Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 27


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5 Things the Most Attractive Women Do on First Dates (Especially If They Want a Second)

Leave him with a lasting impression.

Are you in a deep rut of a hundred first dates that rarely end with a second…or a third? Are you stuck on what to do on a first date that would leave him with a lasting first impression?

Nowadays, dating is tough, even with a surplus of first date tips and advice on the internet. With endless opportunities to swipe right on, the days of valuing relationships seem to be slipping into the twilight zone.

And figuring out how to get a guy to like you after a first date can be seriously difficult.


Men are appearing to be more noncommittal, which makes it challenging to grow a connection when there’s a lack of consistency from them.

It seems like men think they have all the time in the world, whereas women who want to have a family are stuck waiting for a guy to step up and take the lead.

If you want to know what makes a man fall in love, here are 5 first date tips to get a guy to like you enough to ask you on a second date

1. Give him a compliment

A man loves to receive compliments from a woman. Naturally, men operate from their thinking cap so being able to tap into how he thinks will be key to getting his attention. It gives him a little confidence boost to make him want to pursue you.

And, when it comes to giving compliments, the type of compliment matters.

First, you’ll want to capture a personal detail about him. It may be his style of dress, something he says that inspires you, or perhaps his gentlemanlike manners. Regardless of what suits you, you’ll need to compliment him on something he has personally crafted himself. This shows you are taking interest in him and who he is as a man.

If you compliment him on his baby blue eyes, this will go in one ear and out the other. He’s already heard this a thousand times so it won’t have much of an impact. Plus, he was born with his stunning eyes, so he’s less likely to value that compliment versus something he’s truly worked for, like his excellent style.

2. Be friendly to others

Being kind to others around you while on a date with him shows you have good morals and values. This signifies your ladylike etiquette making a man find you to be more appealing and worth pursuing.

When you are respectful of others, this instantly lets him know you are self-aware and maintain self-respect. The more you respect yourself, the more likely you will be to gain his respect.

A man needs respect before he can fall in love with you.

At the end of the day, a high-value man desires a woman who he can spend quality time with at home or invite to formal business gatherings. And, if a man can’t take you to a work dinner, he will definitely not consider asking you on another date.

So when you’re on the date, say “please” and “thank you” to the bartender or waiter. This will let him know you are appreciative of other’s hospitality, including his.

3. Show your authenticity

Being real is refreshing in a heavily-filled social media world filtered to perfection. He wants to get to know who you truly are and what you are passionate about. If your personality isn’t coming out on dates he will struggle to see the value on extending a second invitation.

Your inability to show authenticity will hinder the growth of forming a genuine connection with him.

With every woman being unique in her own way, your quirks are what makes him like you even more than the next. Being comfortable in your own skin will make you stand out amongst the masses and have him selecting you.

When you choose you, he will too!

And, while everyone you meet isn’t always a match, if the real you can’t be seen it will be difficult for him to get to know you. Your true self is what makes you magnetically attract a man.

4. Skip the nightcap

The two of you are on a date and having an amazing time. It’s beyond chemically intoxicating, so you want to extend the date for an after dinner cocktail. But, going for a nightcap will extend the date longer than the two to three-hour maximum we recommend.

By skipping the nightcap, it avoids overconsuming too many cocktails and getting a little tipsy. Because when the liquid courage is flowing it may cause you to overshare which is a complete turnoff to a man. This results in you losing the whole mysterious factor which is the driving force to winning a second date.

Passing up late night cocktails shows him you’re a respectable woman and value your time. You’re more likely to keep a man thinking on his toes than if you were to be overly available for the whole evening. This leaves a man wondering more about you, so he instinctively asks you out again without thinking twice.

Our dating motto: “Leave a little mystery, or you might be history.”


5. Say “yes” to adventures

So maybe the first date isn’t basic lattes at your favorite cafe or cocktails at the neighborhood bar, but an eventful Saturday afternoon of rocking climbing, hiking, or visiting the latest art gallery. Whatever the adventure is, saying “yes” is sure to spark his interest.

A man is more drawn to a woman who is up for an adventure and wants to have a good time. The whole point of a first date is to have fun and be flirty. If you are too concerned with what he’s thinking about you or the way you look, then you may lose out on building a lifetime connection.

Going on an adventure is a great way to really get to know someone. A man will want to see how open-minded you are and what kind of attitude you bring to the table. A man gets excited to ask a woman out who exudes positivity and vibes on the fly. And you never know when he might start falling in love with you during one of these adventures.

So whether this is your first date or your hundredth first date, living in the moment while using your feminine energy will entice him to ask you out again.

A man will gravitate towards a woman who is sure of themselves, makes him feel great and are open to fun adventures. Be the woman who stops him in his tracks and captivates his heart.

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Kita – Chapter 21 – The Rising Tide – Part 1

I was working my usual Sunday at the salon. It was totally dead that day. Probably less than a dozen people came in the whole time we were open. But around 2pm the ‘ray of sunshine’ came strolling in.

She’s obviously distressed about something. I think I can guess what it is. It’s either ex-boyfriend, JR or new clown Steve.

I am correct on both counts. She’s going on about how Steve is being an ass. He’s saying things like how he needs to take a step back from Kita because she’s not over JR yet. These young guys nowadays are so insecure. He’s creating problems where there aren’t any. This dude needs to chill out.

I do learn some new things about Kita. Her first love was a kid back when she was around 16. They got serious and fooled around a little bit but she wasn’t ready to have her V card punched yet. (Always good to avoid those pesky statutory rape laws!)

That relationship lasted only 6 months. Her heart was broken. She was really sad and wasn’t eating. Her mother was really worried about her. Kita loves passionately and when it ends she’s devastated. I’ve been there.

Her mom put her on Escitalopram to combat her depression. She’s still on it today. I don’t know how I feel about that but if it helps keep Kita healthy, it’s none of my business. I’ll do some research about the drug.

Anyway, then she met JR and fell deeply in love with him. I think they were together for over six months before she had sex for the very first time. JR relieved her of her virginity and she was hooked. She remained happily in a relationship with him until recently. Most of this year has spent with them fighting, breaking up, getting back together and then drifting further apart. Now it’s over and although he may have moved on, she hasn’t.

Sure, she’s seeing Steve but has made it clear she’s not over her ex and needs time to heal. Initially he said he was fine with it. She also made it clear that there would absolutely not be any sexual activity.

I love Kita’s virtue.

She’s also made it clear that they’re not an item. They’re not in a relationship. She just needs time to heal and move forward with her life.

Things were going okay for awhile, until last weekend. He said something about being mad at his friend about something and he wouldn’t share it with her. Which is fine but he started acting weird the whole weekend. It was if he’d been able to send out his best representative and maintain that character for a month or so. Then his true self emerged and he started being mean to Kita. He would ignore her, and just be moody and down right mean.

Of course she’s telling me all of this drama and it’s just exhausting for me. But I really care about Kita and I’m happy when she’s blowing up my phone about this guy. Normally I would hate it, but she’s such a lovely babe, I just love chatting with her and try to help her with my advice.




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