Dating and Relationship Advice – 7 Lazy First Date Ideas That Are Still Super Fun & Romantic

First dates stress me out. There is so much pressure and expectation in a first date. No matter how much I try to take my nerves down a notch and keep it cool, internally, the struggle remains real. So having any advantage in that battle is welcome. One way to immediately lower the stakes is to opt for a date activity that has an easy-breezy vibe, which is why I love lazy first date ideas.

Let’s be honest: Most first dates have a tendency to, shall we say, underwhelm? Perhaps the best tactic is to just chill the eff out. Choose a date that’s low pressure, but still has the potential to be romantic, if your date turns out to be someone you want to get all romantic with. These are the types of scenarios that give you an opportunity and the setting to connect if the vibe is there, but won’t require you to perform. And honestly, if this date goes well, these are the kinds of activities you end up doing anyway, so you might as well find out if this is the kind of person you just want to chill with from the jump. Here’s how to do a first date the right way — romantic and lazy, that is.


1. Go For A Scenic Drive Together


The reason going for a drive is actually kind of a great date idea is that you have privacy and totally control of the vibe. You can pick the music and choose the scenery, and you can wrap it up as quickly or slowly as you choose — depending on traffic conditions, of course.

2. Grab A Drink At Your Favorite Chill Bar


Do you have a favorite place to grab a drink? Somewhere you feel relaxed and at home? Maybe it’s not as cool as the trendy spot with the advanced muddling mixologist behind the bar, but you know you can get a solid cocktail or a craft beer. There is nothing wrong with picking a date where you have home-field advantage and that already sets you at ease. And if you are feeling each other, you can always disappear into one of the booths in the corner.


3. Go For The Classic: A Walk In The Park

There is a reason that the phrase “it’s a walk in the park” means easy, and that’s because it’s one of the chillest things you can do. The setting has plenty of opportunity for romance with the right person, and it’s a low-stress scenario.


4. Grab A Cup Of Coffee At A Cat Cafe

Grabbing coffee is a pretty standard first date, but add a cat cafe and you’ve got yourself a great first date. It’s been proven that petting cats lowers your blood pressure and stress level. Plus, if the date goes poorly, at least you got to play with kittens. Automatic win.


5. Play Board Games Together


Board games and puzzles are totally underrated. What makes them great first date material is that they add some relaxed structure to the date, so that if you find yourself in an awkward silence, you have something to fill the space. Plus, they are just fun.

6. Opt For Old School With An Ice Cream Date

Maybe it’s corny, but an ice cream date, especially if one or both of you don’t drink, is actually a really cute and chill (pun intended) way to initially get to know one another. Plus, studies show eating something sweet actually increases your likelihood of feeling romantic.


7. Catch A Movie At The Drive-In


Going to the movies on a date is classic and low-key, but it’s not the most romantic. You’re surrounded by strangers loudly munching popcorn. Not hot. However, head to the drive-in, and suddenly, you have all the benefits of a movie date, but with more, ahem, privacy if you’re feeling it.

See, you don’t have to make a big production out of a first date. If anything, trying too hard is a recipe for failure. The whole point of a date is to try and get to know someone and to see if there is any potential for a future. So do yourself a favor, and the next time you swipe a hard right, pick a date that is low-key and fun.


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Cherie – Chapter 30 – Loving You Sunday Morning – Part 1

“At my age to have a woman who will destroy you in bed at least three times a night, and love you and be grateful is an amazing gift. So I will say to any of the men out there who are middle-aged… hang in there. Keep living and put your heart out there. Who gives a shit if it’s been broken several times. Don’t be bitter. That’s just you drinking the poison hoping somebody else dies. Total bullshit. Keep your heart open. Get the fuck up and try again. She’s out there. Somewhere. That special lady is out there and waiting to love the shit out of you. It happened to me and it can happen to you. Don’t be chained to your past. Let go of the bars of the cell you’ve been keeping yourself in and walk the fuck out.

She’s waiting.”

Church gave me the motherload of booze last year and that’s when this happened and when I wrote it. I was out of my usual 1.75 of Sazerac’s Platinum 7 and reached for the bottle of Karlson’s Swedish vodka that he gave me. Apparently Swedish vodka is a great motivator and I cracked off this tome.

Can you imagine if you could conjure up the perfect girlfriend? She’s doesn’t live with you and isn’t around all of the time. But she’s a nymphomaniac and when you’re with her it’s always amazing.  A girl who is loving, giving, sexy, and an absolute she-cat in the bedroom. She always says she loves you more when you tell her you love her.

A wonderful girl.

I got a text from Achilles Saturday that he was going to be at the new salon doing some stone work with the mason. If I wanted to take Sunday off I could because he’d be there and could handle it himself. I love working Sunday’s because it’s slow and gives me something to do. I usually crack off a thousand words for the blog between 11am to 4pm when we close.

I told him that it would be fine and immediately texted Cherie. I ask her what she’s doing Sunday. She says she’s babysitting that day. I’ve worked every Sunday at the salon for a year. I explain to her why I’m off. She tells me it’s unfortunate and that she’ll try to figure something out but can’t promise me anything.

I’m fine with that. When I was in a relationship with Annabelle, (See: Annabelle – 2013 -2014 Nice to Meet You) Everything we did was fit in and around her schedule because she was so selfish.

That’s not ever been the case with lovely Cherie. She’s made every effort to see me whenever she can. She actually has a truly busy and complex schedule unlike Annabelle who just couldn’t manage her thoughts or her calendar. Cherie has REAL responsibilities and makes a real effort to spend time with me. She’s always loving, calm and consistent when it comes to our relationship.

I love her for it.

She texts me back Saturday night. She tells me she can come to Philly in the morning, for a few hours while her son and his cousins go to church with her parents.


Cherie says if she can make the 8:30 train, she can be at Suburban Station at 9:40am. She will have to be back on the 1:05pm train back home. That gives us roughly a little over 3 hours together.

Cherie is great. I get a day off and she works it out so she can travel 50 minutes each way to spend 3 hours with me. I couldn’t have invented a better woman than this wonderful lady.

I set my alarm to get up early. I just want some time to prep the room, tidy up and get a bite to eat. Because I know what’s going to happen between 10am and 12:30pm in this room. There’s no illusion to either of us what is needed here today. Probably more needed by me than Cherie. (But that’s debatable based on her usual hunger)

The next morning I get a text: “Good morning love. I’ll be at Suburban at 9:40.”

Goddess. My baby is on point.

My place is ready and so am I. Alright… I head up to Manhattan Bagels at 18th and Sansom in Rittenhouse and get a breakfast sandwich. It’s been chilly. I feel the wind bite my cheeks as I make the trek to 18th and JFK. It’s the closest point for me to enter Suburban and be underground for the longest time to escape the cold.

She always comes down on the same train but for some reason we have yet to meet in the same spot. For some reason I’m never at the stairs of the platform when she comes up. I know it’s partly my fault, and I should be better at this but it’s just a little thing that’s ours. The last part of her trip is underground so there’s no service. So there’s a gap in communication until she pops up from the platform to the station. She makes a move and says she’s up on the street in front of Walgreens at 17th and JFK and it’s cold. I tell her to come back down and get to her location and intercept my queen.


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