Dating and Relationship Advice: Do Some People Think Women Have Higher Sex Drives Than Men?

Why do so many people think women have higher sex drives than men?

I know SOME women can have higher sex drives than SOME men. There are some women who frequently have an intense desire for sex — and there are men who don’t — but on average men definitely have stronger sex drives than women do. I think even most women would admit that.

The average man just naturally has a higher libido than the average woman. Men have 7 or 8 times higher testosterone levels than women do. That has a huge affect on sex drive.

Yeah, some women want more sex than their male partners, but in general the pattern goes the other way. Pretty much every study and every measure fit the pattern that, overall, men are hornier than women.

“WebMD concurs, noting that study after study shows men with the stronger sex drive”

“According to Marta Meana, psychology professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, data overwhelmingly show that, typically, men have a higher sex drive than women”
Why do some people think women have higher sex drives than men?

Studies on female-to-male and male-to-female transsexuals lend these findings additional credence.

A study of 35 female-to-male transsexuals and 15 male-to-female transsexuals also supports the impact of androgens on sex drive. In a longitudinal design that tested patients before and 3 months postoperatively, found a decrease in sexual interest and arousability among the male-to-female transsexuals, who were administered anti-androgens and estrogens. In contrast, the female-to-male transsexuals, who were administered testosterone, reported heightened sexual interest and arousability. 

These data highlight the importance of testosterone in producing meaningful changes in sexual arousal and interest, even over a relatively short time.


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Ambria – Chapter 1 – Ray of Light

“How dare you do this to Cherie?”

I met Ambria on Tinder. We mutually swiped right on each other and it was a match. I reached out first with a simple hello. She responded 15 minutes later saying how she liked the last few lines of my profile. (You know, the part where I say: “If we meet and you don’t look like your profile pics then you’re going to buy me drinks until you do.”) She said it gave her a good chuckle and that her photos are recent with the lot of filters.

I like this chick already. I tell her I think she’s funny and that I think she looks great. Then I ask my usual question: ” What prompted you to swipe right on my profile?”

“That’s an easy answer. You have a very nice smile (warm) and your eyes tell me that you are sincere. Now I could be totally wrong but that is what I saw in your pics. Not to mention I really enjoyed the last few lines, it really made me laugh.”

“It is all true. Thank you for getting my little poke at online dating on my profile. We should meet up!”

(Me going in for the early kill)

“Yes so we can see what else we see eye to eye on…”

“This week for lunch? Let me know when you’re available.”

“Lunch sounds great but I am working these next few days.”

“What type of work do you do? How about next week?”

“I’m a Nurse Practitioner. I’ll be leaving work early today and tomorrow around 1ish. Off Monday and Tuesday.”

“Nice. Any plans for this holiday weekend?”

“No. Just to relax and clean and maybe head to Main Street for dinner somewhere. Not necessarily in any order.”

So the weekend went by, and there was some light texts back and forth. I then tried to set up a lunch date for next week.

“Sounds like a plan to me. I can do lunch on Tuesday or Thursday next week. Any of those days for you?”

They both worked for me but I chose Tuesday, because for some reason I didn’t want to wait until Thursday.

“How about Misconduct Tavern Tuesday at noon 18th and JFK?”

“Perfect! Count me in!!”


“My cell is: xxxxxxxxx . Text when you get there.”

“Cool.” (I provide my number.)

So out of nowhere, it’s on. I like this girl. Something feels right about this. I’ve been on so many dates, and they all seem to disappoint. I never feel the connection. I’m always trying to make it work. We’ll see. She seems nice. Normal. I’m going to take another chance.

The Animator was a quick fail because she wasn’t ready. That’s just my opinion, but she still seemed to be sitting at that bitter table by herself. It feels like this lady likes me and is seeing something in me that she likes and hasn’t even met me yet.

(Spider sense is tingling.) And I like it.

Let’s see how tomorrow’s lunch goes. I’ve been hopeful before and it’s been grinding failure. But I’ll keep trying and see what happens with this one.

I’m sure you’re all wondering why this is happening in the midst of my relationship with Cherie.

Things are great between Cherie and me. But distance and time has been a factor for us. Cherie and I always feels like a ‘greatest hits album’ by an incredible band. But the day-to-day relationship stuff isn’t satisfying to the lead guitarist in this band. I love our music, but we need to practice and perform together on a regular basis. That hasn’t been happening, so I’ve decided to gig with another musician just to maybe fill in the gaps.

Judge if you’d like, and I welcome your words and even your scorn. I have nothing to prove to anyone ever again. I have to live my life the way I see fit and will do what I have to do to preserve my happiness.

Remember… the blog is called, phicklephilly.

I’m fickle. I love women. I’m a gentleman. But I’ve clearly established my character over the last two years.

Feel free to hop off, or enjoy the ride with me. It’s gonna get wild.


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