How Can Restaurants Recover From Coronavirus?

Dining out has been one of the many social and economic casualties of the coronavirus contagion known as COVID-19. City and state governments all over the country have closed restaurant dining rooms, which were never really set up with social distancing in mind anyway. Only delivery and takeout orders are allowed for the foreseeable future.

Many restaurants have shifted to the new, hopefully short-lived reality. Many more have closed entirely. Whether they’re gone for now or gone for good remains to be seen. But for the time being most restaurant staffers find themselves unemployed, and people who might dine out under normal circumstances find themselves ordering in, if they can even find a place to take their order.

The restaurant industry is suffering, like most of the economy. But there will come a day when people will eat out again. And while the landscape will be drastically different, the experience may be strikingly familiar. Once the health crisis subsides, what will it take for restaurants to open their doors?

Jason Bowell is the assistant general manager at the Beatrice Inn, a traditional New York chophouse that prides itself on its innovative yet timeless meat dishes. Bowell has been managing restaurants for about a decade and worked in the restaurant business for the better part of three decades.

“The restaurants that are going to have not as much trouble getting back on their feet are going to be restaurants that are involved with larger chains,” says Bowell. “Restaurants that are able to pivot well enough to create a good enough online delivery business — delivery and takeout business — are at least going to weather the storm a little bit. And people that are savvy enough to understand how to work their way through getting relief from the government. There are loans being offered, especially for restaurants that are keeping people on staff as paid.”

A successful pivot, even if only to tread water in the short-term, is far from assured for most establishments. There are many factors at play.

“Places with high overhead, like large places that would normally really focus in on getting a lot of guests in and turning those guests over, they’ll be struggling pretty bad,” Bowell points out. “If your business model is based on having large groups of people in your place… your costs per square foot is going to be really hard to cover by doing delivery.”

Those costs could be anything from fixed costs like rent on the space to variable costs like electricity and other utilities. Variable costs, of course, drop with decreased usage. Restaurants sharply reduced their labor costs when governments closed dining rooms and eliminated it entirely if they opted for hibernation. After all, as Bowell points out, “the most important difference between a restaurant that’s going to succeed and one that’s not going to succeed is whether or not you can cover your current costs.”

While reducing or eliminating labor costs may bide time in the short-term, those tactics will also make re-opening that much harder when that time finally comes. “I don’t see the point of not employing people, being in business if you can. If you’re not, not only are you going to have a really hard time not completely folding while the restaurants are closed, but also getting yourself back up to speed when you’re actually allowed to start taking people again.”

Having a staff ready to go when the economy opens its doors again could be the difference between a strong comeback and a dismal end. “It’s about staff retention,” Bowell bluntly puts it. “If I retain my staff, I could probably be open in four or five days. And that’s just to make sure that we’re getting all of our product in and that we’re prepping everything and all the things we need to have ready to go for service are ready to go.”

Not retaining staff means using time for hiring and training that might otherwise be spent serving, and making money from, the public. Another potential hurdle is restocking restaurant kitchens with ingredients.

“You’re going to have a lot of people ordering a lot of stuff really quickly,” says Bowell. “And that’s going to cause issues getting product from point A to point B if you’re having huge, massive orders come across your board. Keep in mind, you make those orders for all that food, it’s all perishable. So it’s all about timing. Restaurants are going to have to wait until they’re stocked up, until they’re prepped and then take a day to open. It might be staggered when those restaurants are opening.”

The few restaurants that can stay open, retain staff and ramp up quickly, can expect banner days as all the pent-up demand fills the marketplace. Diners should expect a far different landscape, however, with fewer dining-out options. According to Bowell, “a lot of those places that shouldn’t have been open, that were on the cusp, are going to be closed. So all the restaurants that are still open are going to benefit from that for awhile.”

The in-house dining experience may largely return to what it was before the pandemic, and restaurant scenes everywhere will find some sort of post-coronavirus existence. But Bowell doesn’t see the world returning to the way it was. “I don’t think there’s ever a normal again after this, because this is really rewriting the way all restaurateurs think about their businesses. It’s going to be a different playing field. I think a lot of people learned a lot of lessons about how their businesses run during this thing. It’s going to change the way they run their businesses right now.”

