Dating and Relationship Advice – If You Possess 4 of These Traits, You Are One Of The Rarest People On Earth

According to Carl Jung, the personalities of people are represented by general attitude: sensitive – intuitive, extroverted – introverted, judging – perceiving, and thinking – feeling.

So, when you get out the 4 initial letters INFJ from these personalities, you get the rarest type which is Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. When you look at a classroom, you can see only one or two students who are quiet and observing of what is going on around.

This is the rarest type. They are not shy, but introverted. But, being quiet is not the only characteristic of this personality.

Below you can read 10 traits of the unique INFJ personality, and see if you belong to this group.

1. The Focus is on Important Things

These people always concentrate on important things and deal with challenges in a confident and easy way. And, when the things do not go as planned, they find new ways to achieve their goals.

2. Hard Workers

Many people from the other personality types are lazy, but the INFJ’s are real hard-workers. They always try to do their best in order to make their dreams come true because nothing comes easy in life.

3. Believing in Their Gut

You have probably noticed that “N” in INFJ stands of intuition. So, these people possess a strong intuition. And, when they sense something bad is happening, they immediately start doing something about it. Also, they can always feel if something is going to happen in their life.

4. Only Few Chosen Friends

These people choose their close friends carefully. They are often alone because they enjoy their solitude, and do not enjoy hanging in large social groups.

5. Empaths

They are all about feelings. Whenever someone needs help, they will be there to give them a hand. Also, they are able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and understand their feelings. And, feeling what others feel is the reason why they often need some alone time to recharge their batteries.

6. Read Other People Easily

Being an empath means having the ability to read people’s minds through their emotions. They are very good at noticing when someone is lying. This characteristic helps them stay safe when they are around people with bad intentions.

7. Visionaries

While being alone, these people let their mind wander. As a result, they get a lot of new and creative ideas that can share with their friends.

8. Inspiring

Since these people are visionaries, idealists, and creative, they are able to inspire everyone around them, especially their close friends.

9. Love Towards Writing

Expressing their thoughts and creativity is these people’s way of life. But, since as we mentioned, they prefer being alone, they choose writing as a way of expression. So, when they write down what they think and feel, they feel much more peaceful and calmer. (Me)

10. Great at Solving Problems

INFJ’s are natural when it comes to solving problems because they always see the bigger picture. So, this ability helps them to notice which things are not right and find a way to fix them.

Finally, readers, if you possess at least 4 of the above-mentioned traits, you belong to the group that has the unique and rare personality type.


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Cherie – Chapter 14 – Early Morning Encounter

“The darker the berry the sweeter the juice, and you are the very cup from which I wish to sup.”

Here is another instance of my lady Cherie squeezing in a few hours of her busy schedule for me.

Like I’ve said before, she’s a medical assistant at Children’s Hospital, works in a pediatrician’s office and is working toward her degree in neuroscience medicine at Temple. Not to mention raising her six-year-old son. This is a busy girl.

But she is such a love to be with, I’m happy when ever I see her. She set up our breakfast date this time. I chose Little Pete’s just so I could place that magical breakfast spot in this story.

Little Pete’s is a glorious little 24 hour diner that I will probably order breakfast from tomorrow. I love it so much. I hear they may tear down the entire building and put up a high-rise soon. It’s like a bad Joanie Mitchell song. The place is a miracle. When Bruce Willis is in town he eats there. Bradley Cooper, done. Yea, it’s that retro. When I’m working from home, I’ll call and order a bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel and that meal will come in under 15 minutes. You can’t get that kind of service inside of the restaurant! I don’t know how they do it. Here’s the beauty of it. You order, and then there’s a little guy on a bike out front of your house lickety split. that sandwich is fresh and hot and they even throw in a tiny bag of chips. The price for all of that awesomeness? $4.59. Yes, really.

It’s a crisp autumn day and I get there right on time. We had to meet early because she has class at 11am.

