Dating and Relationship Advice – The 6 Most Common Reasons Women Decide To Leave Their Men

Modern women don’t need makes to take care of them, they need a partner. If a man is intentionally seeking other people or an exclusive activity, then why does she need to be part of this relationship?

The dynamic, boundlessness, and undefinability of love makes it one of the most wonderful experiences in life.

It is the most powerful energy we know of. All this makes it highly sought after but notoriously hard to hold on too.

In a vacuum, a man and a woman in space, a relationship takes effort and chemistry to succeed.

As the last space dating ticket was recently pulled I guess we have to deal with reality.

1. They Feel Alone

The 6 Most Common Reasons Women Decide To Leave Their Men

The emotional needs of men are different then women. Men detach more easily and can go more comfortably without emotional support, for longer.

As women feel closer to a man they express that closeness with a strong sense of nurturing. As a man gets comfortable and close, he has a tendency of emotionally detaching.

If a consistent and sincere compromise between the sexes isn’t acknowledged then she will leave the relationship.

2. They’re Not Being Acknowledged

The 6 Most Common Reasons Women Decide To Leave Their Men

Simple acts of acknowledgement speak volumes to women. They live for the little gestures that show that their man is thinking of them. Not only thinking of them but accepting and encouraging their presence.

A man can be easily oblivious to this subtle desire. As soon as a woman thinks her presence is not appreciated she will detach and move on.

3. They No Longer Feel Sexy

The 6 Most Common Reasons Women Decide To Leave Their Men

The sexual needs of females develops and changes in the time she is with a partner. She seeks new levels of intimacy, spontaneity and fresh expressions of desire.

It doesn’t take much but female needs have to be addressed with a certain level of mindfulness.

4. There Is A Significant Life Change

The 6 Most Common Reasons Women Decide To Leave Their Men

Women respond to midlife differently then men. Females normally want to hit a ‘reset’ button of sorts that leads them to new experiences.

This indicates that they feel they have missed out on a lot of their life. Sometimes the responsibilities and men in their life gets the blame for this perceived loss.

If you add in illnesses that have been over some, you have a fierce lady that will seek dramatic change.

If you can’t make her feel like a strong, independent, dignified person then she will stride off to find someone who will.

5. Their Significant Other Is Too Predictable

The 6 Most Common Reasons Women Decide To Leave Their Men

The older men get the more they fall into a routine that helps them avoid everything they don’t want. Women desire serendipitous moments.

They want a companion to keep them company and make them feel appreciated and desired. Routine is a serious relationship killer.

It reflects that the two of you have stopped growing and there are no more surprises.

6. Their Man Is Not Physically There

The 6 Most Common Reasons Women Decide To Leave Their Men

Modern women don’t need makes to take care of them, they need a partner. If a man is intentionally seeking other people or an exclusive activity, then why does she need to be part of this relationship?

She doesn’t need a man like before, she desires a lover, a friend and a support system. If you can’t show your interest and capability with that then I hope you can show it to your next partner!


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Wildwood Daze – Summer of 1977 – Anna Marie – The Awakening – Part 2

“It’s so hot. I want to go in the water.”

“Me too, Anna Marie.”

“Race me?”

The next day I go to her house and pick her up. I’m wearing a T-shirt and my bathing trunks. She’s wearing a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. I have a my towel and she’s carrying her beach bag. She tells me she has a big towel we can lay on and her own towel.

I like that’s she’s thought ahead.

We walk to the beach. It’s only a block away.  We pick our spot away from everyone else. The good thing is we’re at the 10th street beach, not my beach at 8th street. I don’t want to run into any family members or neighbors. Just a preemptive act of privacy for us.

We lay out the blanket. We drop our towels and I take off my shirt and toss it on the blanket. I’ve never done anything like this. Me alone with an older girl. I guess she likes me. It’s nice to be with a girl from the neighborhood. It’s new to just be with a low-key pretty Italian girl and hanging out. Normally Italian girls like those good-looking dark-haired muscular Italian stallion men I see on the boardwalk. I’m so naive. A boy. I kissed Terri on one date. It was so sweet but that’s all I have to go on. This is uncharted territory.

She takes off her T-shirt. I’ve never seen a girl undress in front of me. I mean my sisters have taken off their T-shirts at the beach but that doesn’t count because their family. It doesn’t mean shit. But this is a stranger. She’s wearing a light blue bikini top. Her full breasts strain against the suit.

Then she casually unsnaps her shorts, hits the zipper and pulls down her pants. I watch as they glide down her brown firm thighs, revealing a matching bikini bottom. She looks beautiful.

This is a woman.

She tosses the garments onto the blanket. I find this erotic. I don’t recall any searing anxiety about this meeting. I guess because we’re not technically on a date, and I kind of know her from work. Normally girls I liked or dated I never thought any sexual feelings for back then when I was 14 because I was just happy to be going on a date with a girl.

