Gaslighting: 5 things to expect when your partner does this

The rules are always negatively bent to their advantage.

Gaslighting is a term that describes the feeling you get when your partner repeatedly accuses you of being too sensitive and too emotional.

It does not stop there; they make it sound like you are crazy, you nag too much and all other stuff whereas you are only just acting as a normal partner would. In a normal relationship, these the things you do would be right, but with a gaslighter, the rules are negatively bent in their favor.

For instance, when you call them out on their bullshit, they say you nag too much and flip it all on you. Or when you try to talk about real issues affecting the relationship they tell you it’s all in your head when it actually is not!

There are five things that happen when you are in a relationship with a gaslighter.

1. You doubt yourself

You legit ask yourself if you are the problem, and if that partner might be true with all the untrue stuff they come up with.

But of course, it’s not you, it’s them.

You no longer know what is true and what is not. [Credit - iStock]


2. You get hesitant

There comes a hesitation to the way you act and relate with them in the relationship.

You can no longer relate with them as you know lovers should because you either because you now resent them or because you now try to avoid being called too emotional, too needy or crazy.

In the end, the relationship becomes unsustainable and holds nothing good for you.

3. Dissatisfaction

Of course you won’t be happy in that kind of relationship. You won’t be satisfied either.

You are always confused [Credit: Carros Imagenes]


4. You’re always confused

Imagine having to question every correct thing you have always known about relationships. Your partner basically acts in manners that literally drives you crazy and question your own sanity.

You know partners are meant to care about each other, for example , but your partner always looks for a way to make you look like a needy person when you show how much you care about him/her.

5. You’re always sorry

Whenever you confront him/her with something wrong they did, they find a way to turn it around and pin it on you. So you end up saying sorry for something you should be pretty angry about.


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