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Life Before Quarantine – Part 3

During quarantine I’ve been fairly productive. I get my energy from people but I really enjoy my alone time. My daughter agrees. We’re both perfectly happy being on our own. I was looking through some photos the other day and I got some great memories of when we were all allowed to come out and play. I thought I’d share some of them with you. I’ll run this series every week until I run out of photos! If you see yourself, hit me up!

I’m very fortunate to have met you all and enjoyed the times we had together. Thank you!





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7 Most Important Things for a Healthy Relationship

Life begins with ‘Zero’ and ends with ‘Zero’. In between this, all the good deeds we do are bliss for life. One such blissful moment is getting married. In spiritual terms, a ‘Marriage’ is a holy form of bringing together two souls for 7 life cycles.

In generic term, ‘Marriage’ is considered as the start of a family, the birth of long-time commitments, something more than just physically uniting two humans, a cycle of happiness, a journey of endless sacrifices. In this place, love builds the home for itself and a pledge to be together always.

A briefing to all this, let us quickly glide through 7 most important things for a healthy relationship:


The first important thing to consider is respecting each other opinions. This is the immortal point in a person’s life, whether you are married or single learn to respect. Life revolves around, giving respect and accepting respect.

Any partner before falling in love considers respect as the most important factor and search for the same from the very first instance. It is very simple if you can’t be a respectful person, you are simply no-one.

At any point in the relationship if respect is lacking, then it creates an overall negative impact on the same. So, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, or how successful you are, if you lack ‘Respect’ then you are no-one but a ‘Dead Person’ alive.


The most generous part of life is equality. Equality refers back to treating people equally with no discriminations; then it may be caste, creed, rich-poor, color or race. Basic nurturing values for a human starts with equality and also ends with equality.

As in the first line of this blog says it all and is applicable to all. Now, if you are not treating your partner equally or keeping biased decisions, then sorry to say but you can’t expect a heroic life ahead.

If you are working and your partner is home, then instead of criticizing learn the ‘Why’s’ of being home. Everyone has their own journey and they are the ones who know their journey very well. So, if you want to be a part of their journey you should know their efforts and struggle behind the same.

If these few points are considered then a journey is no longer solo, it is full of joy and happiness. Equality arouses at home, so you should be able to train your brain in the worst situations as well.


Whether you travel by car or an airplane, seat belts are always advised as a precautionary measure for safety. In this small journey if safety is given so much importance, then just imagine how much importance a partner should get after getting married.

Among all the basic needs in a relationship, the safety of your partner plays a very important role. If you can’t keep your partner safe, then you are worth nothing. It is us and solemnly us who have to look after each other’s safety.

It’s not always true that a man has to keep his woman safe; even a woman can do the same. A woman can keep her man safe from wrongdoings, bad people and filthy habits. No matter what, the first priority should always be given to safety.


Have you ever heard of a plant without roots? No? Similarly, a relationship can never last long without trust. Trust is like stepping stones to each new level of life.

Trust takes longer to build, but can be broken easily with few misunderstandings or wrong deeds. A family can be built upon trust and can also be fallen apart from trust issues. Many hearts can be won by trust, and many hearts can be broken by the trust.

One thing for sure, a good heart will always win over others and frame a positive and trustful environment around. A partner expects nothing much from you, but an honest and trustful person.


The foremost thing of understanding leads us back to the common communication gap faced between many individuals. Communication in any relationship plays a vital role in understanding each other.

Understanding your partner very well can be achieved by healthy and pure communication between both. The more you communicate, the more you tend to understand each other likes and dislikes. Understanding your partner likes and dislikes is very important.


An honest heart is worth billions. A person may be poor, a person may be rich, a person may be strict, but what important is, a person must be honest. An honest heart is a blessing.

If the person whom we love is honest, then consider yourselves as the luckiest person in the world. When you and your partner are honest with each other, then the family which you live in are also embarked on those values. Nothing is more sustainable than an honest family.

You are honest, then nothing at the end matters. Everything happens as expected, and most importantly, not a single trust issue can be discovered throughout life. You become a person who has the habit of winning hearts and showing sincerity towards others.


There are two phrases – falling in love and staying in love. Both have their equally strong meaning. When we fall in love, we tend to avoid common fights in the relationship.

