Die Hard is a Christmas Movie, Everybody Shut Up

Happy Holidays!




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The Custom of Kissing Under the Mistletoe

The custom of kissing under the mistletoe could possibly be related to a Scandinavian goddess.  Frigga, the goddess of love, marriage, and destiny in Norse mythology, is strongly associated with mistletoe, which has been used as a decoration in homes for thousands of years.

According to Scandinavian legend, the god Balder the Beautiful was killed by a spear of mistletoe and his grieving mother Frigg, who banished the plant to the top of trees.  When Balder came back to life, Frigg made mistletoe a symbol of love.

In Brittany, France, the plant is known as Herbe de la Croix because it is thought that Christ’s cross was made of mistletoe wood.

Mistletoe is associated with many pagan rituals. In fact, the Christian church disliked the plant so much, thanks to its pagan associations, that it forbade its use in any form.  Some English churches continued this ban as late as the 20th century. Druids believed mistletoe growing on oak trees was the most sacred form of the plant and that it offered protection from all evil, as well as being the source of much magic.

The early Christian church banned this use of mistletoe because of its association with Druids. The mystery of the mistletoe’s method of reproduction led many people to link the plant with spontaneous generation, fertility and aphrodisiacs. In medieval times, women wishing to conceive would wrap mistletoe around their waists and wrists to increase their fertility.

Holly became a Christian substitute for mistletoe, which is why we ‘deck the halls’ with it. The sharply pointed leaves in holly were supposed to symbolize the thorns in Christ’s crown and the red berries were to symbolize his blood.


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Reasons Why Women Are Complicated

Reasons Why Women Are Complicated

Women are often labeled as complicated by men, and this is known to everyone, is not it? It is often thought that the heads of women are heaps of mysteries and that their heart can be so deep and inaccessible that it can resemble the depths of an ocean. The truth is that most men just say that women are complicated but do not even try to figure out the reason why this happens!

The quiet feeling was to look for several reasons that may explain why women are complicated. We have been able to find 10 reasons that can unveil to men something that they have tried to understand for a long time that they are the women and a little more of their head and their attitudes. Here we leave all the reasons.

They are victims of various biological changes

Women undergo immense biological changes every month and even a single month. From the end of each menstrual cycle to the period of ovulation and again to the beginning of a new menstrual period the woman’s body and the woman herself are victims of many hormonal and biological changes that will have different effects on different types of women. Faced with so many changes, women tend to behave differently. One day the woman can be happy and full of energy and the next day or even the same day at different times can already feel sad and want nothing. This is one of the reasons why a woman is complicated, but it is also true that for this very reason the woman is a warrior.

They think often with their hearts

Many complications can arise simply because many women “think” with the heart instead of using their heads and their ability to reason rationally. They tend to become emotional in very little time and the emotions make women complicated. Learn by this how to control the emotions. As far as love is concerned, what our head says is the right thing to do, but it is also true that impulsive things sooner or later end up losing interest or coming to the conclusion that it was not a good choice.

They will always be multi-tasking

Women often carry their personal lives with all the responsibilities that this entails, and also their professional life. They are always in several places at the same time, in addition they enter an infinite roll of different roles, woman, mother, daughter, sister, maid and many more. For this reason women are and will always be multi-tasking, they are like that several women within one and this as they can predict makes a woman quite complicated.

They connect to small things

Women as opposed to men rather than small things. Sometimes the small details that pass by the men or that mouth that the man says in jest can be reason to leave a woman to think or even felt about a certain situation. From the moment men can not perceive these little details, then they will not be able to deal with them either, and they will find the women complicated.

Women do not detach themselves from the past

Many women simply do not know how to forget the past and as such can not be disengaged from it. The past tends to pursue them, interfering with its present and above all with the construction of a future. As you can predict all this becomes complicated for a man who can not fit his past with the current expectations of the woman he loves.

Women make many comparisons

Women in their generality make many comparisons and judge a lot, even if not intentionally, not critically. No man likes to be compared to another, especially with other men who have passed in her life or with people they even know. Each person is a person, full of feelings, actions and attitudes and no one is equal to anyone, reason why there should be no comparisons. Comparisons and judgments only lead to complicated women.

Women criticize themselves a lot

Women criticize themselves very much. They are too harsh on themselves and sometimes suffer from low self-esteem (know how to have greater self-love). Or is the hair that is never good (although for men to always look perfect), or are the teeth that need a treatment or is the clothing that is not well-chosen, etc., etc. All this complicates the lives of men who sometimes give up praising a woman who is constantly lowering herself.

Women value their relationships very much

Women value their relationships a lot and they hurt easily when other people do not live up to their expectations. In addition to connecting very much to the boyfriend, they also connect to the family and all the various relationships. When unrequited they tend to close in their world and it becomes very complicated to understand them!

There is not always a right answer for them

There is not always a right answer for women. When a woman asks us if she is “fat,” if we answer no, she calls us liars, if we answer yes, then the world falls on us. It is not always easy for a man to know the correct answer and sometimes it is complicated, especially when we are sincere and yet the woman thinks we are lying. One more reason why women are complicated.

They almost always have high expectations

Given that women always do a lot, they also expect a lot from others. Often these expectations get stuck, especially when one speaks emotionally. This hurts women a lot and often they believe that others perceive this, although this does not always happen. As such women do not say that they “suffer evil” and as such is the man who has to find out. She often can not and as such ends up just by labeling the woman as complicated.

After all this, maybe men will realize that women are not that complicated and that not all women actually get into these “games.” It is sometimes important that the man be able to make the extra effort to try to understand the woman rather than just labeling her complicated.


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Shayada – Sunday Girl

I had been texting Shayada since she got back from her wellness retreat. I was trying to set up a time when we could hang out. She’s only available on weekends, and I work all weekend. Saturday, 11-5 and Sunday, 11-4. I offered up time after work and she said Sunday would probably be better. I told her that would be great. She said she would let me know.

I know Shayada is just looking for new friends and I’m fine with that. I like meeting new people and her being a parent and an author is a good match. She owns her own business and soon so will I. She’s visited the salon and the gym so she knows I’m legit. I need to hang out with people of like mind that are entrepreneurial like myself.

I’m keeping this one completely platonic. I’m sure she’ll want that too. So I’m all for hanging out with her when she says that it could happen, and is also flexible with my schedule.

But I’ve been texting my girlfriend Cherie and she says she wants to come down on Sunday around 5pm for a few hours. So when I get the text Sunday from Shayada to ask what I want to do when she comes to the city, I tell her my friend is going through some marital problems with his wife and really needs my help, so I have to spend time with him. (Bold faced lie)

If you tell people you can’t hang out with them because you’re helping a friend in need it creates the illusion that you are a good person. They’ll be cool with letting you off the hook, and may even like you more the next time they see you because you’re such a selfless, “good person.”

So I’ll see if I can catch up with Shayada next time!





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