out into the chilly, grey light of Sunday morning. She pays for another hour and a half so as not to get a ticket from the overzealous PPA. I tell her she deserves at least breakfast for last night’s stellar performances.

Breakfast is at our usual spot, the Midtown Diner on 18th street. We’re both a little burned out from all of the calories we burned last night so we load up on coffee, protein and carbs. The service is fast, and the food is always on point. Obviously, there’s some sexual innuendo in our banter.

We talk about life and times passed. She tells me how many years ago she had an affair with a girl that she really loved. Her family rejected her and the relationship because it was looked upon as an abomination in the bible and she would go to hell. They actually didn’t speak for a while. I fucking kid you not.

Sad thing was, the girl ended up cheating on her and dumped her. So maybe the family thought little Cherie was just confused and got off the righteous path for a bit and welcomed her back into the fold. Such nonsense.

Cherie said she has given much to people in her life over the years and has gotten little back. People have taken advantage of her kindness in the past. But she’s not bitter about any of it. As always, she is calm and resolute. She has a tight group of friends, support from her family, works hard and stays away from social media.

Some time ago she dated someone for a short time, but it wasn’t what she wanted. Cherie said she just wanted someone to love.

Well it looks like she found someone.

And I definitely have the jam.


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Cherie – Chapter 18 – The Fountain of Youth – Part 2

“I like when she kisses me passionately, and then when the kiss is over, she plants one more tiny kiss on me. It’s like the tiny kiss is her signature to the passionate kiss.”

I lock up and we head out into the night. I ask her about what her parking situation is and she says she took the train. That’s awesome. Parking has been a bit of a nightmare for her as of late. The city has been crowded with visitors for the holidays and traffic has been snarled. She hopped out and Suburban Station and was all good. Tomorrow she has to be on the 10:30am back home. Perfect.

We walk down to my house and go in. It’s a chilly night, but nice and warm in the apartment. We relax on the bed and engage in a little chit-chat. We both know that after two weeks the inevitable is going to happen very soon, and the chatter will stop. I start telling some story between kisses and she says, “Save that for later. Now this.” She places my hand on the backside of her jeans, and smiles.

I like when she kisses me passionately, and then when the kiss is over, she plants one more tiny kiss on me. It’s like the tiny kiss is her signature to the passionate kiss. Like, that lovely experience was created my me, signed, Cherie. It’s elegant and sweet in the same moment.

Our love unfolds on the bed like a beautiful flower. Neighbor Trish was away so Cherie was free to make all the noise she wanted. I wanted to start by pleasing her first, knowing my lady had been in a dire state of wanton for the last week. After some time, she could no longer withstand the waves of pleasure that washed over her from her. She simply said, “Up here. I want you up here.” I entered the gates of heaven and off we went into a roaring fury of pleasure. That all lasted past midnight.

We both collapsed after that.

She says I’m so in tune with her body. She is amazed that I do everything without her having to say anything. I tell her it’s quite simple. I listen to the sounds she makes, and pay attention to how her body moves and responds to my actions. No words or direction is needed.

At 2am she gently brought me back to life. That went on to around 3am.

Then once again she was upon me at 6am as the rain fell outside. So every two to three hours we were at it. Deprivation can sometimes be a wonderful thing. Each session was very powerful. We both got to give and get all of the things we love. I think as we get to know each other mentally as well as physically, our lovemaking has become more intense. It can only get better as we explore each other sexually.

Sex is wonderful with Cherie. She is nothing like silly Annabelle, who’s only tool in life was a hammer. Everything she came in contact with, she treated like a nail. Cherie is a well oiled machine. Powerful, calm and languid. Like a big cat. She truly is the best woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to have in my life romantically.

After round three at 6am, we decided to get up and start our day. We showered, dressed and headed out with our umbrellas to the diner. As we walk side by side (girls on the inside) I turn to her and say, “This reminds me of our very first date! We walked around Rittenhouse sharing a umberella.” She smiles and twirls hers on her shoulder.

Normally after our last two epic encounters, I was physically burned out. But not this time. I think because I was getting these little two and three-hour naps in between the action, I feel great today.

My powers are increasing. I can feel it.

I destroy my breakfast at the diner. I have the appetite of ten men. My heart and soul are satisfied by this lovely young girl sitting across from me eating her omelette, and making eyes at me.

