Happy Holidays! – 45 Crazy Facts That You Just Can’t Make Up

There’s nothing like a crazy unbelievable fact that’s actually real. It makes you question life. So here’s a list full of facts that are so crazy that they can’t be made up. You’ll just have to believe them, because they are 100% true. And all the more bizarre for that.

    • 1
      Barechested - Men have nipples because everyone is a female until the Y chromoso me kicks in
  • 2
    Hand - Bruce Lee was so fast that they had to slow the film down so you could see his moves.

  • 3
    Facial hair - Two strangers sit next to each other on a flight and meet their doppelganger.

  • 4
    Facial expression - TERRY FOX MARATHON OF HOPE Terry Fox was a 21-year-old |one-legged cancer patient who ran 3,339 miles across Canada in 143 days before dying.

  • 5
    Text - Thailand 205 tD/3548 After winning Thailand's Miss Uncensored News 2015', Khanittha "Mint" Phasaeng goes back to visit her single mom and kneels before her...showing the utmost respect to the woman who collected and recycled trash her whole life to raise her.

  • 6
    Facial expression - After the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, more than 200 Japanese pensioners, all over 60, volunteered to tackle the nuclear crisis in place of young workers. The organizer said, "Even if I were exposed to radiation, cancer could take 20 or 30 years or longer to develop. I probably have 13 to 15 years left to live."

  • 7
    Font - A 14 karat gold LEGO brick was given out in the early 80s to employees who had worked at the Germany LEGO factory for over twenty-five years. They are valued at nearly $15,000

  • 8
    Red - 10 1 G Déja Vu occurs when your brain tries to apply a memory of a past situation to your current one, fails, and makes you feel like its happened

  • 9
    Natural foods - Bio In France, it is illegal for grocery stores to throw away edible food. Stores must donate edible, unused food to charity or facilities that process it into animal feed or compost.

  • 10
    Horse - The National Animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.

  • 11
    Asphalt - A guy created a replica of Thor's hammer that, through electromagnets and a fingerprint scanner, will only allow him to lift it.

  • 12
    Hairstyle - Barkhad Abdi, Somali actor from Captain Phillips only earned $65,000 for his role and after it was complete went home to continue working in his brothers store selling cell phones.

  • 13
    Face - When a dog sees its owner, their brain releases oxytocin - The same chemical found inhumans who are in love or bonding with friends.

  • 14
    Facial expression - If you confess you murdered someone to a priest, your secret is protected by Catholic law.

  • 15
    Photo caption - Swedish millionaire Johan Eliasch purchased 400,000 acres of the Amazon Rainforest from a logging company for $14,000,000 for the sole purpose of its preservation.

  • 16
    Landmark - There are more museums in the U.S. than Starbucks and McDonalds combined.

  • 17
    Facial expression - The man who does Dwayne The Rock' Johnson's stunts, Tanoai Reed, is also his cousin. They've done over a dozen films together, have the same body type, and work side-by-side to make every scene perfect.

  • 18
    Animated cartoon - A couple of years ago, Justin Timberlake went to Comic Con dressed in an Ernie costume and was completely unnoticed. He claimed it was the first time he was able to walk freely in public in ten years.

  • 19
    Vertebrate - In 2001, a lion, tiger, and bear cub were found in a drug dealer's basement. They were moved to Noah's Ark sanctuary and have lived together as inseparable best friends ever since.

  • 20
    Wilderness - A gorilla is comforted by a park ranger after it's mother was killed by a poacher.

  • 21
    Text - In the 19th century, it was considered a crime to commit suicide in Great Britain. If caught, the person was punished by hanging.

  • 22
    People - This art school in Japan lets students wear whatever they want to graduation.

  • 23
    Sky - There's a swing on the edge of a cliff in Ecuador. It has no safety measures and is called the 'Swing at the End of the World.

  • 24
    Photo caption - IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad lives in a small home, eats at IKEA, takes the bus, and flies coach despite being the 5th richest business man in the world.

  • 25
    Text - eBaum's WERLD A new Kansas law makesM COMMON ita crime for police to SENSE S have sex with people TINGLING they pullover fortraffic violations or detain in criminal investigations. Wai...wasn't that illegal already?