Whereas, when we stay in love, we probably end up getting into small-small fights. A healthy and secure sentimental relationship can overcome many gaps and resolve issues leading to a joyful and prosperous life ahead.

By taking small steps daily you can endure better understanding which is a good sign of a significantly humble relationship. You should focus more particularly on how to grow love in the relationship rather than worrying on the wrong side. In this world of ‘falling in love’ and ‘staying in love’, you try to focus on ‘rising in love’!

In the Hindu religion, there is this tradition of taking 7 rounds or pheras against the bonfire or agni. Similarly, these 7 life principles are very important for any individual.

Apart from all these key points, Sex life plays an equally important role in a healthy relationship.

Try spending quality time with each other.

Try incubating new things together.

Try getting into the vacation zone by sparing some off work quality time.

Try doing the things you love together.

Try discussing your day with your partner.

Try keeping your physical intimacy alive like – kiss, hugs, touch, hands-in-hands, etc.

Try cherishing over small victories and achievements.

Try to witness the world from your better half’s viewpoint.

Try once giving everything a “Try”!


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Sadly There’s No Vaccine For People Being Stupid During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Disasters like the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic have a tendency to bring out the best and the worst in humanity, as people’s normal lives are altered and they face a host of new stressors from quarantines and social-distancing to previously unknown levels of uncertainty and fear.

It’s only been a little over a week now that things began getting truly strange in the United States and some people are dealing with it better than others. But this post isn’t about the people who are dealing with it well. This post is about the people who are losing their minds, losing their sh*t, and doing things like spreading conspiracy theories and straight-up licking toilet seats.
















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What Will ‘New Normal’ Look Like For The Jersey Shore?

As we battle COVID-19 all over the world, we all know there will be a new normal for all of us when the dust settles. What will that look like for the Jersey Shore?

Some of the things that will always, or at least for a long time, be with us after this pandemic include frequent hand washing, no handshakes and social distancing. The first two are the easy part.

When you start to picture what a summer will look like at the Jersey Shore if social distancing becomes a long term thing, which some experts believe it will, it’s definitely a different picture than we’re used to.

All you have to do is apply social distancing to boardwalks, beaches and restaurants and you’ll see the different picture. One thin about the Jersey Shore is that we are a resilient bunch and we’ll figure it out.

We will take our new normal, get creative, and make it work. We have to. Our local businesses and the way of life we love depend on it. We have proven time and time again that we can take whatever gets thrown at us and handle it.

We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. Yes, this may be the biggest challenge we’ve faced in a long time, but one thing social distancing can’t diminish is my belief in the people and the businesses of the Jersey Shore.

We can do this. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay creative. We’ve never needed each other more than we do now.

Reach out and connect with others

During this time of social isolation, people everywhere are struggling with extreme loneliness. Being cut off from human contact and touch that we rely on daily can be detrimental for one’s mental and physical health. One easy way to give back during this time is to simply reach out to someone around you.

Feed those who are hungry

Whether it’s due to loss of wages or the inability to access school lunches, many are struggling to get proper meals right now. If you are able to, consider donating food or money to your local food bank. If you call, most will tell you what they are most in need of at the time. According to No Kid Hungry, around 22 million children in the United States rely on the free or reduced-price lunch they receive at school. Due to school closures, these children are likely not able to access lunch or other meals that they typically rely on. Consider donating to this organization to get meals to school children. It’s also important to remember that this is not a time to hoard supplies. Doing so could make someone else go without or force an elderly or immune compromised person to have to visit numerous stores, putting them at further risk of exposure.

Check in on your neighbors

One of the beautiful things that typically stems from disaster is a renewed sense of community. Take the time to check in on those who live around you, especially the elderly or those who are health-compromised. You can offer to pick up supplies while you’re out, limiting their exposure, and do a safely-distanced drop-off to a porch or doorway.

Support small businesses

As restaurants and small businesses have been shuttered, their owners and employees have been pushed to their financial limits. Show your support by purchasing takeout (remember you can freeze meals), shopping for merchandise online, or buying gift cards to use at a later time. We do not know when businesses like restaurants and bars will be able to fully reopen, so your support during this time will make a huge difference.

