The Beach House – Chapter 16

I awoke to the smell of coffee wafting from the kitchen. Mia was already up and going. I grabbed my robe and headed to the kitchen. Mia was wearing a new white robe that was just sheer enough that you knew she was naked but not fully see-through. I couldn’t believe that I would be waking up to that vision from now on. Life was good.

“Good morning ,sleepy head!” She was extra cheerful. I thought she might be a morning person, God help me. She poured me a cup of joe and set it on the counter. “I hope I didn’t wake you. You looked pretty comfy in bed.”

“Nope. That robe looks really good on you.” I grabbed my cup and smiled. Mia twirled around.

“Why thank you Mr. Tomlinson.” She smiled back and grabbed her own cup of coffee.

I looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was after eight. I sat down and yanked my phone free of its charger. “No time like the present.” I said. Mia sat down next to me. I dialed up Bob Farring.

“Good morning Bob, it’s Dale Tomlinson. I got you on speaker with Mia Perez.” Mia smiled at me. She liked that I wasn’t excluding her.

“Is Monica not well, Mr. Tomlinson?” He was once again confused as to why I was talking with him directly. Mia covered her mouth, trying to hold back a chuckle.

“No, I am sure Monica is just fine. This doesn’t concern her.” I paused a moment to let that sink in. “I am considering an investment in a small chemical company called Gem Works. I was hoping I could get you to run point to see if they have any interest in new capital.” I knew they would beg, borrow or steal if they could.

“Of course. What kind of timeline are you looking at.” I wish I was there to see his face.

“Today.” I think I heard a cup hit the floor.

“That is not a lot of time for our due diligence Mr. Tomlinson.” I could hear the panic in his voice. He didn’t want to be a party to some failed venture of mine.

“Bob, I’ll be honest with you. I’m really not interested in the viability of the company although, on the surface, it does have strong possibilities. I want to purchase leverage over an employee of the firm.” I let that sink in. “He treated someone I love very badly, and I want to make sure he never does it again.”

“I don’t know if I can be involved in some blackmail scheme.” I have honest lawyers. Who knew?

“It’s my fiancé, Bob. It’s pretty personal.” I heard other things fall to the floor. Mia choked back another laugh.

“Mr. Tomlinson, this is kind of a surprise. A person of your stature should have contracts drawn up before considering a commitment like marriage.” I would never insult Mia with a pre-nup. I would rather she just kill me off if that was her will.

“Sorry Bob, I’m winging it on love alone.” Mia blew me a kiss. “Bob, meet my fiancé Mia Perez.” I heard more stuff falling to the floor.

“I’m sorry Ms. Perez. I didn’t want to insinuate you had any bad intentions.” He fumbled his way through the whole sentence. It was becoming a bad morning for him.

“I wouldn’t expect you to advise him any other way Bob.” Mia chimed in perfectly. “I for one appreciate your loyalty.” She paused for a moment. “This employee Dale was speaking about has a habit of tricking women on to his boat and forcing them to engage in sexual activity with numerous partners. I barely got away myself.”

“Ms. Perez, this sounds like a police matter. Possibly a lawsuit if he has any assets.” He was a good man and wasn’t interested in a roundabout route. I looked at Mia and shrugged my shoulders, informing her I didn’t care how much she told him. She sighed.

“Can I tell you something in confidence Bob?” She was looking intently at the phone.

“Yes. As your lawyer, you are entitled to my confidence.” I really wished I was in his office.

“A week ago, I was a prostitute addicted to heroin.” She didn’t even flinch. Our love was solid as a rock. There was silence on the other end. Not even breathing. “Bob?” Mia asked.

“Um… ah… I can see why involving the courts could be a bit problematic.” He started to recover. “May I ask what your intention is with respect to this employee?” He was trying to gage how deep he would have to go.

“I intend to hold his job over his head. He either stops these parties, or his family finds out why I fired him.” I took a breath. “He tricked me into purchasing the boat that Mia escaped in under the threat of grand theft. I will expect him donate an equivalent sum to a charity of our choice.”

“Legally, you can fire him for his illegal acts on or off the job. The forced donation is pushing into a darker realm of the law.” He paused, obviously thinking. “You say he has done this before?”

“He calls them ‘water bang parties.’ Frank Talbot researched it for us.” I thought adding Frank might ease his mind a bit.

“Well I never knew Frank to be incorrect. Is it possible for you to refer to the donation as a suggested repentance or some other similar phrasing?” Wow!, He’s good. Trying to stay just this side of the law.

“Now I know why Monica trusts you so much Bob. We will take your advice and make it a suggestion.” Mia was smiling. I think she liked Bob also. “Will you be able to run point?”

“I would be happy to.” He was satisfied we weren’t going to break the law.

“I don’t want any control, just a straight percentage interest in the company. I will speak to the CEO personally about the other issue. There is no need for you to get involved directly in the aspect. Just get me a phone call with him.” I was afraid Gem Works wouldn’t take me seriously if I cold-called them.

“I will call you back in an hour or two, Mr. Tomlinson.” He hung up and went to work. I took another sip of my coffee and looked at Mia.

“Having a lot of money is kind of exciting.” She smiled and sipped her own cup.

An hour and a half later Bob called back. “Brian Fitzgerald is waiting for you call, Mr. Tomlinson. He is looking for a five million dollar investment and he has agreed to a 30% ownership, which after a cursory look at the books seems to be proper.” He paused. “You will be the second largest holder. Mr. Fitzgerald will hold 42% after the sale.”