  • 26
    Dish - eBaum's WERLD One of the companies making fun of IHOP for changing the P-pancake tob-burgers,was Burger King who, in 2013,changed its name to Fries King in a similar publicity stunt

  • 27
    Face - eBaum's WERLD As of 2016,due to his criminal history, Chris Brownis banned from entering Australia New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

  • 28
    Text - eBaum's WERLD AHarvard professorwho had worked with Bill Gates called him shortly after he hadleft to start Microsoft, The professorrecalled, He hadmoved to Albuquerque torunasmall company writing code for microprocessors,ofall things Irememberthinking Sucha brilliant kid,Whatawaste"

  • 29
    Blue - eBaum's WERLD Prolonged usage of Mystique's blue body paint caused Rebecca Romijn's Vomit to turn blue.She threw up on Hugh Jackman after shooting terquila during their final scenes togetherin X-Men (2000)

  • 30
    Facial expression - eBaum's WERLD Some IKEA products have had to be renamed in English speaking countries, due to its original Swedish names having weird and unfortunate connotations. Examples of these include lerker desk Faktum kitchen legs,and Fartfull workbench

  • 31
    Reptile - eBaum's WERLD In 2011,the large Sungazer lizard found in South Africa wa assigned to the new genus Smaug, inspired by the dragon in J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit.

  • 32
    Water - eBaum's WERLD Generalanesthetics Work on glants as well.

  • 33
    Text - eBaum's WERLD Tom Hollandwasnotallowed to read the scriptof Avengerss Infinity Warsince he revealed toomanysecretsfor Spider-Man Homecoming [2017D

  • 34
    Product - eBaum's W RLD Most older CD-based videogamescanbe put inaCD playerand you can listen to the Soundtrackof thegame

  • 35
    Social group - eBaum's WERLD In 2007, "Big Bang Theory set designers toured the apartments being used by current graduate students to see how young Scientists really live. They dida faithful re-creation of the apartments, but after CBS tested the show, the sets were scrapped because they were too depressing.

  • 36
    Text - eBaum's WERLD When lan McEwan, the award-winning author helped his son with an essay about his own novel in May 2018, he go... Ct.

  • 37
    Sitting - eBaum's WERLD Young Stan Laurel was Charlie Chaplin's understudy for some time

  • 38
    Font - Baum's WERLD PREMIUM COVE GRADE ROUTE Orange County man wrongfully SUspected of atheft was held at gunpoint by an off-duty officer in May 20018. Whattreasure he supposedlystole?-arollof Mentos which he paid forbtw 66

  • 39
    Supercar - eBaum's WERLD Each boltin Pagani Huayra wasset to cost $80.

  • 40
    Text - eBaum's WERLD Bank of England is said to be the second-largest custodianofgold in the world, after the New York Federal Reserve, but onlyowns twogold bars. Both of these are on display in theirmuseum.

  • 41
    Text - eBaum's WERLD After a comedian bought Russell Crowe's jockstrap as a joke, Crowe reportedly used the money for a wildlife hospital to treat chlamydia in koalas so it would be named after the comedian.

  • 42
    Text - eBaum's WERLD After Jay-Zreferenced MC Hammer's bankruptcy on the Kanye West track "So Appalled" MC Hammer released a diss track aimed at Jay-Z

  • 43
    Reptile - eBaum's WERLD The Pinocchio Lizard which was believed to be extinct,was re-discovered in Ecuador after over 40 years.

  • 44
    Text - eBaum's WSRLD Steve Jobs believed that his commitment to vegan diets meant he was free trom body odor so he didn't need to wear deodorant or shower regularly, Hisformer coworkers say that he was "very, very wrong

  • 45
    Photo caption - eBaum's WERLD Robert Downey Ir's other recurring role than Iron Man is Sherlock Holmes. In his previous outings as Iron Man, he worked with two Dr.Watsons Sir Ben Kingsley and Martin Freeman. In Avengers: Infinity War, he finally works with fellow Sherlock actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.

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    10 Ways to Stay in the Honeymoon Phase of Your Relationship

    The excitement of getting married never has to end.

    The honeymoon phase is often seen as the best part of a relationship.

