If Someone Likes You Back, Here’s How You’ll Be Able To Tell

Sometimes, a crush sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Maybe you’re just happily living the single life when all of a sudden, your stomach does a little flip with when that classmate or coworker walks into the room. Or maybe you’ve been using dating apps casually for awhile, but then you match with someone who seems perfect for you… and you start catching feelings big time. You’re inevitably left wondering, does this person like me back? Is it safe to open my heart up to them?

You could do the obvious thing and just tell your crush straight up how you feel. But this can be intimidating, especially when you have no idea how they’ll respond to this confession. To help you feel more confident to share your feelings, examine the context clues. The person you’re into could be dropping subtle hints that they’re feeling the same way, and like you, they might be nervous to have that conversation. “Behavior gives it away all the time,” behavioral scientist Clarissa Silva tells Elite Daily. “Increased adrenaline levels [are] what makes you start to sweat, your heart race, ‘butterflies in your stomach,’ and/or your mouth going dry whenever you are around the person.”

Silva explains that when you’re crushing on someone, your brain releases feel-good chemicals like adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. These reactions make your heart race when your crush texts you or when you run into them IRL. And luckily, it’s not hard to spot when your crush is experiencing those heightened emotions, too. Look for one of these telltale signs that you’re both super into each other.

1. You catch your crush looking at you often.

Flirty girl. Man and woman have a meeting in a modern cafe


The intense physical reactions to a crush are addictive — that’s why you can’t stop sneaking glances at the person you’re into. “If you catch your crush looking at you more than you would expect them to, it could be a sign that they are falling for you,” Silva explains. And they may not even realize they’re doing it.

2. They’re easy to make plans with.

If you both make consistent plans to hang out despite your busy schedules, it’s a sign that the feelings are mutual. “You both begin to have more constant communication, and they are super responsive to your messages,” Silva says. When someone likes you, they’ll make spending time with you a priority.

Dating expert Julie Spira agrees that text communication can tell you a lot. “If someone really likes you, they’ll be responding to text messages quickly, especially in the first hour of receipt to keep the spark alive,” she tells Elite Daily. If your crush initiates conversations with you frequently, and shows a special interest in the details of your life, they clearly want to spend more time with you.

3. They’re active on your social media.

There are so many sappy texts to send your partner when you're in love that can express your true feelings.


Silva and Spira both note that it’s a good sign if your crush is constantly commenting on photos or reacting to your Instagram stories. They might even use your social media profiles to learn more about you. “They begin social stalking you to gain more insights on who you are,” Silva explains. “If they know things about you that you didn’t tell them, that’s a non-creepy sign they are into you.” If your crush asks about the road trip you recently took with your friends (or anything specific they would know about you only from Instagram), it means they’re paying attention.

4. Your time together is increasingly flirty and romantic.

You may start out by hanging out casually, but ultimately, things progress in a more serious and intentional way. “The time you spend together begins to evolve into different activities that seem ‘date’-like,” Silva says. “They begin to want to see you more in general and make efforts to be around you.” Try making plans with them and see how they react. If they’re super game to hang out more often, it’s probably a sign they enjoy your company.

You can also tell how a person is feeling by noting their physical stance and posture. “When someone is excited to see you, you’ll notice it with their body language, starting with a smile,” Spira explains. She lists several behaviors that show signs of affection: a hug, a touch of the hand, or an arm against the shoulder. “Smile back and embrace it if you feel the same,” she suggests. This will show that you appreciate the gesture.

If you develop a hunch that your crush likes you back, don’t be afraid to talk about it with them. “If you wait too long, you run the risk of ending up in the ‘friend zone,’ and if you come on too quickly, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the response you were expecting,” Spira says. “I recommend asking your crush out in a few days or a few weeks.” It can be as simple as asking them explicitly on a date to dinner or a movie. “It’s low-pressure, and uncomplicated, [and] you won’t be going to a mutual friend’s party without a relationship status,” Spira notes. This way, you can actively determine if you’re both looking for something more.

The fear of rejection is scary, but it doesn’t have to stop you from going out on a limb. “If we never ask, the answer will always be no,” Silva says. “Giving yourself the opportunity to know where the person fits in your life can be empowering.” Rejection, she explains, can help point you to what you ultimately need in life. That may or may not be this person — but when you know for sure, you’re able to determine whether to open or close that chapter.


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How To Catch A Woman’s Attention, Even When You’re The Shyest Guy In The Room

Use your strengths. Yes, you have them!

Can a shy guy learn how to get a girlfriend? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” — if they follow the right dating advice.

For shy guys, the challenge of dating is more an attribute of their beliefs of inadequacies than lack of attraction from the girls.

Shy guys feel as if they are at a disadvantage when it comes to dating and finding girlfriends.

Since they are not naturally inclined to chat people up and make small talk with strangers, they believe that their odds of finding girlfriends are much lower than for the more outgoing guys.

Shy guys spend so much time stressing over what they cannot do that they completely ignore their strengths. They even perceive themselves as sexually unattractive.

According to experts, shy guys have limiting beliefs that sabotage their love lives. Even when a shy guy has a thriving career and enjoys financial success, he still does not see himself as sexy.

Deep down, he is still not confident that women are sexually attracted to him. This “sexual unattractiveness” is a result of faulty stereotypes. It has little to do with objective reality.

According to research, 40-60 percent of adults self-identify as having some degree of shyness. This statistic proves that shy people are more common than we probably think. Indeed, according to Forbes, 40 percent of executives describe themselves as introverts.

The list includes Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Uber investors Warren Buffet and Charles Schwab, Avon’s CEO Andrea Jung, and the late publishing Mogul Katherine Graham. It has been said that the former U.S. president Barrack Obama might be a shy introvert as well.