Foster or adopt a pet

Many animal rescue organizations are struggling during this time due to staff shortages and a reduction in donations. Since you’re likely working from home, consider fostering an animal in need. Few things are more calming than snuggling with a fluffy, warm creature during a difficult time, so contact your local animal rescue organization to see how you can help. If you’re unable to foster or adopt, consider a donation instead.

Give blood

Along with all events, blood drives across the country have been cancelled and the Red Cross is experiencing a dramatic drop in blood donations. If you’re able to give, Red Cross assures that they will keep you safe during the process through the highest standards of safety and infection control. You can schedule an appointment now to give at a location near you.

Thank essential workers

While we’re doing our part by staying home, many essential workers are on the frontlines, risking exposure to keep us all safe. Consider how you can show your gratitude to healthcare workers, your local fire and police departments, grocery store workers, postal workers, and delivery people. Small gestures like a meal delivery, handwritten note, a word of thanks, or added gratuity are great ways to express your appreciation. Get your family involved by hanging signs on the outside of your home celebrating these modern day heroes.

Make masks

The CDC now recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings like grocery stores and pharmacies. Their website also includes simple instructions for sewing your own mask. If you don’t know how to sew, they’ve got you covered with tutorials on how to make your own mask with a t-shirt or coffee filter, no sewing required. It’s important to remember not to purchase surgical masks or N-95 respirators, as these are critical supplies that are needed by healthcare workers and first responders.

Pay your Employees

If you are financially able to do so, continue to pay service workers, like nannies, house cleaners, or dog walkers, even if you are not able to utilize their services right now. The people who provide you with these services on a regular basis have likely taken a drastic cut in income during the pandemic, so what better way to say thank you to vulnerable workers than to continue to provide steady pay. If you are a home care worker, nanny, or house cleaner who is experiencing financial hardship during this time, you can apply for the Coronavirus Care Fund (CCF) to receive emergency financial assistance.

Stay home

Returning to the scene after a tornado can be traumatic and anxiety can persist for long periods of time. Seek professional help if you are having trouble coping. Natural disasters can be especially disorienting for children. Encourage young members of your family to freely express their feelings and offer them ongoing comfort.

Experiencing a natural disaster can disrupt each and every area of one’s life and cause devastating levels of loss. Reach out to those around you for support and seek out a local shelter if you need a place to stay, along with other essentials such as food or water. Above all else, focus on keeping yourself and those around you safe during this challenging time.



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Keep having that quarantine sex — you can’t get coronavirus from it.

Let’s be real: We know many of you have been knocking the boots, even though you’re supposed to be social distancing. Truth be told, there isn’t much else to do. And when in quarantine …

TMZ recently spoke with alternative health advocate Dr. Mehmet Oz on the unusually empty streets of New York City and asked him what couples should do if they are cooped up due to the coronavirus?

His response? Sex.


“The best solution if you’re holed up with your significant other in quarantine is have sex,” he said. “You’ll live longer, you’ll get rid of the tension … maybe you’ll make some babies. It’s certainly better than staring at each other and getting on each other’s nerves.”

Chicago experts agreed, so long as your partner is living with you, and neither of you are exhibiting symptoms. Dr. Lauren Streicher, founder and medical director of the Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause, said even though COVID-19 is a new virus and the information about it changes hour by hour, she has no reason at present to tell people to refrain from sex with people they’re living with.

“What we do know is that the virus is transmitted through saliva and secretions, so as best as we can tell, the biggest danger in terms of sexual activity is just having your face close to the other person’s face,” Streicher said.

There has been no research on whether COVID-19 can be transmitted sexually, she said, and there’s no reason to think that it would be.


“When you look at coronaviruses and what we know about them in general, the risk is really about upper respiratory transmission, as opposed to sexual activity,” she said. “If you have someone you’re quarantined with — your spouse, your partner, or whoever — I don’t think there is any problem with having sex because you’re face-to-face all day anyway.”


If someone has the virus or has symptoms, they should be quarantined away from everyone else in the home — and not having sex. If that isn’t the case, then “having sex is no worse than sitting across the table from them, as best as we can tell,” said Streicher.

Kissing is likely going to be the highest-risk activity, Streicher said, while oral sex will potentially offer the least risk. “Oral sex is probably the best way to be away from the other person’s face,” she said.


But that doesn’t mean compromising the practice of protecting yourself and your sexual partners.

