25 Interesting Psychological Facts You Didn’t Know About Yourself

Things you didn’t knew about yourself: Some mind blowing interesting psychological facts!

How well do you know yourself? You may know your favorite food, what type of clothes you like, your favorite holiday destination, your body weight, and even how you react in certain situations. But is that all? Do you know how your mind works? Do you know how your mind influences your mood, behavior and actions?

Lucky for us, with the help of psychology, scientists have discovered several interesting psychological facts that will enable you to understand yourself a whole lot better. 

Psychology is the study of the human mind & behavior and includes various aspects of the human experience. These psychological facts are not only shocking and interesting, they are also highly fascinating and fun to learn.

25 Interesting psychological facts you didn’t know about yourself

If you want to know yourself better, then you’ve come to the right place. These fun psychological facts will help to make your life smoother and enable you to get better in everything in your life, from your career, relationships to self development.

Here are some interesting psychological facts and hacks that are common to everyone that will teach you about yourself. Probably, you didn’t know about these before.

Let’s learn some fun and shocking psychological facts!

1. Human needs drive us

As humans, all of us are motivated to strive hard and move forward by 6 fundamental  human needs: love, growth, significance, contribution, certainty and uncertainty. These human needs are invisible forces which drive our thoughts, emotions, behavior and actions.

2. Stress is infectious 

Stress can be highly contagious. Research by the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences and the Technische Universität Dresden revealed that we can feel stressed by being around someone who is stressed. This is why you need to be careful about who you spend your time with.

3. Size of information matters

We want to know and learn different things but only a little bit at a time. It is easier for us to process and remember bite-sized chunks of information. We can easily remember 3-4 pieces of material at any given time and anything more than that will be lost. However, if the size of information is smaller than that, then we will crave for more.

4. Rejection is painful

Our mind experiences rejection as actual pain. A recent research by the University of Michigan Medical School has found that our brain uses the same methods to cope with social rejection as it does to cope with physical pain.

5. Loss is more powerful than gain

Psychologically, we feel twice as bad when we lose something valuable to us, emotionally or financially, than how happy we felt when we gained it.

6. Sarcasm keeps you smart

If you respond to foolishness and a lack of common sense with sarcasm, then it indicates that you have a smart and healthy brain.

7. Vibes matter, words don’t

When you meet someone, whether new or old, they will remember how you made them feel more than what you told them. Instead of focusing on what you said or didn’t, you should focus on the vibe and rapport you share with a person.

8. Don’t make your goals public

Announcing your goals to others makes you less likely to achieve them due to loss of motivation. Contrary to popular belief, sharing your goals on social media or otherwise, satisfies your identity and prevents you from pursuing your goals, studies confirmed. A study by Peter Gollwitzer, professor of psychology in the Psychology Department at New York University, found publicly announcing goals makes us less accountable and lose motivation to achieve them.

9. Night owls are risk takers

If you prefer to stay up, then it indicates that you’re a risk-taker. Studies have found that night owls tend to take more risks in career, relationships and life than early birds. A new study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology found women who stay up late are more prone to take as many risks as men.

10. Your favorite song is contextual

One of the most interesting psychological facts is that we all have a specific favorite song(s) because we relate the song(s) with specific event(s) that have occurred in our lives. Studies have found our favourite music is exceptionally context-dependent and highly subject to quick change.

11. Multitasking is an illusion

Despite what you may think, you cannot multitask. It is a fact that your mind can only focus on one task at a time. Although there are few exceptions to physical activities like walking. Studies have revealed that only 2.5% of individuals can effectively multitask while the rest of us falsely believe we can do multiple complex tasks simultaneously.

12. Music affects perception 

Here’s another one related to music. The type of music you listen to not only affects your mood, but it also influences and even changes your perception of the world, according to a study from the University of Groningen.

13. Spending on others equals happiness

Spending money on yourself, buying new clothes, eating your favorite food and indulging in your favorite things may make you happy. But spending money on others can give you even more happiness. Research has found that giving and spending money on others, whether your loved ones or doing charity, promotes happiness. Moreover, authors Michael Norton and Elizabeth Dunn also reveal quantitative and qualitative research on how spending money in a particular way can make us happy in their book ‘Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending’.

