Philadelphia, Pa – July 2021

About a week after I got back from my four-day stint in Wildwood at my sister’s shore house I figured I should probably look for a job.

I had been on unemployment for over a year and a half and it was about to run out for good.

Back in March of 2020 when I was laid off from my hospitality job at a sports bar working 55 hours a week on my feet, I was happy to be off.

After working for 40 years I was happy to get a break. What began as a time of apprehension, quickly became a joy when I started getting $360 a week plus another $600 a week from the government which lasted 6 months. (Not to mention the $1200 stimulus checks I got!) Then they extended unemployment past that and still provided $300 extra per week so I was in good shape financially over the whole year and a half.

During that time I monetized this blog with WordPress ads, and Google AdSense, and acquired my own advertisers to promote their brands on my site. So there was that added income rolling in. I also published six books over that year and a half. Phicklephilly: One Man’s Journey to Find Love in Philadelphia, Phicklephilly II: He’s Found Love, But Can He Keep It?, Crazy Dating Stories, Sun Stories: Tales from a Tanning Salon, Angel with a Broken Wing, & Below The Wheel. So, royalties were rolling in from the sale of all of those books.

Back in April, I started cranking up some freelance writing assignments from different companies across the country. That brought me thousands of dollars and is still going on today. I was in great shape financially. I made more money and grew my investments during the pandemic than when I was working 55 hours a week in some terrible bar job.

I could see why once things started up again restaurants couldn’t find people who wanted to work. People were making great money on unemployment and all realized they could enjoy the summer and maybe find a vocation that was better than working in hospitality. It’s horrible, demanding work and I wouldn’t recommend that type of job to anyone.

It’s full of drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill people, illegal aliens, felons, and those who can’t get a job doing anything else. I was told by an executive in the hospitality industry that it attracts the very worst people. I had to agree with him. It’s a thankless, garbage life.

I decided I could never go back to anything like that but didn’t completely rule it out if I couldn’t find anything else at almost 60 years of age. But I was told by friends that they knew I’d get something because of my skills and personality.

During the pandemic, I decided that if I could find a little job to keep myself in step with humanity that was somewhere locally, I’d take it. Maybe something in retail in my neighborhood. But who knows?

About a week after I came back from Wildwood, I decided to look. I updated my resume and made a dozen copies at the local Kinkos over on 15th street. I applied to a few places on Craigslist and Indeed but didn’t hear anything.

The Last Week of July 2021

One day I walked over to the hardware store that’s a block and a half away from my house. I wanted to pick up a timer for some mini lights in my bedroom. While I was there I asked one of the guys working there if they were hiring. He said they were and to bring my resume in the next day. I did, and it was taken by one of the managers.

The next day I got a call from the owner and he asked me to come in and meet with the general manager the next day. I went in and met with him and was hired on the spot. I started that Friday and have been there ever since.

But here’s the thing… the same day I dropped my resume off at the hardware store I met with the owner of a local bar at 23rd and Sansom. He hired me on the spot as well. I told him I had managed a restaurant but never tended bar. He didn’t care but hired me anyway. I was shocked at my flood of good fortune.

I later had to decline the bar gig because I didn’t want to have to work until 2:30 in the morning. No way! Not doing that.

But the hardware gig is great. The guys I work with are nice and the whole vibe of the place is laid back. The work is easy and the customers are great. It’s nice to serve the community and help them with all of their household needs.

I was surprised how smooth my transition went from being unemployed for a year and a half to a nice job a block and a half from my house.

It’s been a great year of freedom and creativity, and now this cat has once again landed on his feet!


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The Unspoken Rules of a One Night Stand

It’s always good to be on the same page.

Before Tinder, one night stands were a lot more difficult. You had to show up to a bar, be the most charming version of yourself and hope that someone was brave enough to go home with someone they’ve spoken to for 5 minutes. But the wonderful world of online dating changed all of that. One night stands are way more accessible and way more common than they used to be.

You still have to be charming enough to write a swipe-rightable profile and string a few sentences together in chat, but if you can bypass that very low barrier of entry, you’ll be on the train to one-night-stand town. But, once you arrive, there are a few unspoken rules that any decent human being should abide by. Make your expectations clear

While we may not always know that we’re headed for a one night stand before it happens, you can be upfront about your intentions from the get-go. If you know you’re only looking for something casual, just say so. That way you can avoid hurt feelings or expectations of things going further.

Message them before you even meet up, or if you happen to meet in person (but what are the chances of that? What year is this?) mention something before things go too far. They should be able to decide if it’s worth their time and energy to pursue something casual with you. If they’re looking for something more serious and all you want is a quick fling, they may leave the interaction feeling used. It’s important to be honest.

Say something like:

You seem like a really cool person, plus you’re super cute (which is a bonus). I’d love to meet you irl/ continue to get to know you, if you’re up for it. But I want to be upfront and let you know that I’m not currently looking for anything serious. If you’re still interested in going further, that’s awesome. If not, I totally understand!

Bring the necessary tools.

Make like the Boy Scouts and “always be prepared.” You don’t have to bring a survival kit, but there are a few things you should always have on hand when prepping for a one night stand.

1. Protection

Don’t expect that your hookup will have protection, always bring your own. You don’t want to be caught in the heat of the moment and need to stop because neither of you came prepared.

Pop a few condoms/dental dams/contraceptive sponges/whatever floats your boat, into your wallet before you head out. But, if you happen to forget, remember that most bar bathrooms are equipped with machines, or you can stop by your local corner store for emergency supplies. Make it part of the adventure!

2. Money

Don’t be caught without enough money to get home after the fun is done.
You may find yourself on the other side of town. You need to make sure you have cab or bus fare to make your way back home. Budget it into your evening expenses so you’re not stuck and frantically texting friends to come find you.

It’s not fun to feel like you’re trapped or reliant on someone (especially your date) to get you home. Practice premeditated independence and be financially prepared to get home.

Post-Sex Tips

Once everything is said and done, be sure to follow the proper etiquette so everyone feels comfortable.

1. Be prepared to leave.

If the one night stand is at their place, you should be prepared to gtfo, unless you’re specifically invited to stay the night (and that means without any prompting or hinting from you). There’s nothing wrong with staying the night and waking up together the next day. Maybe you could even grab some brunch. But it has to be what everyone involved wants.

Some people may not be comfortable having you sleep over. They may need to process the experience by themselves, or maybe they just prefer to sleep alone. No matter the reason, you need to give them their space.

Which isn’t to say that you need to run out the door as soon as the sexual activity is over, but you should stay aware of body language and verbal cues that it’s time to leave. Then collect your things (all of them) and don’t forget to thank them for hosting on the way out

2. To Ghost or Not To Ghost

I’m not going to lie. Being ghosted sucks. If you had a good time on your one night stand, but don’t feel the need to see them again, send them a polite text the next day saying just that.

“It was nice meeting you yesterday. I had a great time and loved learning more about you. That being said, I do want to leave this at a first date and wish you nothing but the best! Good luck with [add personal details about goal they were working on]. Take care!”

I know that the whole idea of a one night stand means that you don’t see each other again, but it’s still super classy to send a follow-up text thanking them for their time. And maybe something you thought would be a one night stand turns out to be something more long term. If you want to see them again, there’s no harm in asking.

One night stands can be an absolute blast. As long as you play safe and respect the boundaries of your short term partner, it can be a great experience. Even the ones that don’t go entirely to plan give you more insight into what you’re looking for in the future. So get messy, awkward & weird and enjoy each other in however short the time may be.


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