“Safe sex is safe sex,” said Streicher. “It’s far more likely — especially if it’s not your usual partner — that you’re going to get an STI than you’re going to get the virus if you’re not practicing safe sex.”

When it comes to your relationship, extra time together can lend itself well to a more intimate connection, said Jennifer Litner, a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist. It can also soothe those feelings of pandemic panic.


“Partners can embrace a sexy staycation, or really slow down some of their busy lives to connect with each other, and that can lend itself nicely to being sexual,” Litner said. “Oxytocin and dopamine really stir orgasms and can boost mood and connection, so that could be a great antidote to some of the anxiety that people are experiencing during this time of uncertainty.”


Then again, there is also the risk that too much time together could create a barrier to sexual connection, since novelty — which is “really great” for boosting desire — can be lacking, said Litner, who provides sex therapy and education through her Ravenswood-based Embrace Sexual Wellness center.


“Familiarity can actually not be so great for desire and arousal,” she said. “It’s possible, while people have the time to connect, they can get bored rather quickly.

For those of you starting to feel lonely, and getting an itch to reach out to an ex, Litner offers the reminder that you “don’t need a partner to be sexual.”


“Self-pleasure is a really wonderful way of connecting with oneself,” she said.

With more sex though, comes more caution. Streicher recommends having a surplus of contraceptives (especially if you’re not trying to have a quarantine baby come December or January).

“If you take birth control pills, get extra packs of months’ worth, because we don’t know what access will be a couple months from now,” she said. “If you’re relying on condoms, which can break, have emergency contraception (ready) just in case.”



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If You Find Out Your Partner Cheated While Quarantined Together, Here’s What To Do

It’s one thing to catch your partner cheating. It’s another to another to catch them cheating when you’re self-isolating together for weeks, unable to leave your home. Do you break up, even though there’s nowhere to go? Do you try to talk it out, when there’s so little room to take space? What do you do if you find out your partner cheated while quarantined together?

“There’s nothing simple or easy about what you’re going through, and all the feelings you’re experiencing right now are valid,” couples therapist Genesis Games, LMH, tells Bustle. “Yet, we want to be mindful and levelheaded when making decisions that might have very serious repercussions. We want to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved while tending to our own pain in the best way we can.”

As much as you may feel the urge to scream at your partner, Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who specializes in relationships, tells Bustle that it’s a good idea to take some time to collect your thoughts first. You’ll want to process, then make a game plan for what you want to say and how you want to convey it.

If you hope to work things out, your approach needs to feel less accusatory and more rational and even-headed, so your partner doesn’t become defensive and will be more willing to explain themselves. Whether you catch them sexting or having an emotional affair with an ex, it’s important to address the issue openly and honestly. As Manly says, “emotions might be running high, but a simple and straightforward approach is ideal.”

Manly suggests having the conversation in the morning or mid-afternoon, as this gives you enough time to discuss the issue and then process the conversation. Avoiding approaching the topic when your partner has been drinking and don’t be tempted to use it as a weapon in the middle of a larger argument. The aftermath of the conversation is going to be more successful if you’re both emotionally and mentally present.

“When you’re ready, clearly and directly express your feelings and needs using an ‘I’ statement,” Manly says. For example, you can say, “I feel really angry and hurt right now. I saw messages on your phone that make it clear you’re having an emotional affair, and I won’t tolerate the disrespect. I want to discuss how this will affect our future.”

Attacking your partner and saying hurtful things in the heat of the moment will only make the situation worse, especially if you have to stay under the same roof for the near foreseeable future.

Now, on to the all-important question: Should you break up? Jennie Steinberg, licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Bustle that it really depends on what you want. “Culturally, the expectation is that you’ll leave when your partner cheats on you, and that might be what’s best for you,” Steinberg says. “But we’re all under a massive amount of stress right now, and you may not have the emotional resources you need to touch base with your emotional self and listen to your feelings.”

If they don’t seem genuinely remorseful, have a history of cheating, or you know for sure that you can’t ever trust them again, you can seriously consider a breakup. But if things aren’t so clear right now, Steinberg says it’s also OK to take your time before making any major decisions. You may have to make some adjustments and find ways to get more space for yourself in the meantime. You don’t have to make any major decisions about your relationship right away. Give yourself some time, and you will come up with a solution that works for you.