    This period usually lasts for the first six months to a year of a relationship. During the honeymoon phase couples experience feelings of extreme happiness and excitement as partners get to learn more about one another and create new memories.

    When this phase ends, couples are more likely to feel bored. This feeling of boredom can be easily mistaken for a loss of love and interest in the relationship. Two people can easily get into petty arguments as they appear to grow distant and start to question their feelings for one another.

    The first step in handling this post-honeymoon phase period is to accept that feelings change. That is just a part of life. It doesn’t mean that the love no longer exists and that the relationship should end. The next step would be to realize that just because a honeymoon phase is expected to end after a certain period of time doesn’t mean it actually has to.

    If it is important for a couple to keep a relationship fun and exciting, all they must do is come up with a plan to do so. This could include writing down a list of things that made them attracted to one another in the first place, and then finding ways to continue to incorporate those things throughout the relationship. Maybe this means going out on a date once a month or randomly sending each other cute text messages.

    A deliberate effort to make something work is one sure way to make sure that you will have a healthy and successful relationship. If there is a will, then there is a way.

    Listed below are 10 ways to make sure that the honeymoon phase of your relationship never ends.

    1. Spend quality time together.

    Find time in your busy schedules to have at least one date night a month. Whether you decide to stay in or go out, use this time to pick each other’s brains about things unrelated to work and your every day stressful responsibilities. These planned nights will allow you to continue to learn more about one another as you enjoy remembering what inspired you’ll to get together in the first place. Knowing that each of you is continuously making the relationship a priority is a good way to keep the love alive.

    2. Effectively communicate.

    Communication is a key factor in any successful relationship. This could mean biting your tongue sometimes because you realize that you are both emotional, meaning it might not be the best time to have a conversation. It also means not being afraid to express how you feel when something has been on your mind for a while. If you never share how you feel, then you can’t expect the other person to help you come up with a solution to the problem.

    Being open and honest will not only help you’ll build trust, which makes for a strong foundation for a relationship to stand upon.

    3. Continue to create new experiences.

    Take some time to travel and engage in activities neither of you have experienced before. These experiences will give you a chance to get out of your comfort zone and witness how well you respond to change. You’ll create memories that you never thought you could as you choose to willingly explore the world and all it has to offer.

    There is joy in knowing that neither of you will settle for boredom, you can count on each other to make the necessary changes to keep the relationship interesting and unpredictable when you need it most.

    4. Push each other to achieve your individual dreams and goals.

    Talking about your goals and dreams and never allowing each other to give up is a good way to keep the relationship exciting. It shows that you care about your partner’s success and want them to be happy doing what they love. Listening to one another and planning on how to turn dreams into realities keeps you’ll focused. It challenges each person to strive and move forward in life and be a better version of themselves. Seeing each other climb to new heights keeps the spark alive, especially if you are a couple attracted to ambition.

    5. Actively work to have positive exchanges.

    Life is too often filled with negative people and moments. There’s no need to have a relationship that is filled with negativity. Send each other affirmations and other positive words of encouragement to get through the hard times. Even when life is good, continue doing so to remind each other to always have a positive outlook. You can even be sure to give each other compliments, hugs and kisses to show that you paying attention to one another.

    People are more likely to invest time in relationships that are causing them more happiness than stress.

    6. Be each other’s support system.

    Having the support of a loved one is known to increase a person’s overall well-being. Show that you can depend on one another by being a shoulder to cry on when you need it most. Welcome each other with open arms as you make yourselves available to listen as you take turns venting. Sometimes you just need someone to comfort you and allow you to sulk in the moment instead of trying to tell you how to feel.

    You will both know that you always have someone who is in your corner, willing to lend a helping hand whenever you need emotional stability.

    7. Learn each other’s love language.

    There a 5 love languages: words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service and quality time. Knowing your partner’s love language can help you make sure they are satisfied and receiving the love they need to have a fulfilling relationship. This means knowing exactly when and how to make them feel appreciated.

    If you both acknowledge each other’s needs and wants then you can maintain a balanced relationship where both parties understand what actions need to be taken to avoid hurting each other.

