Dating and Relationship Advice – 13 Psychology Tricks That Will Work On Anybody!

Every human being is a unique universe, but psychologists who have a keen eye for details keep discovering new behavioral patterns that are believed to be rooted in our childhood and can be applied to everyone.

I’ve learned so much having worked in sales most of my adult life.

I decided to share these useful psychology tricks; maybe they’ll positively affect your communication skills and make your life easier in some way.

1. To find out if a person likes you, pick a word and every time he/she uses this word or synonymous word phrases, nod and smile. If he/she does like you, watch him/her start using the word all the time.

2. Do you want people to take your words seriously? Every time you tell them something, say that your father taught you this. People tend to believe parents’ advice inherently.

3. Become an ultimate ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ champion! To win at the ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ game, right before playing it, ask your opponent a random question. Most of the time your confused friend will throw ‘scissors.’

4. If you want people to agree with you, just nod and maintain eye contact while you’re talking. ‘The nod’ sign means ‘everything I’m saying is true.’ Plus, following social behavior patterns, people tend to nod back.

5. Have you ever wished the subway wasn’t that crowded in the morning? In crowded places look right in front of you, in the direction in which you’re going. You’ll be impressed watching the crowd literally give way to you. (I do this on public transit all of the time! Try it!)

6. This trick is very easy to explain: In crowded places we tend to look other people in the eyes so that we know which direction someone is going. We take the opposite way so not to run into each other.

7. If a certain song is stuck in your head and you’d love to forget it, try to think of the end of the song. According to the Zeigarnik effect, our brain tends to remember the things that we’ve left unfinished. So if you think of the end of the annoying earworm, you’ll be able to get it out of your head.

8. Want your kids to eat broccoli? Go ahead and ask them if they want two or five stalks of broccoli instead of asking them if they want broccoli. Thus, you’ve made your mind and chose broccoli for their lunch, but they feel like they’ve really made their own decision. You can use the same old trick in different situations.

9. If you have the feeling that someone is watching you, just yawn and look around. If someone is really stalking you, they will yawn too, since yawning is highly contagious. (Plus, if you want to look innocent in a situation, yawn. No one that is nervous or guilty of something ever yawns. It’s a great deflector!)

10. Your friend will most likely help you carry, let’s say, a box of your stuff if you continue talking while handing over the box. The majority of people won’t even notice you’re handing them something and will take it. However, some people more attentive and less close to you may get pretty confused. (This works great at work!)

11. If you know you’re going to shake hands with someone, make sure your hands are warm enough. Warm hands promote a friendly atmosphere while cold handshaking will trigger the opposite effect.

12. Whatever your friend has just said, paraphrase it and say it again. The person who talks to you will subconsciously get the feeling you are a really great listener. Just don’t go too far with the paraphrasing thing.

If you want someone to help you, start your phrase with the words ‘I need your help…’ People hate feeling guilty and that’s why they won’t be able to refuse to help.

13. If you believe a person doesn’t like you, ask if you can borrow his pencil or pen. On one hand, people tend not to help those whom they don’t like, but on the other hand, it’s such a small favor that your ‘hater’ most likely won’t be able to say ‘No’. Eventually he will come to the conclusion that you’re not that bad. (Crazy, but it works!)


I hope this was helpful. I’d love to hear your feedback on this subject.


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Tales of Rock – Little Known Beatles Fun Facts

Sorry folks. This was a bit of a misfire on phicklephilly. Normally Tales of Rock runs every Sunday at 8am, but somehow I scheduled it for 8pm by accident. Hence the late release. Sorry about that, Tales of Rock fans, but here it is.

Stu Sutliffe was the group member who gave them the name Beetles with John Lennon changing the name.

When Vee Jay Records first began to release the Beatles early hit songs in the U.S., they compiled them on an album with the Four Seasons, titling the LP The International Battle of the Century.

It took the Beatles just twelve hours to record their first album, Please Please Me in 1963. Four years later in 1967 it took the band over 700 hours to record Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

When Vee Jay records released Please Please Me, their first Beatles single in the U.S. in 1963, the band’s name was misspelled on the record label as The Beattles. (What’s that 45 worth today, I wonder?)

The last album that the Beatles recorded together was not the last album released. Abbey Road was the final recording of the Beatles, yet Let It Be was released after it. (If you look at the cover of that album, the band is not even together in the photo. It’s four separate pictures of the boys)

Most Beatle fans can recall the group’s drummer to Ringo Starr. (Real name, Richard Starkey) It was Pete Best who was fired to make room for Starr, who had been the drummer for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. But prior to Best, who drummed for the Beatles?

First there was Tommy Moore who was forced to quit the band by his girlfriend! Then there was a six-foot two Norman Chapman, and excellent musician, who had to leave the Beatles upon being drafted into the British Army. That brings up to Pete Best.


I know this is brief, but its a handful of fun fact about the greatest band of the 20th century. 

I’ll write more in the future about this wonderful musical phenomenon.

Please watch the documentary on Netflix called: How the Beatles Changed the World.

It’s wonderful!



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