14. Love is like OCD

Biochemically, romantic love is almost indistinguishable from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. This was confirmed by a study titled ‘Alteration of the platelet serotonin transporter in romantic love’ published in Psychological Medicine conducted by Donatella Marazziti from the University of Pisa and University of California San Diego.

15. Spending on experiences makes us happier

This is perhaps one of the most interesting psychological facts about yourself. If you believe that buying new things can make you happy, then you’re wrong. Studies have found that the secret to happiness is spending your hard-earned money on experiences rather than on material possessions. A new study from San Francisco State University revealed that individuals who invested money on experiences instead of material items felt more satisfied and happier.

16. Internet trolls are narcissistic

Do you like trolling online? Now science claims internet trolls might be psychopathic, machiavellian, sadistic and even narcissistic. A new psychology study by Erin Buckels of the University of Manitoba has revealed that there are significant correlations between personality traits known as the Dark Tetrad (sadism, psychopathy, narcissism & machiavellianism) and people who engage in online trolling behavior.

17. Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Do you ever feel your phone vibrating in your pockets only to find out it’s not? Well, this is known as the Phantom Vibration Syndrome and over 68% of mobile phone users feel their phone vibrating when, in reality, it’s not. In fact, the percentage is even higher in undergraduates, as 90% of them have experienced phantom vibrations according to a new study by Dr. Robert Rosenberger, assistant professor at Georgia Institute of Technology.

18. Anxiety in high school student

If you’re a high school student, then you might be as stressed out as a psychopath maniac from the early 50’s. Studies have revealed that today an average kid in high school experiences an equal level of anxiety as an average psychiatric patient from the 1950’s.

19. Crying is therapeutic

Crying can make you feel a lot better about yourself and your life. Moreover, it can also help to reduce stress and keep you physically healthy. Recent research has found that crying is a highly effective healing tool and can successfully improve mood in over 88.8% of people who cry.

20. Most people are perfectionists 

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Perfectionism is highly common and more than 90% of people tend to be perfectionists in some aspects of their lives. One study has found that less than “10% of people claim they’re not perfectionists in any area of life.” 

21. Dogs can get you dates

Do you love dogs? Then our four-legged friends can help you meet the right romantic partner. survey have found that 82% of individuals tend feel more confident about approaching a person of the opposite sex they find attractive, if their dog is with them.

22. Swearing keeps you honest

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Is the F-bomb your favorite verbal weapon? Do you love swearing? Then you just might be a straightforward, honest person. study, published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, found that individuals who like swear words and use them frequently are more likely to be honest and and lie less often.

23. When time slows down

Engaging in new experiences and doing new things can actually slow down our instinctive sense of time and make it seem that time goes by faster, studies confirm.

24. Expertise makes us arrogant

Believing that we’re exceptionally talented at something makes us less humble, opinionated and close-minded. A new study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology revealed that feelings of expertise can make us more dogmatic, assertive, intolerant and resistant towards new concepts and ideas.

25. Grass is green on the other side of social media

We tend to believe that other people on social media are living a better, more satisfying and active life than we are. A new study, by Sebastian Deri, researcher at Cornell University, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that most of us unfairly compare our lives in every way to others on social media and generally believe they are living a happier & more exciting life.

So there you have it! 

These amazing and interesting psychological facts are sure to shock you and blow your mind.

Which of these did you find the most fascinating? How are you going to see yourself now that you are more self-aware of your mind and yourself?

Do let us know and feel free to share your own favorite psychological facts with us.


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Life Before Quarantine – Part 8

During quarantine I’ve been fairly productive. I get my energy from people but I really enjoy my alone time. My daughter agrees. We’re both perfectly happy being on our own. I was looking through some photos the other day and I got some great memories of when we were all allowed to come out and play. I thought I’d share some of them with you. I’ll run this series every week until I run out of photos! If you see yourself, hit me up!

I’m very fortunate to have met you all and enjoyed the times we had together. Thank you!







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Why A Woman Is Unstoppable In Finding Love When She Realizes She Deserves Better

Know your worth.

Can you say out loud, affirm, and believe — “My needs are valid!”

Do you believe it?

Until you realize, accept, believe, and own that you are a high quality, worthy woman whose needs are valid and should be heard… No one else will believe it, either.

And when you do, you’ll be unstoppable.

But first, you need to know what your needs are.

And if you’re like most women, you have no idea what your needs are. Isn’t that sad? It is.