“Bob, you are the miracle worker we were looking for. I am going to close the deal, then you can finalize the paperwork.” I was very pleased with the results.

“Monica called this morning. She has gotten wind of you dealing directly with us. I suspect she is friends with the receptionist.” Bob seemed a bit strained by the change in protocol. “I haven’t called her back yet. Is she aware of what is happening?” Mia started giggling. I had to look away so I didn’t catch it.


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Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 24

I walked away, trying to figure out how ‘tea’ could be in the 12-letter clue. If I didn’t know their positions, the order they came in, then it wasn’t a lot of help. I re-played Teresa’s words. Redbeard captured it … whole cargo … French merchantman … French! Teresa spoke better French than I did, and sometimes teased me about it. But I knew enough French to figure this out.

Why not a Spanish prize? Or English, or Dutch? She specifically said French. Redbeard would be ‘Barbe Rouge’. Ten letters, one for each player, except her. And the Bible, of course, had something to do with it. I needed to consult it.

I went to the den, and locked the door behind me. I compared ‘Barbe Rouge’ with the verses in the ‘Bible’, and got nothing. Then I realized that I was still holding the teabag she had given me. Why? Eureka! Tea is ‘the’ in French (if you add a little accent over the ‘e’). T-H-E. Could that be part of the code? In that order? I still had no idea what the code said, but it felt like a big piece of the puzzle had just fallen into my hands. Thanks to Lena’s skill at pool, and to the impulse that made take her as a partner. See, sometimes virtue is rewarded.

I unlocked the door, and re-entered the main room. That is, I attempted to re-enter the main room. Ben was right outside the door, and he pushed me back into the den. Barbara was right behind him. She closed the door behind her.

Ben pointed a finger at me. With his other hand, though, he showed me a piece of paper. It clearly said ‘PISTOL’, just like mine. Barbara came to stand beside me, and poked me in the ribs with her finger. Then she showed me another piece of paper. Written on it, with Teresa’s calligraphy pen, was the word ‘KNIFE’.

I wanted to laugh. I mean, it was pretty funny, the two of them standing there with their fingers pointed at me. But they looked serious, so I decided to humour them and play along. Slowly, I raised my hands.

“Do you have a weapon?” said Ben.

– “No.” I answered, truthfully. My ‘PISTOL’ was under the corner of the rug.

– “Give us the Bible, and we won’t hurt you – much.” said Barbara. She did look a little sinister, with the eye patch. But I could see down her cleavage, and it was more than a little distracting.

– “I don’t have it.” I answered. That was also true. It was under the opposite corner of the rug.

– “He’s lying.” said Ben.

– “We could search him.” said Barbara, wistfully. Something about her tone made me think that she was envisioning a strip search.

– “He has it.” said Ben. “You have to give it to us.”

– “I would if I had it, but I don’t so I can’t.” I replied. Try saying that fast three times.

– “What did you do with it?” asked Barbara.

– “I read it.” No point in lying. Claire had to have told them that I had it. That meant that she was in cahoots with them.

– “Then what did you do with it?” asked Barbara, sweetly, prodding me with her finger.

– “He has it.” said Ben. “He’s cheating.”

– “I have an idea.” Barbara stepped away from me, and went to whisper in Ben’s ear. He scowled, but when she whispered some more, he handed her the piece of paper. Barbara pointed her finger at me, and showed me that she now had the pistol. Ben opened the door, and then slipped out of the room, closing the door.

“You never came to visit me yesterday, Colin.” she said. “I was so disappointed. It made me think that you didn’t like me. Or was it that you were afraid of me?”

– “You do have a knife. And now a pistol.” I observed.

– “I would have put down them down, for you.” she said. “We have so much to discuss.”

I wasn’t sure how to answer that, so I chose the better part of valour.

Ben returned, with Teresa in tow.

– “He won’t give us the Bible.” Ben complained. “We know he has it.”

– “Colin, do you have the Bible?” Teresa asked me. “I’m here as the referee, not the Captain.”

– “I do not have the Bible.” I repeated. “I did, but not anymore.”

– “Can we search him?” asked Barbara.

Teresa studied my face for a few moments. “Alright, I’ll handle this.” With that, she ushered Ben and Barbara out of the room. “As far as the game is concerned, you are still in the room, weapons drawn. If he has it, I’ll get it for you.” Ben protested, but Barbara pushed him out. She blew me a kiss before leaving.

– “What are you doing?” asked Teresa.

– “I don’t have it.” I said. “Can I put my arms down, now?”

– “Yes. Claire says she gave it to you.” said Teresa.

– “She did. I didn’t want anybody to find it, and I was afraid that she would want it back. So I hid it. That way, if she asked for it, I could honestly say that I didn’t have it. Just like I told them.”

– “You really hid it?”

– “And my pistol.” I said.

– “Where? Never mind – I don’t want to know. You are either very clever, mister, or very lucky.” said Teresa. She had that enigmatic smile on her face. God, I loved that girl.

“Alright.” she continued “I will tell them that they struck out. But from here on in, you had better find some friends. If they catch you alone again, they could kill you.”


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The Beach House – Chapter 15



Oh, could we?” Mia was getting excited. Almost a bit bouncy which was more attractive than she knew.

