Christmas – 2018 and Beyond – Part 5 – Duncan

I’m home. I’ve an incredible Christmas with my entire family. I’m emotionally spent. I’m on my laptop writing and watching Christmas shows. Doing what I love doing I’m sipping vodka club and settling into blissful night of my own satisfaction.   It’s 10pm and I’m well into my zone. My phone rings and it’s Duncan. … Continue reading “Christmas – 2018 and Beyond – Part 5 – Duncan”

Duncan – Superbowl Sunday – Part 3

We’re a little burned out. We’re not in our thirties anymore. Duncan comes to the gym and works out. He’s eating better. We’re not doing Philly Tacos anymore. (Philly Cheesesteaks rolled in giant slices of pizza from Lorenzos on South Street.) There is no Heavy Metal here. I think Duncan wishes his father was here … Continue reading “Duncan – Superbowl Sunday – Part 3”

Duncan – Touchdown – Part 1

“Whenever his plane lands he always texts me the signal: “Touchdown.” I know he’s landed in Philly and the fun is about to begin. But in that moment I didn’t realize how his phrase would ring true this fateful weekend.”

Tales of Rock: Swedish Metal Fiasco – Duncan – Part 1

“You should come up! We’ll rock out and you can see your family. No one ever laid on their deathbed and said, ‘I should have spent more time at the office.”

Duncan – Concentrated Dosage – Part 3 – Saturday Night

Me: “What would happen if you didn’t inject your medicine every week, Duncan?”

Duncan: ” I would turn into a chair.

Duncan – Concentrated Dosage – Part 2 – Saturday

“We keep getting older, but they stay the same age.”

Duncan – Concentrated Dosage – Part 1 – Friday

Duncan: “Dude. Can I crash at your place?”

Me: “Dude. My daughter Lorelei lives with me now. There’s no room.”

Duncan: “Cool. I’ll stay at the Ritz Carlton.”

Duncan – Blind Ambition And The Sin of Avarice

I have known Duncan for a long time. Nearly 20 years. He is originally from Northeast Philly like myself. I met him back when I was in retail banking. I was selling mutual funds at a branch in South Philly. He was my underwriter. So I would procure the clients, and sell to them, and … Continue reading “Duncan – Blind Ambition And The Sin of Avarice”

Holiday Odyssey – Part 9

Duncan – Sunday, December 26, 2021 I finish work and text Duncan. I tell him to meet me at Rosy’s Taco Bar at 4 pm. It’s a great spot over on 23rd and Walnut just outside the Rittenhouse bubble. I know the GM through the hardware store and he’s given me the drink hookup last … Continue reading “Holiday Odyssey – Part 9”