Rob and Laura – Thanksgiving – Food and Beverage Dilemma

I’ve been friends with Rob and Laura for a few years now. They’re a really cool couple and I love hanging out with them. They’re a smart good-looking pair that both have good jobs.

I’ve had lunch with Rob a couple of times in the last year but I haven’t seen the new house they bought recently.

So I was thrilled when they invited me over for Thanksgiving this year. They said it would be a small intimate affair.

The reason I entitled this post as “Food and Beverage Dilemma” was because that’s what initially was going to be the theme of this post. It certainly begins with that, but takes on a completely different turn later in the post. But I decided to leave the title the same because that’s all I want to remember of this Thanksgiving.

If you’ve been following phicklephilly, you’ll know how I feel about Thanksgiving these days. (See: Thanksgiving Tradition ) I’ve had tons of great thanksgivings in my life. My family was always big on Christmas, not thanksgiving. I get it. I’m very grateful for everything I have in my life, but I don’t need to stuff my head with tons of food that takes hours to prepare to feel that.

But when Rob and Laura invited me to their new home I really felt special. I was actually getting excited for Thanksgiving to arrive.

My buddy Church gave me a motherlode of liquor last year so I decided to re-gift a bottle of whiskey to Rob. (See: Church – 2014 to Present – The Motherload) It was a bottle of Westland American single malt whiskey. 90 proof and apparently very good. I also was going to bake some of my own chocolate cookies for the event. I figured bring them a nice bottle of something and some of my cookies for dessert.

A few nights before Thanksgiving, I was looking at the bottle and decided to look it up online to learn more about it before giving it away. This way I could talk about it at the table.

I find it online and it’s going for between $80 – $100 a bottle!

Wait a second. That’s really expensive. Am I prepared to part with a $100 whiskey? I need to rethink this. Shouldn’t I keep this bottle because it’s so valuable and just get them something else? Funny what money does to your mind.

Well I’ve got a few days. I’ll think about it.

I go into the salon and run my predicament by Achilles.

“Are you gonna drink it?”

“No. It’s too nice for me. I like my boxed wine and vodka that comes in a plastic bottle.”

“How much did you pay for the whiskey?”

“Nothing. It was given to me a year ago.”

“Well, if you’re not going to drink it, and you got it for free, why don’t you just give it to them and maybe they’ll realize that it’s expensive and reciprocate someday. But if not, you had a nice Thanksgiving with your friends.”

“You’re right. And I’m going to bake cookies.”

“Fuck that. Just buy a few gourmet cookies, put them in a paper bag and be done with it.”

“Yea. You’re right. That’s what I’m going to do.”

But the night before Thanksgiving I was still torn. I walked out of the salon after I closed and headed to the liquor store a block away. I got half way down the street and turned back.

Screw it. Achilles is right. I’m going to pick up some cookies at my local grocery store and pack up the bottle of Westland Whiskey for Rob and Laura.

Each one of those cellophane bags has two cookies in side so I’ve spent a total of eight bucks on Thanksgiving this year. Good to go!

The next day I did the long trek to Fairmont. It probably took over 40 minutes to get there. It was so nice to see Rob and Laura.

But they have a two year old son that was just up from his nap. I know Rob has been telling me about how challenging it’s been being a parent. They both have big jobs, the kid’s in day care all day, and when they get home they’re so exhausted from work they don’t want to deal with him.

I’m a parent and like my parents before me children are like intelligent puppies when they’re little. Those dogs need to be disciplined. A trained dog is a happier and more calm dog. And boys are tough. But once I’m there for awhile I realize very quickly this isn’t happening.

He’s a winey, wild, child. That must have worked and he knows when he does it they will yield to him. He’s like a little drunken tyrant midget. I even played with him on the floor for awhile with his animals and trucks and it was tough but I feel like no one’s doing that with him. He certainly lacks order in his life. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’ve never raised my voice or my hand to my daughter Lorelei. But I was consistent in my words and deeds and brought order and calm into her life. She knew exactly where the fences were and still are.

But it’s just not happening here and it’s stunting this child’s social development.

I love Rob and Laura, but they need to get on the stick about raising this boy. It’s not his fault. He’s just an untrained puppy who sadly has got his parents by the short and curies and they need to take back the power and straighten this boy out. Just like my friend Marigold and her crazy kids. No one is disciplining these little monsters!

The child’s behavior ruined my Thanksgiving this year. I don’t have the will to go over there again if he’s there or even awake. Lunch or happy hour but adults only!

So in closing, my food and beverage dilemma wasn’t the problem at all. It took on a whole new form.


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10 thoughts on “Rob and Laura – Thanksgiving – Food and Beverage Dilemma”

  1. If he’s in daycare then he has some order in his life, he just knows how to play his parents. 2 year olds in daycare are 2 totally different people. As soon as they see their parents, they become little mouthy, whiny, biting monsters. I’ve seen it. I was a daycare provider for 15 years.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I often wonder what the parents of these 2 year olds are thinking about the future? What’s going to happen when James is 14?

        Still, that must’ve been a miserable Thanksgiving for you.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL I so get that. That happens often when parents do not agree on how to discipline.
    I worked at a health department years ago and dealt with a room full of parents who let their children go wild. I got to where if I went into a restaurant and there were small children around, I’d ask to be seated as far away as possible and if it wasn’t, I would turn around and leave. I couldn’t stand to be around even my own grand kids for quite some time because of it. To this day, you can hear me say, I hate kids. I don’t but they are not my favorite age group, unless they are social and well behaved. Sultry kids? Out the door.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly. My daughter never behaved like that be cause I didn’t allow it. Children need to be disciplined and trained to act accordingly in and hour of the house. My parents did a good job raising us and we simply passed it on to our young.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely! My first two were the best because their dad and I were on the same page, but the next two were less so because “daddy” had this idea that if they cried and whined they needed to be catered to. I left him and the boys ended up fine, but they drove me nuts up until then. It was a horrible experience, but that’s how I know.


      2. Thank you for your words. It was an absolute nightmare. My parents did a great job of holding us all together and I have done tat with my daughter, but it seems modern couples work so much and the kids are in day care but the pup never really gets raised properly. They have shitty kids that can only be a prescription for trouble in the future. No Thank You!

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      3. Well, that and in our age of political correctness, kids often have their parents over a barrel, bullying them and threatening them with arrest if they so much as do anything. I never thought twice of swatting them on the bottom when mine were little and I never had to do more than that. Now you can’t do that. I remember how even one little swat got their attention and you could firmly tell them what you needed to. I never felt the need to beat or cajole. Mine would get this pouty face because even though it never hurt them, they knew they’d stepped out of line. Some kids you can’t do that to because they are naturally rebellious. But there are ways without hurting them to make them behave. My girls said, they remember “the look”. They are adults now and I told them I really had to work hard to develop that “look”. LOL


    2. Agreed. My parents would just haul our asses out if we acted up. We learned quickly to behave. Children need to be trained with a firm voice from day 1. My daughter is mint because I was always consistent with love and firmness of rules of behaviour.

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