We hit the internet and spent some time on Gem Works. There wasn’t a lot of information on the small company, but we found enough. A local business journal article talked about them trying to expand into a specialized phosphorus product. They were having trouble getting the necessary funding due to their lack of historical profits. Chemicals were just not on the love list for venture capital firms these days. Their President and CEO was Brian Fitzgerald. I knew exactly what to do first thing in the morning.

Mia wasn’t that crazy about the plan. She was concerned about the money I was spending. Wives are always trying reign in their husbands’ spending. I kissed her and chuckled at her concern. I got a couple of hands on the hips and a cross look. “What’s so funny about saving money?” I could have told her, but I wanted to cherish the look on her face. I fired up my laptop and logged into the brokerage account. I went to the aggregate page and spun it around so she could look.

“Our main account, Mrs. Tomlinson.” I was smiling as her eyes found the total. Her mouth fell open, and I watched her eyes go back and forth over the total. I noticed she had stopped breathing. “You have to breathe sweetie.” I chuckled as she reread the number for the tenth time.

“You are rich-rich!” She looked up at me with wide eyes. She was still processing how much was there.

“We are rich.” I corrected.

“I can’t even fathom what to do with that kind of money.” She was still in shock.

“Putting an end to water bang parties might be a good start.” She smiled and scooted next me on the couch.

“Did I ever tell you how sexy I find rich men.” She was stroking my inner thigh. I felt my blood begin to move. I pushed an errant hair back behind her ear.

“I have always kind of had a thing for rich women.” She smiled into my eyes and leaned in for a kiss. I felt her hand move higher as my arousal increased. I reached out and stilled her hand.

“I want you to teach me how to love you.” It came out kind of wrong. I knew what I meant, but I was sure Mia was confused.

“I think you did pretty damn well in the pool a few hours ago.” She smiled at me, thinking I might need an ego boost. I gave her a quick kiss.

“I want you to teach me about you. I want you to show me where I should kiss, where I should touch, and where I should lick.” I was turning a bit red at the last part. “I want to know how to please you.”

“Was that your first time?” I knew she meant in the pool.

“Sort of. I paid for it a couple of times, but it never felt like it did in the pool.” I looked up into her eyes. I felt kind of exposed, but I really wanted to know how her body worked.

“Well, as your first and last girlfriend, I feel it is my duty to let you pleasure me.” She caressed my cheek with a smile. She got up and hurried me along to the bedroom. “God, this is going to be fun!” Her enthusiasm was making me horny.

Mia stripped as soon as we arrived at the bed. “Different things turn on different women. Lucky for you, you only have to learn about one woman.” She began undressing me. “I love being touched everywhere. Don’t waste your time staying in one place. My nerve endings kind of get bored if you stay anywhere too long.” She undid my belt buckle why I was making mental notes. “If you want to get me going, start with my joints.” She smiled up at me as she lowering my shorts. “My neck, the inside of my elbow, behind the knees and, for some reason, my ankles.” My dick bounced up as my shorts dropped. “Just light kisses, butterfly kisses and little licks. Nothing too sloppy though.” She hopped on the bed and spread herself out. She was grinning ear to ear. I gave her a curious look.

“What about your breasts?” I really liked the idea of playing with those. Mia chuckled.

“Those are all for you and feeding babies. Don’t get me wrong; it feels nice when you play with them. Mine just aren’t super sensitive.” I was slightly disappointed. “Don’t worry, I’ll show you other things titties are good for later.” Her smile held promise that eased my concern. I climb into the bed next to her. She giggled and rolled me on top of her. “When it’s your turn, I own you. Right now it’s my turn so you own me. I am your prized possession, and I have no choice but to submit to your control.” God, I liked the sound of that. Her body was my plaything and I was getting really excited.

I covered her body with mine and allowed an elbow and my knees to take the weight. My lips found the base of her neck, and I began lightly kissing and teasing it with my tongue. I felt involuntary shivers run through her body as my free hand lightly caressed her side. I kissed up to her ear and remembered the pool. “I love that you’re mine.” I whispered softly to her as my lips began to descend again.

“Yes, and words like that.” She said as my hand lightly caressed her side and my lips followed the contours of her shoulder. She was cooing as I kissed down her arm and tickled the crook of her elbow with my tongue. I slowly moved back up to the other side of her neck.

“You taste delicious,” I whispered, and another shiver ran through her body. I ran down her other arm and lightly tortured the inside of her elbow to a few quiet moans. I could feel the muscles in her body contracting in response to the tickling sensation.

I shifted my weight to my knees and moved my lips to her breasts. She told me they weren’t a big turn-on, but they were too wonderful to ignore. I gave the left nipple a little lick and gently blew on it. A forest of goose bumps appeared. I smiled and repeated the process on the right nipple. I got a giggle out of Mia and a whispered “Men!” said with humorous contempt.

I kissed a wet trail down her chest across her tummy. With both hands now free, my fingers were exploring her sides and running down her thighs. As my kisses reached her thighs, a wonderful musky aroma inflamed my nose. I carefully lifted her leg as I slowly moved to her knee, my eyes never leaving the adorable womanhood between her legs. The lips were shaded both lighter and darker than the surrounding skin. When I lifted her leg higher to access behind her knee the slit glistened. It looked as wonderful as it had felt in the pool. I caressed her thigh with both hands and kissed the crook of her knee. I pushed Mia’s knee back toward her as I massaged her calf. Her pussy opened slightly to reveal its wetness. It looked so warm, it had me entranced.

