Church – Dedication and Inspiration

You’ve been through so much, but you’ve always been there for me.”

  1. the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.
    “his dedication to his duties”
  2. commitmentapplicationdiligenceindustryresolveenthusiasmzeal, consciencentiousness, perseverancepersistencetenacitydrivestaying power;

I’ve been writing phicklephilly for over a year and a half now. I’m happy to be writing and creating again after 10 years of silence.

I thank the lovely lady that inspired it despite the extenuating circumstances. (See: My ABOUT page.)

Its been an amazing and cathartic journey, and I’ve really discovered for the first time in my life that if you write it down, you can come to terms with it. No matter what it is.

Well, it works for me.

I was hanging out with my buddy Church last Monday. That’s sort of our move each week. He drives into the city, finds parking, (Because he is the KING of finding parking) stops by the salon, then we head out for food and some social time.

I look forward to it every week.

We cover everything.

His work.


Our lives.



Our goals, and whatever else we need to discuss.

Our #1 bartender in the city, Roman is at the helm making sure we’re happy at his bar. (See: Roman – Rock and Roll Bartender)

Church and I are chatting and swiping on online dating sites and laughing about the challenges of modern dating.

I’m pounding expensive Chardonnay for free and Church is sipping his beverage and devouring delicious calamari.

We’re talking about an encounter he had earlier, where he had the opportunity to spend some time with an attractive young lady for a bit.

Of course I’m full of praise and happy that he’s had a nice afternoon with a member of the opposite sex. (I saw her pics and she’s lovely)

I think this comes at a critical moment because when you read Monday’s post, you’ll see that after a year and a half of going on so many dates I’ve at last reached critical mass with a lovely lady that I’ve been dating for a while. (See: Cherie – Love at First Swipe)

Church and I are talking, exchanging ideas, and having our usual Monday night meeting when it suddenly hits me…

Phicklephilly needs to be more than just a collection of past and present relationship stories, Tales of Rock, and crazy dating encounters.

(Don’t worry fans and followers, I’m glad you continue to read and comment on my little adventures. All of that crazy shit will continue to happen. Don’t worry. There are so many more tales to tell!)

Buy things are getting real.

I’ve always thrown out the occasional Wednesday dating advice column, but I never took it seriously.  I looked at it as something else I could offer to help people, but it was never a serious part of this blog.

To be honest, my goal from the beginning was to write for myself and get everything out of my head. But trying to come up with quality, entertaining content on a consistent basis became job 1 for me as I moved forward on my journey as a writer.

This thunder-clap arrived last Monday night when I was on my third Chard with Church. 

It’s my duty as a writer not just to dedicate my time to telling MY story and documenting MY journey in life, but to offer some help and advice to my readers about dating and relationships in general based on my rich experience.

What to do?

The phicklephilly calendar is packed with content. How will I do it? How can I bring quality dating and relationship advice to my audience on a consistent basis?

I thought on this long and hard, until I reached a solution.

I’ve been showcasing my friend JAD’s blog every Saturday for the past year on phicklephilly. I love JAD’s work and she writes brilliant, heartfelt stories from her life. If I can meet her one day I would be truly honored.

But I’m out of space and I have to do this.

Here she is:

The date with no name!!

Read her stuff. It’s really wonderful. Follow her work.

But starting this Saturday, I will offer dating advice on a consistent basis.

EVERY DAY at NOON. (For the next 90 days, then we’ll settle into advice on Saturdays only)

You read that right. I’m going to bring fresh dating and relationship advice every day on phicklephilly.

I loved promoting JAD’s blog on my platform and I hope it’s garnered her more followers. (It’s certainly kept my weekend traffic up. (Thank you JAD! xoxo)

But since my Monday night with Church I’ve been brainstorming and creating every kind of dating advice my brain can muster.

My friend Church has once again been an inspiration to me. 

I wanted to keep JAD’s stories on here running every Saturday through 2020, but I need the space. I hope she understands and we’ll still be friends, but I have to do this.

I will continue to bring you all stories of my journey through dating, romance and love in Philadelphia.

Please join me on my journey into my musical career in the coming months.

My first band in Philly, then Wildwood, New Jersey and then Los Angeles. (Shit’s gonna get crazy. Crimes will be committed, others will be blamed)

There will always be Sun Stories about the salon and there are some coming up that will blow your mind!