We finish up and I walk her back to Suburban Station. We have ten minutes to spare before her 10:35 train. I wait on the platform with her until the silver passenger train rolls into the station, hissing like some Pre-Cambrian monster come to take my lover from me.

“I love you, Cherie.”

“I love you, too.”

We kiss goodbye, and I say “Auf wiedersehen.” Because the literal German translation is “Until we see again.” I don’t like goodbyes. ‘See you later’ is so much better. She gets on the train and finds a seat. I wait on the platform. The beast once again hisses, and begins to roll forward. She blows me a kiss, and she’s gone.

Until next time…


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Cherie – Chapter 17 – The Fountain of Youth

Once again it has been two weeks without my girl. Between my schedule and hers, it’s just been impossible. She’s had finals at Temple. Crushing late night hours at Children’s Hospital, her job at the pediatrician’s office, and raising her son… it’s been nuts. Add in that I’ve been working nine to five at the institute, and nights at the tanning salon, I’ve been a ghost in my own life.

Throw the holidays into the mix and it’s nearly impossible to schedule anything. I saw all of my family last weekend, and she had her holiday party the same day. It was a glorious day to see all of my sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews. Cherie said she also had a blast at her work party. Her whole family will be together, and her brother and his wife are flying in from Japan this weekend, so it’s going to be non stop frivolity.

It was Friday and I worked the whole day at the institute, then on to the salon until eight. Church made a surprise appearance. It was great to see him and have some company. It always makes the night go faster. (See : Church – Brand Ambassador) I had a very busy couple of weeks and was feeling a bit tired. I took the Saturday shift at the salon for Trish so she could visit her family for the weekend. (See: Trish – The She Wolf)

I had stopped in to see Trish on Wednesday before I was meeting my buddy Spinner at the Flyers game. I had totally forgotten that I told her I’d work Saturday for her. She almost started crying right there in the salon. She really wanted to spend time with her folks. I jumped on the phone and moved a few things around and let Cherie know we had from 8pm Friday to 10:30am Saturday. I felt bad that I had forgotten about what I promised Trish, and wasn’t about to back out on a promise or a friend in need. I assume I was half in the bag when she asked me, because I usually put everything in my calendar. Anyway, it all worked out and Trish still loves me.

So I’d close tonight and then have to go in open tomorrow. I looked forward to just going to my favorite bar and maybe having a drink or two if my buddy, Tusk was working. But ultimately I just wanted to go home, sit in my chair, drink and smoke cigarettes, then sleep in on Sunday.

I’m very happy with my relationship with Cherie. I enjoy our time together, but we don’t see each other all of the time. So it’s intense when we’re together, but there’s plenty of downtime in between. I like being with her and it’s always magic, but I like not having the constant obligation of having to spend a bunch of time with her because we’re simply too busy.  She’s been great about it and I appreciate that kind of patience in a woman. Like I’ve said since I started writing about us, she’s so sweet and chill, and just easy to love. We’ve been texting, and I can see that she’s getting the itch to spend some quality time with her man. I’m tired, but I’m down if we can make it happen. She’s been texting things like, “I’m so horny I can’t think straight.” So I’d better take care of her soon.

We coordinate our schedules and obligations, and settle on tonight when I close the salon. I tell her I have to open the next morning at 11am, but she’s fine with it. So when she arrives we will spend exactly fourteen and half hours together.

I’m glad we were able to make it happen.

“I don’t think I could have waited three weeks to see you. I was ready to beg.” she says. No need to beg. But that’s hot. I’m pretty lucky to be at this place in my life and I still have the charm to earn the love and devotion of a beautiful young lady.

She arrives just as I’m about to close the salon. I tell her to come up and meet Church. He’s eager to meet her. They have some things in common. Her father and brother are Navy guys, she drives a Saab, and is studying neuroscience. Church was a Navy corpsmen specializing in neuroscience, used to drive a Saab, and loves black women.

Cherie comes in, comes right to me first and gives me a smooch. I make the introduction and they start chatting. I’ve been talking to him about how great she is, and I’m glad they finally get to meet. I’m still waiting for one of our best clients to finish tanning, close out the register, and send the credit card batch for the night.

We finally get rid of the last one and I finish up. Church says goodbye because he knows it’s game time for me and baby.


Stay tuned for Cherie – The Fountain of Youth – Part 2, tomorrow!


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