A Unique Gift – Chapter 20

“That was kind of you,” Abby commented as they watched Amanda lead Alex from the party. “Well kind to Alex, Amanda’s going to get frustrated not being able to orgasm without him.”

“Hey I didn’t say she couldn’t fuck other guys or make them cum, just that she’d need Alex to get her off,” Jack grinned. It had been a good night, he had watched Abby have her cunt licked by the most popular girl in college and then had his first threesome with them both. Overall he classed the party as a success. The pair stayed, drank and danced until late into the night before heading home. Jack flopped into bed rather drunk and fell asleep fully clothed.

The next morning was rough, his head hurt, his body ached and light stung his eyes and yet he smiled when he woke up, remembering the events of last night. Groggily he peeled himself from his bed, stripped off and took a long shower. Feeling fresher and more alert he remembered the collar. With just his towel he dashed back to his bedroom and checked the box. With a sigh of relief he saw the collar was sat in its box. He smiled, wondering how Amanda was doing this morning. He got dressed and made some breakfast before sitting down at his computer.

He looked at his list. He decided his first target for improving his life would be his manager at work as he would see her tonight on his shift. He pondered how he could get her to wear it. Pretending it was a gift for his girlfriend again might work like it had with Miss Jameson but Jack found himself disliking that idea. Miss Jones was more distant from her staff than Miss Jameson was from her students. It wasn’t she was a bitch, she was strict but fair, rather she believed that work was for work and not for socializing. Which probably meant if he mentioned a gift for a girlfriend, she would likely dismiss it as it wasn’t work related. Hell he only knew her first name was Sarah because he had seen it on some paperwork but there’d be hell to pay if he ever called her that.

He made his way to work just before his shift was due to start. He figured if he was going to get her to wear the collar, it would be easiest to do before he was on the clock. It was a modest sized bar with half of the space designated to food. It was extremely popular with students which required them to be very strict with checking people’s ages when serving alcohol. He arrived just as it was starting to get busy for the evening. He had time to kill before he had to start so he made his way to the offices in the back.

“You’re early,” Miss Jones commented as he arrived at her office. She was sat at her desk that was littered with paperwork. She wore her usual blouse and pencil skirt and had her brown hair in a neat braid twisted into a bun. Since the day he had met her Jack had never seen her wear anything else or wear her hair in a different style.

“Yeah I was hoping to talk to you,” Jack replied still unsure how he was going to play this.

“Can it wait, I’ve got a headache and a lot of paperwork to do,” Miss Jones replied gesturing to the mountain on her desk. Jack saw an opportunity and it was thanks to a crappy tv commercial.

“I actually have something that may help with that,” Jack told her as he went into his bag. He opened the box out of view of Miss Jones and retrieved the collar. He held it up for her to see.

“What is that? Some tacky necklace?” She asked.

“It’s for headaches, have you not seen them before?” Jack lied.

“What are you talking about?” She replied.

“May I?” Jack asked without waiting for a reply. He grabbed her mouse and keyboard and quickly googled the advert he remembered.

“This is highly unpro-” Miss Jones replied before Jack cut her off.

“See, they have magnets that help to reduce stress and headaches in them,” Jack cut her off as he found the product he was looking for. It didn’t look much like his collar and he knew it was a load of shit they tried to flog on late night TV but if it served as a good prop for his lie.

“Uses magnetic fields to reduce stress? What a load of rubbish,” Miss Jones commented as she read the screen.

“It’s worked wonders for me and I’m happy to let you borrow it. You’re alone in your office, no one will see so what’s the harm in trying it out?” He asked.

“I don’t think-” she began before being cut off again.

“Think of it this way, it either helps and you feel better or it doesn’t and it does nothing, you have nothing to lose,” Jack pushed. He was on a roll and she was about to give in, he could tell.

“Fine give it here,” Miss Jones sighed and Jack handed the collar. He watched with glee as she put it around her neck. The second the clasp locked her eyes seemed to glaze over.




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