Dating and Relationship Advice – 7 Signs You’re In A Really Strong Relationship

1. You are both able to freely express yourselves in the relationship.

You always give each other the platform that you both need to express yourselves.

You are both always made to feel like you can be completely honest with one another.

You don’t censor each other and you never hold anything back because you always want to promote openness in the relationship.


2. You both give each other space and independence.

You always respect each other’s individuality and you would never want to overstep your boundaries.

You are both a loving couple, but you both still make sure that you have your individual lives going on.


3. You don’t feel the need to make the relationship any different than what it is.

You don’t force yourselves to adhere to whatever standards society may have set for you.

You know your relationship well and you are perfectly comfortable with how you do things as a couple.

You care more about how you see one another than how others would see you.


4. You always make it a point to approach the decision-making process as a team.

You never treat one another for granted.

You always make it a point to tackle life as a team.

You make important decisions together because you both feed off of each other very well.


5. You promote harmony and balance in the relationship.

You both understand that a relationship can never be one-sided.

There can’t be a surplus of love on one side and a deficiency of affection on the other.

It must always be an equal exchange of love and intimacy in the relationship.


6. You have a deep trust and respect for one another.

There is a profound sense of respect that you have for one another which leads to the both of you establishing a good dynamic overall.

You trust one another well enough to always be confident in each other.


7. You don’t hesitate to be physically and emotionally intimate with one another.

Intimacy is important and you never hold back.

You never miss out on an opportunity to tell one another that you’re in love with each other.


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