I reached her ankle and made love to it with my tongue as I massaged the bottom of her foot. I started hearing a constant low moan from Mia. I knew I was doing well. I raised the other foot to my lips and reversed the process I had used on her left leg. I was slowly descending back toward her intoxicating scent. As I approached, more of her muscles were responding involuntarily.

I pushed both of her thighs back toward her. I was desperate to see her. My face was only inches away from that precious opening as I ran my fingers along it. I opened her flower slightly and examined the multiple folds and the wetness that was flooding the sides. Mia moaned louder as I lightly touched her clit which had emerged from its hiding place. I was mesmerized by the beauty of it all. I loved her for letting me explore. Mia misinterpreted my exploration as hesitation. She spoke softly to me.

“Not every guy likes to…” I never let her finish. I dragged my tongue from the bottom of her slit deep inside tasting a woman for the first time. “Oh God!” she groaned. Both her hands wrapped around my head, and I felt her hips begin to move. She tasted like a soft honey, sweet but more delicate. My hands were holding her thighs wide as I went deeper and dragged out along her little nub. Mia tilted her hips into my face and was holding my head like I might want to leave. I began tickling her clit with the tip of my tongue, and I saw her back arch and her neck tense. Her whole body was shaking as she forced my mouth to drag along her clit. I lost my grip on her thighs as she straightened her legs to force her hips off the bed. She stayed that way for half a minute before her hips fell back, and a loud sexy groan escaped her lips.

I smiled at what I had done and lightly caressed her gorgeous pussy with two of my fingers. It was practically pulsing behind my hand. I was able to generate little involuntary jerks as I lightly moved them across her little nub. I have no idea why I was having so much fun watching her squirm under my fingers.

Mia sat up and then coaxed me back on top of her. “That was simply incredible.” She sighed as she pulled me into her bosom. “I didn’t think you were going to go that far.” I gave her a loving smile.

“I’d never seen one up close in real life. I just had to know everything about it.” I caressed her breast as I explained my actions. “It was really quite amazing. Everything about you is amazing.” I looked up to kiss her and I saw a tear in her eye. “Mia?”

“I love you so much.” She squeezed me tight and more tears appeared. “I get kind of emotional after I cum like that.” Her voice was a bit halting, and her expression was all screwed up with tears and a smile. I scooted up a bit more, gave her a kiss, and wiped the tears from her eyes. I was relieved that they were happy tears. She ran her hand down my side and felt my arousal.

“It feels like you are ready to explode.” Watching her throes of ecstasy made me hard. Knowing that I caused it had made me really hard. Mia sat up and pushed me flat on the bed. She moved between my legs and gave me an evil smile. “You like these don’t you.” She was holding her breasts and added a little wiggle for emphasis.

“I kind of love them.” I was smiling, not really knowing where this was going.

“They’re kind of soft and firm at the same time.” She was examining them, tilting them back and forth. “They feel so warm right now.” She looked back into my eyes. “I wonder what it would feel like if I wrapped them around your cock.” My hips jerked a bit as I realized where this was going. I had no idea what it was going to feel like, but God, I wanted to know! “First we have to make sure it will slide really well.” Without warning Mia dropped her lips over my manhood and took me half way into her mouth. Both of my hands squeezed a fist full of sheet as I strained not to cum under the surprise attack. I felt her tongue coat the underside of my shaft. I locked my legs, trying my best to hold off and wait for the breasts. She slowly raised off my tool, swirling her tongue around the crown. She drooled down the shaft, and her lips left the tip.

“Oh, I think it will slide real well now.” She looked me in the eye and lowered her breasts over my groin. I could have cum right there. I felt a tinge of release, and I knew if I let it go, it was all over. Just the thought of what was about to happen was becoming too much. She smiled at me. “I think you’re going to like this.” Mia squeezed her breast together and enveloped my rod in feminine warmth. I was in heaven. The sensation was so visually stimulating I wasn’t sure I could take any movement at all.

Mia began to massage my cock with her breasts. On every down-stroke, the head would poke up under her chin, and I would grunt. I gripped the sheets harder, and my neck was straining. I was trying desperately not to move my hips. I wanted it to last longer. Mia ended it. In a soft sultry voice I could barely hear, she said, “Cum for me.” My hips started jerking, and I watch my cock explode cum under her chin. The head disappeared between her tits, and I felt myself fill her cleavage. My whole body felt like it was part of the climax. Every cell was happy at that exact moment. When the crown reappeared, it was a glistening mess, and I pulsed another, smaller shot under her neck.

My spasms slowly wound down, and Mia unwrapped my manhood. Her neck and cleavage were covered in jism. My cock was a happy drippy mess. Mia started laughing as she looked down at her chest. God, I loved that laugh. “Someone really likes my titties.” she said as she wiggled them at me. I pulled her down to me. I didn’t care how messy she was, I needed to give my future wife a kiss.

“You are by far the best thing to ever happen to me.” I slid her lips up to mine for a short peck. “How about a shower? We have a lot of work tomorrow.” I was playing with her hair as I talked. She raised herself up on her elbows and looked at the walls.

“Can I redecorate? Monica’s color pallet is a bit boring.” She smiled at me. I liked the idea of her taking ownership of the place.

“Mrs. Tomlinson, it’s your house, and you can have it any way you want.” I reached down and squeezed her butt for emphasis. “We can call painters tomorrow.”

“I just thought we could go to the hardware store and paint it ourselves.” She was looking thoughtful. “Kind of makes it more ours when we do it ourselves.” A wonderful vision suddenly appeared in my head.