It’s sad that you don’t know, that you haven’t taken the time to listen to yourself, to tap into your core, to hear, and really listen to what you need. I’m not talking about what you need based on insecurity, self doubt, “shoulds,” anger, resentment, hurt, or an attempt to please another.

Get present, and figure out what your needs are. 

Strip all of that off, strip down naked to your core — to your confidently vulnerable needs.

Take a breath. Exhale. Drop your shoulders. Release the muscles in your neck and jaw. Stop thinking. Stop trying. Stop doing.

Just… Be. Be present in this moment: What do you need?

Self-integrity is everything. 

Once you know what you need, then it’s about self-integrity. You might think you know what that is, and you might have a long definition and explanation for it.

The way to really look at integrity is this: Do my feelings match my words and actions?

Is there a disconnect or a break within that statement for you? It’s OK if there is. That’s common. And that’s exactly what you need to address.

Once you have integrity, once you stand for something, and once you assert your needs — which doesn’t and shouldn’t mean being a jerk — you become unstoppable.

Once you have a purpose, you can act on your purpose to make sure your needs are met. This is how you show your self-worth. And in turn, others will treat you as if you are worthy.

But it all starts with you.

Be the example of your expectation of others. 

It takes courage, which lies at your core. Courage isn’t about going off to war, saving a family from a burning home, putting yourself in the line of fire, or doing superhuman tasks. It’s simply about being true to your core. And that’s scary.

Being true to yourself requires vulnerability. It takes courage to tap into your stripped-down, raw self and act on it. It takes courage to be you without fear of judgment, hurt, or failure.

Integrity and confidence are sexy! 

When it comes to dating, do you know what two of the sexiest traits for a woman are? Confidence and integrity.

A confident woman knows her worth.She takes pride in herself, which is apparent through her attitude and appearance. She isn’t looking for approval from anyone. She knows she’s pretty great.

She also knows that the right person will be lucky to be with her because she has the ability to make them happier than any other woman can. But she’s not a jerk about it.

Make yourself “the prize.”

The fact is, people want to feel like they won a prize — like they are dating the head of the cheerleading team. They want to feel like they are the luckiest person in the room.

Just as someone you date wants you to be proud of them, they want to be proud of you, too.If you have a bummer, insecure, self-deprecating, “I’m not so great” attitude, why would anyone you date feel like they scored?

Whether it’s your looks, brain, triumphs, the respect you garner, your career, or simply how you push yourself through challenges, anyone you date wants to feel like they can show you off.

They need to know that they can confidently “bring you home to mom,” introduce you to their friends, and accompany them to business dinners with their boss — because you make them look good.

Do you have integrity and the strength to act on it? Are you strong in your values and beliefs? Or do you waver, fluctuate, appear wishy-washy, or seem easily influenced?

Who are you? What do you believe in? Do you stand by it? Do you have integrity? Or are your words and beliefs worthless? Can someone depend on what you say? Do your actions align with your words?

Trustworthiness and integrity make others feel safe and secure. 

A woman who has unshakable beliefs, who shows and tells the same story, is someone who makes others feel safe.

A feeling of safety is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to the ability to trust. You want the person you date to feel secure letting their guard down and opening their heart completely.

They should know that they can depend on you for good or for bad, in sickness and in health, weakness and triumph. In moments of uncertainty, the one thing that your person can be certain of is you — because you are certain of you.

Become confidently vulnerable. 

Do that. Do you. Be confidently vulnerable. Nothing more. And you will be unstoppable.

Why? Because when you stand for something, and have the confidence to back it up. You will expect and even require more from others, because you now expect and deliver more from yourself.

You deserve more. 

You will quickly realize that you have been settling for crumbs and selling yourself short. You deserve more than that.

And the second that you realize that, you will get better than that. Because you won’t accept less than you deserve.


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15 Painfully Honest Reasons Men Regret Getting Married

You should probably sit down for this.

I recently found myself wondering if marriage is worth it, what people’s biggest regrets about getting married might be.

When I was a little girl, I always assumed that one day I would magically wind up meeting the man destined to be my husband, and that we would quickly go about the business of getting married.

Don’t get it twisted. I didn’t exactly spend every waking second of every waking hour planning my wedding and subsequent marriage (although, I’ll admit that I did save a picture of the engagement ring Brad Pitt designed for Jennifer Aniston — just in case). It’s just that I figured that’s what happens when a girl grows up and fall in love. She becomes a wife.

