Sun Stories: Delaney – Chapter 4 – She’s Writing Checks She Can’t Cash

Delaney was supposed to come in on Saturday, but again was a no show. This is becoming more of a trend than an anomaly.

She totally blew it last weekend because she got drunk and was too hungover to function. Friday night she was in here making all sorts of promises for Saturday to see me and nothing happened.

I get it. She’s 22 years old. They like to get smashed on the weekends. I was the same way back in the day. Get drunk with your friends, or go hang out with some old guy at a salon. The choice is easy.

I even text her on Friday night to show her she was in the blog. She loved that she was the new girl in own and how Kita was no longer my number one. Girls love destroying each other. She liked using up the end of Kita’s lotion and throwing it in the trash. I know it felt good. I loved it. Knowing another girl took something away from Kita and discarded it like Kita did to me for the month of January. (See: Kita – You’re No Longer My Number One)

I even texted her on Saturday that Kita had miraculously came in on my shift. Crickets. No response.

Most of these girls that get addicted to tanning can’t go for more than two or three days without a session. They start to think that they’re color is fading. It’s a vicious cycle that they bring on themselves.

It’s money for us, but they’re faces look like shoe leather in their thirties.

It’s been three days since she’s come to the salon, so I’m thinking she may make an appearance tonight.

Update: She was a no show. So, based on what she said Friday night and her absence in general, this was over before it ever got started.

As Simon Cowell would say: “Sorry Delaney, but it going to be a no for me.”


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