What Is Meant By Demisexual? 8 Signs You Are One Of Them

The arrival of online dating platforms has somewhere changed the notion of relationships. These days, people are often seen swiping right on their mobile screens and finding a suitable partner through dating applications. Perhaps, therefore, dating trends like casual relationships, hookups, ghosting, and submarining have become prominent. But there are still some people who have the notion of establishing an emotional connection in the first place with their significant other before getting into any kind of physical intimacy. This kind of sexual orientation in people is termed Demisexual, but do we need a tag for this? Doesn’t it sound normal? Let’s discuss this in detail and find out more about this.

Who Is A Demisexual Person?

A demisexual person feels sexual attraction for someone only if he/she is able to establish a strong emotional connection with that person. These people believe in getting physical only if they are emotionally well-connected with their dating partners.

In case, you are wondering how a demisexual person is different from others, then you need to understand, unlike other people a demisexual will never have sexual attraction for random people. Such as many people can find someone they just met, sexually attractive. But this is not the case with a demisexual. These people will find someone sexually appealing only when there is an emotional bond between the two.

But that doesn’t mean these people will have sex once they have developed a strong emotional connection. In fact, a demisexual will feel sexually attracted to the person they are emotionally connected with. The person can be their partner or the friend they have been together with for a long time. Now it depends upon the two people if they want to have a physical relationship or not.

1. You Give Importance To Emotional Attachment

A person who is a demisexual will always crave an emotional attachment. Unlike other people, you are least concerned about whether your partner has good looks or not. All you care about is if your partner is trying to establish an emotional bond or not. In addition to this, having trust and honesty in the relationship is a must thing for you. In fact, it will be no wrong to say, you feel high only when you experience a strong emotional bond.

2. You Value Meaningful And Deep Conversations

It is quite obvious that a meaningful conversation can help in developing an emotional bond. You feel a deep conversation can help you in understanding each other’s perspectives in a better way.

3. You Never Care For Physical Touch

Demisexuals are not attracted to every person they are emotionally close to. For other people, physical touch can be extremely tempting and exciting but this is not the case for people who are demisexual. Such as you may feel stressed and annoyed when someone tries to kiss or touch you right after the end of the date. This is because you do not feel like opening up to someone you have no emotional attachment for.

4. You Want A Meaningful And Close Relationship

As a demisexual, you will always look forward to a meaningful and close relationship. Rather than having a casual relationship, you want comfort, love and support in your relationship. In the initial days of the relationship, you may focus on exploring the comfort level in the relationship and then opening up to your partner. Also, you often put your best efforts to strengthen your relationship.

5. You Aren’t Interested In Hookups

These people do not believe in the idea of having physical relationships without having an emotional bond. They do not feel comfortable wrapping their arms around the person they just met on the date and head to their place for getting physically intimate. For them, lovemaking is a way to express love to each other, and therefore, they want a strong emotional connection and close relationship in the first place.

6. You Are Not Commitment-Phobic

Hookups are alien to them and they simply cannot accept the whole idea of getting attracted to a stranger. Since you are ready to have a close relationship and then establish a physical connection, you are not afraid of making commitments to your partner. In fact, you are ever-ready to spend your life with the one you love and share a strong emotional connection.

7. You Are Often Mis-Understood As Asexual

There can be times, when your friends may think that you are asexual. They may mock you for being unable to find a potential partner with whom you can have sexual intimacy, like ‘no strings attached. Also, they may think you are unable to feel sexually attracted to a person. This is because demisexuality can be difficult to understand at times for people who are unaware of this kind of sexual orientation.

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8. You Consider Sex As A Way To Express Love To Each Other

Once you establish a physical connection with your partner, it is not only about gaining pleasure but also about strengthening your emotional bond. You consider sex as a way to explore your relationship and understanding your partner in a better manner. You are not only concerned about satisfying your partner, but also getting close to him/her.

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