The breakfast was amazing as always and it was so great to sit across from my current queen. There was much sexual innuendo during the meal. It’s horrible for both parties. We’d both rather be back at the bat cave tearing each other to pieces but Lorelei is there and she needs her rest because she works different hours than I do. For once my daughter doesn’t know anything about my love life. She’s met the other girlfriends but this one is top-secret. Not because Chere is black. I raised my daughter right and she accepts everybody because that’s what will move us all forward as a species. I just want this one private. No Facebook. No Instagram. None of that social media shit. This relationship belongs to us and us alone. Cherie doesn’t care about social media and neither do I. Not because of her but because I’m simply tired of it. No one needs to know where I am and who i’m with anymore. Frankly I don’t care what you all are doing either. I don’t. It’s great to see you in front of me and we can have a drink and catch up, but I just don’t give a shit about you showing me your greatest hits anymore. I showed you all of mine for years. it’s all a lie. I’m showing how my life is better now that I’m no longer working for your shitty company or how it’s so awesome now that I have this hot piece of ass on my arm but it’s all lies. Facebook and Instagram are just all greatest hits.

No one is showing themselves alone and sad. Or disappointed getting fired, or dealing with their crazy ex. it’s all the best moments. This shit depresses the people around you and makes you look like a show off. Come on, your life isn’t an amazing endless array of vacations and loving life. There has to be those moments when you’re alone and sad and wishing things could be different, or he should call, or how you could have made it work. Social media is bullshit and I’m just not into it anymore. I’ll post the occassional  pic but other that, it’s over. Use it as a sales tool. As John Lennon once said; look into your own bloody lives.

My father once said go forth and hurt as little people as possible. That’s a start.

But sitting across from this lovely lady is truly an honor. She got up at dawn, showered and got into character for me, fought with her son over what socks to wear and then got him off to school. Then she drove an hour down here to meet me for breakfast at this elegant diner for an hour or two. She found parking all the way down on South St and walked all the way up here and was on time. Just to see me. The banged up 54-year-old aging rocker that’s hanging in there. Nothing will be any better next year. I won’t be younger or hotter. I won’t be in better shape or have bigger muscles. Everything’s receding. My hairline. My gums. Gravity is kicking my ass. The flaxen mane is greying more everyday and the grey curls are popping up everywhere. No one on Earth has ever said a long white hair growing out of the edge of your ear is hot.

I’m a 62 Chevy and with mostly original parts and I’m falling apart. But…The spirit is hot and the engine runs great. For some blessed reason all of the pistons fire hard as fuck. I’m so grateful for that at my age.

Cherie’s young and so beautiful. She’s like a ripe berry. She loves me. Sometimes I don’t know why. She wants nothing from me. It would have come out by now. I thought there would be the conversation about how I need to help her with school and life, It never came. But she did. She came a lot. She is the most pure sexual woman I’ve ever known, Free with herself. Clear in her head and her crotch. Most women I have met in the last ten years struggle with their sexuality, lost in a sea of ideas, fears, preconceived ideas, body issues, drugs and vibrators.

Cherie is a pure and elegant cat. Clear in her mind and heart. An absolute dynamo in the bedroom and in everyday life. No toys…too busy living her life. She know what she wants and is clear in her sexuality. I’ve never known a woman who is so multi-orgasmic as Cherie. She’s an absolute sex machine. No jokes here. A calm deadly girl who knows her body and knows how to make it rock. You bring in the Dark Lord for that journey and I will play her like a violin come to life. When we sing, my neighbor Trish stays at her friends house. (See: Trish – The She Wolf)

Funny how the sex chapters aren’t sexual because that magic is between sweet Cherie and me. It comes in a breakfast encounter. But that’s what’s on our minds and that’s all I want to do. I am cutting my eggs and bacon but all I want to do is split my love like a ripe melon.

The darker the berry the sweeter the juice, and you are the very cup from which I wish to sup.

I love you, Cherie

I put her in her car and kissed her goodbye. But now you know. Breakfast is to feed my love and look upon her, but my desire for her is now insatiable.


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