“If we were naked, we wouldn’t ruin have to ruin any clothes.” I was imagining her climbing ladders as I tried to hold back a smile.

“Well aren’t you the kinky one.” She poked me in the ribs. “But no sex until the room is done.” She didn’t hold back her smile. She seemed to like the idea. I was hoping it didn’t take too long to paint a room. “Let’s take that shower stud. You’re as sloppy as I am now.”


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 22

“So?” He asked. She looked at him not understanding. “Best orgasm you’ve ever had?”
“Yes, thank you master, I have never felt such pleasure. Feeling you pushing me to new heights of pleasure as I begged you to stop was incredible,” she grinned.
“I should get back to work,” Jack told her, noticing he was already ten minutes late.
“I think I’ll stay here for a bit, I don’t think I can stand right now,” Sarah giggled. It was strange seeing such a cheerful and playful side to her. Jack shook his head in amusement at what the collar could do as he snuck out the door, quickly closing it behind him in case anyone was there. He finished his shift and went back to check on Sarah. She was once again dressed and typing away at her computer although she had decided against putting her bra back on or doing up the top few buttons of her shirt, which was extremely unlike her.
“Do you need anything from me master?” She asked as Jack entered the room.
“No I just wanted to stop by and tell you that once that collar comes off you’ll be much warmer and friendlier towards me and be willing to fool around with me whenever I ask,” he smiled. As much as he wanted to go another round with her right there and then he was far too tired. Taking her home was out of the question too as he just wanted to go home and sleep. By the time he planned on waking up the collar would be off. He just hoped this last command worked so he could have some fun with her another time without needing the collar.
“Of course master,” Sarah smiled at him.
“I’m going home, you should stick to your usual routine too,” he suggested before leaving her and going home. It had been a long shift and while his activities during his break had been fun, they hadn’t been restful. Grabbing a quick snack and a shower Jack fell into bed, falling asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. The next morning was a considerable improvement over the previous, which wasn’t a surprise considering how hungover he was. He checked the collar was back in its box where it belonged, which is was, before he sent Abby a quick message. He told her he had managed to collar Sarah and about his new pay and contract. He left out the sexual details, although Abby would guess what happened anyway. He grinned as he hit send, reading his message about him using the collar was probably enough to send Abby into an impromptu masturbation session.

The End
(For now!)


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Another Life – Chapter 22

Two weeks before Christmas, I came home from the garage, to find two of my roommates at the kitchen table. Rose was holding Laurie’s hand.
They looked so serious – as if someone had died. I was about to say something stupid, then changed my mind at the last second.
– “What happened?” I asked.
Rose looked up at me. “Ronnie moved out.” she said.
– “What?”
Laurie seemed to finally realize that I was there.
– “Hey, Joe. Your cousin left me. He moved in with another girl.”
“I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for you and Barb.” said Laurie.
– “I liked her – a lot. We just didn’t …”
– “I know. But I really thought you two would be good together.”
Amazing. My dickhead cousin Ronnie had just left her, three weeks before Christmas, and yet Laurie was thinking about me. She got on with business, and worried about my love life.
I went over and gave her a hug.
– “What’s that for?” she asked.
I told her.
“What am I supposed to do? Curl up in the fetal position, and eat a box of chocolates?” Laurie pushed me away. “I’m a big girl, Joe.”
– “Listen, Laurie … I want to tell you something.”
– “Go ahead.”
– “I’m going to go to Ronnie’s Christmas party.” I said. “But I want you to know why.”
– “It’s a free country.” she said. “You don’t need my permission.”
– “Listen.” I said. It was important to me that she understand my reasons. “First of all, I want to tell Ronnie, to his face, that he’s an asshole.”
Laurie just nodded. That was a given.
“And second .. I sort of promised Eli that I’d take him. I must have made it sound like a big deal – he thinks that he’s going to meet the future Mrs. Eli there.”
That got me the ghost of a smile from her.
– “Go ahead, Joe. I understand.” she said.
So we went.
Ronnie must have known that I wasn’t thrilled with him: he didn’t come to the door to greet us. Instead, I found him in the kitchen with a couple of his douchebag friends.
– “Joe!” he said, coming toward me with outstretched arms and a beer in each hand. I let him come close, and awkwardly put his arms around me. He couldn’t actually hug me, because his hands were full. But he was close enough for me to say what was on my mind.
– “Not cool, Ron. Laurie didn’t deserve that. But you also took off on Rose and me – and left us with your share of the rent. Not cool at all.”
– “Hey – come on, Joe. It’s more complicated than that.” he said.
– “Not to me it isn’t.”
I left him standing there.
Eli followed me into the living room. Thankfully, he hadn’t felt the need to add his own obvious truths to what I’d said to Ron.
We met Christina, the girl Ronnie had moved in with. She was dark, with curly hair, and – I hate to admit it – much more attractive than Laurie. She seemed nice. I was polite, but no more. I didn’t expect to be seeing much of her after this.
Eli was scoping the room, looking for Ms. Right, or Ms. CloseEnough, when I felt the pressure of a very female body against my back. Then a cool hand covered my eyes.
– “Guess who.” said a voice.
– “Sid Vicious.” I said.
– “Close.” she said, with a laugh. I turned around, to find Tanya smiling at me.
Sam’s sister was about the same height, but where Sam was slender – almost skinny – Tanya was … full-bodied. She had really blossomed, and the flannel shirt she wore, with three buttons undone, made it abundantly clear. She was, as the Germans might say, all Titzenbum.
– “Eli, this is Sam’s sister – Tanya.” I said. I had been about to say ‘younger sister’, which I doubt she would have appreciated. “Tee – my friend Eli.”
Eli barely managed not to drool on her. “Very pleased to meet you.” he said. “If, for some reason, my friend Joe here doesn’t want to have sex with you, I would be very happy if you’d accept me as a substitute.”
Tanya laughed her ass off. “Oh – he’s awesome! Where’d you find him, Joe?”
– “Circus sideshow.” I said. “I lost a bet.”
– “I’ll be right over there.” Eli said to her. “If you need a change of scene, or someone with a sense of humor …”
– “I’ll get your number from Joe.” said Tanya.
Eli was already a good friend, but he won my eternal gratitude by making himself scarce at that point.
– “So … hey.” said Tanya, with a little toss of her head. She must have been mowing them down in the halls of her high school with that particular move.
In terms of facial features, Sam was prettier. But Tanya had a certain look. It’s hard to describe. She was still in her teens, but had mastered the sidelong glance, the smoldering look, the suggestive lip … and she had the voluptuous body to back them all up.
She had one thing in common with Sam: away from home, Tanya was quite different.
– “Hey back.” I said. “Nice to see you here. Ronnie invited you?”
– “How’d you know?”
– “Telepathic powers.” I said. I had to play it cool: as long as I’d known her, Tanya had little tolerance for earnestness or sincerity. Guys probably fawned all over all the time. This girl liked witty banter, and would chew me up and spit me out if I couldn’t keep up.
She just grinned.


