Sun Stories: Sasha – Chapter 3 – Return of the Queen

“Sasha is the most beautiful woman who has entered our gates at the tanning salon.”

I’m fed up with Kita’s neglect. Now granted Kita is 21 and has no idea to navigate the world. She is an adopted daughter from China that has been rescued by a pair of extremely rich parents. When I gave her all of the things I gave her, I did it willingly. I liked her. She needed guidance an I did everything I could do to help her.

Kita was the perfect client. EFT client and non-stop tanning. I bought her tons of gifts and gave her a multitude of extras at the salon. Kita is so ignorant she never realized all of the things I did for her and squandered them all.

She illustrated this clearly to me when she vanished during her Winter break from Temple in Florida. I’ve realized she is a fucking zero and a waste of my time. Some girls can be helped and tutored but this one is just a boring loser. No wonder she has so many problems with boys.

She has no experience and is incredibly boring. Can you imagine being 21 and having no fun factor? That shit was built into all of us back in my day. We all wanted to party whenever we could.

So putting time in on little Kita has been a waste and a misstep on my part. I don’t regret all of the things I did for her. I’m just a little amazed that she was too stupid to realize that what I did for her was the model of what her dating life should have looked like with these boys.

Kita was too dumb to realize that the things I was doing for her were the actual model of what dating looks like. Kita blew it. It matters nothing to me. I have a girlfriend. I know dating and relationships better than everybody I know. I’ve done nothing wrong but try to help a young girl find her way and she completely missed it.

Which makes an important point. You can lead a horse to water. I spelled out the perfect relationship out to Kita. All the while counseling her and she still never saw it. She blew it. Kita… still the fool. That tells me she sucks and needs to go.

I would love to spell it out to her one day, but that would be contrived and silly. Too late for you Kita. I’m sorry.

Then there was her eager successor, Delaney. Sexy, drunk and ready to play. I let Delaney use Kita’s lotion and was angry at Kita for never texting me once while she was gone in Florida. I was forsaken by my number one.

Delaney was a band-aid who wanted to so badly be my number one. She’s so beautiful and I love her but she can’t follow-up on anything.

I know this is a little game I play at the salon to keep things interesting at pretty much a mundane job, but there are stories here.

Delaney has promised much and failed miserably. As pretty as she is and her lust for tanning and her pretty legs, she’s just not #1 material.

After her promise of booze for an exclusive bottle of tingler. Sweet and Sexy lotion that I personally bought her I’m disappointed.

On both occasions to collect said lotion she never showed up.

Huge fail.

“Is my experience wanting to give you expensive, free lotion just an exercise in taking it back and forth to my house?”

It should never be that. That is an amazing lotion. It smells like pastries, and bakes you up delish. I bought that for you because I like you. You make me happy when I see you.


Two days later I’m cranking at the salon and we’re doing well.

One of the loveliest girls I know comes in. Her friend preempted her and said she’s be in. I miss this girl, She’s a sweet curvy angel that I need in here. I love her. A sweet, giggly baby that knows and loves my blog.

I send her to her bed of choice and then I see My Queen behind her. Everything becomes clear at our salon in that moment.

Sasha is the most beautiful woman who has entered our gates at the tanning salon. Can you imagine standing before someone and they are number one? (See: Sasha: Chapters 1 & 2)

And then it hits me.

You loved Kita. You’ll figure it out, you idiot.

Delaney’s too busy.

Sasha…. she’s working three jobs at her current gig, Baby is broken. She’s at the same company that Delaney works at but her life is hell.

Sasha needs to get out. Baby’s waiting for the Cadillac and she’s so stressed. She flops her lovely, slender legs over the chair.

I feel like I need to help her. I want to ease her stress. Then I get an idea.

I run to the back of salon and go in the cabinet under the sink. When I return to her I hand her something.

“Sweet and Sexy lotion! For me?”

“Yes, Sasha. It’s yours. A gift from you to me.”

“How come?”

“Because you’re my number one and I should have never let you not be my number one!”

“Thank you! I love it!”

“It’s my pleasure, Sasha.”


I can hope one of the following things happen:

  1. Delaney walks in and Sasha comes in behind her and I say: “Hey there number one.” And Delaney goes: “Hey.” And then I say: “I wasn’t talking to you.”
  2. Delaney: “Hey. Didn’t you say you got a new lotion for me? Me: “Yea. I sort of gave that to your co-worker, Sasha.
  3. Sasha addresses the girls at work with the following: “That Charles over at the salon is so nice. I was over there the other night and you know what he did? He gave me a brand new bottle of Sweet and Sexy bronzer! That runs like $45 a bottle!

Hopefully everything goes back to normal after all of this nonsense.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been such a childish, little bitch about everything.


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16 Adorable Signs a Man Wants to Be With You More Than Anyone Else

You’re daydreaming and drooling over him, but don’t you want to know if he’s feeling the same? It’s time you knew the signs a man wants to be with you.

As a tomboy, I never thought I’d get to see the signs a man wants to be with you happen for me. Sure, I thought I was cute, but everyone’s eyes were stuck on the cool girls. In hindsight, they weren’t cool, they just hit puberty before me.

Anyways, I heard guys talk about other girls, but never about me. And I can’t say it didn’t hurt; it did. Of course, you want attention from other people. And while my list of crushes kept growing longer and longer, I had no idea if anyone felt the same about me.

I was convinced that no one wanted to be with me. At least, that’s what I thought. In reality, I wasn’t paying attention to the signs.

How to tell the signs a man wants to be with you

There were guys who liked me, but they were shy or felt I was too intimidating to approach. So, they hung by the sidelines and never really made a move, which is crazy! If I had known how they felt, I would have taken the first step.

