What to Text a Girl You Like: 15 Ways to Make Her Love Texting You

You want to keep her interested, but you’re not sure what to text a girl you like? Use these 15 texting ideas that’ll make her eager for more of you.

If you’re wondering what to text a girl you like, let me tell you something about my earlier dating experiences. When I was starting to date, texting was just becoming to be a thing.

And because texting was just starting out, we didn’t have Viber or Whatsapp; we didn’t even have unlimited texting. I had to pay 25 cents to send a text message. I know that makes me sound like a ninety-year-old woman, but that wasn’t too long ago.

So, when I started to date, most of the conversations happened in person or via phone call. That’s right; we had to call each other. I know that’s almost a foreign act now, but it certainly saved me a lot of time and stress trying to put a sentence together.

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But now, the way people communicate has changed. Everything is over text, which in some ways can make things easier if you’re shy and nervous to talk to someone you like. Over text, you’re given the extra time to think about what you want to say, and how you’ll reply.

If you’re interested in a girl, the normal thing now is to text her. And that makes sense; you want to get to know her, right? Of course, going on a date is the best way to do that, but texting before a date can help you break the ice and get to know her more before you two sit down for dinner. If you’re not sure what to text a girl you like, you’re about to find out.

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What to text a girl you like and get her interested in texting you 24/7

Time to get those phones out and start texting.

#1 Look at how you two met. How did you two meet before you had her number? Were you friends? Did you ask for her number? This will help you decide what to text a girl you like, and how you’re going to approach her.

If you two were already friends, well, now you need to express you like her more than a friend and see what happens. But if you met her at a club, bar, or from a mutual friend, you’re starting without much information about her. [Read: How to start subtly flirting with a girl over text]

#2 Simple texts always work. If you just met her in public, it can be tricky to send the first text. You don’t know her, so what can you say? Well, don’t overthink these things. Instead, keep it simple. You can send her a, “it was a pleasure to meet you :)” text or a “did you get home okay last night?” text. You can use the initial meeting to start a conversation.

#3 Ask questions. No, she’s not in a job interview, so you don’t need to attack her with questions, but you want to have a decent idea of who she is. So, a useful way to get information is through questions. They don’t have to be overly personal; you can ask what her favorite TV show is or whether she’s a vegetarian. They don’t need to be deep, save that for the date. [Read: How to text a girl for the first time and leave a great impression]

#4 Goodmorning/goodnight text. There’s just something about a good morning/good night text that makes a person feel warm inside. Those texts are simple yet effective.

You’re letting her know she’s on your mind when you wake up and when you go to bed. Now, you don’t need to send both of them, or else it can be a little much. But that also depends on your connection and conversations throughout the day.

#5 Memes! Hello! We live in a world of memes right now. If you find out what she’s into, there’s probably a meme for it. Texting doesn’t always mean you need to come up with something witty to say. Instead, you can send her a funny meme that’ll make her laugh. Just as long as it’s not a dick pic, we’re good. [Read: 18 casual things to text a girl and leave her addicted to you]

#6 Don’t say, “what’s up?” You don’t need to text that. Nothing really good comes out of texting a girl, “what’s up?” It’s stale. Instead, tell her what you’re doing and then ask her what’s up. It just gives off a better vibe, and that you’re into the conversation.

#7 Mirror her. A good way to text someone is to mirror their texts. So, if she’s someone who uses emojis, feel free to use them in your texts. If she’s a quick replier, you don’t need to wait five hours to send her a message. If she teases you, tease her back. Let her set the tone and adjust yourself to it. [Read: How to tease a girl over text and get her to flirt back with you]

#8 Photos. No, not dick pics or forced selfies. If you’re camping on the weekend, send her a picture of the view. Or the new bike you bought. It doesn’t really matter, but by doing this, you include her in your day. Plus, it gives her an idea of who you are as a person. Who knows, maybe she’s really into camping as well.

#9 Compliment her. Of course, only when you mean it. If you just throw compliments at her because you think she’ll like you more, that’s not going to work. You need to be genuine with what you say. You can always tell when someone means what they say or when they’re full of crap. If she looks really pretty in the photo she sent you, tell her that. Don’t be afraid. Just keep the compliments clean.

#10 Be flirty. You don’t want to be her friend; you want to be her boyfriend. If that’s the case, you need to show her you’re interested in something more. So, if you’re wondering what to text a girl you like and make it obvious you’re interested in her, don’t be afraid to flirt and tease her.

Gauge her reaction, and see where she stands. If you’re not sure how she feels about you, ask her. Don’t put yourself in the friend-zone. [Read: How to get out of the friend zone through texts one step at a time]

#11 Do talk about yourself. You should ask her questions, but don’t forget, she’s not the only one in the relationship. You should talk about yourself as well. Let her ask questions about you, and be honest with your answers. You want her to get to know you as well.

#12 Call her. That’s right. No one ever calls each other anymore, but the guys who do take that step are always remembered. It’s a big move nowadays and can tell a lot about a guy. To actually phone someone means you’re really into them. When you call her, say something like “what I want to say is too long to text,” or “I can’t text anymore, my fingers are cramping” and add a line that you were eager to listen to her voice too.

#13 Keep the texts short. If you have to write an essay out to her to get your point across, then wouldn’t it be better to have this conversation in person or via phone call? Your texts should be short and sweet. No one wants to read an essay, not even her. [Read: 18 really obvious signs that a girl likes you over text]

#14 Don’t rely on texting. Here’s the thing, texting is just used to warm up the situation between you two before meeting in person. You shouldn’t be spending day and night texting for weeks on end. Sure, you two can text each other non-stop, but you don’t want the relationship to stay on your phone.

#15 Always have a goal for your text. Okay, of course, you can text her without having a goal. Maybe she popped into your mind, or you just want to keep the interaction fresh – I get it. But, at the end of the day, your goal is to go on a date with her, right? Right. So, yes, text her, but eventually, at some point, you’ll need to ask her out.

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Now that you know what to text a girl you like, give yourself the green light to send her a text. What’s the worst thing that can happen? If it doesn’t work out, at least you tried.


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