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Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 23

Ben and Barb would claim the extra clue from Teresa. I wasn’t too thrilled with that. The odds were good that one of them was the Falcon, or the Scar – if it wasn’t Sheila or Eric.
We took a half hour break before staring the pool games. Same teams, same format, because the losers all wanted a chance at redemption. I went upstairs to check on the weather. The deck was wet, and it was still raining, albeit lightly.
Craig caught up with me in the kitchen. “Got a minute, Colin?”
– “Sure. What’s up?”
Craig didn’t answer right away. He led me into the den. “OK if we talk in here?”
– “No problem.” I said. “What’s on your mind?”
I was expecting something game-related, but he surprised me. “Hey, ah – thanks for teaming me up with Claire.” He wasn’t being sarcastic; Craig was rarely anything but completely genuine. “But listen, ah … I don’t want to step on anybody’s shoes, you know.”
– “Craig, are you talking about Claire? You and Claire?”
– “Yeah. I mean, no – I was talking about you and her. You guys have some history, right? And I saw how she was looking at you. So, I just wanted to ask: are you serious about Claire?”
I felt a tremendous sense of relief. And satisfaction, too. Craig was a truly decent guy. He would be great for her. “No, Craig.” I told him. “You called it right. History. All in the past. And neither of us ever wanted to get serious. It would have made things awkward, you know? With Leo and Eliza, I mean. We’re old friends, and we both think it’s best to stay that way.”
– “You’re sure?” asked Craig. “Because I can back off, if that’s what you want.”
– “Craig – just answer me this: are you interested in Claire?”
– “Yeah. I am. Very much so.”
– “I really appreciate you coming to me like this.” I told him. “It’s a classy thing to do. But the field is wide open, my friend. Better than that, even. Claire has been trying to get your attention for a while now. She was worried that you had a girlfriend, or something.”
– “No, no. Nothing like that. I just … wanted to make sure.”
– “She’s a great girl, Craig.”
– “I know. Hey, thanks, Colin. Thanks a lot.” We shook hands, and parted as friends. This might just turn into a perfect solution for all concerned.
We started playing pool in the basement. It turned into a very, very different game. For one thing, Eric was better than Eliza, changing the balance of power on that team. For another, Sheila was not so good, and Leo was … Leo, so they went from one of the strongest teams to one of the weakest. Claire was still terrible. But the biggest surprise of all was Lena.
Now I know that they have pool halls in Slovenia, because she was a shark. I can hold my own on a pool table, and she was damn good. Unless somebody ran the table on us, we weren’t going to lose.
– “Stacked the teams, Colin?” said Ben. Asshole – he wasn’t complaining when it was ping-pong.
We made it to the finals, against Barb and Ben, and we cleaned their clocks.
It was a great confidence booster for Lena, and she got a lot of positive attention. Beating Ben never gets old, so I enjoyed it, too. But we also prevented those two from getting a second clue. Lena and I went to see Teresa to claim our prize.
– “Congratulations.” she said. “Here you go.” Teresa handed us a teabag each.
I just looked at her.
– “Oh, the expression on your face, Colin!” Teresa actually laughed. “Priceless!” Lena was just as confused as I was, so Teresa took pity on us. “This is a clue to the location of the treasure. Redbeard captured a whole cargo of this from a French merchantman. He liked it so much, he put into it the code for his treasure.”
– “That’s it?” I asked.
– “That’s it. Now I have to try to explain to Lena.” Teresa pulled out a small book. It was a Slovenian-English dictionary.
– “Hey – that’s awesome.” I said. “Could I borrow that, later?”
– “Why?” asked Teresa.
– “So I could maybe use some words that Lena would understand.”
That half-smile crept across Teresa’s face. It was a sight I knew so very well. She was pleased. “We’ll see.” she said.


