Sun Stories – Maybe I Should Get a Little Color

So in anticipation of me sleeping with Cherie at the Club Quarters this Saturday, I decided I needed to get a little color. I get to tan for free since I work at the salon. I’ve been busy and really don’t think about tanning that much. Trish on the other hand goes on a weekly basis. She looks good. Even though she tans for free as well, she’ll pay $5 to upgrade to the best bed in the house. It’s an amazing piece of equipment. Aqua misting, three settings, (Basic, Mediterranean & Caribbean) and P2 vitamin D lamps, for a little extra zing.

So I figured if I’m going to be seen naked I should at least look tan. Of course Cherie doesn’t have to worry about that. It had been awhile, so when I opened the Thursday before our meeting, I decided to hop in one of the stand up units. We have two of them and they’re both powerful beds. The stand up units are 230 watts of power of UV light being radiated out of 52 bulbs that surround you for a full 9 minutes.

I plugged in my phone and put on some Alice and Chains, and rocked out for the full-time. But did I remember that I hadn’t been tanning in over three weeks? No, I did not. Did I take into account that these were some of the strongest beds in the house? No, I did not. I didn’t do any of those things.

So when I got out, my face looked a little red. By noon, I resembled something you’d order with drawn butter at Red Lobster. My face was super red. A few hours later when I was in the restroom, I saw that the rest of me was pink! As always I must be truthful with my readers. Even the glans of my penis was sunburned! It was all red and tender. I’m thinking, great. What if it’s too sore to do anything with Cherie on Saturday? (See photo below)


Oh, did you really think I was going to post a picture of my penis on my blog? Shame on you!

The next day I went to an interview with a potential employer to sell advertising. I felt compelled to explain my bright red face. So embarrassing. She said she thought it was just high blood pressure.

Thanks. Thanks a lot. I think they liked me though. I met the publisher, the owner, and one of their long-term salespeople. I’m hoping they make me an offer soon. Well, by the time you read this I will be working somewhere.

I hope this turns to tan by Saturday when I see Cherie, or I’m going to freak out.


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