Eliana – Part 2 -The Art of Philly Cheesesteaks

Another tale of one man’s journey navigating his way through the dating scene in Philadelphia.

Eliana and I decided to meet again. She said she wanted to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I love the PMA, so I was down for that. Back then I was off on Mondays, so she said she’d come down again.

She drove down into center city, and because she don’t know the city, and is not the best parallel parker, she picked me up. I was at Rachael’s stuffing a bagel down my throat. I don’t think she’d get down here as fast as she did.

I hop in her Chevy Volt and off we go. I direct her out to the PMA, because she’s clueless. We pull into the underground parking garage and lock the car. We take the elevator to the surface, and head towards the back entrance of the museum. The back of the building is not nearly as exciting as the front, with the Rocky steps and all.

We get to the door, and the nice man guarding the door says the museum is closed. What a disappointment. I was really looking forward to walking the halls of my favorite museum with this lady. But I’ve got an idea. I work my charm on the guard and he provides us with a coupon for cheap parking.

Eliana, is giving me some ribbing about bringing her down here on a monday, and the museum being closed. I get it and I’ll fix this. It was a little annoying though.

It’s a beautiful warm day, and I tell her leave the car there in the lot. We get our coats out of the vehicle and walk down Ben Franklin Parkway. I take her to the Rodin Museum. I love Rodin. It’s a small museum, but his sculptures rock. (get it?)

We tour the museum for a bit, and then take a seat in one of the rooms to chill. I steal a kiss or two from her. I think she knows by now I like her. I’m not blown away by this girl, but she’s nice and I’m feeling decent energy. I’m not that attracted to her. She’s got a sexy body, but there’s something missing. Maybe it’s a cultural gap. Did you ever notice how sometimes people from other countries just aren’t as hip as Americans? I mean no offense by this statement. But we have so many diverse culture references, that, and our fast way of life, it just makes us different.

The sun is shining and it’s an amazingly warm beautiful day. We stroll the parkway, and I have us walk south around 20th street. That’s a great area out there. The Franklin Institute, the Academy of Natural Sciences. I could have taken her to the Barnes Museum instead of the Rodin, but there’s a difference. The Rodin Museum was free. I made a small donation. The Barnes if $25 per person. I’m not dropping $50 on a second date. I don’t care if it’s a billion dollar art collection or not.

I’ve done the Barnes as a first date, but I got in for FREE. Totally different situation. I don’t know if this chick is going to make it.

We walk all the way back down to Rittenhouse. It was a hike, but a lovely stroll. I take her to a good spot I know for Monday lunch. We go in and get a table in the back. My favorite Monday bartender is on duty. Anna Marie is a love. She’s a beautiful Vietnamese girl. Petite and fit. I do the necessary pleasantries. Eliana had told me she had never had a Philly cheesesteak.

Today is the day, because they are half price on Mondays at this place. If I’m going to date all of these women, I have to be creative as well as thrifty. She’s pleased with the outcome, and happy that I remembered.

We get our food and chat. Our day is going well. She likes her cheesesteak well enough. I of course pay the bill. But so far this has been a pretty light date financially.

We walk west on Walnut street. We had some leftover food and I am carrying it so that I can give it to the next homeless person I see. It’s a real problem in Philly. But it seems like every time I have food, I never see any of them. This has happened on several occasions. But I do finally run into a guy and give him the food.

We walk all the way out to the Schuylkill River. There is a long walking and riding path there. It’s a lovely scenic area. You just have to watch out for the cyclists speeding by.

Check it out here: https://schuylkillrivertrail.com/

It goes on for miles and miles. They’ve really done a great job developing and maintaining it. We walk along the manicured trail. The view of the river is great. You can see Thirtieth Street Station, and the Cira Centre, which is my favorite building in the city. Because it looks like a big shard of glass jammed into the ground.

More here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cira_Centre

There was some kisses as we strolled along the path. It was a long day, and we basically spent almost six hours together. The beauty of this little journey, is that the path leads right back to the Art Museum. It really has been a lovely day. But when you spend a great deal of time with someone, you get to know them pretty fast.

We get to the parking garage and hop in her car. It’s been an amazing day weather wise. I like Eliana. She asks me if I want to drive her car, and I leap at the chance. Just so much technology in these modern machines. I’m going to drive this car right down to Square 1682 at 17th and Sansom. I’ll be sipping a drink with Carly and Church in twenty minutes.

I just don’t know how thrilled I am with Eliana. I think she’s nice and I like her, but somehow, something’s missing. I’m just not feeling the energy. I don’t need to feel the euphoric power I have felt in the past about anyone. I hope that aspect of my love life never happens again.

I need to think about this. I’ll know what I’m going to do by the next date.

Probably before that.

She does have a slammin’ little body on her…

I promise to let you know.


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22 thoughts on “Eliana – Part 2 -The Art of Philly Cheesesteaks”

  1. I have a few ethnic friends who feel like they have to compete or don’t measure up against the blond/blue eyed, all American girls. Maybe Eliana has some of those insecurities too. Maybe she’s holding back a little. Or maybe she’s just letting you take he lead…for now (or then). Have you ever met anyone who look absolutely nothing like her picture? I mean absolutely nothing? Just curious. I wonder how often that happens. You’re megabrave!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I once met a guy who had put up the photo of his dead brother on his profile. I realised that only when I met him. He was also a class act in boorishness. These were the days when I was dating alongside but my parents wanted me to work on the theme of marriage the arranged way. Needless to say that was the first and last time I gave in to their demands. It is a little surreal when people do that, isn’t it?

        Liked by 2 people

      2. That’s a crazy good story. Love is the strongest thing in the universe, but it sometimes gets a bit skewed. I have seen it in myself and in some of my friends. You know things and want to help them navigate properly, but everybody always has to find their own way. Maybe someday, love will come again and stay.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It gives me the jitters even now. People can go to abnormal lengths to create false impressions. I do not know if they realise that it might work for them but just does not for the other person. Amen to that last thought.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. She was a pretty girl in her pics. Hot. But when I met her it was like the 17 bus pulled into the bar. I still kind of liked her but knew it wasn’t a match. Not because of her size but that she was crazy with a lot of problems. There is a future post coming out about her. S&M Girl…..

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I’m in Philly as you know. I appreciate your wanting to protect your identity. Me too. But phickle is taking off and I am just about ready to publish it as a book. I really want Netlfix to pick it up.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Great comment. I feel the same way as you do. For me, I used to love the euphoria of falling in love. But the withdrawal that happens when the relationship fails can last for years. Once you have felt that enough times, I think your brain rewires itself to actually take a more sensible mature approach to love.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. that was your comment 😊 I was simply quoting you and asking why you felt that way. But now I understand.
        Sooooo what’s the “more sensible mature approach to love” for you?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Go into it slowly and with eyes and mind open and clear. Stay busy. Don’t do too much of it. Know going into it that it could leave you at anytime. I just go along and not worry about it too much. I just go out with the person and if it’s match it’ll just happen. It shouldn’t be a stressful rollercoaster ride.

        Liked by 1 person

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