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Eileen – Chapter 15 – What’s Water Ice? – Part 2

Spring 2019

We leave the salon, and I make sure that Eileen is on the inside when we walk down the street. Girls on the inside. (always guys) We only need to travel two blocks but to my little neophyte she’s clueless. No worries. Eileen starts to complain but then sees Rita’s water Ice and that pacifies her for the moment.

I have to be honest here, I’m really proud of my staff this year. I’ve really enjoyed our tine together, but I really have enjoyed our social time together.

We get in line at Rita’s. It takes forever. But not really.

I’m just happy to be with Eileen.

She’s so beautiful and in this moment everything is so easy.

It’s just two people from different worlds from different ages but share the same experience and it just works.

We’re just two people that are exhausted from the same shit and we need a bit of repose.

Rita’s was the perfect idea. Eileen hates her roommates, and would rather be out that be home.

Eileen orders an enormous gelato with lemon water ice and vanilla ice cream. I’m astounded that this little girl could consume so much dessert, but youth is indestructible.

Whatever baby wants.

I order a small Oreo cookies and cream.

Eileen warns me that it will not be good but I just want a taste. I’m just happy to be with her.

Hers comes out and it looks huge and amazing

“Can you get us a table inside?”

I only say this so she’ll go settle and I’ll get to pay for her again. I like paying for her. I know she must realize what’s happening. Eileen is always s gracious and always thanks me for everything I do for her.

I’m happy to reward good employees. I’ve always been that way. That’s just good business.

But to be honest, when it comes to Eileen, I just really like taking care of her. I’m so grateful that she’s come to work at the salon and has been so amazing, If she ever needs a referral I’m on board.

I know I’ve said it before, but we really have been been blessed this year.

My Oreo slush in a small cup and it looks like a pile of mud and kind of sucks but I actually like it. I like it, because the salon’s air conditioning is broken, and it’s hot and gross, but I’m happy where I am now.

I’m sitting in a quiet space with a lovely 18-year-old girl that I adore sharing water ice in Philly.

If anybody reading this goes dirty, that’s on you because it was a lovely moment with my employee.

I’m telling her stories from my childhood about how we used to go sledding on snow days, and all of the accidents we used to have.

Eileen is fascinated by these harrowing tales, and is giggling while she chokes on her gelato.

I tell her I used to always tell funny stories at the dinner table with my mom and sisters and they would all lose their shit.

I love sharing these old stories with Eileen. She giggles and at some point of my many stories, literally loses her shit and cracks up and giggles uncontrollably.

Being the comedian I am, I love when I can really tickle someone and bring them joy,

My sisters get this.

My father always said I had a quick wit, but never saw the value in it.

“I’m sorry if Thomas (her boyfriend back in Missouri) has been worked up about us hanging out, but it’s just job shit. I like to reward my staff when their good.”

“He can kiss my ass. It’ll be fine.”

“The last thing I want is to cause problems in your life, dear.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“He’s just mad about you taking me out on all of these dates and is worried for my safety.”

“What? I’m a dad and just hanging with my staff.”

“I told him, he needs to settle down. We’re fine, and I work with you and we have developed a relationship and it’s good.”

“I love that Eileen said that she and I have a relationship and that her boyfriend is afraid of me from 2000 miles away. I don’t want to shake another dude up, but it’s fun to know that my pimp arm is still so strong.

Thomas has nothing to worry about. I adore Eileen as an employee. As a professional, I would never move on her.

Especially with young people.

It’ll be fine.

Baby seals will hit the water, and Great Whites will swim.

I’m starting to see a pattern here with Eileen.

I pay for everything with her.

I want her to be my Sugar baby in my mind, and she’s playing the role beautifully.

Do I mention it?

I brought her a bag of snacks the other day and today a rice crispy treat, It’s small, but steady and sweet. I think she knows I appreciate her beauty and her hard work.

It’s obvious I have feelings for her. She’s so young, I have to be respectful.

But for some reason i think it may be turning. I love that she always thanks me for everything I do for her.

I like that.

But lately i am feeling like she’s my sugar baby.

I love that.

What if I want to  make that happen?

I think Eileen already is my sugar baby!


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