Now that I’m older, I am very much aware that marrying someone is no guarantee of a happy, healthy relationship, and it certainly isn’t something anyone of any gender should feel like they must do.

But what would make a guy go so far as to say, “I regret getting married”?

The truth is that If you love someone, you can choose to make whatever type of life together you want. It’s up to the two of you, not to our antiqued notions of what must come next in the circle of life for all human beings.

Figuring out that I don’t have to get married — ever — has actually made me feel better about several other things as well.

Weirdly, because I come from an intact family with two still-happily married parents, I’m a bit more skeptical about what it takes to make a marriage work. Yes, my parents are blissfully happy, but they are also such weirdos that it makes sense to me that once they found each other they each clung onto the institution of marriage for dear life.

I can’t ever imagine meeting a person who I want to make that particular commitment to, and I mean that legally and spiritually and in whatever additional sense I possibly can.

I think this mindset of mine developed the way it did from watching many of my own friends and acquaintances get married right out of college. Some of those couples are still together, but others who tied the knot in say, 2006, have already split up. Heck, some already moved onto their second marriage!

That doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of hope in a girl when it comes to the prospect of settling down. But because I can’t really talk to these folks about something as painfully fresh their biggest regrets about getting married, I decided to head to Reddit to see if there were other folks out there who tied the knot and now wish they hadn’t.

As you might suspect, the gentlemen over there had some opinions on the matter, and while some of the reasons they regret their marriages seem silly, others make so much sense you might just swear off of the institution yourself … even if only temporarily.

If you’re wondering if marriage is worth it, here are 15 painfully honest truths from men who say they regret getting married to their wives.

1. The love was never mutual.

“She never loved me. She married me because she thought it would force her to develop feelings. Waste of time.”

2. They had different ideas about what family means.

“Wife lied to me about her family plans. Partially about having kids, mostly about building our own family. Her definition of ‘our family’ puts her mother at the head of the table. Mine does not.”

3. She changed the minute she became a wife.

“Her personality changed dramatically from the person I was dating. Stereotypical changes when we got married — way less [intimacy] and more entitlement. Another huge change about eight years into the marriage with a 3-year-old kid together. I never would have dated the person she became at that point.”

4. She grew needy and depressed.

“Her dad became terminally ill around the time we got married and she never recovered after his death, despite my best efforts to get her medicated and into therapy. She gained weight and does basically nothing except watch Netflix, I do about 80% of the housework. Thankfully we are still in an apartment and have no kids yet because divorce is almost a certainty at this point. We have nothing in common anymore. I feel like I’m living with a lazy, extremely needy roommate. We’re living two completely separate lives.”

5. She wasn’t “the one.”

“I regret that I married the wrong woman, that I was immature and naive and too eager to find a woman vs. waiting to find the right woman.”

6. Nothing made her happy.

“She thought buying a house with me would make her happy. It didn’t. I sold it alone and at a $10,000 loss.”

7. She had a hardcore drug addiction.

“She was a compulsive liar and coke-head. If you don’t do drugs, it’s hard to pick up on the tell-tale signs. My friends knew, my associates knew, her family knew, everybody knew but me. Yes, every sign was there. I just fell for all the lies. I loved that woman too. Two years and $250,000 stolen later I get to say I got the better end of that deal. She’s still a junkie and I bounced back. In short, don’t marry anybody, man, woman or [my ex-wife], who does hard drugs.”

8. They were too young.

“The first time, I was too young (23), got into it way too fast, and didn’t pump the brakes when I knew it was headed off the rails. At the time I was in the military overseas, and I met someone who was in the service but on her way out and I felt like this was just kind of the next logical step in life, to go ahead and take the vows and make it work. The military lifestyle kind of forces people into bad marriages (mostly to guarantee yourself housing off-base), and the circumstances you live under are custom-made to put strain on those marriages.

What I’d have told my younger self is that at 23 you are just a baby, and you have so much more life to live and to find someone you’re truly compatible with. Whatever problems you encounter with a person prior to getting married multiply exponentially afterwards. So be very sure, and if you’re not sure, don’t do it. You don’t have to break up, but if you’re not ready, you’re not doing either yourself or your new spouse any favors.”

