10 Sex Moves In Front Of A Mirror, For The Best View In The House

You know what they say, seeing is believing. Of course, when it comes to these 10 smoking hot sex moves to do in front of a mirror, you may not believe everything you see. Whether you sit your boo down and please them with your mouth, or turn to your side for a full-profile moment, doing the dirty in front of a reflective surface will give you the best view in the house, guaranteed.

Getting it on in front of a mirror can allow you and you and your partner to see your bodies from all sorts of new angles. Of course, the most important part of any sexual encounter is getting clear on consent and boundaries before anything goes down. While breaking your sexual routine can be exciting, it’s never OK to pressure someone into doing something they’re not totally into. However, if you’re on the same page and are both excited to get a new view of the sexy stuff, turning up the heat in front of a mirror can be like snagging a front-row seat to your own private peep show.

If you need some inspiration, here are 10 full-frontal view positions to try in front of a mirror.

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1. Handsy Stand

Don’t worry — you’re not literally going to do a handstand! Stand in front of a floor mirror, facing forward. Have your partner stand behind you, also facing the mirror, reaching around to finger you or stimulate you with a toy. This position lets you both stand close together as you look at yourselves while getting it on.

2. Downward Doggie

Take your mirror off the wall and place it on the floor. Get on all fours on top of the mirror, with your partner on their knees behind you. Have you partner either enter you with their penis or a strap-on or stimulate you with their fingers or toys. Setting your weight on your arms, you can lift your pelvis up for even deeper penetration. Being on top of the mirror will allow you to see the literal underbelly of your down-under and your belly.

3. Cowgirl Blues

Have your partner lie down on the floor or on the bed, facing upward. Then straddle them, resting on your knees. While riding your boo, they can enter you with their penis or a strap-on or stimulate you with their fingers or a toy. You can do this directly in front of a mirror or try it on your side to get a full profile view.

4. Sit & See

Pull up a chair in front of a mirror and take a seat. With your legs open wide, have your partner kneel in front of you, facing you, and perform oral sex while stimulating you with their fingers or toys. You’ll get a full view of their rockin’ bod as they’re getting you off.

5. Looky-Loo

Have your partner lie down on the floor or bed, facing up. Straddle then while facing the other way (i.e., while looking at their feet). Your partner can prop their head and shoulders up with blankets or pillows, then stimulate your clitoris from behind with their hands. You can try this directly facing the mirror or on your side for a fuller view.

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6. Bend It Over

Stand to your side, with your profile facing the mirror. Bend over like you’re touching your toes (or if you can touch your toes, go off!) and have your partner stand behind you. Then your partner can enter you with their penis, fingers, or a sex toy. If you want to bring a chair or ottoman in front of you to place your weight and rest your arms, you can bend further for even deeper penetration.

7. Floor Mission

In front of a mirror, lie on your back with your legs up in the air or resting on your partner’s shoulders. Your partner can then get on their knees and enter or stimulate you. Though you may both want to face the mirror directly, turning to your side will allow you to get a wider view.

8. Touch-Down

Prop a mirror at the foot of the bed, then have your partner sit on the edge, with their feet on the floor. While straddling the bed from behind, you can reach around and stimulate them with your hands. You can both face the mirror, making eye contact as you get them off.

9. Self Serve

Stand side-by-side in front of a mirror with your boo and pleasure yourself with your hands or a toy. The mirror will allow you to make eye contact with each other as you’re turning up the heat and can give you a sneak peek of what the other is up to.

10. Slow & Steady

What better way to build up the sexiness than a slow striptease? Standing next to each other, slowly strip down to your birthday suits. When you can’t take the heat anymore, take your time exploring foreplay, savoring, and watching every minute.


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Mia Khalifa Continues To Rate As The Highest Searched Star On Pornhub Despite Changing Careers

Twitter erupted on Monday when ex-porn star Mia Khalifa claimed to have just made “a total of around $12,000” in the adult entertainment industry.

The Lebanon native, who now lives in the United States, worked in the adult film business for three months, but despite her “brief” stint, she’s still one of its biggest names after gaining infamy for taking part in a sex scene while wearing a hijab.

As a result of the controversial footage, the now 26-year-old received death threats from Islamic State and subsequently left the industry.

Years after quitting, Khalifa continues to be ranked No. 2 on Pornhub for most searched stars in 2018, according to VICE.