If you are shy, remember that you are in good company. And chances are if you do not approach the girl, the next shy guy will.

Do girls like shy guys? Can you use your shyness to your advantage? There are dating tips and advice for men who are shy, but you’ll only succeed if you make the effort.

Shy guys possess one edge over the outgoing men — they can be mysterious. You have a definite advantage over-talkative guys who run their mouths and overwhelm girls, leaving very little to the imagination.

Girls are intrigued by you and are willing to spend time with you to unravel the mystery. Girls feel safe and confident around shy guys. Shy guys are also a girl’s dream conversationalist.

There is nothing inherently wrong with you that would prevent you from meeting and having a great relationship with an amazing girl. With a few well-considered strategies, you can get a healthy, long-lasting relationship going.

Indeed, smart girls know that shy guys are diamonds in the rough.

A shy guy may have difficulties initiating a relationship but little trouble maintaining intimacy. Once you’ve met your dream woman, you are at no significant disadvantage in maintaining the relationship.

Are you asking yourself, “Why can’t I get a girlfriend?”

Here are 6 pieces of dating advice for the shy guy who wants to get a girlfriend.

1. Harness your strengths

Contrary to what you think, you have more great qualities that make you attractive to girls than you think.

If you are a great listener, it’s what sets you apart from other guys. You would rather learn from others than share your stories. As long as you listen closely, ask to follow up questions and show interest, you will be amazed at how easy it is keeping a conversation with a woman going.

You’re not all about you. The fact that you do not always have to be the center of attention is also super attractive to girls.

It is also a known fact that shy guys are also deep thinkers — a hot commodity. The fact that you think deeply and critically about life shows you have emotional intelligence and a creative mind, which girls find interesting.

You are mysterious and the fact that you are reserved means that you are full of surprises and conversation with you is never boring. She learns information about your life a little bit at a time.

A woman would rather be with a guy with a few secrets up his sleeve, instead of a man who lets everybody know everything about him immediately.

Girls indicate that shy guys are less intimidating. You may not believe this, but girls can be intimidated by guys. An introverted guy who does not ooze obnoxious confidence is more enjoyable to be around.

2. Use your body

Just because you are not good at flirting, verbally, does not mean that you cannot flirt.

Do you slouch when you walk? Do you awkwardly shove your hands into your pockets? This body language is counterproductive to your efforts at finding a girl.

Make it your purpose to build a strong, confident body language and you will begin to feel more confident. Ensure that you smile and smiling makes you feel less anxious and more positive.

Learn to speak in the vocabulary of your body language. While other guys are busy rattling off cheesy pickup lines, you should be busy giving her a friendly smile — she will definitely notice that!

Once you’ve worked on your body language, dress for success. The right sense of style can give you an added boost to help you project confidence. A strong sense of style will help you make a great first impression, which can open the door to a girl wanting to know more about you.

3. Do a power pose

According to research, holding your body in poses that occupy space floods your brain with powerful chemicals that help to lower stress and increase confidence.

Projecting strength is possible even when you feel anxious and nervous: upright posture, controlled gestures, a leveled brow, a focused gaze, a low vocal pitch, and minimal fillers.

Take baby steps. When you set out to find a girlfriend, do not expect to master the art overnight. Start small and then expand your comfort zone a little every day.

Drop the habits that keep you isolated, lonely, and antisocial. For example, you can stop playing video games — ditch the computer and exchange it for human interaction.

Start approaching girls: simply push your comfort zone a little at a time. It will be nerve-wracking at first, but you will slowly build your confidence.

Start with asking directions like, “Can you point me out to the nearest Starbucks?” Then move on to asking girls for their opinions in a department store. Approach a girl and ask them for a female’s opinion: “Hey, can you help me out? I need a girl’s opinion. Between these two shirts, which one is better?”

Be consistent. You will feel awkward, nervous, and uncomfortable and sometimes you will be scared. Comfort will never get you a girlfriend. Discomfort is good. Do not run away from your discomfort.

Instead, make it your campus. Allow your discomfort to lead you to an amazing girlfriend. Discomfort tells you that you are headed in the right direction. Keep moving.

4. Start where you are comfortable

Don’t make it hard when it can be easy. Start with your places of comfort and then you can expand once you’ve gained confidence. The strategy is to expose yourself to places where you can be yourself, where the quiet, reserved, kind, compassionate person like you can be noticed.

You will probably be more comfortable approaching girls in parks, quiet streets, and libraries than at clubs, crowded events and concerts, and parties. Spiritual communities, volunteer organizations, and cooking classes are some of the forums where you can hope to meet girls who share your values, lifestyles and personal energy.

The wrong environment leads to horrible results because you feel horrible in that environment.

Stop thinking about how to meet any girl. Think about how to meet a girl who is right for you. In your quest to meet a girlfriend, it is crucial that you put yourself in situations where you can meet girls who you are compatible with.

If you are shy and introverted, there is every likelihood that the girls you meet in nightclubs and ‘single people events’ will not be compatible with you.

5. Make your dating life an expansion of your social life

The best way to date without stress is to make your dating an extension of your social life. For instance, being introduced to a girl by a friend is still one of the many ways guys get to meet girls.

It removes all the nervousness of meeting a stranger for the first time on your part and settles issues of security for her.

And you already have something in common: mutual friends.

6. Do not give up when you do not get the progress you hope for.

Here is the truth: it will not always feel good. Girls will sometimes flake on you; you will not always get the kiss you hope for, and you might even be rejected.

And it sucks! All these experiences are necessary for your growth. There are no ups without downs. And there are lessons in the valley just as there are on the mountain.

Do not allow relapses to sabotage your success. Fix your eye on the prize and keep moving.

Now that you know how to get a girl to like you, remember that you have what it takes to get a girlfriend. But only if you persevere.


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