9. Marriage means saying goodbye to your free time.

“I’m married. The worst part is the loss of free time to play video games or do what I want. The second worst part was that I gave up my job to try out her family business (completely different career path from what I was doing) in a different city, and after six months, I’m just not into working 50-55 hour weeks with no benefits, even if I’m my own boss and would get summer off. Now we are seriously considering going back to my job, which will make things tight and I worry about her and if she will like it or not.

My wife is awesome though, it’s just been hard to change everything in my life at 41. We have a newborn baby too. I find myself short tempered now at times, tired, feeling overwhelmed, scared, etc at times. I worry about her being happy. I don’t worry about her being a gold digger, cheating, etc. Just a lot of adjustments. Nothing crazy with her yet thankfully. My only gripe is that I like my ‘free time’ and not running around all the time.”

10. They only got married because she gave him an ultimatum.

“I gave into her ultimatum. She just wanted to get married. Generally. Didn’t necessarily have to be me.”

11. She used him bad.

“She drained me financially then cheated on me. Then when we tried to work it out ‘for the kid,’ she just wanted to convince me to pay for several of her bills (rent, utilities, etc.) with the idea that we’d be living together again. Oops, her deadbeat boyfriend already lived there. And was still a thing, apparently.”

12. He lacked the … organizational skills for monogamy.

“Mistress management proved to be much more challenging than I anticipated.”

13. He messed it all up.

“I don’t regret the marriage per-se, I regret not ending it sooner. There’s a long story, but basically we separated because I acted like an idiot. I got myself together and we got back together to try and raise our daughter. It was clear right away she didn’t really forgive me and wasn’t really trying to forgive me. It seemed more like she was getting her revenge or something.

More long story, but I kept trying to make it work and I think she was too scared to be alone so we stayed together in misery. Instead of just getting a clean divorce and custody agreement we separated and spent years fighting even after I’d moved on and had a kid with someone else. So yeah, I regret not getting the divorce done before she flipped out and disappeared making me do it in absentia.”

14. He should have spent more time learning about himself.

“Don’t regret it. But I wish I waited till I was at least 30 to get married so I would have had time to discover more what I like and who I am.”

15. Some men just cannot be tied down.

“The very, very short version is because it ended in divorce. But there are more complex reasons, most of them circling around the lifelong tug-of-war between my need for independence and my need for belonging. They’re mutually exclusive, so something’s gotta give.”


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How To Balance The Masculine & Feminine Energy In Your Relationship

Are you accidentally chasing your man off?

Masculine energy is action-oriented. It moves forward, it takes action, it controls. Feminine energy is receptive, patient, and grounded in being, not doing. It’s not a gender issue, it’s a choice of what energy one feels more natural expressing.

And for this reason, it’s important to know how to balance masculine and feminine energy in your relationship.

The polarity of masculine and feminine energy.

Understanding the differences in these energies is important so you can benefit from their complementary nature and their magical polarity. This polarity of energy is the key to continued love, romance, and passion.

For a relationship to flow, there must be a giver and a receiver. A yin and yang. A king and queen. Therefore, when it comes to your relationship, who’s doing all the work?

Defining roles can help you meet each other’s needs. 

Is it your man that creates time to be together, plans special events, and gives you gifts and shows affection? Or is it you doing and giving all the time? If it’s you, then you’re stealing his masculine role. As you take this role from him, he feels like something is off in the relationship.

This is the number one cause of why and how a man loses attraction for a woman, both physically and emotionally. Men want to give, they want to please you, and make you happy, but they need you to step back and give them the space to do it.

If you’re constantly moving toward a man, he has nowhere to go but backward (which is another way to say away from you). If you have been with your man for a long time or you are married, these principles remain the same. They just have a different context.

Do you plan all your time together, do you tell him how to solve his problems, how to drive, and what he should or should not be doing? Do you bend over backward to make his life easy and constantly micromanage him like a mother? Do you control everything?

Well if you do, he has no masculine role to play. He will not be moved to act like a man and he will resent you and the relationship and not even know why.

Focus on yourself. 

So how do you stand still and create space for him to move toward you? You stop controlling the relationship and your man. You look at your own life and start to put energy into your own happiness. You read self-help books, you find a hobby, you exercise, and you get happy.