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The Beach House – Chapter 14

“It was a harbor boat. I was hired to take care of a guy on his yacht anchored in the harbor. I fucked him, and then we went to the deck for a break. I was naked and pretty stoned. There were six of his friends waiting for me when we got up there. He told me I had to take care of all of them, and I refused.” She sighed. “He got a hold of my purse and clothes and told me I wasn’t getting them back until they were all satisfied. When I refused again, he threw them overboard and told me they would just take what they wanted. Luckily, they were more drunk than I was stoned. I was able to get on his harbor boat and break away. That was my lowest point, Dale. When I knew I didn’t want to go on anymore.”

“Now I know everything. I don’t want you to leave me.” I was afraid she hated herself so much that happiness was hell for her.

“I don’t have anywhere else to go.” It was a cop out. My frustration was rising, and I knew it wouldn’t help the situation.

“If you want to leave, I will give you whatever money you need to start over. Do you love me or not?” I couldn’t believe I had just drawn a line in the sand. I was angry, frustrated, and scared of how she would answer. She turned back to me with wet eyes and nodded.

“Yes, I love you. I just don’t know how you could love me.” I smiled as a warmth filled my soul. I hadn’t lost her. I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her lips to mine. She responded slowly then added passion to match mine. I rolled her onto her back and held her face in my hands.

“For now, just accept that I do love you.” I smiled and kissed her face all over. “No more secrets, no more lies. You are mine, and I am yours.” I was back at her lips as she folded her hands gently around the back of my head and engaged my tongue. She ran her thigh up along mine and quickly separated her lips from mine.

“You’re covered in sand.” There was desire in her eyes. “How about the pool?” She was breathing hard. I had no idea how she moved from “don’t touch me” to “how about the pool.” All I knew is that I wanted her badly. My arousal was evident as I pulled her to her feet. We almost ran to the pool, trying not to let the mood weaken. I dropped my suit and dove in. I turned and watched the most adorable striptease. She had to peel herself out of her suit which required a few sexy shimmies and made her all the more desirable. I gave a wolf whistle as she finally pulled it down her legs. I received a sexy runway pose before she dove in after me.

Our lips met again in the shallows. Her breasts pressed into my chest as I ran my hands over her body not knowing where to touch first and not wanting to miss a part. My inexperience was evident as I explored. Mia tenderly grabbed my hand and moved it between her legs. “This is yours.” She whispered in my ear. “I don’t want any other man but you to touch it ever again.” It felt like my dick was trying to grow larger. As I let my hand explore between her legs. The folds were sensual, soft and slick. I ran a finger along the slit carefully feeling for the entrance. She opened for me and I slipped my finger into the warmest and most inviting embrace.

“You feel so beautiful.” I was mesmerized with her pussy. I had never taken the time to enjoy a woman so completely. Mia moaned as I explored her with my finger. I liked being the cause of the moan. I felt her hand around my hard-on, and my hips jerked a bit.

“I want you in me,” she said, looking into my eyes. I felt a twinge in my groin at that and knew I wouldn’t last long. I didn’t want to disappoint her, but she was just too damn hot. I removed my hand and fumbled my dick into position. I was a bit over excited and had trouble finding my way in. Mia smiled, and I felt her grab my cock and guide it toward Heaven. Her feet left the bottom of the pool, and she encircled my hips with her legs. The most wonderful sensation enveloped my shaft. She slowly took all of me while watching my eyes. I was trying desperately not to explode. I never wanted it to end. She looked so gorgeous hanging on my shoulders. Her hips moved to meet mine.

“Do you love me, Dale?” She knew the answer to that. She just wanted to hear it again.

“I love you, Mia.” I felt her hips grind into my groin. Her head tilted backward, and her smile warmed deliciously. My experience was irrelevant. My words were her aphrodisiac. “I want you more than anything.” Her hips were grinding involuntarily. I was trying desperately to hold back just a moment longer. “You are in my soul. I will love you forever.” Mia’s whole body began to shake, and her muscles tensed. I saw the veins in her neck enlarge as her hips ground harder and more sporadically. A sexy growl came from her lips which sent me over the top. I emptied into her again and again. I thought I would never stop as pleasure coursed through my body into the love of my life.

Mia pulled forward as her spasms subsided. My legs collapsed, and we fell backward underwater, her lips locked on mine. I thought she was going to smother me to death, she was squeezing so hard. She separated from me, and we rose back into the air. It was the single best experience of my life. “I really love swimming with you!” I couldn’t even attempt to shrink my grin. Everything about her was so exciting. Mia laughed and wrapped her arms around and through me.

“You were beyond perfect!” She kissed me on the lips. “I am yours, you know.” She kissed me on my nose and moved to my forehead then my cheeks. I held her close and whispered in her ear.

“No more doubts?” I didn’t want to ruin the mood, but I had to know.

“None at all.” I felt her smile against my cheek. My plan had one more step. It was an insane step, but my life had always been a bit insane.

“Marry me.” I said it clearly. I didn’t whisper. I wanted her to know I meant it. She pulled her head back and looked me in eyes.

“You’re serious.” It was a statement that didn’t require a response. I gave her one anyway.

“Absolutely serious.” I didn’t let my eyes drift away from hers. Without blinking, the word formed on her lips.

“Yes.” Her expression didn’t change. I felt she was waiting for me to withdraw the offer. I just smiled and gave her a tender kiss which she returned.

“Mia, my wife… I really like the sound of that,” I said when our lips parted. I think it hit her right then. I wasn’t pulling her chain. I had no fear of her past and no fear of our future. She melted into me and screamed into the air. She released all her fears with mine, and we emotionally entwined our futures.