I had seen pornographic magazines back then and masturbated like mad like any pubescent boy but when I was around a girl who would actually go on a date with me I was a perfect gentleman and was happy for romance. Holding hands, and stolen little kisses. It was the 70’s but my mind was in the 50’s.

I remember I spoke to my father about this and he said that it was a good way to be. He knew he had raised me right to respect women and treat them correctly. They were people and were not just toys to be groped by horny boys. I couldn’t connect anything sexual with when I went out with Terri. I was just honored she wanted to go on a date with me. My father told me that when I got older, the love and the sexual feelings would merge and it would be okay to feel sexual feelings for a girl I liked. It would be a wonderful celebration and would be okay if both parties felt the same way. He told me not to worry. My behavior with girls was good, and I was on the right path to proper development. (I think he was just happy I wasn’t gay!)

“It’s so hot. I want to go in the water.”

“Me too, Anna Marie.”

“Race me?”

We both set off on a dead run to the ocean.

I should let her win, because she’s the girl. I’m a fast runner in short bursts like any cheetah, but to tell you the truth, Anna Marie is two years older than me, taller and probably more powerful than me physically. (I was only 112 lbs at 14)

She pulls ahead of me easily. I’m okay with it, because maybe she’ll think I let her win. But I get the benefit of seeing her buttocks jiggle as she runs to the water and her breasts are bouncing.

Anna Marie’s beautiful.

She’s laughing when we hit the waves. The ocean foams around us and I love the feeling of the rush of cold salty water. This is the place that cleared up my skin, gave me my golden skin and lightened my hair. The sun and sea have made me more attractive. I feel grateful for no longer feeling like an ogre in my own skin. I’m trying to figure out life but I’m happy to be here with this sexy girl.

We frolic in the water for a while but decide we want to crash on the blanket and get some sun.

I leave the water first and flop on the blanket. I’m lying on my back as Anna Marie approaches. I look upon my neighbor from work.

Anna Marie reaches for her towel to dry her body. Her hair is wet ringlets that frame her lovely face. The light blue bikini is soaked. Her full breasts are heaving and beads of water glisten on her caramel skin. Her dark nipples pout in mute protest against the thin fabric. I can see the outline of a dark tangle of curls over her plump vulva through her bottoms. She grabs the waistband and snaps them away from her belly.  Her thighs are glorious. Even at 16, this is a woman. And I am but a child.

My God…

She eases herself down onto the blanket beside me. All is right in world.  She looks at me with her dark brown eyes and smiles. No words are spoken. She leans in and kisses me. Her tongue thrusts into my mouth and I feel something I’ve never felt before.

This is what my father spoke of.

Her supple skin is soft and wet. Her lips are salty and sweet. This is new to me. I don’t know these feelings. This isn’t asking girls on dates and taking them to the movies. This is something else.

This is the next thing.

This is the future.

We kiss. We make out. This is french kissing. I’ve heard of this but I now know what this is. I love the French. It feels so good. Anna Marie’s busy pink tongue dances with mine. Terri and I didn’t kiss this way. I’m confused by this behavior, but I’m learning. My body automatically responds. I’m so hard my penis actually hurts. I’m stone hard. Like a stone wrapped in spongy flesh. I’ve never felt this way before with anyone.

This is what sex is! This is the feeling. I get it now. But I’m not ready. I’m 14 years old and I’m scared, but I love this feeling. I’m actually feeling embarrassed by what’s happening, but know that I am firmly ensconced in this feeling. Beyond looking at Vampirella comics! (See: Vampirella #12)

Girls are amazing. I love them all so much. Anna Marie has thrown the switch in my sexuality and makes it clear to me that I want that. Now I get it. That’s how girls are supposed to make you feel. Be a gentleman. Treat them with respect and be gentle with them. But they are sexual beings like you and they are so beautiful they will turn you on and drive you crazy.

So nice!

It’s okay if you all laugh at this, but I was so rock hard on the blanket with Anna Marie if I was on my side and tried to lay face down my kickstand would have stopped me. I would be like a bike that was ready to fall over and my kickstand kept me from hitting the ground. I wanted to dig a hole in the sand to put my pecker in so I could lay face down I was so turned on.

We made on the beach of awhile and it felt glorious.

When we were done she wanted to go and I was still so hard I couldn’t get up because it would have been so obvious. It was incredible. A lovely embarrassing moment.

My dick finally went down but was stuck to the lining of my bathing suit from kissing this sweet honey.

I was busy that summer with work and friends but I would occasionally get together with Anna Marie. I wasn’t ready to have sex and we had no place to do it. If we had a place to get it on I’m sure she would have let me fuck her, but what we had was beautiful and I am grateful to Anna Marie for opening the sexual door to me and showing me the difference.


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