You don’t always initiate the plans to spend time together. You don’t do things for him in the hopes he’ll realize what a wonderful woman you are and will give you more time, affection, and love. You focus on you, and you bring peace and happiness back to him.

Lean into your feminine energy. 

You energize him with your feminine zest. You decorate your house, buy new lingerie, bake a cake, or take a Zumba class. You learn about your emotional triggers and begin the process of healing your inner world and emotions.

You do all of this to have a better relationship. The sooner you realize that happiness does not come from what he does or does not do, it comes from you and your relationship to yourself, the sooner you will change — and he will, too.

When you become peaceful and happy, he senses it and unconsciously realizes you are a woman with value and standards. He unknowingly treats you better because on an unconscious level he knows he has to or someone else will.

So, heal yourself, laugh often, and learn to live in the flow of your feminine energy. The happier you are, the more comfortable he feels around you, and the more charmed he is by you. This is the motivation he needs to become a better man.

Let your man move toward you.

Let him approach you to make love, let him take you to your favorite restaurant just because, let him turn away from the television to make small talk with you about your day.

If you stand still, in a state of loving energy and with an open heart, a man that truly loves you will move toward you.

This is nature and it does not change when we are born and grow into bodies. A feminine woman stands still (metaphorically speaking), and lets her man pursue her.

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Some Dating App Users Are Listing Their COVID Status, But Experts Are Skeptical

When you download Hinge and begin filling in your location, occupation, and favorite movie quote, should you etch in your immunity level as well? While most dating app users continue to leave theirs unlisted, experts say more and more now include their COVID status in their dating profile, as shelter-at-home orders get extended across the United States.

According to Lily Walford, a relationship coach and founder of the dating company Love With Intelligence, if you were to join a dating app today, you’d probably discover sentences like “am healthy” or “COVID-free” in user bios. And while that information may very well prove helpful, the unfortunate truth is that it’s often listed as a way that further facilitates in-person hookups, rejecting the rules of stay-at-home orders.

Listing your COVID status, Walford says, could actually point to a lack of respect for current restrictions, and a willingness to further spread the virus by matching and meeting up with multiple people. It isn’t malicious, per se, but some folks are having a hard time adhering to these new social norms. And when you’re bored, horny, and lonely, it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind.

I said I would post my test results if I had been exposed, in hopes that it would make me more marketable!

For Maria, 38, a Tinder user, listing her health status is something she’d consider doing in order to match with more people and score more dates. “I was just speaking to a friend about dating amid COVID, and my plans to get an antibody test to determine my exposure,” she tells Bustle. “In jest, I said I would post my test results if I had been exposed, in hopes that it would make me more marketable!”

The problem is, many people can carry the virus without knowing it, or pick it up after testing negative. And that’s why experts agree this trend is not only unhelpful but potentially dangerous. “This virus is so new, and there is the possibility of false positives or negatives, and who knows if new strains may even emerge,” Rachel DeAlto, the chief dating expert at Match, tells Bustle. “For the time being, I don’t think it’s necessary and can potentially be inaccurate.”

It is, however, OK to talk about coronavirus online — you can vent about social distancing, ask how people are holding up, confess any ongoing anxieties, and get to know each other virtually. In fact, talking candidly about COVID-19 can help to normalize testing positive with the virus. According to a spokesperson for Tinder, the app has witnessed an increase in many coronavirus-related terms in users’ bios, including “stay home, be safe,” “how are you,” as well as “social distancing” and “wash your hands.”

A Bumble representative tells Bustle that over 100,000 users have updated their dating profiles to mention that they are self-quarantining. And, in response to social distancing, the platform has created a new video chat option, so that users can go on virtual dates form the safety of their homes — rendering a COVID status shoutout even more unnecessary.

So, should users consider listing their COVID status moving forward?

“I don’t think it needs to be something you see when you pop onto their profile at first, but if you’re talking to someone and are planning [on meeting up after quarantine], you should say something,” Kim, 27, a Hinge user, tells Bustle. “I think more information upfront is better, rather than finding it out after it’s too late.”

DeAlto agrees that sharing your COVID status in your own time can be an important step in a relationship, in the same way that you’d open up about other personal topics. “I do believe in having honest conversations about your health, just not necessarily on a dating profile,” DeAlto says. “This can be a topic of discussion after making a connection and can help build a deeper understanding of one another.”


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