Aging With Style: What Is the Secret of Youthfulness for Men?

Whether you’ve discovered that your gray hair is growing stronger or find that you have trouble with your knees after you’ve sat for a long time it can come as a shock to anyone. It seems that just yesterday you got out of university and got your first real job. But the process of aging simply can’t be avoided.

Aging affects practically every part of our body and affects us on both the inside and the outside. There are a few secrets that will help you feel youthful for a very, very long time and those things are so easy to implement in your everyday life that you’ll be feeling like a 30 ear old again in no time.

Fashion Sense

If you feel young, you’ll look young. If you dress like a million bucks you’ll feel like it. Thre’s no denying in that. However, you shouldn’t go around looking like a teenage boy who’s out of place. No, no, no. A man should dress his age, but no matter the age, a man should always own a high-quality suit. Just think of George Clooney. He’s almost 60, but he’s more charming than ever.

A man in a suit always looks charming and attractive. Especially middle-aged men. Find yourself a premium suit at Studio Suits and feel like a million bucks. With a custom-tailored suit, not only will your figure look good, but you’ll feel good as well.

Paying attention to what you wear will make you feel younger. Over time people settle in and they stop caring about their looks. But you shouldn’t do that. No one should obsess about their looks, of course, but having a few custom-made suits a nice pair of shoes and a leather belt will keep you looking smoking hot.

Good Skin Care

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Men take care of their skin as well. Although anti-aging treatments, day creams, and night creams are usually advertised for women, men use them as well. But no matter how much cream we put on our face, if we didn’t start treating our skin on time they can’t help us much with age wrinkles.

Cosmetic interventions are no longer taboo. On the contrary, they are celebrated as people feel better about themselves after certain cosmetic procedures. A lot of men today book skin clinic treatment because they want to feel good in their skin. And that’s perfectly normal.

The most common skin procedures include smoker’s lines, forehead lines, neckbands, eye bags… If you have the opportunity to do a little correction here and there why shouldn’t you? But if you do decide to have some of these procedures you still have to remember to drink plenty of water, don’t stay too long in the sun, and put on a night mask at least.

Exercise in Nature

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Exercise and nature in one sentence can only mean good things. If you already have an exercise routine fantastic, if you don’t we’ll give you a little advice. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly hard. It’s just important to spend as much time in nature as you can and do a little exercise.

If you can, try to go on the weekend to your local park, mountain, lake or any type of nature you have near you. Spending time in a forest just simply walking makes you appreciate the beauty of the world we live in. Not only that but studies have shown that people who spend time in nature have lower blood pressure, have a good heart, and expand their lungs.

But any type of nature will do. And as we said you don’t have to do anything extreme. Walking, swimming, jogging are all great ways to exercise and keep your body moving. Martial arts like Qigong or Tai chi are performed in nature and have a very gentle effect on both your mind and body.

Cultivation of the Mind

Don’t forget to cultivate your mind in aging. We learn as long as we are alive. Keeping up with the latest news in technology, culture and the world that surrounds us keeps us young and wondering at all times. How many times have you seen someone you are struggling with a mobile phone?

Some day some other super cool gadget will come along and if you don’t stay on track you’ll be that person struggling with the mobile phone. That’s not the most important thing in the world, of course, but it makes us feel like we are still a part of this world like we have so much more to learn and that we don’t know.

You must remember what you were like when you were a young adult in aging. You were probably always questioning everything and was curious about the world. Don’t let that curiosity disappear. Curiosity is what keeps us young and what makes our brains work.


Hopefully, in this article, we answered the question of what is the secret to being youthful. If you arrived at this point then you understand that there is not a single thing that will keep you young at heart. It’s a lot of different aspects of life that keep us youthful. From nice clothes to taking care of the body in different ways to cultivating your mind and staying curious. Make sure to follow our advice and you’ll feel like you drank from the fountain of youth!

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