The sliding glass door slammed open and Dr. Williams came running out. He had heard Mia’s scream and thought the worst. He slowed when he saw a naked entwined couple in the pool with smile-laden faces. “Whoa! not quite what I expected.” He said trying to cover his eyes. I could see a grin hidden behind his hand. Mia started laughing. What a wonderful laugh.

“You want to be really blown away?” Mia said with sparkling eyes.

“Nothing you two do will shock me anymore.” He sat on a pool chair which allowed the side of the pool to provide the necessary modesty.

“Mia has agreed to be my wife.” I watched his expression go through three or four emotions and then settle on happy.

“That is many levels of insane, but with you two, it just seems to fit.” He was smiling at both of us. He started laughing to himself. “Monica is going to shit when she hears this.” He started slapping his knee. “She was so pissed at you for screwing up her anniversary. She made me promise to make you do the heavy lifting, and she gave the clinic a lot of your money to make sure it happened.” He was having a hard time trying to control the laughter. “She said you wouldn’t last a day.” He was hysterical at this point. “She’s been waiting for your apology. Called me twice wondering why you weren’t begging for forgiveness.” He pointed at me. “What I wouldn’t give to see her face when she hears about this.”

“Honey, we really should do something nice for her and her husband. After all, you did screw up their anniversary.” Mia pulled me close smiling. I was fine with her being my social compass.

“We certainly owe her something for putting us together.” I squeezed Mia. “We’ll put our heads together and dream up something special.” I looked back at the doctor.

“Well, my work is done here. It’s been an absolute privilege working with you two.” He smiled as he stood up. We had drifted to the edge of the pool so he didn’t have to hide behind his hand. “I am truly happy for both of you. I just never saw it coming.” He held out the palm of his hand. “I’ll show myself out.” He was still chuckling as he walked back through the house. Mia shouted thanks as he disappeared inside.

“Well Mrs. Tomlinson, or Perez if you prefer, would you like some dinner?” I was steering her toward the stairs.

“Mrs. Tomlinson is indeed hungry.” She smiled at me as she followed.

We had a wonderful dinner of frozen crap. Mia and I decided that grocery shopping was first on the list for tomorrow. As we were cleaning up the plates, my phone buzzed. It was Frank.

“Frank, I am going to put you on speaker.” I wasn’t going to hide anything for Mia anymore. I placed the phone on the table. “Mia Perez is here with me.”

“I’m not sure I understand Mr. Tomlinson.” Frank was a bit confused. He didn’t expect to be talking with anyone but me.

“Mia, Frank is the one who I had looking into your past. I suspect he has information about the boat incident to report.”

“Hi Frank.” Mia smiled at me. I think she was happy that I didn’t take the call privately.

“Hello, Ms. Perez.” Frank stuttered a bit.

“Frank, I hired you to clear up some issues between Mia and myself so I could talk her into marrying me.” I heard a cough on the other side of the line. “She has already told me what happened on the boat and has agreed to be my wife.”

“Ahh, congratulations!?” It sounded more like a question.

“I think we may have caught you off guard Frank. I told Dale everything. I am sure the gentleman on the boat may spin it a bit differently but, the gist will be the same.” Mia scooted next to me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Sorry, I am not used to working for couples with so much trust. Kind of comes with the job.” He was getting on his feet again. “The yacht is owned by a Walter Patterson. It was his son Thomas Patterson who hired you, Ms. Perez, for his evening’s entertainment.” He paused to make sure that I was fully aware of the events. “It seems that Mr. Patterson has a habit of renegotiating his agreements with his entertainers once he has them on his father’s boat. You are not the first one he has done this to.” He coughed a bit. “I apologize, Ms. Perez, but he calls them his ‘water bang parties.’ He has some like-minded friends who frequent the events.”

“What a bastard!” Mia had grim look on her face. “I thought it was a spur of the moment thing. You say he planned to share me with his friends?”

“Yes ma’am. A rather distraught young man, Kyle Gladstone, filled me in. He was on board and had no idea that you had not previously agreed. Mr. Patterson controls his job prospects. He spent a good twenty minutes telling me how ashamed he was for not telling the police.”

“Tall blonde kid, funny glasses?” Mia asked.

“That describes him pretty well.” Frank added. Mia looked at me.

“He got in the way of the other guys when I made for the harbor boat. I think he got in over his head,” Mia injected.

“That was my feeling also. Both Mr. Patterson and Mr. Gladstone work for a small chemical outfit called Gem Works.” Frank sighed, “I don’t think you should have bought him a new boat, Mr. Tomlinson. They would have dropped the charges just to keep the incident quiet and avoid jail time themselves.”

“How much did I pay for the boat?” I was beginning to devise a bit of payback. I heard paper shuffling on the other end.

“$33,781 according to the invoice Bob sent me.” I wrote down the number and a few other notes.

“Thanks, Frank. Your service has been very valuable to me.” I was getting use to thanking people.

“Thanks, Frank. I appreciate your careful choice of words.” Mia smiled at the phone.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that, Ms Perez. Congratulations on your engagement.” He disconnected. I really liked Frank. He was a no bullshit guy who seemed to care for his clients. I was hoping I could use him again in the future.

“I suddenly don’t like Mr. Thomas Patterson.” I said with a mischievous smile. “What do you say we try to put an end to his water bang parties.”


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