“People think I’m racking in millions from porn,”Khalifa, 26, said in a tweet.

“I made a TOTAL of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that. “Difficulty finding a normal job after quitting porn was … scary.”

Ex-porn star Mia Khalifa copped major flak online after she claimed to have made only $12,000 doing porn.
Ex-porn star Mia Khalifa copped major flak online after she claimed to have made only $12,000 doing porn.

Mia Khalifa’s net worth has accumulated to about US$2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Her comments copped major flak online with some Twitter users saying the money she has made since doing porn was a direct result of her X-rated former career.

“Literally no one knew who you were before you did porn, and absolutely no one would know who you are today if you never did porn. You’re simply delusional if you don’t realize that,” one person said.

“Would you have 2.8 Million followers without the Industry though?” asked another.

“She still uses her stage name meaning she still profits off of her time in the industry even if she’s not doing porn,” a third commented.

Khalifa, who in 2018 worked as a sports presenter on YouTube channel Complex News, hit back saying she’s “not lamenting” on what she did earn. “But you clearly have deeper issues with me past this, so good luck with your bitter life,” she added.

The social media star, who tweets as Mia K. and has 2.7 million Twitter followers, went on to explain she was “never promised millions” of dollars nor did she “expect” it.

“I’m just clarifying common misconceptions about me, and in turn, about the industry,” Khalifa said while adding she was involved in porn “so briefly”.

“But my actions spread like wildfire and I continue to be ranked (truly baffles me) 5 years after leaving the industry.

“This is why people think I still perform.”

In 2014, she made headlines after she received death threats from IS for appearing an appearance in an adult film for wearing a hijab.
In 2014, she made headlines after she received death threats from IS for appearing an appearance in an adult film for wearing a hijab.


The tweets got Khalifa to trend on Twitter on Monday night and were accompanied by a YouTube video, featuring an interview she gave earlier this month where she “tells her story for the first time”.

“In 2014, Mia Khalifa made world news when she received death threats from ISIS after appearing in an adult film wearing a hijab,” a description reads. “For the first time ever, Mia sits down with Megan Abbott to tell her story.”

In the interview, Khalifa described her transition out of porn — calling it “terrifying”.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do,” she said.

Her infamous hijab scene — which was still garnering Islamic State threats as of August 2018 — is what ultimately made Khalifa leave the busin

“The turning point, of course, was when I did the hijab scene,” she said. “That is when the ISIS death threats came in, all of the news broke out, globally. Not just in America.

“It was trending on Twitter, it was all over the news. I was banned from a handful of countries … Egypt … Afghanistan …”

Khalifa explained many Muslim countries were deeply offended by it — “and I’m Catholic”. “What I actually said when they proposed the scene to me, and this is verbatim, was: ‘You motherf***ers are going to get me killed.’”


Describing her quick-found fame, Khalifa said the day after the scene dropped is when everything blew up.

She went from having just 400 followers on Instagram to 200,000 in just three days.

“Then it just kept snowballing until I was at two million like six months later,” she said.

“This was after I had quit porn. It just kept growing, and growing, and growing — and then my Instagram account was hacked by ISIS.”

Khalifa went on to become a presenter on Out of Bounds, a daily sports show on Complex News’s YouTube channel, after leaving the porn industry and she hopes to continue working in that field.

“I definitely want to grow my career,” she said.


In May, Khalifa also got engaged to her heavily tattooed Swedish chef boyfriend Robert Sandberg.

In an Instagram post, he said: “We went to Chicago this weekend and had a wonderful dinner at Smyth. I proposed to @miakhalifa and she said YES!

“The ring was hidden in a bowl of dried ingredients and came out as a ‘new serving’. Mia was too curious and too eager to taste so she started to eat the inedible ingredients.

“I told her not to do it and then I put the ring on the finger. I love you so much :heart:”

The Lebanese-born pornstar turned sports presenter, seemed excited after she took to her own Instagram saying she didn’t see it coming.

“Thank you a million times over for the entire team at @smythchicago for helping @robertsandberg propose. This trip and dinner were supposed to celebrate him getting his visa!

“Robert has planted the seed so deep in my mind for so long that he hates restaurant proposals so I never, EVER, saw this coming. I love y’all so much! Thank you!”

Check out this great interview with Mia:



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