Dating and Relationship Advice – These 5 Things Will Happen When You Meet Your Soul Mate

To make sure that you’re on the right track with your partner, read my article here. If this person is indeed your twin flame, your ideal match and your destiny, you will be in for a wonderful journey together.

When you meet that special person who is the soul mate that you’re meant for, you can expect special things to happen in your life.

To make sure that you’re on the right track with your partner, read my article here. If this person is indeed your twin flame, your ideal match and your destiny, you will be in for a wonderful journey together.

A Gallup poll study shows that, “while marriage is losing much of its broad public and institutional character, it is gaining popularity as a ‘SuperRelationship’ — an intensely private spiritualized union, combining sexual fidelity, romantic love, emotional intimacy and togetherness.”

As you and your soul mate bond, you will find that this one important romantic connection will shape other things that will happen to you.

These 5 Things Will Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate


When you have found the one who was meant for you, your soul mate, it can feel like a miracle for you. Why would it not be possible for other extraordinary things to happen? With your new sense of love, fulfillment and belonging to another, you will begin to notice other happy coincidences.

The connection of you to your soul mate was a part of your destiny. Now that you are on the path to completing this part of your life’s purpose, other pieces will begin to happen for you as well.


Not having a loving partner was like having a problem that needed to be solved. Now that the hole in your heart has been made whole, you can focus your energy on other things that need fixing

Neil Clark Warren, author of Date or Soul Mate?: How to Know if Someone is Worth Pursuing in Two Dates or Less, says that your soul mate will be someone who is your financial partner for life, roommate for life and joint parent to every child you will have for life. When you have found a soulmate, these crucial decisions are no longer a concern for you. Having someone to rely on that can support you in these ways relieves a huge burden.

With the help of your soul mate, you can both work to find solutions together. Two minds and hearts are far better than one at overcoming any obstacle. Your partner supports your dreams and wants you to be happy so they will focus their energy on helping you do what needs to be done.

These 5 Things Will Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate


Once you have met your soul mate, the other meaningful connections in your life become more meaningful as well. You have found a way to bond so deeply with one person that you appreciate the value of that strong connection to people. You begin to seek out opportunities to connect closely to the other special people in your life.

You begin spending more time with family, asking your parents, relatives and friends about their love lives. You learn to appreciate the love that created you and your soul mate.

Friends who support your relationship will be ones that you keep, but anyone who feels that you have not made the right match will be gone from your life quickly. You have no room in your life for someone who can’t support your connection to your true love.


Once you have met your soul mate, you start to help others to see the possibility of love connections around them. The quality of a soulmate is now one of the most desirable traits in a partner, according to a Gallup poll of men and women age 20 to 29. Now that you have found your soulmate, you want your friends find their soul mates as well and experience the happiness that you have.

Knowing yourself, your dreams, fears, values, morals, likes and dislikes is a good first step to finding the right soul mate connection, according to Neil Clark Warren. With your perspective on true love, and a good knowledge of your friend’s personality, you can help them find mates that will feed their soul, not starve it.

These 5 Things Will Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate


Your soul mate will begin to help you see things in a different way. You have a positive, excited-about-what-the-future-holds outlook that you might not have had before.

Your soul mate has helped your heart open and you will be more forgiving, loving and accepting of others as a result.


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Monica – Strange Date

This happened a few years ago. I had a crush on a girl from my neighborhood. When I asked her out, she informed me that she only dated women. She insisted that we were still friends, she just didn’t roll that way. She offered to be my wingman and I gladly took her up on the offer.

A few weeks later she had set me up on a semi-blind date with one of her friends, Monica. The three of us met at Parc in Rittenhouse. (because we were fancy) and my friend tried playing matchmaker.

“Charles loves theatre and so do you, Monica!”

“Monica loves music and so do you, Charles!”

The date was going fine, so my friend decided to leave Monica and I alone. We talked a bit more and decided to go see a movie. I hopped in Monica’s passenger seat and we went on our way.

That’s when shit got weird.

About two minutes after leaving Parc, Monica receives a phone call. She says it’s her roommate and she needs to answer it. She picks up the phone and I hear a man’s voice. I was a bit surprised, but it’s not too unusual for a girl to have a guy for a roommate.

Monica and her “roommate” get into some kind of argument, and she pulls over to a gas station. Another car pulls in right beside us. Again, I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

Monica turns to me and says “I need to go talk to my roommate. Just wait here for a minute.” I assume she just wants to be on the phone in private, but what happens next will shock you. Monica gets out of the car and goes to talk to the driver of the car that pulled in next to us.

This is where I start to freak out. What are the odds that her roommate happened to pull up right beside us?! I hear a bit of yelling and then I start thinking about an escape plan.

At this point, Monica opens my car door and says “Hey, I’m really sorry to do this but my roommate is going to have to take you home.”

Now, this is the part of the movie where someone in the audience screams, “Don’t you go with him, now! That’s how you get killed! White people always going with the strange man thinking everything will just be okay!” I wish I could say I got smart, said, “No thank you, I’ll just walk” and went home.

But I didn’t.

With some combination of confusion and curiosity, I get out of Monica’s car and head into the passenger seat of this stranger. We’re in my hometown, so I know if he goes any direction he’s not supposed to I can just bail out of the car and run to freedom.

The guy was pretty big. I’m 5’9″ and he was significantly bigger than me, if that tells you anything. I don’t remember his name, but we’ll just call him Ross. Anyway, Ross starts driving back to my house and we’re sitting in awkward silence for most of the trip.

Eventually, he says, “So how do you know Monica?”

I knew something fishy was happening, so I wasn’t about to say we were on a date. I just say “Oh, we have a mutual friend!” and hope Ross doesn’t get suspicious. He just nodded his head and kept driving.

Apparently Ross was resolving some anger in his head, because out of nowhere he starts talking as if we were in the middle of a much more personal conversation.

“Yeah…. A lot of people at our church are upset that Monica and I live together. I think they’re just assuming we’re having sex all the time or something. It shouldn’t even matter since we’re engaged, but it’s still annoying to hear stuff like that, you know?”

I just nod my head as I realize what just happened. Apparently my lesbian friend set me up on a blind date with an engaged girl, and her fiance came and picked me up to take me home.

I was silent the rest of the ride. I told Ross the wrong address so he wouldn’t know where I lived, and I got out of the car and just walked around the neighborhood for a bit. It was definitely one of the strangest dates I’ve ever been on.


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