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Prolific versatile writer with over 30 years experience. Proficient in all aspects of communication. Generated hundreds of business materials, including reports, letters, proposals, advertising campaigns, presentations, press releases, reviews, customer service and sales manuals, and creative pieces.

Phicklephilly.com ​(2016 – Present) Author

https://atomic-temporary-111921946.wpcomstaging.com/ The dating and relationship forum for Philadelphia. Stories from the author’s life and daily experiences appear on a daily basis. Several series have been published about the struggles of maintaining complex and unique relationships. The blog offers dating and relationship advice on a myriad of subjects. Publishes globally every day, 365 days a year, and has yielded several published books.


Number of posts: ​3,000

Subscribers: 2,400

Visitors: 250,000

Page Views: ​350,000


Philly Weekly​ ​​ (2015-2021) Senior Account Executive

Business development, service, and expansion of print and online advertising accounts, product/service marketing, and implementation of advertising budgets. Created campaigns and copy to serve client’s advertising and brand needs. Creating the client’s core message and target audience. Brainstorming visual and copy ideas with other members of the creative team. Writing and presenting multiple options to clients. Modifying artwork and message to meet client needs. Overseeing the production phase until completion of the campaign. Increased overall sales by 17%.

The Drink Nation​​ ​ (1/12-5/15) ​Director of National Advertising

Managed and led the sales force for current national markets, (Drink Philly, Drink NYC, Drink Baltimore, Drink Denver, and Drink Portland) ​ Responsible for marketing and publicizing products and services. Created their mission statement, rate card, client contracts, and sales department. Performed research to find the target audience, hold focus groups, outline goals, develop concepts, create storyboards, approve copywriting, and set budgets for ad campaigns. Primary Responsibilities Inform the public about the company’s goods and services. Set budgeting goals. Develop advertising campaigns, including TV ads, commercials, ads for radio, pay​per​click, banner, and internet ads. Create direct mail initiatives. Measure ad effectiveness and optimize if needed. Coordinate staff members who create and deliver ads. Create, review, approve and revise copy. Oversee media buying. Work with account executives to create ad campaigns. Select agencies to partner with. Approve of agency plans. Work with sales staff to generate ideas for campaigns. Oversee creative staff. Prepare cost estimates for campaigns. Serve as liaison between the firm requiring the advertising and an advertising or promotion agency that actually develops and places the ads. Oversee in-house accounts. Present campaigns during pitches. Approve changes to the budget as needed. Preside over film shoots. Identify new potential markets.

Interstate General Media​​, ​(10/07 – 5/12) Philly.com, Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily NewsSales Manager

Manage and coach a team of 9 sales reps. Selling SEO, website, mobile and landing page creation & design, reputation management, social media, custom video, business branding, business directory placements, text marketing, YouTube videos, and digital advertising on philly.com ​
Account Executive ​​ (10/07 – 10/10) Call upon local and national businesses, selling multi-media advertising including digital banners, SEO, SEM, print, and mobile for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News & philly.com. Developed business plans and proposals for sales presentations as well as staff. Also sold recruitment packages for their online partner, Monster.com. Created weekly newsletter: Monday Morning Media.

TCA​ , Inc.​​ ​(10/02 – 8/07​) ​ ​ Director of Client Services

Work within commercial banks, savings & loans, and credit unions to increase profits and cut expenses through programs and process improvements we implement. 100% travel within the continental United States. Over 500 clients, in 26 states. Interface exclusively with Bank Presidents/CEOs and CFOs. Analyze FR2900 to identify excess at FRB and reduce it. Analyze cash levels and reduce and maintain targets for more efficient usage of bank funds. Analyze and implement accelerated cash letters to reduce holdover. Analyze staffing utilization, set limits, design schedules, and eliminate overtime. Perform market share data analysis and perform competitive surveys to improve levels of service and fee penetration, analyze outsourcing, Compose, and teach Customer Service and Sales & Sales Management training programs. Compose reference and training manuals for banks. Design and implement controls
to track and monitor monthly and annual savings for each savings area created for each institution.

Licenses:​ Series 6, and 63, Life & Health Insurance​ NJ & PA. Awards:​ First Union Evergreen Million Dollar Club: 1996, 1997, 1998, And 1999. 6/99 “Due Diligence Conference”​ One of thirty Investment Officers selected to go to First Union’s Annual Investment Conference in Boston. Federated Mutual Funds Million Dollar Presidents Club: 2000

Writing and Artwork



Phicklephilly (digital and paperback)

Phicklephilly 2 (digital and paperback)

Crazy Dating Stories, Vol.1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 (digital books)

Crazy Dating Stories, Anthology (digital and paperback)

Sun Stories: Tales from a Tanning Salon (digital and paperback)


Angel with a Broken Wing (digital and paperback)

Below The Wheel (digital and paperback)


Mural – Mac Mart ​(2018)

Several awards for artwork over the last 30 years in art shows nationwide. Blogger Recognition Award ​(2017, 2018) Written and published over 40 songs and has several recorded.

References available upon request


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