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I started a writing course last week, in fact, it is a Blog Writing course, it was entertaining and fun and I also learned a lot. It was great to be back in the classroom as a student. It was a bit challenging though because my chosen main subject topic didn’t always go well with […]

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The Worst Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With Someone Who Does These 13 Things

1. Never date someone who acts sketchy AF. Someone who hides their phone from your view. Someone who never gives you a straight answer when you ask a question. Someone who refuses to put a label on your relationship even though you assumed you were already dating.

2. Never date someone who makes you love yourself less. Someone who makes you feel unintelligent. Someone who makes you feel unattractive. Someone who makes you feel unworthy of their affection.

3. Never date someone who makes you chase them. Someone who refuses to send the first text. Someone who waits for you to plan every date and lead every conversation. Someone who acts lazy because they know you will pick up the slack.

4. Never date someone who chooses when to treat you well. Someone who will spoil you for weeks and then ignore you for weeks. Someone who changes their tune every few days. Someone who only shows you respect sometimes.

5. Never date someone who only cares about themselves. Someone who thinks they are always right. Someone who refuses to compromise with you or apologize to you. Someone who has trouble taking responsibility for their own actions.

6. Never date someone without a conscience. Someone who ignores your texts without feeling bad about it. Someone who lies to your face without feeling guilty about it. Someone who hurts you without losing sleep over it.

7. Never date someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Someone who acts superior to you. Someone who you have to walk on eggshells around to avoid an argument. Someone who peer pressures you into drinking or having s*x when you said no the first time.

8. Never date someone who makes you feel guilty over your emotions. Someone who calls you overemotional whenever you get upset. Someone who asks if you’re on your period every time you express your feelings. Someone who finds a way to turn every situation around so that they are the victim and they are the one who should be upset.

9. Never date someone who expects you to choose them over everything else. Someone who expects you to cancel plans with friends to see them. Someone who expects you to quit your job to spend more time with them. Someone who expects you to give up everything that makes you you because they feel like they are the only thing that should be causing you happiness.

10. Never date someone who keeps secrets from you. Someone who bottles their emotions up inside. Someone who pretends they’re fine when they’re clearly not. Someone who hides pieces of themselves from you, even though you’re the one person they should feel comfortable around.

11. Never date someone who gives you orders. Someone who tells you which clothes you are allowed to wear and which friends you are allowed to text. Someone who makes you get permission from them before leaving the house. Someone who acts overbearing and overprotective.

12. Never date someone who takes their anger out on you. Someone who treats you like their punching bag after a stressful day of work. Someone who becomes violent when they don’t get their way. Someone who has scared you before because you weren’t sure what they were going to do next.

13. Never date someone who has shown you mean nothing to them. Someone who is okay with a one-sided relationship. Someone who lets you do all the work without lending a hand. Someone who takes from you but never gives back.

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Christmas – 2018 and Beyond – Part 5 – Duncan

I’m home.

I’ve an incredible Christmas with my entire family. I’m emotionally spent.

I’m on my laptop writing and watching Christmas shows. Doing what I love doing

I’m sipping vodka club and settling into blissful night of my own satisfaction.


It’s 10pm and I’m well into my zone.

My phone rings and it’s Duncan. My very best friend of 20 years who explains that he’s in Old City right now.

I’m half in the bag at this point and can’t believe he’s in the city.

He wants me to come out and hang.

Let’s be clear.


If I’m home and done work and don’t have to see anyone or have a date… once I’m home I’m done.

It’s like a vault. Once I’m down to the T-shirt and shorts and slippers there is no turning back.


I have said that if Alessandra Ambrosio was knocking at my door to come out and hang I would blow her off.

I love her and have met her, (See: Alessandra Ambrosio) and have the pictures to prove it and I wouldn’t come out.

But I love Duncan and this asshole is some how in the city so I have to do it.

God Dammit.

Ha wants me to come to Amada for free drinks. For fuck’s sake. I don’t care about that. I spent the whole day with my family. I’m tired. There is no way I can come out and hang with you and your girlfriend and cousin.

Why have I not gotten on any notice on this arrival?


15 minutes later  I’m in a Lyft and on my way to Amada.


For Duncan I’ll do it. We have history. Deep history. I have to see him.

I arrive. It’s great to see him. The last time we were together was when the Eagles won the Superbowl ‘


I love Duncan.


There is also a welcome addition. His girlfriend Misa.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about her.

I was so happy to meet her, and she is an absolutely lovely person that Duncan should probably marry. That’s how good she was. I thought she’d be like Yoko between John and Paul.


But Misa was wonderful. I wish only happiness for these two.

Later that night after I pounded a couple of free Manhattens, I told him that Misa was so amazing he should marry her or I would.

He seemed shocked.

I told him I was drunk and not to try to marry anybody.


But I can’t wait to see Duncan in February for the Superbowl.




We are so going to hang at the Ritz Carlton and sip expensive cocktails and nosh on some savory snacks.


I love Duncan and I’m so happy this fucker is still in my life!


Happy Holidays, one and all!


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