I’ll always pepper my content with crazy dating stories from my past just to keep the content hot.

Phicklephilly has been such an incredible catharsis for me spiritually, emotionally and mentally. (Writing down your feelings really works, right?)


Thank you all again, and most of all to my dear friend Church. (read his stories on here. They’re SO good!)

Thank you for being in my life. I love you, man.

You’ve been through so much, but you’ve always been there for me.

I’ll always be there for you. (Just a text away!)

So from now on when you see me post at noon… That’s dedicated to you, Church. I always want to be helping.

I’ve been scrambling all week with phicklephilly. You think you have everything all laid out and scheduled, and then inspiration hits.

All of my cushy Saturday content has been covered for the last year is now gone. I am now faced with creating new Dating and Relationship content for every day going forward.

I did it, not knowing that it would tear a huge hole in the hull of my weekly posts.

What was once a full month of stories I could cruise and edit and work on new stories, has now become a nightmare. I’ve been writing new material and retooling phicklephilly for the past week since Monday. (I’ve always been an over achiever due to my low self-esteem, so let’s hope I can meet this workload with out the wheels coming off phicklephilly.)

I’ll tell you what… Realistically, I’ll attempt to do this every day for the next three months. If I see that it’s working, I’ll soldier forth, but if not I’ll relinquish dating and relationship advice to every Saturday. 

Fair enough?

This has all happened during our busy season at the salon and me with help of my staff are slaying it like bosses!


Monday will always be love and relationships. Sweet Cherie owns that for now. (As long as she stays in my life!) (See: Cherie- Love at first Swipe)

Tuesday through Thursday will be the usual content of crazy dates, Sun Stories, and my usual whimsy and obsessions)

Friday in 2018 will be owned by some very revealing, personal experiences, and my musical history. These stories have been an absolute joy for me to tell, and I hope you enjoy them with me.

Friday in 2019 will be the road map from my first band and how that shaped me, to the odyssey  to California to play rock in Hollywood in the early eighties.

Saturday will be dating advice at 8am starting in July.

I’ll keep it consistent in regard to the dating and relationship foundation of this blog, (That’s the phicklephilly brand) but I’m expanding as a writer. (Sadly, you’ll have to hear about my family. Kidding, Janice!)

There’s going to be stories that may seem unsettling at times, but they must be told.

I’m not going to hold anything back. 

That’s why I came here.


And so did all of you.

Thank you.

Stay tuned!


Please embrace these three videos because they fucking rock.

Better days are coming!

See you Monday night, my friend!




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8 thoughts on “Church – Dedication and Inspiration”

  1. I will always be your friend!! You are one of the first bloggers I met on WordPress and some of your crazy dating stories bought a smile to may face during some tough times for me!!
    I appreciate so much for just how much of your blog space that you gave to me showcasing my blog and totally and completely understand you moving onto something else…It was probably time to do that anyway because most of your regulars who taken the time to read my blog have started to follow me so they get the stories first hand!!
    I cannot wait to read your dating advice posts, it is a brutal world out there and I think some of my experiences might have been so very different if I was not so naive!!
    I hope to meet you for real one day too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Jad. You are an amazing lady and I consider you a friend. I LOVE that some of my followers are now following you! That’s brilliant! I had dating and relationship advice running and scheduled for every other Wednesday in 2018 through 2019. I was thunderstruck last week when I was at a bar with my buddy Church. I decided I would pull all of the advice material and run it every day at noon for the next 90 days. I just really wanted Church to read it and maybe I could learn more and hep my readers.
      That made most of my Wednesdays empty and Saturdays were now vacant as well. Quite the predicament. But like my Father used to say: “Anything worth doing, is worth over doing.”
      I just went for it. I am writing my butt off to fill phicklephilly with quality content to fill those new voids. But I had to do it for the blog to evolve.
      There is so much amazing content coming your head will spin.
      Monday will be a watershed moment in phicklephilly’s history.
      Read Tuesday… Innocence Lost.
      Phicklephilly will still have it’s usual anchors and crazy dating stories, but you’ll begin to see how it’s evolving.
      It had to. I have to tell these stories from my life.
      I think you’ll all be moved by what I have in store.
      Thank you for being a friend and comrade on this journey JAD. You are truly one of a kind and I am grateful for your friendship!

      Chaz xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

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