Dating and Relationship Advice – 7 Thoughts That Come Around Your Mind When You’re Single (Ladies only)

Wondering why you are still single? Then read these 7 things that tell you your thoughts can be your enemies.


Do you think Love is full of Shit? JUST because of the challenges one face being in a relationship? Yea, at times love could be full of shit but that’s what makes it love, being in a relationship is not a bed of roses as said earlier, It’s going through tough times, embracing imperfections, going through hell. Now that’s what being in a relationship is all about. Ever wondered

why Dating couples love-life waxes stronger? Well it’s because they went through hell but yet were not consumed by the flames.


Just because your boyfriend broke your heart and after sometime you dated again and the latter did the same thing to you. Then you come to a conclusion that you are not lucky with guys. Anyway, you are wrong, because everybody isn’t the same. Just because A,B or C broke your heart doesn’t mean D will. You are what you think and anything you say or think, that will come your way. This thinking will only Shut Mr Right from coming your way, because you have made this belief the number one on your principle list.


Yea I know where this thinking is coming from, you might have been heart broken or you wonder why relationships work out for your friends and others and don’t work out for you. Well to say the truth, you are not them and they are not you! You are yourself, so stop thinking you cant have the best relationship just because you compare yourself to others. They are living in their own world so live yours.


The moment you start looking down on yourself, no one can look up to you. Just because you are so fat and Chubby or so slim doesn’t mean you are not good enough. These feelings are what lead to you having a low self esteem. Place yourself high, love yourself, appreciate how God creates you and when you do this, others will appreciate you and want to come close.


Most singles feel they have been spell-bound and held spiritually to not be in a relationship, this has led too many going to native doctors or fake prophets in the process using their hands to destroy their destiny. Little do they know that there’s power in the tongue and in thoughts. How will you Subject or belittle yourself by giving room for the devil to come in such manner? But its so unfortunate you don’t know what God has in store for you.


Seriously? If there’s no true love how come you are still alive? If you don’t have true love for yourself, do you think you will still be alive? I leave that for you to ponder on. So tell me who told you there’s no true love? Do you think married couples just loved themselves before they tied the nut? No they discovered there was a love more than love which is true love. And if you think True love is just so full of roses and not experiencing any complication in the relationship, then I guess its time you change the meaning of true love in your dictionary.


You’ve turned 26 and yet you have not seen the right one right? You want your Partner to meet all your requirements, and then you should also be ready to meet your partner’s requirements. Which is close to impossible, obviously two impossible just clashed.


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2 thoughts on “Dating and Relationship Advice – 7 Thoughts That Come Around Your Mind When You’re Single (Ladies only)”

  1. Well, you may be right in imagining women think that way, but honestly, some of us have dated long enough and optimistically enough to be disenchanted. There is a surprisingly large percentage of men who are unavailable or frauds. I tried dating for several years, on and off, and was soon made aware of my shortcomings. I was surprised, though, at the proportion of men who were not looking for love and were not aware of their shortcomings. My guess is that they were about 15% of the single pool. Maybe more.

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