5 Signs You’re Being Too Clingy in Your Relationship

Nobody wants to come off clingy, its just not attractive.

Nevertheless, we can be our own worst enemy and put ourselves in situations that make us appear insecure and needy. Read on for five signs youre being too clingy in your relationship.

You Ask to Partake in Friend Time

Your S.O. needs to recharge just like everybody else. Although spending time together can help them reboot, spending time with friends is also important. It doesnt mean your S.O. has more fun with their friends, it simply means they can spend their time differently. They can ask them for relationship advice or bounce around ideas about how to surprise you. If your S.O. is asking for friend time, give it to them! Trying to infringe on their relationships will only backfire and make you seem super insecure.

You Dont Like Doing Things Alone

If you find yourself planning your schedule around your S.O.s free time, you might need to take a step back. Its totally okay to like sharing your activities, but not being able to do things alone will start creating problems. Dont be afraid to spend time by yourself. Your S.O. will perceive you as independent and that will be attractive to them. If you catch yourself only planning activities with your partner, set an intention to spend quality time by yourself. Go on a long walk, chill out in your room, do anything to make sure youre taking care of the most important thing: your relationship with yourself.

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You Call and Text Multiple Times When Youre Apart

Checking in on your S.O. every few hours is normal, calling and texting off the hook when they are away from you is clingy. If you find yourself constantly initiating conversation (note: Continuing conversation for hours isnt clingy, but initiating conversations non-stop is) with calls and text, you may need to give your S.O. a bit of breathing room. Not only that, the group of people they are with (be it family or friends) will also be upset at the constant interruptions. Keep it cool and respect their outside activities.

Your S.O.s Friends Dont Seem Welcoming

If little by little you notice your S.O.s friends being less welcoming, it may be a sign that they feel youre being needy. Typically, your S.O.s friends will want whats best for them. If you noticed they were very welcoming at the beginning, but as time progressed, the friendliness dwindled, you may be perceived as a clingy person.

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You Feel the Need to Know Everyone in Their Phonebook

Clinginess level 10 can be reached when you feel the need to know every name that pops up on your S.O.s phone. If you constantly find yourself asking Who was that? or Why havent I heard of that person before? it may be a sign youre coming off as needy. Everyone should be allowed to have various friendships outside of their relationship. If you feel like youre constantly prying on those friendship conversations, it may be a sign that you need to back off and give them air.

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