But that’s the thing! I didn’t know the signs. Sure, I could see the obvious ones, but if they were more subtle, they flew right over my head. I don’t want that to happen to you. Be able to spot these signs right away so that you can decide whether or not you want to act on them.

Of course, you want to know the signs a man wants to be with you.

#1 He invests time into you. Listen, no one spends any time with someone they don’t like if it’s not forced. If a guy invests his time on you because he wants to, well, he likes you. It’s really as simple as that.

#2 He calls/texts you regularly. Of course, you have male friends that will call or text you regularly but usually not on a daily basis. If he’s taking time out of his day to call or text you, it’s a sign of interest in you. If not, they wouldn’t waste their time talking to you.

#3 You feel like you’re number one. If a man wants to be with you, he’ll make you a priority. He wants you to be in his life, so he treats you like you’re number one. And to him, you are number one. This doesn’t mean he’s going to ditch everythingfor you, but he’ll show you he cares.

#4 He asks you out. Well, if he gets the courage to ask you out on a date, then it’s a clear sign he’s into you. This is one of the most obvious signs a man wants to be with you, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. It’s not easy to ask someone out. Many men fear rejection. But this guy took the next step.

#5 He spends time with you. Sure, he may be busy with school and work, but in his spare time, he’s with you. He loves spending time with you, and that’s a great sign he wants to be with you. Could you be with someone you couldn’t stand to hang out with? Exactly.

#6 Your opinion matters. When he talks about things going on in his life, he doesn’t just tell them to you. He’s talking about them because he wants your opinion. He wants to know what you think because he respects and values your opinion. He wouldn’t do this if he didn’t want to be with you.

#7 He opens up. Men aren’t quick to open up about their feelings. They usually take their time to get to know someone before they become vulnerable. He tells you his past and opens up emotionally. This isn’t something men do with every girl. Only with the ones they want to be with.

#8 You’ve met his friends and family. No man introduces a girl to his family unless he’s serious about her. If he allows you into his inner circle, this means he’s serious about you. He’s letting his friends and family see his potential partner and is waiting for the thumbs up from his family.

#9 He’s interested in your life. I’ve met many men that liked me but were never interested in what I do or my hobbies. That isn’t a man who wants to really be with you. If a man wants to be with you, he takes interest in the things you do and will support your hobbies and passions.

#10 He’s there when you need him. When you’re in a tough spot and need a helping hand, he’s right there. He doesn’t leave you alone, letting you figure it out on yourself. No way, that’s not a man who wants to be with you. Instead, he’s helping you figure out the next step.

#11 He talks about the future. Though he may not be making a move, he’s certainly dropping hints about the future. Maybe he’ll mention going on a vacation together in the summer or thinking about moving out of his parent’s house. And though they may not seem important, these conversations show he sees you in his life.

#12 He listens. I know this may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Many people hear you, but they’re not listening. When you talk to him, he really listens to you. He’s not staring at his phone or saying “yeah” until you stop talking. He’s actively listening to you because he cares.

 #13 He texts you back quickly. If someone doesn’t like you, they don’t rush to text you back. But when you text him, he’s quick to reply. Why? Because he likes you! If he takes hours and hours to reply, then take it as a hint. He’s not into being with you.

#14 The sex gets better and better. If you’re having sex with him, you probably noticed it becoming more intense and intimate. And that’s because you are more emotionally connected. Sex is one thing, but when you have sex, there’s more to it.

#15 He loves touching you. Of course, if you want him to touch you. And this isn’t just in a sexual way. He just loves touching you. Whether putting his hand on your back or touching your arm when he makes a joke, he can’t get enough of it.

 #16 You feel it. When you’re around him, you feel different. There’s a different energy when you  are with each other. If you feel that he likes you, then you’re probably right. Don’t ignore your gut instinct because it’s probably right.


Now that you know the signs a man wants to be with you, you know what’s going on. Does he want to be with you? If so, it’s time you made a move!


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Tales of Rock – Update: Pamela Des Barres’ Memoirs Also Contradicted Lori Maddox’s Story

Since writing and publishing my prior post fact checking Lori Mattix’s (Maddox’s) claim that she lost her virginity to David Bowie the night before his first March 1973 Long Beach show at the age of 15, another significant issue has come to my attention.

Pamela Des Barres’s celebrated memoirs, I’m with the Band, also contradict Ms. Mattix’s account. By late 1972, Ms. Des Barres, aged 24 at the time, had been in a long-standing relationship with Jimmy Page. She ended her relationship with him, however, before moving in with Frank and Gail Zappa (for whom she’d previously worked as a nanny) in February 1973, precisely because of Page’s ongoing relationship with Mattix:

I realized how desperate I was for attention and affection I was when good old Led Zep came to town and I flopped around with Jimmy again. The first night was wonderful, even though he had started to ingest many harmful substances, but the second night he left me stranded in front of the Whiskey like a floundering, faded Jezebel while he sleazed off with a thirteen-year-old nymphet called Lori Lightning [Mattix’s modeling pseudonym]. I sat around all night with the rest of the group, getting pissed, and they all agreed I was too good for that sort of treatment. Oh, well.

Importantly, this occurred before her move into the Zappa’s home in February 1973, and therefore well before David Bowie’s March 1973 Long Beach concerts. Between Ms. Mattix’s own accounts and Ms. Des Barres’s memoirs, it increasingly seems that the fact that the underage Ms. Mattix was already in a relationship with Jimmy Page well before she claims to have lost her virginity to David Bowie cannot be seriously disputed.


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