Tales of Rock – Lori Maddox – Part 2




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4 thoughts on “Tales of Rock – Lori Maddox – Part 2”

    1. Once I started writing and doing research for Tales of Rock I uncovered so much of it. Where were these girls parents? I was in a band in the late 70’s and 80’s and I saw it all of the time. I guess it’s just a symptom of the industry… like drugs and booze.

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  1. well, she’s obviously delusional, but its probably just as well. Being a plaything for some giant rock star who never takes you anywhere and keeps you waiting for him all the time, and basically sabotages your education a( not to mention your prom) sounds like an epic drag to any rightminded person, but if lori wants to drench that tragedy in moon-shadows and shimmery hues than who are we to stop her?


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