    8. Have alone time.

    It is healthy and necessary to spend time apart in a relationship. Take time to do the things you enjoyed doing before you got together. Know that you still have the freedom to be yourself even though you have committed yourself to each other. This will help improve your physical and emotional stability.

    Having space will not only help you’ll be more appreciative of the time you do get to spend together, but it will also help you’ll be more willing to compromise without feeling forced to do so.

    9. Find ways to show appreciation for one another.

    Whenever you can, show each other that your lives have changed for the better because you have found each other. It can be as simple as saying “thank you, I appreciate you” when one of you does something nice or thoughtful for the other. Compliment one another and regularly confess your love. It is always nice to be acknowledged for your efforts.

    You will notice the difference it makes when you have less arguments or feelings of distance in the relationship.

    10. Be understanding.

    Understand that as time goes by people change and grow. Some days you might absolutely adore each other and smile as you think about how lucky you are to have found one another. Other days you might get so fed up that you forget why you wanted to be together in the first place. Therefore it is best that either way, you both get to a place where you are ok with how each of you might feel on any given day.

    Don’t waste time fearing that the love is gone just because your feelings have changed. Feelings change, and that is just a fact of life. You’ll might still love each other, but that love may be expressed in a different way.


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    Sun Stories: Amelia – Chapter 1 – Seasonal Hire

    I’ve been working at the salon for the last two years. We opened the gym in the new location and it’s been a struggle. But nothing stops the super influx of clients in the Spring. Proms, graduations, Spring Break, weddings, and tans for the summer. We’re ready for it all.

    We’re the best salon in the city. We have the best equipment, staff and prices. We destroy Yelp reviews and we are beloved. We do one thing and we have the best service and the best packages.

    Oh, and now they’ve had me for the last two years.


    Achilles had 3 salons over the last 10 years. He closed the Ardmore and South Philly locations. When I was doing his advertising at Philly Weekly, he said is was all due to staff.

    I asked why, and he told me that running 3 tanning salons was just 3 headaches times 3. Which means all shitty employees, non-stop.

    I get it.

    He has me now. A guy that is an $80k a year guy giving all to his business. The other girls get fired or quit and I pick up more shifts while working for Philly Weekly.

    I just like to work and be busy. I start working for my client and the place starts to swing. We’re getting better Yelp reviews and we’re selling better packages and blowing out lotions and accessories like mad.

    It’s because he has a deadly sales guy from the rat race that is committed to his business.

    Achilles almost doesn’t know how to handle this animal in his zoo.

    But he embraces it and is happy with the requests.

    We’ve burned through so many shitty employees and there have been so many ideas of new businesses we could create.

    I am gravely disappointed in how we have failed as a partnership for a business together. It was poorly planned and we got heat from a gym on the third floor from us and it has caused a lot of problems. They’ve hurt our plan, but we’ll march on.

    I love Achilles, and I know him better than anyone, but it’s better if I keep my money in the stock  market and just work with him.

    I feel like I’m digressing, and I don’t want to write anything negative about a man I really respect and trust. But I just don’t think a partnership is in the cards for us.

    I need to focus on Amelia.


    We were trying like crazy trying to get a girl to help at night during the busy season.

    The salon will explode over the next three months and I need another employee.

    I need a girl who will be like Haley. (See: Haley – Lightning In a Bottle) I need Summer. (See: Summer – Night Shift Girl) Great girls that helped me run this business like a machine. I adore them both. (Just go find them in the blog)

    Achilles is trying to find someone. One of the trainers says there is a girl who works at a gym he knows is looking to pick up some additional shifts.

    I don’t know this girl. I’m out of the loop and I don’t like it. Who is this chick? I haven’t met her and know nothing about her. Achilles sort of hires her without my knowledge.

    He’s been in this business for 12 years and has seen it all. I have to trust his instincts. Or do I? His biggest headache has been staffing for over a decade. I’ve been his stable saving grace. He’s hired some shitty people.

    Not really. What do you get for $9 an hour under the table? You get what you pay for.

    I’m apprehensive. Amelia is starting next Monday at 4pm. I have no idea what to expect.

    Well, I hope she’s not some 30 year old buffed fitness lady that isn’t a match for this salon.

    But time will tell.


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